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  1. What i See In Roman Reigns

    - a Badass Mute Who Kicks Ass Whether he is a Heel Or a Face

    - I See Triple H In Roman Reigns in terms of a leader Esque Role

    - Not many people can win me over as a heel and a face

    that's what i see in roman reigns

    Whether he is "The Chosen One" or not i will always have his back Because that's What TRUE WRESTLING Fans Do

    1. Bashka


      True wrestling fans have opinions and can believe people are better as a heel or face.

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      What if that Fan believes that person can be a great heel and a great face at the same time

      apparently to JD every great face needs to go through a heel turn Only problem with that logic is What if that person Debut's as a Heel? Then what?

      Roman Debuted as a heel turned face why to prove something he already did when he debuted as a heel? that just proves not every great face needs to go through a heel turn

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