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Bad Attitude Bullet

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  1. I have A Question Lets say you get locked out of twitter and you try to verify your phone number but it comes up with the Error: Sorry Request failed try again later............How long does that normally last?......or is it a bug within Twitter

    1. Cody


      60 hours normally 80 if its the 2nd time



      I had this 6 years ago. My cousin fixed it for me. She charges 16$. If u want i could hook u up. 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Thanks Cody, This is the first time its happened to me

      Normally When i get locked out of my account i verify my phone and then Boom I'm back in but this time It gave me an error

  2. i was wondering if anyone could make Championship Face templates and Side plates for these titles

    RXW Braveheart Championship

    RXW Junior heavyweight Championship

    RXW Lionheart Championship

    RXW Lioness Championship

    RXW Diamonds Tag Team Championship

  3. With the Announcement of NXT UK TakeOver Dublin Ireland, I cant wait to go because it will be my first time going to a Wrestling event

    1. Mr. Slim

      Mr. Slim

      We should meet up, I'm going to!

  4. Here is my Full Wrestlemania New Orleans Match Card

    Opener - 6 Way Elimination Match to Determine The No.1 Contender's Match For The United States Championship

    No.1 Contender's Women's Championship Steel Cage Match Toni Storm Vs Mia Yim Vs Io Shirai

    WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match Undisputed Era Vs The Sami and Kevin Show Vs The Usos

    WWE United Kingdom Championship Match Finn Balor Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Pete Dunne

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Cesaro Vs Tyler Bate

    WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match Liv Morgan And Peyton Royce (w/Iconic Bliss) Vs Kairi Sane And Asuka (w/Shinsuke Nakamura & Io Shirai)

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match  Ricochet Vs Cedric Alexander

    World Tag Team Championship Match Empire Of Pain Vs Psychos Of Wrestling Vs War Raiders

    No.1 Contender's Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4 Way Match Matt Hardy Vs Scott Dawson Vs Karl Anderson Vs Curtis Axel

    2 Out Of 3 Falls Match Aleister Black & Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns & Triple H

    WWE Women's Championship Match Alexa Bliss Vs Sasha Banks

    MAIN EVENT Winner Takes All World Championship Hell In A Cell Match - AJ Styles Vs Edge Vs Dolph Ziggler

    1. Mr. Slim

      Mr. Slim

      Is this supposed to be realistic

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Its for Universe Mode

      E.G Aleister Black & Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns and Triple H  - At TLC Roman Reigns and Triple H both interfered in the WWE United States Championship match between Dean and Seth So i had this match set up for wrestlemania but Since dean is not in this year Aleister Black Was voted in as Seths Partner

      The Main Event Edge Won the Royal Rumble and he chose to challenge both champion to a match at Wrestlemania for both titles

  5. it says i reached my 1000 Quota in attachment limit how do i reduce that?

    1. Bart


      Account》 My Attachments. Can delete them there.

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Thanks Bart and no need to be rude Gill Jeez

  6. RIP Ashley Massaro Who passed away at AGE 39

  7. after watching Pete Dunne's Match Last night i'm convinced he will be a Future WWE Champion

  8. i noticed a trend with the latest 4 Wrestlemania's And no its not roman reigns main eventing

    Its the fact they've added 1 extra match to the match Card every Year

    1. Wrestlemania 32 - 12 Matches Which is up 4 matches from Wrestlemania 31 which had 9 Matches
    2. Wrestlemania 33 - 13 Matches
    3. Wrestlemania 34 - 14 Matches
    4. Wrestlemania 35 - 15 Matches

    Just wanted to point that out and its not out of the realm of possibility WWE will keep adding 1 extra match To Wrestlemania 36

  9. Welp Guys another one bites the dust Mustafa Ali is Now Going under the name Ali 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    1. Flynn
    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i cracked a joke saying Ali Who?

      Muhammad Ali

      Ali  Baba

      Ali Jackson

      Ali Johansson and people responded back Ali A Ali G Prince Ali 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  10. Welp its confirmed Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey and Charlotte WILL Headline Wrestlemania

    And I'm going to be honest i'm not happy about it due to the fact Becky Lynch is just like Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns People who lost at the royal rumble and found their way to main event Wrestlemania Undeservedly

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      that's the thing it was already great without the fans Just like how the becky lynch story was great without the fans getting involved

    3. Flynn


      Yeah but the key thing about it all is it became better. Daniel Bryan would of ended up facing Sheamus at Mania 30. Looking back, Bryan’s story is what capped off Mania 30 as such a perfect event. It definetly would not of been as memorable or special had we actually gotten Batista vs Orton as the main event. 

