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  1. This is Afghanistan's third match of this World Cup and it is against New Zealand. Afghanistan again plays this match with the same playing XI from last match. Afghanistan won the toss and elected to bat first. This is Afghanistan's innings. Afghanistan collapsed after a good start but a 72 runs partnership between Rashid Khan and Dawlat Zadran allowed Afghanistan to post a total of 271. Also, youngster Darwis Rasooli got his World Cup half century. This is New Zealand's inning's scorecard. A very frustrating maych. A wonderful performance by Hamid Hassan but no other bowler performed as half as good as him and Hamid Hassan alone broke the back of New Zealand's top order by taking 4 wickets within 12 overs and New Zealand were 73-6 at a time but a huge partnership between James Neesham and Colin de grandhomme and then between Santner and de grandhomme and New Zealand won by three wickets. James Neesham got the man of the Match for his all round performance. This is the where all team stands in this world Cup so far. Afghanistan now have to won at least 5 matches from their remaining 6 match to qualify for semi finals.
  2. Rory Orton's music hits as he makes his way ring slowly and ignoring all the people in the arena. Rory Orton gets in the ring and takes the microphone and begins to speak after few second. "You know why I am here, you may think I am here to talk about my match at SummerSlam but if you think this you are wrong. I just realised that most of the people here don't know me because I have fought only one match here. So, I am just going tell you and all other people in the backstage and in their locker rooms or watching at home, who am I and what I could be. So let's start with my name, but before I tell you my name I wants to know how many of you knows my name. So Tel me, what is my name." Then a very small Rory Orton chant erupts which was hard to hear Because of the noise in the arena and Rory Orton smiles after hearing this and the people in the arena begins laughing. "I know that you don't know but that will be the past after few minutes and what I what from you is just keep calm and hear my voices and they will tell you who am I." Rory Orton starts staring at the camera with a serious face for few seconds then begins to talk. "My name is Rory Orton and I am a Bad!!! Bad!!! Man who don't know anyone else and don't care about anyone else. A man who cares about only two man, the one is him himself and the other is a man or a thing or something else but who ever he is knows what I am , what I can be and what I should do, more than me. That man come to when when I can't do anything and he made me worthy of whatever I have done or whatever I will do. That man is my savior, I am relating it to a man but I really don't about him any that doesn't matter because they knows everything about me. You can call them anything but what I call them are voices. I don't know if they come to my head or they were already in my head but what I know is they come to me and they understands both the taste of winning and bitterness of loss. All the nine man or women who are at the NXT Championship match at SummerSlam, you should know that whatever I will do to you at SummerSlam i will not be responsible for it because I am just an Apex Predator who did whatever the voices in him tell him to do and When this Apex Predator will follow the voices, no one of you will have choices and after finishing you what I will do is Keep calm and hear the voices. Then Rory backs heads back to backstage as Carnage cuts to a commercial break.
  3. No one because at that time many people would have thought that WWE is real but now it's impossible because most of the people know that WWE is Scripted.
  4. For me, it's Tyler Breeze. First time I saw Tyler Breeze I hated him so much but now after after him every week on up up down down I started liking him and before I thought that Tyler Breeze is so overrated but I believe that he is one of the most overrated Wrestlers in WWE.
  5. This is Afghanistan's second match of this World Cup and it is against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat first and Afghanistan plays with same playing XI. This is Sri Lanka's first innings. Sri Lanka bowled out on 207 and couldn't stand a chance against Afghanistan spinners. This is the scorecard of Afghanistan's innings. Afghanistan won the Match by seven wickets and Mohammad Shahzad got the man of the Match for his century.
  6. This is Afghanistan's first match of this World Cup and it is against the defending champions Australia. Afghanistan won the toss and decided to bat first. Afghanistan did one change in the playing XI, Dawlat Zadran replaces Zia ur Rahman. A big collapse in the top order and wickets keep falling and no one converts the start they got into a big knock. Nazibullah Zadaran 67* helped Afghanistan's score to be stretched to 226 and asking so much from the bowler's. A fantastic effort from Afghanistan and Australia were 193-6 at a time but Afghanistan could not put the nail in the Coffin as Australia attached the win from the jaws of defeat and Alex Carey got the man of the Match award.
  7. This is the first warm up match and it is Afghanistan VS Pakistan.Afghanistan won the toss and decided to bowl first with an unchanged playing XI. A really good bowling from Rashid Khan and mujjeb but the rest of the bowler's did not have a good day with the bowl as Pakistan posts a target of 274 for Afghanistan. Afghanistan chase the target in the last over with ony 2 balls left with great innings from Rasooli and Stanikzai and asgar Stanikzai was the man of the Match for his unbeaten century. The next and last warm up match for Afghanistan is against the host England. Afghanistan won the toss again and decided bowl first with one change, a left arm spinner, Zia ur Rahman replaces Dawlat Zadran as Afghanistan plays with 4 spinners which turn out to be a mistake. England posts a target of 310 for Afghanistan and Afghanistan could muster any sort of challenge and went all out on 186 in the real life Afghanistan team style. Mohhamad Shahzad was the only man to score half century in this Afghanistan's innings as England beat Afghanistan beat 123 runs.
  8. I am starting this dairy again because when I was not active on the forum few weeks ago. I deleted that save accidentally. So, I am starting this dairy and we have two two match ODI series against Scotland and Ireland. But before going to that. We will take a look at the ICC rankings for test then odi and then t20 we Afghanistan are in the bottom of the rankings. so, I would try to change that. but we have a two match one day series against Scotland. I would try to dominate Scotland and and won with huge margins to the confidence before World Cup. The is the playing XI for the first match. I am trying a young 19 years old darwis Rasooli because has got some really good stats he has played only 10-15 test, ODI and T20 in first class Cricket but has got a double century in tests and an average of 80.I am also bringing Y. Ahmadzai because he has a really good first class bowling average. Now let's have a look at the first ODi against Scotland. . Scotland won the toss and decided to bowl first which doesn't turn out to be a good decision as Afghanistan posts 329 runs and Hasmatullah Zazai missing his double century just by 16 runs and the youngster D. Rasooli impressing with a half century in his debut. Scotland can't handle the pressure and went all out on 172 with Mohammed Nabi taking four wickets and Hamid Hassan taking three wickets and Rashid Khan taking two and mujjeb taking one as Afghanistan got a dominating victory over Scotland with Hasmatullah Zazai getting Man of the Match. This is the playing XI for the second match with one change as Dawlat Zadran comes in place of Ahmadzai. Afghanistan won the toss and decided to bowl first and Scotland posts a target of 208 for Afghanistan. Hamid Hassan get his career best Odi bowling figures of 5-44 and Zadran for three and Rashid and mujjeb got one wicket each. Afghanistan won this match with ease and with 9 wickets in hand and Hamid Hassan got the man of the Match. Now, we have another two match ODI series against Ireland and I can't take Ireland lightly because I am playing with Afghanistan. Ireland could give a tough competition and I would like to not to lose a match just before World Cup because losing to Ireland while I have to face 9 other Top class teams would be dangerous. The playing XI for the first match of this away series against Ireland is the same which was against Scotland. Ireland won the toss and decided to bat first. A wonderful century by William Porterfield and Ireland post a huge target of of 296 for Afghanistan. A great century from the skipper Asgar Stanikzai and half centuries from Ghani and Rasooli and Afghanistan reach the target with an over to spare after both openers went out quickly. Asgar Stanikzai got the man of the Match for his unbeaten 126. Playing XI for the next match is also same.Afghanistan won the toss here and decided to bowl first which was a bowler's paradise. Ireland could only post a total of 142 this time with Hasan Impressing again with his four wickets Afghanistan won the Match by six wickets and Hamid Hassan gats the man of the Match for his for wickets. We will have the warm up matches of world cup next how many matches did you think this Afghanistan team could win in this world cup.
  9. Rory Orton's music Hits as he makes his way to the ring. Rory Orton walks to the ring slowly listening to all the boos and cheers from the crowd.As he takes the microphone and begins to speak. "It nearly one month since I have not been here and I know that you all miss me. But now when I am here I found out that there are a lot of things happened during this month. We have a new nxt Champion, a new team is formed which will be nothing but a joke. Seriously, who could make a team with a mental human being like Bob and Mark my words, this tag team will only last for few months Bob will turn on icon. But why am I even thinking about this team while I should be thinking about nxt championship. Speaking of nxt Championship, I will tell you exactly what will happen in untill summerslam. Every Nxt Wrestler will come and say want they will do at SummerSlam and the most famous tactic of NXT wrestlers is just talk trash about other men who are competing in the match and what I will come wait for my opportunity because I don't even knew that I will be in that match or not but I have a message to all other NXT wrestlers. You would think that I am just another rookie in this overflowing nxt division and they have nothing to fear about me. This is what makes me exited to beat you up because the I love the moment when my opponent think that he is so close to win the gold but everything changes just in few seconds and this is what going to happen at SummerSlam and at last I want to say that you have to respect me when the the hottest talent of nxt will be standing with Nxt Championship at the hottest event of the summer." Then Rory Orton leaves the ring and heads backstage.
  10. So I think I will be in the BPZ 2k20. I am excited to know what will be my ratings.
  11. Survivor series PPV in Universe mode was great I enjoyed it more than I did during watching any WWE PPV.
  12. I have a suggestion for the Kayfabe section that if someone is new in Kayfabe than he should face someone who is active on Kayfabe but is not scheduled for the upcoming PPV in a tryout match at the pre show of upcoming PPV and after the match whether he had lose the match or won he will be advanced to the nxt division.
  13. Oh no!!! I missed the king of the ring 2019 quarter finals votings.

