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  1. im back, i got my cheeseburger, whats going on
  2. Jeremiah Kenji First Class Express
  3. Name: OJ Riley Attire: alignment(face or heel): Face
  4. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    I once again tried doing something new and since Kanye announced a new album on Christmas called "Jesus Is Born", I wanted to create some concept art for it. This is just a simple album art which is probably what Kanye would want to go for. This one was pretty experimental, I tried doing a little mashup of Compton events and things that link to it's culture, since Kendrick hasn't announced an album name, I thought that "Compton" would be fitting since Kendrick loves his hometown.
  5. I really like the graphics Storm, keep it up man.
  6. Charizard cuz hes a guy innit
  7. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    2nd Attempt at creating a wrestling poster, the 1st one was pretty bad and I wasn't satisfied with it but this one I can atleast be somewhat happy with. I want to try something new and I wanted a New York vibe to the poster.
  8. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    A little Bulls image, I'm not sure what I was heading for but I just wanted to display some of the greatest stars the team experienced and I think it turned out alright, I didn't use any tools except from shadows which is a must, but it was simplistic.
  9. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    This one was more simple and I decided to go natural since I had a good render, I just needed a nice font and a good background, the only thing that I've changed was making the background and the render black and white and I made the, "GOAT" red to make it stand out.
  10. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    Good idea, thanks for the kind words.
  11. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    Russell Westbrook Jordan Ad, this one was very experimental and I started to use more filters on PhotoShop, for example I used the wave effect on the text and distorted the background, I unsharped the render and added outer glow. Another problem I faced was finding a good Houston Rockets RW PNG and I couldn't find one so I had to make one myself. I don't know what to think of this but I guess as long as I learnt something new then I succeeded in my task.
  12. Duppy

    Cody's Graphics

    My first attempt at making a signature, it's basic and I applied a little blur effect in the background.
  13. That looks amazing, thank you so much.
  14. "What about you? Why did you stop wanting to be a wrestler?" Cody takes a look at Ezekiel before he responds to the question, his eyes start glazing and his hand starts shaking, reminding him of the bad memories that he faced during his way to success. "I prefer not to talk about it." Ezekiel just takes a glance at Cody and goes back to packing up the equipment. A week later. Ezekiel and Cody meet up at the local McDonalds, both of them don't want to order anything with too much fat since they're both starting a new diet. Ezekiel needs to answer his phone and so he goes outside, Cody doesn't care about the call, he was just hungry, he basically starved himself for the week which went against what Ezekiel ordered him to do. As Cody waits patiently for his food to deliver, he takes a look outside at Ezekiel, in what he thought was an innocent phone call, he notices a car approaching the parking lot, he takes a look at who may be in the car, but nothing crosses his mind. This was a normal occurrence until Ezekiel got in the car which proceeded to drive away as quickly as it could. "What the-" Cody manages to mutter before chasing for the car, but as he knew, he wouldn't be able to catch up with his human legs. Cody then takes his phone and calls up a friend of his. "Joey, I need you to pick me up at the local McDonalds, real quick, please." Cody is breathing heavily but he can deliver the message to Joey, shortly after listening to what Joey had to say Cody hung up the phone and put his head down in stress. He knew what this could've meant and he needed to help Ezekiel before it was too late. This matter was more serious than wrestling or football. It was about life and death and Cody knew how important this was.

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