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  1. Cody Cage

    And The New...

    A brand new beginning for Cody Cage, at the Royal Rumble his life changed, whether it was the return that won him the title or the excitement that the fans gave off when they cheered Cody on, something in Cody's life has taken a turn, the title that he chased for all these months is finally in the grasp of his greedy hands. Cody seems serious as he walks down the ramp with the title, but inside of him, a wild joy is raging as the NXT Title lays on his shoulder, it truly is now a title that he can possess and claim that it is his. Cody's thought race over his mind as he finally enters the ring, he does a couple spins, showering in the cheering voices of the crowd, Cody looks like a gladiator who defeated a menacing monster and now the whole city is thanking him. However, celebration must not last forever, Cody must set a goal for himself for the near future, Cody knows that you couldn't be a NXT Champion forever. "It has been a long road for me, I've came from not being recognized and not being seen as a worthy opponent, to a champion, in your eyes, in my eyes, and now finally, in BPZ's eyes, the title that I hold now is just a recognition of my accomplishments, I'm not going to make a speech about how thankful I am, because I can only thank myself, I have risen to the top, I have beaten the people YOU have also cheered for, I have won the title, you've only sat here and watched, cheering for whoever is hot at the moment, I have given up everything for this, you come here and treat us like animals, you treat us like a circus, and I'm done with this, I know what you are like, I've fallen victim to your tricks and now I can only rely on myself. You come here and trick us into thinking that you are behind us but yet once somebody new comes, you throw away the same love that you had for us, and cherish them with it." The crowd slowly starts to boo Cody Cage, this only fuels a bigger fire inside of Cody Cage, Cody seems to be fully energized now. "That's right, keep that fucking energy, I love it, I love when your true side comes out, you must be really excited right now, booing the NXT Champion, you must feel special, cheer for me at the Rumble but boo me the next night, I can see right through you, I'm glad I've proved my fucking point, NXT Champ, Out!" Cody makes his way out of the ring as the crowd keeps heckling him, he keeps a smile on him as he proceeds further down the ramp, a new dawn and a new era is set for Cody Cage, maybe that was the life changing turn? The realization of how manipulative the audience is?
  2. NAME - Jason Hewesteiner NICKNAME - Express Delivery ALIGNMENT - Face HEIGHT - 5'11 WEIGHT - 350lbs WRESTLING STYLE - Highflying Heavyweight ATTIRE - THEME - ASAP Rocky - Purple Swag: Chapter 2 SIGNATURE/FINISHER - Finisher - Moonsault, Stylin' (Northern Light Suplex into a DDT). Signature - Chokeslam, Sit-Out Powerbomb, Running Clothesline.
  3. Gender: Male Name: Matthew Colgate Weapon of choice: Machete 4 things you carry with you: Weed, a trusty shank, trap phone, manbag. Special Skill: Can run up on you without you knowing he is coming. Vehicle: Vauxhall Cavalier MK2 Former Occupation: JD Cashier
  4. Some great shows Gunner, I see you've got a hang of the game. You should put in the bottom text at the show analysis at the end, so we can see what needs to improve on your show.
  5. No, I think that the conferences should be kept, they organised the teams nicely and I like the 8/8 playoffs seeding, however, instead of conferences, I would love to have halves splitting the NBA, instead of location, it'll use lottery picks or just use seeding from last year's season. But so far, the NBA is good as it is.
  6. Good stuff Storm, you're improving on making graphics, keep this up and you'll be making bangers like Hans in no time.
  7. Cody Cage


