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  1. Episode 1 - Welcome Peoria. Peoria, 1996 The Illinois State Championship game is almost finished. The score as it remained for the last two minutes stays at 51-53 in favour of Peoria High-School. Both teams are looking as fierce as ever and during the final seconds of the timeout which was called by Harvey High-School, the team stands tired and knackered as ever. The starting five are very determined to get more points and secure the victory here in their hometown. Harvey High-School has been playing very aggressively and even fouled out one of their top stars; Terrance Lewis. With the help of their main offensive focus being gone, Peoria has gone on a 16-7 run and an unstoppable defence that allowed them to achieve 3 blocks by a single student in only 2 minutes. Peoria still has all their starters in the game and all of them are ready to come on the court from the timeout. The players include: Bradley Donovan, a fantastic point guard who was raised to play hard on the court. His aggressive defence and fantastic playmaking have created him into a monster on the court, his finishing ability is also very efficient and he stands as one of the state's top point guards. Jrue Waterson, the true shooting guard that is loved by every team. Jrue comes off any pick and roll and hits the most difficult shots, he is a three-point chucking maniac which despite many coaches despising the style of play that he brings, Jrue will always deliver the best of the best in the shooting category. Michael Stafford, the countries most aggressive power forward. His screens are brutal and can guarantee every defender to become a mop with the way they fall on the floor. A fantastic rebounder and can handle the ball very well despite his huge size. Conor Jaywell, a true centre, the best rebounder in the state. Sadly, despite being fantastic at one thing, not much comes to mind when you mention Conor's name. He isn't good at finishing at the rim, and his shot-blocking ability is mediocre at the best. And finally, Franklin Colda, the main player during this game, the perfect student. Franklin is a grade A student and an even better player. His game is perfect, something that reminds you of Michael Jordan but with the three-point shooting ability of Reggie Miller. His leadership and personality have always been on-point and he is now looking at an award from the league. He is the most likely to win Mr Basketball of Illinois and he is at least a 1st round pick in many people's eyes in the NBA. One thing is stopping him from going into the NBA out of High-School, that is popularity. Outside of Illinois, not many know him, despite being invited to an open event with the Chicago Bulls, they still didn't contact him afterwards. Franklin is looking to make a name for himself by winning the state championship in his final year of High-School ball. As the final second occurs, the timeout is now over. Game is back in action and Harvey gets to start with the inbound off the side. Franklin takes a very close look at the situation and he analyses the two possible receivers of the ball, he knows that he can stop both of them and he lets them receive the ball normally. As the handler of the ball approaches Franklin, he takes the ball right from his hands and dashes forward in a very energetic attempt at a fastbreak, his hands are sweaty but his ball control is near-perfect. As he looks at the crowd, he notices two very well-dressed men who stand and watch Franklin take the fastbreak, both of them are saying something to each other and they keep their hands crossed. Franklin stops focusing on them and he looks to finish at the rim, a simple layup is all he needs to secure the two additional points to the team's lead. 51-55 The opposing team starts calling Franklin trash and horrible at the game, one of them calls him a weak fuck, the other one calls him a dickhead. Franklin makes his way to his half and shakes hands with his teammates, he turns around and makes a nut-grabbing gesture towards the opposing team as he shouts out, "I let my motherfuck nuts hang!". The referee was very quick to react and he walked up to Franklin to give him a technical foul right away, this didn't bother Franklin because he was truly about the lifestyle, all his life, he had to care, and now during the most fun he's had in a while, it's time for him to not care anymore. The opposing team runs towards Peoria's side and focus on a very aggressive pick-and-roll which involved shoving and very hard to notice slapping on the body. Franklin looked towards the referee who was looking at the play run, however, no call was given. With a rage inside of him, as Franklin cares for his teammates he started sprinting towards the basket, the opposing team, Harvey was going for an alley-oop, a very humiliating one if it were to be successful, the alley-oop was right underneath Conor, who was seconds away from being embarrassed and absolutely posterised by the dunk incoming. Franklin ran towards where the oop was thrown and as he majestically leapt in the air, he grabbed the ball with his hands and threw it to Michael, the team was now running a very efficient fastbreak as Franklin sat down on the floor after he gave all that was left of him in the final jump. The opposing team laughed at Franklin who chuckled right back at them, the smile in Franklin's face was unforgettable. 