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  1. Seattle, Washington Michael B Jordan Jake Gyllenhaal Daniel Kaluuya Tom Holland Will Smith Tobey Maguire Omar Sy Bob Odenkirk James Franco Jim Carrey Adrien Brody John Krasinski Ashton Sanders Cillian Murphy Shameik Moore Megan Fox Bruce Willis Ariana Grande Michael Fassbender Daniel Radcliffe Helena Bonham Carter Patrick Stewart Edward Norton Cole Sprouse Tony Todd Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Santan Dave Shia LaBeouf Damson Idris Method Man Giancarlo Esposito Viola Davis Shaquille O'Neal Sam Caflin Brian Tyree Henry Judie Dench Pete Davidson Nicolas Cage Samara Weaving Laura Vandervoort Smino Kanye West Kendrick Lamar Eric Andre Hannibal Buress Ryan Gosling Martin Lawrence
  2. No, they're a great team and will finish over Arsenal in atleast the next 2/3 years but they don't have the same history that Arsenal does, which is the major factor towards counting Arsenal as a big 6 club. They also don't have the same reach across the world as Arsenal do with many people from different cultures repping Arsenal gear. Leicester CAN make it into the big 6 but it might take some time and misfortune for Arsenal.
  3. The camera maneuvers itself across the arena. The flashing lights embed themselves in the hall as the theme song of Abdul Kabu distorts the silenced arena. And so he walks out, the 6'6 muscle that is known as Abdul Kabu, his stature erases the presence of his doubts. Abdul walks down the ramp with confidence, the crowd yelling at him, some heckling him, some encouraging him. His decision to join Ozymandias was one that was controversial but for him it felt correct. The moment he settles in the ring with his wrestling gear on him and microphone in his hand; he takes a second for the yelling to engage him, as the music fades out and the fans across the arena continue to make their voices heard. Ultimately, it stops, it took a while and Kabu chose not to silence them, their silence came naturally. Kabu takes the microphone close to his mouth. "Every second I stand here, the more I realise how much you despise the one who wishes to have the best for him and his family. Your gas-lighting makes me feel insecure, it feels I've done something wrong. But yet, not a single molecule inside my body can embrace this guilt, I wake up and know I'm on the right track. Today, I will tell you a story, the story will be the truth behind why you choose to direct your hate towards me. The story of the man who I've given everything." Kabu takes one glance at the fans around him, almost all are engaged with some still feeling uninterested. "James Ropati is someone who I've worked with for almost a decade now, he was the man I would talk to everyday, the man that taught me a lot. His presence in my career is unmatched by anyone as me and him would practice everyday to earn our spots in the world. He would train just as hard as me, he would be just as good as me, but yet, he was given more opportunities than me. You see, he arrived in BPZ a long time ago, something that I was proud of him doing. But in order for him to successfully make the transition, he would have to leave his best friend behind. His brother." Kabu stands in the middle of the ring now, all the fans are engaged upon his story. "This seems to be quite the happy story, my brother got all of his wishes granted and could go onto a life full of luxury leaving his demons behind him. I suppose, I was one of those demons. I've spent years after his departure to establish my name, but, he took all of the fame with him. Nobody cared about Oceania wrestling scene without him there. Nobody cared about me. I quit. I took my bags after three hurting years with each day going by with this disturbing thought: Why must've I been the one to suffer? Why on God's earth was I left to fight for the light, for a beacon of hope? Why the fuck did the one person who I've given it all to chose to leave his own brother behind." Kabu becomes angry, his demeanor is now aggressive and his voices become raspier. "The man that everyone loves so much just because he's facing the evil beast, is the one that made the evil beast. I've spent half a decade killing myself slowly because I thought I was the reason he left. I thought that I fucked everything up. But then, the man that you all choose to despise, Ozymandias came to me with a chance at a new life, he gave me something that James could never do, he allowed me to see the world without guilt for the first time in forever. I've suffered the most, I was always the best but never judged with equality. Ozymandias gave me a helping hand when I was in hell, he is the one that made me realize that I was never in the wrong. You all display us as beasts, killers, villains, but yet all of you are being puppets to these heroes you have a false hope in. Matter of fact, they all don't care about you, they love their money, they all love fooling you all as you idolize these fools. You think that they are the ones that run the company and guarantee your enjoyment, they are the temporary enjoyment in your sad lives. I will change that perspective, I promise to unveil the true nature of the world."
  4. Name: Jurrinho Zarratta Position: PF College: Memphis Jersey Number: 26 Age (17-23): 20 Height: 6'10 Weight: 220lbs Build Freak Of Nature (Giannis-Like): Physical Strengths (3): Vertical, Speed, Strength Technical Strengths (2): Passing, Lay-Ups Physical Weakness (0:) Technical Weakness (4): 3PT, Mid Range, Ball Handling, Perimeter Defense
  5. Kabu

