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  1. Avengers: Endgame was my favorite film of the decade and it is a film that will always be in my heart.
  2. I remain awake whole night today for studying for my exams but it was worth it. I have a wonderful day today.
  3. Yuvraj.

    Funny pictures

    Look at this bug in Wrestling Revolution 3d.
  4. In Kayfabe, NXT division is big that so many people challenge for the NXT Championship but only few of them had a real chance of winning. So, my suggestion is to bring a new Championship with name "Junior NXT Championship" or something like that for the people who had no chance of winning NXT Championship in near future. In this way, we could have one on one matches for NXT Championship also.
  5. No way, if Kofi losses now then the push which he was getting since WrestleMania, will be wasted. Like when WWE pushed Braun Stroman and Samoa Joe just to get them destroyed by Brock Lesnar. I have never been that excited for a match for a long time in WWE that I am now. I am the one who always gets negative thoughts in everything but now I will let the power of positivity be spread and Brock Lesnar and what Bubba ray Dudley thinks cannot stop the power of positivity to shrink. Let's go Kofi!!!!!!!
  6. BPZ released a young NXT superstar. We have got a big news about the release of a NXT Superstar of BPZ from BPZ's Official Website. In their official website, BPZ released an article in which they said that they released Rory Orton (real name = Yuvraj) but they haven't stated the reasons behind this. Some rumours are that, Rory Orton was unhappy about the storyline in which he being put into and was behaving badly with everyone, so that's why BPZ released him but this is only a rumour, we will never get to know the real reason behind this. But for now, I can say that Rory Orton career has end in BPZ even before properly started.
  7. Name:Rory Orton Age:22 Finishers:RKO and Punt Kick Any other Background Information: Just a Young Up and comer.
  8. 1.Cricket 2.Pro Wrestling 3. Basketball. I don't watch Basketball but I like to play it.

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