    “Yeah lads, it’s me, Cody Cage, I am here because, I saw Arius come out and say that he can’t find himself a challenger for the Intercontinental Championship. Well sort of, that's the message you're trying to deliver, do not worry, do not worry, I can see the truth, so I though to myself, why don’t I come out, I’m one of the best workers in BPZ, and you guys can agree, right? Well, I’ve spoken enough about myself, let’s talk about that beautiful title you are carrying there, I like the shine of it, and I think it’s pretty pricey, so I think I might just accept the challenge that you offer, and yes, we will address the fucking elephant in the room, I am a NXT Star, not a BPZ Star, so why am I trying to take the title that shouldn’t belong even close to me? Because I fucking want to. Now Arius, I like you, you’re a hard work, but I might just overwork you and accidentally end up taking that title of yours, how does that sound? I think it’s a good idea personally, so tell me the place, and the time and I will fit in my very busy schedule.” Cody takes a look at the cheering crowd and at the champion Arius who stands in the ring, listening carefully to what Cody had to say.
  8. Cody Cage runs out to the pumped crowd who treat him with respect, claps are heard, some boos occur but are overshadowed by the loving support of Cody's allies, the men and women who he considers family, not close, but not far, these people have raged his spirit on for so long that Cody doesn't really consider them fans anymore, he thinks of them as an equal to him, like a troop at war, or a worker in a factory, they have Cody's back, and Cody has theirs. Cody moves towards the ring with a shining, brand new microphone, straight from the factories just as soon as it was made. Cody steps into the ring and looks around with an anticipated face, he doesn't seem angry, but yet not satisfied either... "I'm not gonna sit here and cut another generic promo, I'm getting straight to the point, fuck the Chancellor, fuck everyone who didn't believe in me, and fuck everyone who still doesn't believe I am the best in NXT, I know that you people here, know that I am the best and that's why I love you. I am the only wrestler in NXT who actually cares about his fans, a controversial take? No, a truthful take, listen to me when I say that I am the best, because once I get out of NXT, then there will be no more talent that will relate to you guys as much as I did, I don't act like I'm a superior force to everybody, I am the same as you people, we are all the same, I am just better in my craft than the guys in the locker room. Once again, a controversial take? Nope, a rather intelligent and factual one instead. Now, I have some statements to speak about today, um, they don't seem to make much sense and they definitely didn't make a huge impact on me like it was supposed to. Lets see what has been said about me." Cody pulls out a transcript from the Chancellor's recent promo, Cody looks at it with 3 different emotions that show throughout the read of the script; disgust, confusion and joy. "Ok, I see what we have here, haha, so the first bit is just pathetic, he seems like an awkward high-schooler who has anxiety problems, and honestly it just makes me laugh. He talks about Jeremiah not being interested in him but yet makes a promo that will DEFINITELY get Jeremiah interested, ok what's next? He threatens the interviewer, but I don't think the interviewer is scared, he looks rather sorry for the poor guy who tries his best at being intimidating but yet fails, tragically. He then beats up some poor homeless guy, not sure why, once again, a total fail at being interesting or cool, violence seems like a cool thing to do to seem interesting nowadays but I find it pathetic. He talks about some new moves he's learnt from YouTube, some top notch tutorials, then after this, it's just a bunch of rambling, not really sure if he is still trying to be a menace or if he's moved on, but let's keep going, he then names me and a couple of others in NXT, and proceeds to ask The Tiger if he knows why he got employed, well, the answer is simple, he's a wrestler, a good one in fact, so that's why he got employed, pretty simple right? Let's move on to where he speaks about me, I'm sure that's what you guys would want to hear about the most. Ah, alright, he talks about how I think people will notice me, but in fact, I know that they did notice me, I mean, there's a reason I'm being talked about, because they noticed me, simple, right? He calls me talent-less, which I can't really say much about, I mean, I'm in BPZ right? Doesn't that mean I have TALENT? Well, show, don't tell, we will see at our title match who will truly win. He says that because I give no fucks, I am worried about my image. I mean, I told you already that I am literally just the same as you guys, I can't really ruin an image that I don't truly posses, I am a regular guy, who just likes to obstruct annoyance such as yourself, also known as 'Not giving a fuck', he then claims that I seek attention, but isn't that every wrestler in BPZ? We all seek attention, for a reason, that big check at the end of the month, I get attention, I get money, I win. Not that hard, right? Yeah I see his point that at times I may seem ironic, but let me clarify this, I literally do not care, yes I stole, yes I've grown big old balls, and yes I'm getting paid, if I cared about me stealing and getting caught, why would I address it on BPZ TV? I literally do not care, I don't think you've realized this, yeah alright, I made a promo on you and now you will say something like, 'Oh Cody Cage who claims to not care has made a promo about me, look at this irony he brings onto himself'. And then I will say, 'I'm getting paid, you talk about me, so that means you care about me, I respond, to keep my check going and my name value rising, I am winning, just like how I will win the NXT Title', simple, ri- yeah you get the point. And then you talk about me not being able to kill, despite me never saying I would kill anyone in a literal sense, and then you talk about how all dreams won't be achieved, yeah, but I don't have a dream, I have a goal." Cody proceeds to drop the transcript and then proceeds to talk face-to-face with the audience. "I know it was boring, I'm sorry, but we had to address the pest sneaking around BPZ, he tries playing mental games but they really won't work, I don't know why he thinks that he is scary, he just seems, awkward, it could be just me, but honestly, I am winning the title, literally, no doubting it. Next time you see the Chancellor, tell him how boring he fucking is, almost put me to sleep with that one, but yeah, that was fun, definitely boring but at least I got to break down his incapacitates in his promo, so just don't believe frauds next time they try to speak to you. Alright, I'm off lads, have a good one." Cody proceeds to walk out of the arena, he looks tired and very annoyed but for Cody, only time will tell what will happen next.
  9. A new era dawns upon TNA, as a former fighter Mike Tyson joins the wrestling powerhouse to become the main Booker of the show, Dixie Carter was astonished by his fantastic wrestling knowledge and booking ability and decided to hire the former boxing champion to a 1 Year Contract to see how well he will perform, some fans think that this move is extremely risky and really worry for the future of TNA, but most think that this move will get them to the top status quicker than it could've took without Mike Tyson in the office. 6th January 2006.
  10. Hehe, plenty. Classic. Well, another classic. Just classics really.
  11. Cody Cage