51-57 Peoria scores again with an amazing fastbreak in which Jrue did a floater over the opposing team's centre, all was going well and as Franklin got off the floor, he started to feel pain in his leg. With only one minute to play, his thoughts were simply on finishing the game. He limped over to the top of the key to prepare for another defensive run. This time, Harvey knew that Franklin was feeling pain, the way he walked, the way his motioned as he tried to guard their point guard, Harvey ran a final pick-and-roll, this time it finished Franklin. He dropped to the floor after an aggressive push and with screams coming out of him, the play was stopped. Both of the players involved in the pick-and-roll got ejected from the game as the referee saw the amount of abuse they were dealing out. The referee helped Franklin up as he kept screaming and tearing up, the pain was immeasurable and everyone in the crowd knew that Franklin was in a horrible state right now. The game was put on pause as the school's medical staff helped Franklin get to their office. The game continued after the medical staff gave a thumbs-up to the referee that Franklin will be fine. The game continued and to honour Franklin, the team finished the game with the same score as before. All men on the court were celebrating the victory over their rivals, the crowd was going crazy for Peoria, many disappointed parents waled out and most importantly, Franklin came out of the office in a wheel-chair so he can be there with the team as they take the photos and lift the trophy, the announcers announced that there will be a huge ceremonial party to celebrate Peoria's first trophy in over 30 years. Everything was going great, but Franklin still had the worry in his mind about his poor leg. He just thought about 'What Ifs' and that really broke to him, Franklin looked happy as ever on his face, but in his mind, he struggled the stress that was put on him. Something was coming, that was ready to put more workload on Franklin's mind. What college will he attend?
  2. Watching my first AEW Dynamite and I can definitely say that the show was great. The opener was a really good and gritty way to open the show as both Trent and Kenny gave their all as they targeted body parts and wrenched on them. Despite Kenny being the obvious choice to win, there were numerous times in the match where Trent was looking like he was about to win and this made the match feel more authentic due to the audience not being able to decide on a clear winner, which is a product of good story-telling. Tonight, Cody also showed why he was very multi-talented as his commentary was great, relatable and on point.
  3. Player Name: Marcus Wilde Position: TE Age: 24 Height: 6'2 Weight: 210lbs Backstory: Being a failed prospect, an underachieving former star in what seemed like the perfect story for Marcus Wilde. Being projected as a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft, Marcus thought that he could do better, in doing so, his college career has taken a massive fall when he got himself injured in his sophomore year. The injury was brutal enough for Marcus Wilde to take a break from football, the injury has led him to a lack of workouts and a worse shape for when he returned, the top 10 college player was no more and what we saw after his sophomore year was a disappointing Marcus Wilde. What was worse was how the offence was so relied on him and eventually, the coach couldn't handle the broken player that Marcus was. In his 4th year, he decided to transfer to an accepting Michigan State University who helped him reform into a better player. Across all seniors in the country, Marcus was the most productive during his final year and finally looking like he was ready to face the NFL, however, he still wasn't the same player that he was in his 1st year.
  4. Sign Up Name: Dominik Grudzienski Country: UK Specialities: Combat Weapon: Webley Revolver.38 Strength: Very strong, has a good sense of humour and he doesn't fear death. Weakness: Has a hard time balancing his own desires and the commands he was given. This makes him untrustworthy and not fully reliable.
  5. As a community, our best bet is to encourage the people in our community to stay at home and just enjoy the time off. Obviously, it's hard for everyone to relax and chill their minds out due to the on-going stress but we may try to do our best and just do some hobbies. Some of the things you can start doing at home in order to kill off time and learn some new skills: Start learning how to cook. Start learning how to create graphics. Start doing in-door activities. Spend time with your family more. Sometimes in life, we don't get the things that we want to have, so the best thing we can do is try to make the most out of what we have right now, many of us hate the situation we are put in due to lack of sports, entertainment and social struggles. Despite us going through so much negativity, it is best for us to try to create a positive outcome out of what we have. We have been put in a situation where we get to ease our minds and gain rest at home, might as well make the most out of it. On the positive side of things, once we are allowed to go outside again and start going by our normal schedule again, think of all the beautiful nature that has been replenished and think about all the fun you will have playing your favorite sport for the first time in a while or meeting your friends again. For now it is simple what we must do, just stay at home and wash your hands.
