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  1. Choosing whether to kill Harper or to save him but get killed yourself, this happened when you played as Farid and this choice affects the ending of the game, so therefore it's quite important https://www.gamesradar.com/call-duty-black-ops-2-campaign-choices-guide/4/
  2. Shaq, nowadays in the age of the internet he'd be so entertaining and his play style would make him more unique and old school than the other centres, plus it'd be awesome to see how he goes up against KAT, AD, Gobert etc.
  3. In 02 Lakers (Or closest Lakers to that)
  4. JZTG

    Overrated Sports Stars

    Anthony Joshua and Westbrook, Westbrook's triple double season isn't impressive since it could be been done by any player his calibre.
  5. Luka Doncic, I feel like it would be cool to talk to a fellow European who enjoys basketball, and he could hopefully teach me some stuff whilst at it.
  6. Welcome to WORD. An interactive diary which is all about music! Choose what genre you want to do, what instrument you want to play, what your best traits are and more! In this diary you will be put into a world filled with musicians, this world is the same as today's world but you see it in a new perspective, this time as a musician who wants to make it big in the industry. The year will be 2020 and you will start in January, you will be able to create your own fully customizable artist and see them proceed through the world dealing with drama and record sales. Sign-Ups: Full Name: Genre: Age: Sub-Genre (Can have up to 3): Instrument (If you're a singer or a rapper then leave this blank): Appearance: Backstory:
  7. MVP - Jokic DOPY (Defensive Player Of The Year) - Giannis ROTY (Rookie Of The Year) - Morant MIP (Most Improved Player) - D'Angelo Russel 6MOTY (Six Man Of The Year) - Lou Williams COTY (Coach Of The Year) - Rockets Coach
  8. Arius Hans Sameer Slim Smith
  9. Cleveland, where a legend was raised. His name was LeBron James. Quite possibly the greatest player of all time, but definetly the greatest player of this generation. It all began in Cleveland, back in 2003 when he first got drafted. He was a storm ready to take over the NBA and he did so, his destruction made him one of the best players in the league and whilst all this was happening. Cleveland didn't win a single title. LeBron was confused. he tried his hardest every year but he couldn't make it. So he did the best thing he could've done. Where would LeBron head to? The Bulls? The Nets? Stay at Cleveland? Or go to a new powerhouse, the Miami Heat. The Decision must've been the most stressful thing a Cleveland fan had to experience, the anxiety was kicking in as LeBron finally made his decision. He chose, the Heat. The hottest free agent chose the hottest rising team, this time, LeBron had Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to his side as they became Miami's Big 3. The Cleveland fans were annoyed by this, LeBron just put a dagger to their heart and twisted it, but what else could've he done? Stay on the Titanic and sink with it? Or take a lifeboat to the newest beast of a team. Cleveland fans despised LeBron after this and got jealous of LeBron's success in Miami. 2 Championships. Something that LeBron couldn't guarantee to the Cavaliers. LeBron didn't feel happy, he felt guilty about leaving Cavaliers. So in 2014, he came back, this time with a vow to get Cleveland the championship they hoped for. In 2016, he's finally done it, he got Cleveland their first NBA Title. Come 2018, and LeBron left the Cavaliers for the 2nd time, this time, the fans didn't despise him. He joined the Los Angeles Lakers hoping to win another championship there. And now it's time for a new star to enter the Cavs. Somebody who can carry LeBron's torch and bring the Cavaliers their 2nd NBA Title. The Cavaliers were looking for a... Cavalier at Heart.
  10. JZTG

    Your dream car

    I'd love a sick bmx
  11. I've been playing alot of NBA 2K20 and Call of duty: MWR as they're both good games and nba just coming out gives me a chance to try out everything before more people get on the game. MWR had a good campaign and I wanted to revisit it.
  12. Studying is killing me in short time but helping my future.

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