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  1. just a quick status update After Seeing How Triple H has Booked Hideo Itami Tye Dillinger And Tyler Breeze

    If you asked me Should Triple H take over WWE

    Yes or No

    my answer is no Because

    hideo itami got injured and Triple H didnt EVEN look in his direction to be NXT Champion and Why am i NOW hearing about hideo itami now that he's challenging for the Cruiserweight championship if he's not going to win the match then why is he even in the match?

    1. BrendenPlayz


      by your logic, nobody should ever wrestle because they will lose? Someone has to lose and Itami is doing that. Not a big deal.

  2. This is how i would have booked Finn Balor on the main roster I would have had him Debut on the main roster and I would have had him win match after match after match and build him up to take down The Miz For The Intercontinental Championship after Finn Defeated The Miz he'd have a nice lengthy reign and then i'd build him up to win the Royal Rumble and Then I'd have him go on to Wrestlemania and win the WWE Universal Championship That Way Finn Balor gets his feet wet, he connects with the Main Roster Crowd and he's done something earn the right to fight for the world championship Instead of How WWE did it They Handed him the world title he got injured he paid for it by being misused hell he almost got Knocked the fuck out by Jinder Mahal and people legit thought balor had a concussion plus he wouldn't be fed to brock lesnar
  3. Bad Attitude Bullet

    How Would You Book Wrestlemania 35?

    Starting at the Top WWE Universal Championship Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley WWE Championship AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy WWE RAW Womens Championship Sasha Banks Vs Bayley WWE SDLive Womens Championship Asuka Vs Ember Moon WWE Womens Tag Team Championships IIconics vs Kairi Sane And Io Shirai Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Intercontinental Championship Finn Balor Vs Seth Rollins Vs EC3 United States Championship Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Daniel Bryan WWE RAW Tag Team Championships The Revival Vs Heavy Machinery Vs Authors of Pain WWE SDLive Tag Team Championships Sanity Vs Bludgeon Brothers Cruiserweight championship Hideo Itami Vs Johnny Gargano ATGMBR - Lars Sullivan Womens Battle Royal - Nikki Cross
  4. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    but james ellsworth never won the title for beating AJ where as Finn Came in Beat roman and was awarded the WWE Universal Championship
  5. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    i hope you're right
  6. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Intercontinental Championship Discussion

    I'm fine with Bobby Lashley as Intercontinental Champion Because its one less person to complain about not doing anything to deserve a world title shot
  7. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    I hope he doesn't because he doesn't deserve it
  8. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    You're right he did But he was never given the WWE Championship Soooooooooo the idea of beating a top name to deserve getting a world title shot goes out the window
  9. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    You see this is why i'll never understand the double standard in the IWC the fans will cry about Roman Reigns not doing anything to deserve a world title push Yet The WWE Tag Team Titles, The US Title and The IC Title Says otherwise But they expect me to believe Finn Balor deserves it because of who he beat James Ellsworth Beat AJ Styles 3 Times yet WWE didn't give him a world title Jinder mahal defeated AJ Styles yet people say he didnt deserve a world title shot How can people say one thing about one person but be against someone else being given the same treatment
  10. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Kieron's Random Graphics & Videos

    HOLY SHIT THAT IS BEAST 😍😍Thank you so much
  11. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    I thought RAW Was pretty good tonight HOWEVER My only criticisms are - If Braun was Really injured then he shouldn't be lifting up limousines - The Revival vs Lucha House Party again - Finn Balor Undeservedly being handed a WWE Universal Championship Positives - Nikki Cross Debut - The Debut Of The WWE Womens Tag Team Championships and when that was announce i could only think of 2 women to hold the womens tag titles and their names are Io Shirai and Kairi Sane Bring them up and you can do an Asian Stable with Asuka Kairi and Io Shirai
  12. Normally i'd go off on a Rant and say how Finn Balor Doesn't Deserve a World title shot and how they are forcing him down our throats HOWEVER

    Finn Debuted On The Main Roster July 25th 2016 My Question back then is what has Finn Balor done to win a world title shot?

    People's Excuse: Oh he beat roman reigns

    My Response: So Kevin Owens beat John Cena a bigger star than Roman Reigns Yet Kevin Owens wasn't handed the world title

    Fast Forward to January 14th 2018 My Question Now is What has Finn Balor done since his return to deserve a world title shot?

    And you are not going to convince me that Finn Balor can Beat Brock Lesnar

    When CM Punk Failed, Roman Reigns Failed, Seth Rollins Failed, Dean Ambrose Failed, AJ Styles Failed, Samoa Joe Failed, Daniel Bryan Failed

    If brock lesnar can kick out of multiple Spears You are not going to convince me 1 Coup De  Grace can beat brock lesnar

    here's something to think about.................What if Finn Balor Is One of the talent's wanting to leave WWE and go to AEW and WWE doesn't want that and WWE is Handing Finn Balor A WWE Universal Title Shot undeservedly

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Julius


      You make good points Bullet, In my eyes Balor is way too overrated but I have no problem with this match taking place because it is something fresh and exciting. The thing about Braun vs Brock is that we have already seen it 5 times. This feels fresh which is why I have no problem with this taking place 

    3. The New Flynn

      The New Flynn

      It’s just going to be a really good match. Balor isn’t going to win lmao. Just enjoy the underdog fighting the beast. 

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Sorry flynn i cant enjoy a match that i feel is forced

      fair enough Julius me myself i didnt want to see Braun Vs Brock again either

      I will say this If Finn Balor Can't get past Braun Strowman he doesn't stand a chance against brock

      SPOILER: Brock Will toss Finn Balor around like a sack of potatoes, finn balor will come close to beating Brock and then Brock will Beat Finn  and Brock Will Walk out as champion

      and by some miracle he does win? Then How the hell is he going to beat Braun Strowman without some kind of fuckery happening?like if eddie couldn't beat brock without goldbergs help then Finn Stands no chance defending the title against Braun

      Also If Finn Balor does win how long will it take before the fans say fuck balor we want someone else?

  13. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Who Do You See Getting Pushed in AEW?

    well first off they shouldn't push veterans like chris jericho they should focus on the younger guys and push guys who dont normally get title shots in NJPW ROH Lucha Underground TNA WWE And all these other promotions However i feel like they wont push everyone on the roster i mean Wrestling Matches will get you so far before you should be given a title shot
  14. Bad Attitude Bullet

    WWE 2019 Men's Royal Rumble

    I'm just saying if you're going to pick someone to take down brock lesnar make sure its someone believable enough to beat him E.G Roman Reigns (Even tho they Messed up his booking Should have beaten brock at wrestlemania 31 and then slowly transitioned into a heel Heading into Extreme Rules) Like i'm not going to force myself to believe seth rollins or finn balor can beat brock lesnar without help i mean Eddie Guerrero couldn't do it without goldberg True he has improved since then HOWEVER i don't think Vince Trusts him after his knee injury that is true he has improved since then but i'm not going to force myself to believe he can beat brock
  15. Bad Attitude Bullet

    WWE 2019 Men's Royal Rumble

    you can put a tuxedo on a goat and its still a goat a spiffy looking goat but its still a goat it doesn't matter how much Seth Rollins has changed doesn't hide the fact he lost twice to brock lesnar