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      I'll tell you a story Daniel Bryan was a rookie in NXT who got bashed by The Miz and Michael Cole that lead to a United States Championship match between the Miz and Daniel Bryan which daniel won and then daniel went on to win the MITB and then it culminated with Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship from john cena, That Was BEAUTIFUL. I'm mad at the fact Daniel Bryan fans Turned into WWE and did something they didn't want WWE To do with John Cena.

      Becky Lynch Debuts on Smackdown Live and wins the smackdown live womens championship and then she was placed in that beautiful Storyline with carmella and then charlotte got involved and it ended with Becky Winning the smackdown Live Womens Championship for a Second time

      i'm mad at the fact The Fans For the second time within 5 years turned into WWE and did something the fans didn't want WWE to do with Roman Reigns and that's force Becky Down our throats

      in both cases WWE Booked Becky and Daniel Correctly and then The Fans Came in and Turned them into John Cena and Roman Reigns 2.0

      Sorry for the long essay but i had to get that off my chest

  11. its a long shot but you guys will disagree

    but I was thinking WWE Should turn Seth's 1 on 1 match with brock into a fatal 4 way Roman Vs Seth Vs Dean Vs Brock and have that be Dean's farewell to the WWE By helping his brothers slay the beast whether Roman wins or seth wins Dean can say he was there the night His brothers slayed the beast

    again you guys will hate the idea which is fine

  12. Why was Charlotte Added to The Ronda Vs Becky Lynch Match

    My clear cut no bullshit answer Tables Ladders And Chairs 2018 Ronda Rousey Cost BOTH Charlotte and Becky The Match

    End Of Story good night and good bye

  13. i dont think Seth Rollins will walk out of Wrestlemania 35 as WWE Universal Champion

    I mean Wrestlemania 31 and 34 Rumors came out and said that Brock Lesnar's contract was up after Wrestlemania and we all thought that Brock Lesnar Was dropping to Roman Reigns and what happened Seth Rollins walked out as WWE Champion during wrestlemania 31 Wrestlemania 34 we all thought roman was winning but the match was changed mid match

    so knowing that i dont think Seth is Walking out as Champion

  14. How to Kill All Elite Wrestling

    Just Sign Brock Lesnar and Have Him Beat Kenny Omega 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Don't look at me i heard reports saying AEW Wants Brock Lesnar and 2 Chris Jericho wants a match with brock Lesnar

    Plus if you're AEW how are you going to sign brock lesnar AND NOT MAKE HIM CHAMPION

    1. BrendenPlayz


      Ain't happening, Lesnar isn't going anywhere

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i know but i just find that really Funny 🤣🤣🤣

  15. i could rant about becky lynch and how she didnt deserve to win the rumble but i'm just going to say this

    From now on if you have a major world title match whether is for the mens or womens world titles then you are banned from entering the royal rumble

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Here's what i understand You like who you like you hate who you hate

      Here's what I DONT understand How people can say one thing about one person but if another person someone they like does the exact same thing they slide it under the rug


      i honestly just don't know what to say anymore

    3. Ropati


      no one cares about the fact that roman was in a match and then in the rumble they care that he was the number 30 when they wanted other people instead.

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      the fans being upset he was number 30 That bit i get and nobody expected him to be number 30 hell that caught me off guard when he came out

  16. Let guys pitch something to you guys

    Black Vs Dream Vs Cole Vs Ricochet Winner Gets Ciampa at Wrestlemania Weekend


    Johnny Gargano Vs Aleister Black Vs Ricochet Vs Velveteen Dream Vs Adam Cole Vs Tommaso Ciampa For the NXT Championship Wrestlemania Weekend

    I'm intrigued to see what that match card graphic would look like

  17. I honestly don't know what to Say

    Rusev Could have been a WWE Champion if he won the royal rumble last year

    Nakamura could have walked into this years royal rumble and won it But Nope

    And Now look where both of them are on the pre-show of Royal Rumble

    I Had everything laid out

    Rusev Wins the Royal Rumble

    Rusev Vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship

    AJ Styles Vs Nakamura For the WWE United States Championship Nakamura drops the title to AJ

    Fast Forward 1 Year Later

    Shinsuke Nakamura Wins the Royal Rumble

    AJ Styles vs Nakamura For the WWE Championship With AJ dropping the title to Nakamura

    But nope we had to get that god awful feud between AJ And Nakamura for the WWE Title over Balls and i dont know whether to laugh or cry at rusev and nakamura being on the pre-show

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Brandon Hendrix

      Brandon Hendrix

      This shit is crazy. Rusev as WWE Champion? Kevin Owens as WWE Champion? You're giving Vince too much credit.

