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  1. Kabu


    who the fuck said you can respond to my promo
  2. Kabu


    A blaring horn sounds off in the back as the fans look onto the stage, the hell-like fire rises from beneath the dark corners of the arena and Skepta starts playing. Abdul Kabu is a man who hasn’t been heard from all week, he has been extremely quiet ahead of his match with Jack Bishop and then soon enough, Joshua Scott. Abdul furiously marches into the ring, leather jacket on, blue jeans, and his usual swagger. In his hand, he holds a microphone, which he rises to his mouth as he begins to announce something, the cheers in the crowd go silent as they see the anger on Abdul’s face, this is the
  3. Awesome reviews Nate, I'm gonna suggest another one for you and it's an album pretty close to my heart. Avicii - TIM
  4. As the industry progressed through the years and the fans were stuck playing the same game every single year, a bright young team at Visualex Entertainment were assigned with a project. The creation of a futuristic generation of sports games, the project was filled with ambition and worked amongst other collaborative groups for years as ideas were planned out and fan support kept a happy morale with the team, we even asked many popular content creators over at YouTube and Twitch to help us create a more colorful project for many to enjoy. And so, here we are, may I present to you,
  5. JME - Intergrity Classic UK album, would love to hear your thoughts on it.
  6. أنا أعلم أنه كان مشروعا صعبا، ولكن أدائك تجاوز توقعاتي
  7. too much, probably gonna get kicked out of college for not doing any work but we move
  8. Kabu


    “Ready?” The scene opens up with an illuminating blue light emitting from the lamp, underneath the lamp sits Abdul Kabu who patiently waits in the empty room. He begins to check his watch and phone regularly as his patience grows thin and just as he is about to enter the room that is opposite of him, he hesitates as the door swings open, just getting outside of the room is Cody Cage who is rushing through the hallway, his suit is on and his hair flowing around. “We need to go.” Says Cody very peacefully, very unmatching due to the stressful tone that he is walking
  9. Kabu


    “You couldn’t. You never could.” An ear-shattering bell rings across the empty coliseum, a shadow for an accomplice accompanies Abdul as he walks down onto the ring from the ramp, his arms in his pockets and his face blank. His entry into the ring embellished itself as he lay down upon the mat and sits quietly, no microphone in his hand but a moment for himself to think. But yet, he recovers from the prone positions and rises to hang upon the ropes, his eyes focus on the commentary table and his legs start to shuffle down from the ring as his eyes keep themselves set on the table. H
  10. Kabu


    “I couldn’t comprehend the feeling of being the weakest, So I choose not to be.” A poetic sizzle of a breath that carries itself across the empty hall, a huge room of nothing, but yet everything Abdul wanted, peace and muzzle, but until he could truly experience the silence from the many raging emotions inside of him, he must fulfil his task. The room lights up in chaos, the same strobing lights that come on every night, the same horn that has cemented itself into Abdul’s head, the many fans chanting his name and the heavy expectations that rest on his shoulder. The room fina

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