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  1. Good luck Meko, this will be a very interesting diary and I hope it succeeds
  2. Welcome to BrendenPlayz FC, the diary will be a focus on Football Manager 2018 and a little bit of story and drama mixed into it, the game will focus on a BrendenPlayZ Football Club (Soccer Team) who will try to climb up the ranks in the English leagues, starting in League 2 and trying to reach the Premier League spotlight, the team will be based in England due to the amount of leagues it has and how the whole organisation operates, the team's main goal would be to win the Champions League and the Premier League title and also gain many other accomplishments. What I will need from you is: Full Name: Date of Birth (1988/01/01) - (1999/01/01): Ethnicity: Skin Colour: Place of Birth (City and Country): Languages Spoken: Positions Played (Any up to three): Best Stats (Choose four): Worst Stats (Choose four): Relationships with people (Positive or Negative): If you're unsure about which stats to pick then here's a website talking about stats and what they do, I recommend not choosing mental stats and rather choose physical or technical stats as they are the ones that matter the most. https://www.guidetofm.com/players/attributes
  3. mikey finna ehoop ur ass Wait hold up lemme get my cheese brger
  4. Don't forget the medium pepsi
  5. *in demon voice* pass the ketchup
  6. "shit' After a long break from wrestling, Cody's mind has been relaxed and revamped, his mindest has been renewed and his thoughts are back in the right place, he didn't want to wrestle anymore, his dreams weren't there for him anymore, and since his departure he had to take up a new career, and that was in business, Cody decided to invest his $13 into stocks and managed to hit the bank, shortly after investing the 13 bucks, the stocks increased and he sold them for a large amount of $700, with now a full wallet, Cody's first goal was to celebrate. "I'm hungry, I guess McDonalds would be a good place to eat at, I might visit Bulldozer whilst at it." Cody's destination was the local McDonalds, he was hungry and so that was his first instict, his travel took some time but finally after 5 whole minutes, he was there, the local McDonalds. "Damn, I wonder what I will eat today, I mean, I've got like 13 bucks to spend, I guess I'll take a happy meal." Cody walks towards the counter ready to order, until he notices Michael Jordan sitting in the corner, it seems like Michael was reading a newspaper, Cody was suprised to see MJ here, so Cody walks towards him. "Hi Michael, what are you doing at McDonalds?" "shut up" "Ok bye" Cody goes back to the counter to order a Happy Meal, after ordering he sits down at the nearest table and contemplates what's next for him, Cody was very hungry so waiting for the food was a pain, Cody looks over in the direction of Michael Jordan and notices that a new figure was with him, with a closer look, Cody sees that MJ is joined with...? "Order number 65!" Cody realises that the order number 65 was his, he walks over to collect his food, and after collecting it, he takes one more look at the figure, he tries to figure out who it is, but nobody comes to his mind, Cody takes his order into the car and drives off into the distance with a new thought in his mind.
  7. Yo can I have a cheeseburger and a mcflurry, oh yeah and also a small strawberry milkshake
  8. 1. How old are you? 18 2. Where are you from? (What Country) Poland 3. What is your favourite colour? Red 4. What is your natural hair colour? Brown 5. How many pets do you have? 2 6. What is your favourite food? Lasagna 7. When is your birthday? (Month) June 8. What is your favourite music genre? Pop 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? TEW 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Wrestling 11. What is your dream job? Booker 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? Maths 13. What is your favourite soda? Pepsi 14. What animal would best represent you? Panda 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? Charlotte Flair
  9. Company Name: Death Row Wrestling (DRW) Location: South West Owned by: Suge Knight

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