    "Yeah you know what, fuck the voice, you right, my guy, I should let my nuts hang, and I'd gladly fight you if you weren't too scared to enter the rumble, all I hear is this trash talk from your mouth yet you haven't proven anything yet, I haven't wrestled in how long? Very long g, but that just means that me being rusty is the equivalent of you at your peak, CJ this, CJ that, CJ doing all this good work, is all you've been hearing, I have never complained about the place I was put in, I never complained how I deserve a second chance, I'm always the least cocky out of the losers, but you right, I'm gonna let my nuts hang, I'm finally getting paid for the work that I made, I don't know if you understand this clearly but I am here to stay, I will win the title, definitely beat the fuck out of you and anybody who you associate yourself with, I am 100 times better than I've ever been and I'm gonna make sure you feel it, just you wait, I would attack you right here right now, but I wouldn't wanna beat up sore losers like you. Just remember my name, you cunt, it will be displayed across the titan-tron when I win the NXT Title. That's all I gotta say, suck your mum, you cunt." Cody once again proceeds to head out of the arena, this time with an aggressive demeanor, Cody had a message to say to Crippler and tonight we have heard, this feud is looking quite interesting...
  12. Cody Cage


    Cody Cage? Why has Cody arrived tonight at this conflict for the rumble? It almost seems like he was put here intentionally, but Cody doesn't care, he rushes out to Aaron North and looks him straight in the eye and then grabs the microphone, Cody starts to walk towards the ring-side area to stand alongside Bart and Bailey, completely ignoring Dr. X and patting Eli on the back as he passes right around him. Cody Cage looks towards Aaron North, "I'm not winning the rumble, alright? You're not winning the rumble, alright? And these two lads in the ring both have low as hell chances of winning as well, right? Even Eli, who looks like a huge threat to winning the Royal Rumble still can fail miserably. So why come out to the Royal Rumble, one of the biggest BPZ events just to plan on losing? Because, I'm gonna prove myself, I'm not gonna say that I'm a beast and a threat that should be watched out for, because I'd much rather show it, same with the NXT Title, I'm gonna win it and I'm hoping that now, all you lads watching the crowd, will recognize me for the hardworking person I truly am, but I don't have much else to say except from, good luck, all of you definitely need it. I know most of you don't know me, but just wait a couple months, recognize what I'm truly worth and then breathe it in. That's what you call a future, a successful future for a successful young man." Cody walks back to where Aaron North stands and hands him the microphone, as he goes to shake Aaron's hand to show respect for the person that grew in the company with him, Cody passes right through to the stage, completely ignoring Aaron North, Cody looks back and laughs at everyone, including the two legends standing in the ring and the superstar Eli Smith. Cody seems happy exiting the spotlight of the show as he finally delivered a message he wanted to pass on badly.
  13. Post in any NBA trades or rumors that you have seen recently, share the rumors with other members.
  14. One of the coolest characters in Disney history.
  15. Zack Ryder or The Miz, both are fantastic entertainers who belong on the TV screen, they both had interesting stories and should both have films made about them. Zack Ryder's could be about a boy who is just a casual wrestling fan who one day makes it big and The Miz's movie can be about a rejected actor who managed to get into the WWE and start a career there.
  16. Scar from Lion King. He did a great job of being a villianous character who managed to appear as a bad guy to every audience, adults and children both knew that Scar was a really evil character and that is because of how greatly he was written.

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