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  1. Oh no!!! I missed the king of the ring 2019 quarter finals votings.

    1. Bashka
    2. GeorgeAK


      At least it wasnt the finals you missed!

    3. Lord Yautja

      Lord Yautja

      Don't worry m8 me too.

  2. Name: Yuvraj Singh Age: 16 Occupation: Student Race: Asian Short Backstory: Yuvraj is an Anti Social teenager who is completely different from other children of his age and he loves to be alone. He feel so nervous while talking to someone he don't know, even his classmates. He is good in studies. He feels so nervous when he had to do something (for ex, taking part in competitions and things like that) but when he becomes motivated to do something than nobody could stop him to do what he wants. His Anti Social and nervous behaviour gets him in trouble so many times. Also, his father is missing since he was 8 years old.
  3. After a dominating performance in the first match. Afghanistan is preparing for World Cup as Afghanistan will play only three more ODI before World Cup. But the match that is happening right now is the final match of the ODI series against Scotland. The pitch doesn't looks like a good batting track with cloud expected to surrounding the stadium throughout the match. Afghanistan same came with the same lineup as of previous match.Afganistan won the toss and choose to bowl first and was able to stop Scotland on a score of 201 with Mujjeb ur Rahman being the pick of the bowlers with his 4 wickets and many Scotland batmen got a good start but no one was able to convert those starts as Scotland managed to give Afganistan a target of only 202. Afghanistan chased the target 202 with youngster Darrwis Rasooli hits two half cenutries in a row and hasmatullah Shahidi also hitting a half century but the thing concern is that he was too slow during his innings of 58 runs and Afghanistan chased a small target of 202 with only 4.1 overs left. This is thing that needs to be improved in batting. Afghanistan won the match by 6 wickets and Mujjeb earns the man of the match for his 4-59. Now, only two matches have left before the WC and Afghanistan needs to fix the problems of their batting in these two matches.
  4. Carnage cuts to a pre taped segment which shows Rory Orton sitting on a chair during day time and looking at the camera. He waits for few seconds before starting talking. "It's been so long since I said a word on camera. Judgment day went by and I lose my match and attacked Bob during Carnage and after his 1st round match in the king of the ring tournament due to frustration? No, it wasn't frustration it was the voices in my head who told me to shut this man's mouth and you can't blame them because you asked anyone to shut your mouth and if this is your wish then you will get it any time you want but also at anytime I want and during your match against Hans I may want to shut your mouth again or may be not want to shut your mouth. I don't know but I know one thing exactly, either way you can't win that match but I still want you to prove me wrong because the stronger the enemy is, the more the fun is to beat him down. And I hope you win your match because if you lose you would have nothing to look back and feel proud about your career expect that garbage NXT title reign because when you eliminated me at the Battle Royal that was the Beginning of the end for you and in the end you will feel what it's like to lose, you will feel so desperately to win but every time you will try you will get knocked out again and again untill I will finally decide to end the match with your defeat but it will not be that easy I will not defeat you untill a faintest of consciousness will lest in your body and then you will find out that the person who needs these people is you to take you to hospital. Bob, your family is so lucky that they don't have to take care of an ugly fat body anymore. Bob, I have to tell you something that nobody would have told you and it is that the reason why family is not alive is because you are a parasite who first killed his own family and then tries to kill the BPZ Universe by making them your family but when you find that your plan is not working anymore then you showed what you really are and I have no problem in squeezing parasites like you." Rory tries to calm himself and then smiles or at least tries to smile and began talking again. " I am tired of this same old stuff of talking, talking and talking like a non-sense like everyone one of you. I know that you people are so interior and I have said this so may times but done nothing and now that I am a future BPZ World Champion, I have to set an example of how a Champion should be he should inspire everyone to be like him and now, I have realised that I should do the same and due to the fact that there are so many teenagers watching this I would like to present this little show to the teenagers." Then, Another scene opens which shows Rory Orton in a place which looks like some sort of Stage. "Before I continue, I would like to know that is BPZ is a family show or not and if not it would be for next few minutes. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to .................. Oh no, I didn't even chose a name for this. Ahhh, what should be the be the name?................. Oh yes, I found the name. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Rory Glory Magic Stooooooooooooory. What? You don't like this name but still you have to like it because this name is better than the Whole NXT Division. In this show I will show I will give some lessons to you about life to make you people less inferior and the first lesson is LOVE THE PEOPLE YOU HATE. This is so important I will show this to you with my example. As you all know that how much I hate Bob but I still have a gift for him." Then someone from backstage take a stause of Bob to the stage. "Bob, I have made a statue in your memory. You see people, this is the example of the first lesson and that's it. Hey, if if want to know more ask your teachers and this is not your school,this is a Wrestling show and I am not your teacher. Now, let's move on to the best part of the show and that is where I will show you magic tricks. Today, I am will show a magic trick due to which trash will flow through Bob's mouth, to do this you have take this sledgehammer like this in my hand and shove it to Bob's fat belly which is filled with all that trash which runs through his mouth during every Carnage. So, let's do it." Bob then shove the sledgehammer in Bob's statue but nothing happened, then he tried again but still nothing happened. Then, he got filled with anger and shoves the sledgehammer into Bob's statue with so much force that the statue broke in two pieces. "Oh no, did I just broke Bob's statue? But nevermind it's not a big deal since his heart will be just like this when I will beat him one-day when our match will happen but for now I want you to take a minute of silence in the memory of Bob's statue." Rory than close his eyes as camera fads to black.
  5. Arius Bob SSW Club Julius Bart Big Ballers Flynn Bailey
  6. It seems impossible but I will try to get to the semi finals.
  7. I was playing a game called Cricket Captain 2019. It is game a Cricket management game in which you didn't play matches but you select the sqaud of your country and playing 11. You also control other aspects of the match such as how aggressively a batsmen will play or which bowler will bowl an over, etc. This game is available for both PC and mobile. I was playing this when I thought about making a diary of this game. I know that most of the people here doesn't know about Cricket but I will be playing this game anyway so I decide to make a diary of this and I choose Afghanistan because I thought that it would become so easy after a point to win matches if I choose strong team. In this diary, I will try to make Afghanistan a better Cricket team. ICC Cricket World Cup is about to begin in game time but before that we have two ODI series coming up of two matches each first against Scotland and second against Ireland. So, this is this squad which I have selected for two matches ODI series against Scotland. I have made some changes in the squad to test some of the players in the first class Cricket. To improve the batting of Afghanistan which is their main concern I have selected two names which 21 years old ihsanullah Janat and 19 years old Darrwis Rassooli who is so young but he has an average of 50 in One Days in First class Cricket. Next thing I wants to improve is fast bowling for that there is a bowler named Hamid Hassan who has a bowling average of 20.59. I have also give a chance to a all rounder from first class Cricket as a sixth bowler and his name is Azmatullah Omarzai who is 19 years old. There are so many young players in this team with three experienced players, Mohammed Nabi, Mohammed Shahzad and Captain Asgar Stanikzai who is playing his 100 ODI. Scotland won the toss and decided to bowl first which turned out to be a bad decision.Here is the scorecard of Afghanistan's innings. A fantastic knock by Mohammed Shahzad of 160* guides Afghanistan to 289. In this match, Mohammad Shahzad break two records, first is most runs by an AFGHANISTAN player with 2772 runs and second is the highest runs scored by an AFGHANISTAN cricketer in One inning. Also, debutant Darrwis Rasool made 73 runs in his debut match after being dropped at a score of 5. Then, the rest of the work was done by the bowlers with Hamid Hassan took his career best figure of 5 for 30 and Mujjeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan took wicket 3 and 2 wicket respectively as Scotland went all out for 129 ensuring an easy win for Afghanistan. Mohammed Shahzad got the man of the match for his unbeaten 160. As Afghanistan got the 1-0 lead in this two match series.
  8. Right now I have only one dream Kayfabe fued in my mind and that is with former NXT Champion, Bob "The Bomb" Sparks because of how good he is at promos, so I will love to have a Kayfabe rivalry with him.
  9. Today is the day when all the factions has been decided but before I reveal all the factions and their members to you one thing I would like to tell you is that their will be a captain for each factions who will decide which Wrestler will wrestle a match for his faction and a Co- Captain who will do the job of the captain in the absence of captain. Official Factions of the first season are: Team Hollywood Hollywood Hulk Hogan(Captain) The Rock(Co- Captain) Dave Batista John Cena Heavy Artillery Brock Lesnar(Captain) Braun Strawman(Co- Captain) Big Show Lars Sullivan Age of Attitudes Steve Austin(Captain) Triple H(Co-Captain) Shawn Michaels Mankind Team WCW Goldberg(Captain) Bret Hart(Co- Captain) Sting Kevin Nash Hell's Gate The Undertaker(Captain) Kane(Co- Captain) Matt Hardy(Woken) Finn Balor(Demon) Style Of Agile Rey Mysterio(Captain) AJ Styles(Co- Captain) Kofi Kingston Ricochet Best team in the World CM Punk(Captain)? Shane McMahon(Co- Captain)? Comment below who should be the captain and Co- Captain The Miz Drew McIntyre Super Strikers Roman Reigns(Captain) Shinsuke Nakamura(Co- Captain) Samoa Joe Aliester Black Team Yes Killers Daniel Bryan(Captain) Randy Orton(Co- Captain) Kevin Owens Sami Zayn Team NXT Johhny Gargano(Captain) Adam Cole(Co- Captain) Velveteen Dream Tyler Breeze The first episode of the first season of Raw is War is coming soon.