  6. The camera slowly tilts 180 degrees to face Cody Cage, his complete disinterest in the camera is shown as he continues to devour his freshly cooked cod along with a side of salmon. Cody looks up at the camera in a slow-motion as he proceeds to finish off his delicious looking meal. Cody takes a sip of his fine wine and proceeds to push the empty plate away from him as he takes out a bag from underneath the table, as the bag gets carefully placed on the top of the fancy and carefully carved out wooden table, Cody starts to show some emotion, a rugged half-smile. Cody looks at the inside of the bag where the contained items of the inventory are isolated in bags. Cody takes the plastic bags out one by one. Cody takes out the first bag, inside of the bag is a small packet of Sun-Dried Krill, Cody puts it up to the camera so that the audience watching the footage can have a clearer view of what Cody is demonstrating. "I've been told by my good friend Johnny, that one of our victims will be a fish. You should've seen my face as he said that because both of us broke out in a burst of laughter. I've decided to give him a little gift before we completely demolish him and the joke that he makes of the BPZ. Some nice Sun-Dried Krill, enough to bait a fool out. I don't need to say much about the little treat we will give him since like a fisher, we will capture our food and then devour it piece-by-piece." Cody takes out the second bag, as he pulls an old-fashioned Indian spear out of the bag, Johnny looks at him in confusion. Both men sitting at the bar table are now very interested in the item that was pulled out of the bag and Johnny looks intrigued to hear what Cody will say. "After we've had a very tasty meal in our little friend Aidan, we will surely look towards a slice of exotic meat. What I offer to the table, is the spear that we will use to kill a tiger. The tiger gives out two things I and Johnny may use, one more than the other. I've heard that tiger meat was disgusting, we will have to give it a taste and we'll see. But what I am more interested in, and what Johnny is probably more interested in too is the luxurious tiger skin, the soft touch of the fur that not-so-long-ago was ripped from the tiger's body and now used towards our luxury. Johnny and I are ready to put the skin on a nice display and share it with The Mafia as a true accomplishment of ours. “But, obviously I was speaking metaphorically, Aidan isn't truly a fish and El Tigre isn't truly a tiger. You two are just poor men, looking for an excuse in life and even if you couldn't find it as a person, then you looked towards life as an animal. You truly have my congratulations, I have never seen such fuckery in my life." Cody and Johnny both start talking to each other at the table, the camera slowly starts to fade out away from both of them as it goes past the numerous banners of Death Riders and the very well-made bar that was put together by The Mafia. In the final moments of the scene, we notice the camera turning towards one final banner that is hung up on the wall near the bar entrance. Covered in a gold frame and purple lining and smooth mulberry silk, the fantastically made banner reads out the words. Long Live The Mafia
  7. Despite not having much experience with stables, I can safely say that Young and Free and Death Riders so far have been some of my favourite stables of being in, in Young and Free and The Mafia I haven't managed to accomplish much yet, but the group chats and the people I was and I am surrounded with definetly make the time being in the stable fun and enjoyable. In Young and Free, I have felt like I was just with 2 of my best friends since Prince and Kieron always listened to what I had to say and we would always make jokes and have general fun, in The Mafia, I have been enjoying the process the guys are putting me through into helping me make better promos, I have been put around great people and I get to team with Jonathan who I can 100% trust. My tag team with Gunner was also cool because he always would listen out to my ideas and he is a caring person who cared about me, despite our tag team not going where we wanted it to go, Gunner still helped me in many ways and despite all the in real life stress that was put on me, he never rushed me.
