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  1. So i watched the ALL IN show and i have to say it was a 4 out of 10 show


    Womens Fatal 4 Way Match

    Omega Vs Penta El Zero

    Chris Jerichos Surprise Appearence

    Okada Vs Scrull


    The other 8 Matches We meh at best 2 3 star at best

    Womens Fatal 4 Way could have gone from 4.5 star match to a 5 star match if they added the elimination stipulation because that ending was poorly executed

    What was the uses of Schlongs if i wanted to see a schlong i'd look down

    The Show being about Cody Trying to win something His father Held Instead of Cody Winning a Title His Father Never Held and SURPASSING his father What i mean is Imagine the reaction Cody Would have gotten if he returned to the WWE and Won the WWE Championship a title not even his father held

    Kenny Omega No Selling The Arm Breaker thats Both Sami Callihan And Kenny Omega who no sold the ARM Breaker

    The 6 Man Tag Match was Meh

    The Shield Triple Powerbomb Rip Off


    1. Julius


      A 4 out of 10. Really 

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i found it hard to get into the PPV plus the matches were meh

      outside of again the Womens match, the omega penta match and okada scrull match the jericho appearence was nice too HOWEVER imagine the reaction if It was CM Punk who attacked Omega the internet would explode other than those 3 matches

      the other 8 matches were meh at best

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