    Light’s Out

    "Your mere arrogance reflects the fear in your eyes." Julius stops in his tracks, the voice of Kabu alerts him, with a sudden interest he turns around to see Kabu leaning on the ropes towards him. "People like you, they talk too much, they talk in the presence of gods like they behold greater power. However, those cameras, those fans, your fans, they changed you. These ideals that surround you allow for you to gain the confidence to even stand in the same ring as me and Ozymandias. The flashing lights allow for you to believe in yourself, your proven record can speak for itself. You may've dominated the many before us, but allowing your foolish ideology to speak for yourself when being approached by the likes of us is a major mistake. Kabu leans away from the ropes. His stare once again locking upon Julius. "I've been given an opportunity to release my guilt, Ozymandias has gave me hope in a world that rejected me. Ozymandias showed me the ways of acting upon those who betrayed me. Ozymandias allowed for me to believe in myself and not a puny God. Within these teachings, Ozymandias gave me a task. He gave me a goal. To kill anyone who steps in our way." Kabu steps beside Ozymandias, he breaks the stare with Julius to look around the crowd. "And here we are, the most powerful judged by the crowds of foolish weaklings. This new-formed bloodlust will show everyone here that we are the true kings of the business. We will eradicate those who must lie to themselves, those who perform for the cameras and not the state of their mind. And Julius Jones, we will help you to find your inner self, the blood that will release from within your body will wash off the dirt of those who have lied to you. With each crack of your bones, you will cleanse your ears of the lies. With each punch you feel, with each bruise you develop, with each cut you embrace, you will finally understand the true nature of the business. If you were to face the so called hound-dog, you will never doubt your own ability within these cameras. But I suppose I've spoken too much, I wouldn't want to become the same person you are. Those lies that you tell your soul, your heart and your mind are poisoning you. These things have poisoned the whole company, we were called upon to release these fears from everyone. So we will." Kabu leans back upon the ropes, takes one deep breath and relaxes himself. "You may go now, you may cater yourself with more delusions, but I'd prefer if you prepared for your baptism. I've been shown the way of following your own heart. And I'll be eager to show you so too." Kabu grins. "I really have talked too much. May this be our farewell for until I see you in the ring once more." Kabu hands the microphone back to Ozymandias.
  6. Watch Under The Red Hood and continue the Animated Universe with JL: War.
  7. Condiment King and Ten-Eyed Man
  8. get it guys im sportsmaster because im better at sports than everyone in bpz
  9. Name (First And Last): Hugo Alvarez Height: 6'3 Weight: 176lbs Fighting Style (Boxer, Kickboxer, Grappler, Brawler, Etc.): Grappler Personality (Cocky, Humble, Flamboyant, Focused, Etc.): Crazy Nationality: Dominican Race: Afro-Dominican Any Tattoos(Describe or just say yeah): Yeah
  10. Medkdjdndnndmsmsmdmmfmdnntnfkdlfkfkfkkfjfjdd. Furjia thought? Shut up

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