  10. @GeorgeAK I meet someone today who told me that he is from year 2119 and Ireland have won the World Cup but England is still trying.😂
  11. I don't know if it's just me or anyone else thinks that SummerSlam match Cards of recent years doesn't seems like a SummerSlam match card. So I would like to see WWE doing great work on SummerSlam as they did in Wrestlemania this year with a match card worthy of a SummerSlam match card.
  12. The title of this topic is not right or half of the posts here are off topic because the title says Undeserving Royal Rumble winners and about half of the posts here doesn't says that someone was Undeserving Royal Rumble winner they says that the timing was not right for them to win the Royal Rumble. For example, a lot of people have named Batista in 2014 as Undeserving Royal Rumble winner but if you will read their posts that are not saying that Batista doesn't deserves to win the Royal Rumble, in a way they are telling that timing was not right for him at that time to win the Royal Rumble. And to those people who are saying to someone that someone don't deserve to win the Royal Rumble, I respect that it's just your opinion and what I am going to say is also just an opinion and it is that you can't judge anyone and say that they don't deserve to do this or that since you didn't know how much hard work they have done to reach where they are today or could be tomorrow.
  13. Winnie the Pooh Lion King.
  14. This is the story of WWE in an alternate Universe. In which, ratings of WWE has been record low due to which some other companies are so close in taking over WWE in terms of popularity and T.V. ratings and Vincent McMahon is So furious about not only this but also because a lot of WWE Superstars are quiting WWE. The situation goes this worse that there is no women in WWE in this Universe. So, The chairman of WWE, Vincent McMahon has decided that he will make an important Announcement at SummerSlam that will change WWE completely. And we are here at SummerSlam in the month of August 2019 and Vincent McMahon is the ring ready to do a big Announcement. " You did it. You people really did it. With your hastags and Online Petition. You make believe that the product that I am giving you is terrible. So, you don't like the product i am giving you? But now you don't have to worry about this because this is the new Era in WWE in which we listen to people. So, keeping this in mind I have decided to shake things up a little. Here's how it's going to work, 10 factions 4 Superstars per faction. Every week these men will battle to earn points for themselves and their faction. Then, those points will allow them to get to top of the points table and advance to the next round and the next round will start in January 2020. But before I talk about next round, one thing you need to know is that our final show of 2019 will be Deletion PPV and two teams who will enter 2020 being in the bottom of the points table will be deleted. Now let's talk about second round it will be easy the team who will finish at the No.1 position in the points table will battle against the team who will finish at No.8 position and No..2 will battle against no.7 and so on. But there is an advantage for the teams who will finish at top 4 positions and it is that they will decide which type of match they will battle against their opponents in the second round. Then, the teams who will win their match in the the second round will be advanced to semi finals and if the teams who had finished first round at No 1 and 2 positions at round one, could make untill semi finals and lose the semi final match then, they would have another chance of reaching the finals and it is that they will have a match with the team who has won the second semi final and the winner of that match will face the winner of the first semi final match at the final which will take place at Show of Shows Wrestlemania and the winners of that match will be crowned as WWE Ultimate Champions. if anyone under my employ doesn't like it then I don't care. You can go back to Indies or any Wrestling company I don't care. Even if I have to pick a child from audience to compete in this ring I will do it. Superstars will be forced to work together regardless of how they may feel about certain other members of their factions. In this War, there is strength in numbers and you all would be wise to remember that. Ladies and Gentlemen........... Welcome to a new Era! Welcome.......... to the new version of .......... RAW IS WAR. All the details of the factions and their members will be posted soon.
  15. Bob is waiting for someone to come out. But a few seconds gone by and no one is coming. So, Bob was about to say something but then suddenly, a music Hits which is not unfamiliar to the crowd. Rory Orton gets pop from the crowd for the first time only because crowd is mad at Bob because of his unexpected heel turn plus a fantastic Promo. Rory Orton's theme song is hitting but no one is coming out. Then, Bob starts laughing and begins talking. "Rory did you really thinks that you can face me I am a star who has made an impact on the whole BPZ Rooster in a very short time and who you are a NXT Roo..... Bob cannot finish his line because he is laughing so hard but after some time he put a serious face and was about to complete his line. "You are a just a NXT .......... RKO!!!!!!!!! from Outta Nowhere. Crowds cheers as Rory Orton hit the RKO to Bob. Rory Orton quickly points his his hand to the fan who spits on on Bob's face and says something to him. Then turns his attention towards Bob and started laughing at him and says.... "who's laughing at which face now." Then take a pose at the top rope before heading backstage as his music Hits again.

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