    3. Sameer


      You do know that nobody cares right 

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Angelo the only other person i could think of to face Kevin Owens For the WWE Championship Was Bobby Roode maybe Sami Zayn........

      however my focus was on AJ Vs Nakamura for the US Title and then focus on building towards AJ Vs Nakamura 2 at wrestlemania 35 for the WWE Championship

  18. I honestly Think Samoa Joe Should Leave WWE And go to AEW because just like Hideo Itami and The Revival Injuries have halted Samoa Joe's Push

    Now its true Samoa Joe has done nothing on the main Roster to deserve a world title run YET

    Key Word Yet

    HOWEVER i honestly think WWE Sees Samoa Joe as Damaged goods and not worth pushing which is Weird because he hardly ever got injured in TNA

    1. Joh


      hey bullet do you think roman reigns should join bullet club i think he should bc he looks cool and has black gear and him and tama tonga are both islanders

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      That'd be cool but I think he'd get mixed reactions

  19. Word on the street is Ronda Rousey Wants to prove her self by wanting to enter the royal rumble....................If Ronda Rousey Requested to face Sasha Then WWE will have no problem giving Ronda What she wants

    To that I say Nay and i hope it doesn't happen if It does I hope the crowd boo the hell out of her

    Lets say this does happen what's stopping brock lesnar from winning his match and requesting to put him in the royal rumble and go on to win it and head into Wrestlemania 35 Winning the WWE Championship and then walk into UFC With Both the WWE And Universal Championship and Win The UFC Undisputed Championship

    Imagine Ronda Rousey Winning both womens championships and Brock Lesnar Hold the WWE/Universal And UFC Championship

    it will be a dark time for WWE A Dark dark time

    But hopefully none of this happens

  20. here's the match card for my Survivor Series PPV In universe mode

    World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles Vs Dolph Ziggler WWE Champion

    World Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era vs The Sami & Kevin Show WWE Tag Team Championship Match

    United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne Vs Intercontinental Championship Cesaro Vs United States Champion Dean Ambrose Vs Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano

    Men's Survivor Series Traditional Tag Team Match

    Stipulation: First Person Eliminated Enters #1 Sole Survivor Enters at number 30 in-case of sole survivors a match will be set up to determine who gets the number 30 spot

    Team RAW (Roman Reigns Finn Balor Adam Cole Aleister Black) Vs Team Smackdown (Shinsuke Nakamura Samoa Joe Andrade Cien Almas Seth Rollins)

    Women's Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match

    Stipulation: First Person Eliminated Enters #1 Sole Survivor Enters at number 30 in-case of sole survivors a match will be set up to determine who gets the number 30 spot

    Team Lynch (Lacey Evans Ruby Riott Becky Lynch Charlotte) Vs Team Moon(Asuka Ember Moon Candice LaRae Vs Sasha Banks)

    Womens Championship Match

    Stipulation: Who Ever Loses does not get a rematch

    Alexa Bliss (With Iconic Bliss Liv Morgan and Peyton Royce) vs Bayley

  21. just a quick status update After Seeing How Triple H has Booked Hideo Itami Tye Dillinger And Tyler Breeze

    If you asked me Should Triple H take over WWE

    Yes or No

    my answer is no Because

    hideo itami got injured and Triple H didnt EVEN look in his direction to be NXT Champion and Why am i NOW hearing about hideo itami now that he's challenging for the Cruiserweight championship if he's not going to win the match then why is he even in the match?

    1. BrendenPlayz


      by your logic, nobody should ever wrestle because they will lose? Someone has to lose and Itami is doing that. Not a big deal.

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i just find it funny how both he and the revival got injured and they were never given a push

  22. Normally i'd go off on a Rant and say how Finn Balor Doesn't Deserve a World title shot and how they are forcing him down our throats HOWEVER

    Finn Debuted On The Main Roster July 25th 2016 My Question back then is what has Finn Balor done to win a world title shot?

    People's Excuse: Oh he beat roman reigns

    My Response: So Kevin Owens beat John Cena a bigger star than Roman Reigns Yet Kevin Owens wasn't handed the world title

    Fast Forward to January 14th 2018 My Question Now is What has Finn Balor done since his return to deserve a world title shot?

