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  1. 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves fan, we haven't had much success but satisfaction comes from hard work
  3. Diaries, oh yeah y'all should check out my new diary. BPZ: DBZ.
  4. JZTG

    DBZ: BPZ

    Dragon Ball Z BrendenPlayz Edtion Welcome to BPZ: DBZ, a story in which I put in your fighters and they play it out in a storyline full of surprises and plots. To sign-up you don't have to know much about the Dragon Ball series, this will be a separate series that resembles the original style of the anime but in the BPZ version. Every character will have a major role and be involved in a big saga. The story starts in Year 1, a brand new beginning for a new world, after years of fighting over the rights to the universe, a pact has been established. Every god in the universe will receive it's own planet to rule and watch over, with a new timeline in place, a new world has been created, the name of it... 'Earth.' Sign-Up Info: Name: Height: Weight: Race (Demon, Earthling, Frieza Race, Maijin, Namekian, Saiyan: Demon - Strong warriors but quite mindless, usually specify in melee attacks. Earthling - One of the weakest races, but have a good amount of knowledge. Frieza Race - Weak in melee, but good at KI blasts, they also are quite smart. Majin - Powerful warriors who specialize in melee damage, they normally have a good amount of health, but it is risked by their low stamina and lack of knowledge. Namekian - Smart and powerful warriors, they have a balance between KI blasts and melee attacks, but they lack in health/ Saiyan - The most powerful warriors, they are either smart or idiotic, they lack in health and have a fairly average amount of KI, but their melee damage makes up for it. Name of Special Attacks (2): Name of Ultimate Attacks (2): Good/Evil/Neutral:
  5. JZTG

    BPZ Ballers

    Name: Derrick Iverson Height: 6"9 Weight: 190lbs Looks: Brandon Ingram Archetype (or Player Model) :  Slashing Sharpshooter Position: SG
  6. PSN Name: JZTG777 Would you prefer individuals or teams: Teams When would you like the contest to start: Dont mind, preferably asap
  7. Can u draw an elephant on a bike
  8. Name: Derrick Iverson Year (Sophomore - Senior) : Senior Height: 6"9 Weight: 230 lbs Looks: Markelle Fultz Archetype (or Player Model) : Draymond Green Position: PF
  9. Drake A$AP Rocky J. Cole Childish Gambino Kendrick Lamar Kanye West Juice WRLD  Denzel Curry
  10. Watch it if you WANT and tell us if you like the show

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