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  1. Roman Reigns Failing the Wellness Policy - Okay Suspend him that's fine Fining him Is Fine

    Roman Reigns Losing The Title - That's a small price to pay for breaking the Wellness policy

    Roman Reigns Losing At Battleground and RAW - Okay that's fine

    Roman Reigns Not Being On The Summerslam Card? Okay that's taking the punishment way to far, He Deserved to lose the title he deserved to lose the 2 Matches But He Doesn't deserve not to be on the Summerslam Card whilst Brock Lesnar is If Roman Reigns is not being on the summerslam card Then TAKE BROCK LESNAR OUT

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    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      I hope so, but why do i get a feeling he will face Rusev i think some people feel the same way if i was booking Brock Lesnar i would make him lose via 1 RKO hell not even that i would have brock lesnar lose after 1 clothesline 20 seconds into the match

    3. ???


      He could also face Owens. I see Owens as the type of guy to rub Reigns's misfortunes in his face, leading to what should be a pretty good match.

    4. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      That's true I see Owens doing that but Owens will be feuding with Zayn in the last encounter for now. So i see Reigns Facing Cesaro Or Rusev

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