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  1. Arius and Hans are some of the most positive people on the discord, Arius is a great moderator and Hans is a great contributor to the forums with his great graphics.
  2. Hi Steph, hope you enjoy the forums.
  3. Sound Engineer or Accountant, always was interested in maths and music. Being an accountant can make good money too.
  4. JZTG

    WWE Reborn

    Superstar Name: Shinjeta Okaewa Height: 6"1 Weight: 190lbs Face/Heel: Heel Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE): Minoru Fujita Character Backstory: After long and cold nights of sleeping outside on benches, Shinjeta took it to his own hands to finally sort his life out. He found a good paying job and started practising MMA, after 6 years of practice, he finally took it on his own to find a promotion to fight at. His MMA career came to a short end after his eye has been brutally damaged. He wanted to pursue a style of fight but his medical condition wouldn't allow him to pursue a career in MMA. So therefore he turned to wrestling, a far less dangerous job. He travelled the world working for numerous companies for 5 years and now he finally stands as a free agent waiting to be employed once again. Gimmick: Intimidating and Creepy Signature: Tokyo's Finest (Top Rope Bulldog) Finisher: An Eye for an Eye (Eye Rake Chokeslam)
  5. lmao I thought he was like 79 and then I looked again and he was 80, my b lol
  6. I play for my high school basketball team. I am Polish. Dragon Ball Z is my favourite anime. Minoru Tanaka is my favourite Japanese wrestler & Christian is my favourite USA based wrestler.
  7. I'm gonna start watching the NFL now, the team I'll support are the NY Giants.
  8. Truly a shock to many. Hulk Hogan must've been heartbroken at the time.
  9. Looking back at it, this was such a steal. The game for about 3 bucks is something that you should've bought even if 2k20 was right around the corner.
  10. Sonic, I grew up with Sonic more, although I still consider Mario to be a legendary character in gaming.
  11. Big Smoke and Lamar are great characters and I consider them the funniest in GTA Series. OG Loc from SA was annoying but also funny, I'm not sure whether I hated him or liked him but thinking about it nowadays, he was just annoying.
  12. CS:GO (Used to alot and I occasionally might watch) 2k League (Gonna start watching more since T-Wolves picked up their first title recently)
  13. Sniper Elite 4 seems like a good pick-up and a solid game for PS Plus this month.
  14. Win NXT Get to 400 posts by the end of the year. Keep a diary
  15. Who are your top 5 favourite wrestlers?
  16. One bad album doesn't make Chance bad, we mustn't forget all his other work. He's still influential even if his album brings down his reputation.

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