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  1. they could do that but why should asuka lose her title whilst Becky is undeservedly winning hers
  2. If its a 16 match card then 2 nights 4 Hours 8 Matches Per night WWE Championship Match Main Events the First Night WWE Universal Championship Match Main Events The Second Night but if they stick to a 1 night match format with 10 matches then 4 to 5 hours tops
  3. I feel like Seth Rollins in his current state and his curb stomp won't be able to defeat brock lesnar Seth Rollins Needs to bust out a move he's never done before or hasn't used in a While E.G The Avara kedavra super kick or the phoenix splash i feel like after watching Royal Rumble Battleground Wrestlemania 31 and The RAW where Seth took 6 F5s Brock Can easily counter the Curb Stomp and If Brock timing is correct then he can counter the ripcord Knee Strike Maybe Seth can Bust out a Submission
  4. i've lost all interest in this match I Honestly don't know what this feud is meant to be Is it meant to Be Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey or Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte i feel like Becky Lucked into this match by having a feud with Charlotte the only way they'll end the night on a good note is if Alexa Bliss inserts herself into the match and wins the title if Becky Doesn't win people will complain about it If Becky Wins she wont have deserved it i mean she lost to Asuka and like a sore loser she inserted herself into a match she had no business being in i dunno this whole storyline is uninteresting
  5. I'd love that plus she'd get revenge on Ronda Rousey
  6. here are 15 Superstars i'd love to face kurt angle and end his career The Rock Vs Kurt Angle - Kurt Beat The Rock For his first WWF Championship Chris Jericho Vs Kurt Angle - Kurt Beat Jericho For his first WWF Intercontinental Championship Booker T Vs Kurt Angle - Kurt Beat Him For his First World Heavyweight Championship Brock Lesnar Vs Kurt Angle Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle John Cena Vs Kurt Angle If These Next Two People Were Alive Kurt Angle Vs Eddie Guerrero Kurt Angle Vs Chris Benoit Today's Generation Of Superstars Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Kurt Angle Chad Gable Vs Kurt Angle Jason Jordan Vs Kurt Angle Cesaro Vs Kurt Angle Johnny Gargano Vs Kurt Angle AJ Styles Vs Kurt Angle Daniel Bryan
  7. The United States Championship is the only title Rey Mysterio hasn't won yet so it would be cool for him to win it
  8. The Miz is going to win Shane hasn't won a wrestlemania singles match since his return He lost to AJ Styles He lost to undertaker
  9. Should I care about the match? they've built up no one legitimate to take down Buddy Murphy They had someone legit enough in Hideo Itami but Triple H did nothing with him after he came back from injury
  10. WWE Created a New Star in Alexa Bliss and its unfortunate that the fans complained about it when they were the ones wanting WWE to create new stars Same thing with other talent Roman Reigns Carmella Dean Ambrose
  11. The match should be great. I'm just confused as to why WWE Didn't do more with this storyline Like the main reason why Batista left Evolution in 2014 is because He didn't get a world title shot he was promised https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ER6ft1y3MQ Batista said he was done with the shield and said he wanted his one on one championship Triple H Promised him and then Triple H said even if he did Batista would end up choking on it So the reason why i said what i said is because it makes Sense Batista says he wants 2 things a match with triple h and his championship match Batista Beats Triple H and gets his 1 on 1 match with Daniel Bryan
  12. i'd love it if Alexa Bliss trolls us and inserts herself into both womens championship matches and wins the titles 😂😂😂😂😂
  13. i feel like they missed a big opportunity to do more with Batista When Batista was Yelling GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE ME WHAT I WANT I was thinking besides a match with Triple H what else does Batista Want? and it goes back to Daniel Bryan & The Shield Triple H Promised Batista a world title match and Batista Quit Because Triple H Didn't give it to him It will be a hard hitting match no doubt but it just feels underwhelming Now if it was me They could do 1 of 2 things Batista Beats Triple H and Gets Inserted into the Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar match because We've never really gotten Batista Vs Brock Lesnar in a one on one match The other thing they could do is and this would be a big fat FUCK You to Daniel Bryan Batista Beats Triple H and Gets inserted into the Daniel Bryan Vs Kofi Kingston Match
  14. its a long shot but you guys will disagree

    but I was thinking WWE Should turn Seth's 1 on 1 match with brock into a fatal 4 way Roman Vs Seth Vs Dean Vs Brock and have that be Dean's farewell to the WWE By helping his brothers slay the beast whether Roman wins or seth wins Dean can say he was there the night His brothers slayed the beast

    again you guys will hate the idea which is fine

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