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      At least it wasnt the finals you missed!

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      Lord Yautja

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  14. Name: Yuvraj Singh Age: 16 Occupation: Student Race: Asian Short Backstory: Yuvraj is an Anti Social teenager who is completely different from other children of his age and he loves to be alone. He feel so nervous while talking to someone he don't know, even his classmates. He is good in studies. He feels so nervous when he had to do something (for ex, taking part in competitions and things like that) but when he becomes motivated to do something than nobody could stop him to do what he wants. His Anti Social and nervous behaviour gets him in trouble so many times. Also, his father is missing since he was 8 years old.
  15. After a dominating performance in the first match. Afghanistan is preparing for World Cup as Afghanistan will play only three more ODI before World Cup. But the match that is happening right now is the final match of the ODI series against Scotland. The pitch doesn't looks like a good batting track with cloud expected to surrounding the stadium throughout the match. Afghanistan same came with the same lineup as of previous match.Afganistan won the toss and choose to bowl first and was able to stop Scotland on a score of 201 with Mujjeb ur Rahman being the pick of the bowlers with his 4 wickets and many Scotland batmen got a good start but no one was able to convert those starts as Scotland managed to give Afganistan a target of only 202. Afghanistan chased the target 202 with youngster Darrwis Rasooli hits two half cenutries in a row and hasmatullah Shahidi also hitting a half century but the thing concern is that he was too slow during his innings of 58 runs and Afghanistan chased a small target of 202 with only 4.1 overs left. This is thing that needs to be improved in batting. Afghanistan won the match by 6 wickets and Mujjeb earns the man of the match for his 4-59. Now, only two matches have left before the WC and Afghanistan needs to fix the problems of their batting in these two matches.

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