    And you are not going to convince me that Finn Balor can Beat Brock Lesnar

    When CM Punk Failed, Roman Reigns Failed, Seth Rollins Failed, Dean Ambrose Failed, AJ Styles Failed, Samoa Joe Failed, Daniel Bryan Failed

    If brock lesnar can kick out of multiple Spears You are not going to convince me 1 Coup De  Grace can beat brock lesnar

    here's something to think about.................What if Finn Balor Is One of the talent's wanting to leave WWE and go to AEW and WWE doesn't want that and WWE is Handing Finn Balor A WWE Universal Title Shot undeservedly

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      well that's because I was in a zen state Where i didn't care what WWE did i just enjoyed the content they were putting out

      That all changed during the 2014 royal rumble but i wont get into that

    3. Flynn


      The 2014 Royal Rumble, where a guy who had a total combined amount of time excluding his injury, of being a singles competitor of 3 and a half months, won the Royal Rumble. And yet you are a man who asks what has someone done to earn an opportunity. Absolutely mind blowing, hypocritical, and ignorant. 

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Again like i said before the 2014 royal rumble i didn't care who WWE Made champion

      after the 2014 royal rumble i became as you described a man who asks what has someone done to earn an opportunity

      i wanna go back to being that guy who didnt care about who WWE Gave the title too but i cant so long as i am being honest about whose being given a world title opportunity and what they've done to earn it

      Bobby roode no problems

      Mustafa Ali whats he done - cant say beat a top name i can list a handful of superstars who beat a top name and didnt get handed the world title

      bobby lashley - when he first came back he didnt deserve a world title push now that he's IC Champion i'm more open to him winning the world title HOWEVER due to WWE's track record there's a 50 50 chance he'll never become world champion

  23. I know I'm not one to be Asking Favors But I was Wondering if Someone Could do me a 1 Time Favor Of Making me A Free Survivor Series Graphic Featuring

    Team Reigns

    Roman Reigns Aleister Black Finn Balor Adam Cole


    Team Nakamura

    Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Samoa Joe and Andrade Cien Almas

  24. So the Royal Rumble 2019 just got a whole lot interesting

    i have 3 Questions

    1 Will WWE book Becky Lynch Like Roman Reigns and have her lose her championship match and enter the royal rumble

    2 Will WWE book Becky Lynch Like Daniel Bryan and have her lose and not have her enter the royal rumble

    Either way Its going to be very interesting Whether the fans act like hypocrites and be fine with Becky entering the royal rumble even tho she lost or will they show Becky the same treatment they showed roman reigns?

    Or Will the fans ruin yet another royal rumble for people they love

    I for one Am happy Becky is getting her rematch with Asuka HOWEVER i Don't think Becky Should Enter the royal rumble


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Flynn


      He’s comparing that to the Rumble in 2014 where Bryan lost to Bray Wyatt and everyone thought he was going to be number 30 in the Rumble that night but instead he wasn’t in it at all and the fans hijacked the show. He’s saying the fans are hypocrites for booing because Bryan wasn’t in it, but then booing because Roman was when in both instances they had matches earlier in the night. 

    3. Mr. Slim

      Mr. Slim

      Bro no he's not lol

      He's saying when Roman lost to Owens in 2017 and entered at 30 he's saying Becky can't do the same and lose to Asuka then enter

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      and that's where i gotta criticize the fans on their mentality If we love them its okay if they lose and win the royal rumble you're just being a hypocrite at that point

      Daniel Bryan Lost to Bray Wyatt So why shouldn't Bray Wyatt be the one to go on and win the royal rumble over Daniel Bryan who lost?

      Roman Reigns lost to Kevin Owens at the 2017 royal rumble and he wasn't rewarded a royal rumble win He was only placed in the royal rumble to eliminate the undertaker

      The same thing applies to Becky Lynch if she gets a opportunity to face Asuka at the royal rumble and Loses then She should not be rewarded with a Royal Rumble win

      "Spit in the face of the fans who wanted bryan" Isn't that what you guys are doing to Ember Moon Fans? by forcing Becky Lynch to win the royal rumble? aren't the fans spitting in the face of every other women in that locker room outside of Charlotte by forcing becky lynch to win the royal rumble

      I mean what's forcing WWE to have becky lynch win the 2019 royal rumble going to do?Its going to ruin the prestige of the royal rumble even more to the point where i say cancel the damn match and announce ronda rousey vs becky lynch right now

  25. I Just finished watching ROH Final Battle and I thought the show was a great, how ever my only complaints are

    1. With Flip Gordon Needed 2 Announcers, A Referee, His Girlfriend, Colt Cobana, Christopher Daniels, Cheeseburger and The Sandman To Beat Bully Ray.
    2. Them teasing a flaming table spot
    3. I could never understand why there is rope breaks in a fatal 4 way match that has no disqualifications

    Other than those complaints i thought the show was great

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