  8. 1984-85 Season As we move on from the last season, we approach a rookie-filled sensation of a draft that is ready to bloom and produce many great superstars for years to come. As we look towards the draft, we can see many names of fantastic college players who are ready to take the NBA by storm, these rookies include: Julius Jones, Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley. This is a draft class filled with many fantastic defensive and offensive skilled players and in terms of how well these players have performed in college, this may be a consideration for the greatest draft of all time, but only time will tell. 1984 Draft Class The Free Agency (Top Stories) Former San Diego Clipper, Mike Gminski is moving his talent North to Washington. Philadelphia Center, Kent Bason has signed with New Jersey. Atlanta Guard, Darwin Cook has chosen to sign with Utah despite many offers from other teams. 1984-85 Team Standings 1984-85 Playoffs 1984-85 Award Winners Closer Look Jack Lethro Jack Lethro's role on the team has been to become a leader, initiating plays and ordering players on his team around. His leadership and style of play have sadly not looked great on paper due to the player being unselfish and normally starting the plays instead of finishing them. Many critics have already started to realize Jack's role in the NBA and these days they go easy on him when it comes to statistics. Kentrell Banks Kentrell's motivation this season has been to shut the critics up, his whole season was a fantastic change from his Rookie Year, Kentrell is truly focusing on becoming a perfect playmaker as he almost leaves the season with a double-double in points and assists. His stunning performances were enough to quiet any critic and newspaper which doubted him from the start. Are we seeing a new star emerge from the shadows? Adonis Cheng Adonis Cheng has also stepped it up in how well he played this season, coming off the bench and averaging almost 6 assists a game puts him into consideration for one of the best playmakers off the bench in the NBA, sadly, this wasn't enough to silence the critics and Adonis is still being hated by Philadelphia fans and critics from the regions, some consider calling him a bust but in a recent interview, Adonis claimed that he wasn't ready to give up. Adonis however, has shone in the playoffs as a great playmaker putting up crazy amounts of assists of the bench in their playoff run. Echo Wilson Not much can be said about Echo's season in the NBA, he has performed well and despite being a 4th scoring option on the team, he has put up great numbers. Not many fans hate Echo in the league and he is growing into becoming a star player in the league. Julius Jones Talking about fantastic rookie years, Julius Jones has put the whole league on alert due to his tremendous defensive and offensive ability, Julius has shown why he is one of the best players from college last season and in doing so, he has gained the respect of many NBA players in the league so far. Many legends have began to look close at Julius' game and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar claimed himself that the kid is going to be a future superstar in the league. Maddrix Delgado Maddrix has grew over his rookie season to become a game-changer, his three-point focused style just may reflect on the future of the NBA. Maddrix has been doubted by many critics who claim that his style is not meant for modern-day NBA, Maddrix has claimed that every time he hears those remarks, he just thinks to himself, "We'll see about that". Maddrix's succesful rookie season has just proved why this draft class is legendary and revolutionizing.
  9. Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly Lil Tjay vs YBN Nahmir Russ vs Lil Durk DaBaby vs Lil Tecca A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie vs NLE Choppa Kendrick Lamar vs Quando Rondo Blueface vs NAV Roddy Rich vs Gunna _ Drake vs Yo Gotti Gucci Mane vs Lil Skies Young Thug vs Rod Wave Kayne West vs Denzel Curry Future vs Lil Mosey Lil Uzi Vert vs Logic Lil Nax X vs Ski Mask The Slump God Jay-Z vs Cardi B (wtf lol)
  10. Cody, who is now greatly looking interested and absorbed into the potential future that is held for him within the cherishing palms of the Mafia takes the microphone from Jonathan's hand and begins to slowly move it to his lips. His eyes show a fury ready to be unleashed as he feels comfortable and excited to work within an elite group inside of the BPZ. "I've been tired for so long, fatigued by the loneliness that the BPZ led me into, for so long I have been lied to, being told that desolation is the best way of pursuing a career here in BPZ. After so many weak performances from me and hard losses which still hurt deep in my heart. I have finally found the guidance needed. For so long, I've tried to be unassisted and that only destroyed me from within. I am now a part of a family, The Mafia. This is the only guidance I will need in the BPZ, I've been a loser for so long, it's time to become a winner." Cody looks towards Bailey. "The Mafia is elite because of not only what we will accomplish, but also because of our past accolades. I am standing in a ring with two Hall of Famers who are both huge inspirations to many. Bailey is a true powerhouse in BPZ, he's a great leader and an amazing wrestler and he is one of the reasons towards why BPZ is as popular as it is these days. I am truly honoured to have someone like Bailey lead the Mafia. Cody looks at his tag partner and a man who chose to take him under the wing. Jonathan. "The Death Riders aren't going to be a fuck-about group, we are here to get shit done. That goes for The Mafia as a whole, we came here to win titles and fuck people up. My tag partner is one of the greatest wrestlers I've witnessed in this industry and he knows how to be a winner. I am grateful for everything The Mafia has done to set us up for the future, and I am glad that they paired me up with a legendary wrestler who can mentor me and show me how to be an even better wrestler." Cody raises his hand up in the air, the crowd looks on wondering what he is doing, Cody looks down at the ring mat and puts the microphone to his lips. "The Mafia is always here, even if we aren't in the ring, The Mafia controls the BPZ now. We have so many members looking on as a dynasty unfolds who are also actively looking towards a bright future with The Mafia, it is just our duty to keep everything in control. Whether you like it, or not."
  11. jahlil okafor and kenny smith

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