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  1. I Just finished watching ROH Final Battle and I thought the show was a great, how ever my only complaints are

    1. With Flip Gordon Needed 2 Announcers, A Referee, His Girlfriend, Colt Cobana, Christopher Daniels, Cheeseburger and The Sandman To Beat Bully Ray.
    2. Them teasing a flaming table spot
    3. I could never understand why there is rope breaks in a fatal 4 way match that has no disqualifications

    Other than those complaints i thought the show was great

  2. Bad Attitude Bullet

    What are you plans for WWE 2k19 Universe Mode?

    Here are my Current Plans Tables Ladders And Chairs PPV Goldberg Vs AJ Styles Dolph Ziggler Vs Big E Drew McIntyre Vs Dean Ambrose Cesaro Vs Adam Cole Bayley Vs Alexa Bliss Vs Carmella Rey Mysterio Vs Kalisto The Revival Vs Undisputed Era The Usos Vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Pete Dunne Vs Seth Rollins For The Survivor Series PPV i'm thinking of a Champions vs Champions type feel with the traditional 4 v 4 Matches for the women and men I'm thinking of Putting the United Kingdom Champion Intercontinental Champion United States Champion & The Cruiserweight Champion in one match
  3. i rather see Ember Moon Vs Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania............HOWEVER if the fans want ronda vs becky so much then why not have both Drop the title and have them go head to head in a non title cross promotional match i hate the idea oh lets have one of these women drop the title so they can get their match at wrestlemania and the reason...............they never got their match at Survivor Series
  4. i'm fine with this match going on last however i rather see the WWE Championship go on last
  5. i hope and pray becky retains i'm sick of people forcing her into the wrestlemania main event........she had a decent run with the title, i hate the idea of oh lets give becky lynch the royal rumble only to get her match with ronda rousey you are just doing the same thing you did last year for asuka burying the entire womens division for one woman
  6. Bad Attitude Bullet

    My Wrestlemania 35 Card

    Okay So with the royal rumble coming up in a few months I'd like to start planning my Wrestlemania 35 Card Main Event WWE Championship Match AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy So How this storyline works out is A few months after Jeff Hardys match with Randy Orton at Hell In A Cell The Commentary team says that Jeff Hardy has a big announcement to Make on the next edition of smackdown, Jeff Returns the following week and says, I've been in this business for 26 Years I've done nearly everything there is to accomplish I've Been speared off a ladder, i've jumped off of trucks i've put my body on the line for you guys *Pauses* (Fans Chant Thank You Jeff) With that being said Its with a heavy Heart that My time in this industry is running out so i'd like to announce The Jeff Hardy Retirement Tour Which will culminate at Summerslam.........This would build to matches With Roman Reigns Seth Rollins Aleister Black Pete Dunne Ricochet Adam Cole, from there it would lead to a Royal Rumble Win, this would start a feud between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy where AJ comes out and Says Jeff Hardy Doesnt Deserve a Match against me, He Embarassed the Wrestling industry on March 13th 2011(Victory Road by showing up to a match intoxicated, you embarrassed me you embarassed this company and you embarrassed the wrestling world)..............this would lead to Jeff Hardy Winning the Title From AJ Styles and then dropping the title to Daniel Bryan at Summerslam 2019 and Then Retiring. Winner Jeff Hardy Co Main Event WWE SDLive Womens Championship Becky Lynch Vs Asuka Becky Lynch beats Charlotte at WWE Evolution and Super Showdown and then goes on a winning spree, and then towards wrestlemania you can have Becky Lynch come out and say I've beaten everyone on this womens roster. next thing we know Asuka's music hits and Asuka comes to the ring, and tells Becky Lynch that She hasnt beaten Asuka this would lead to a match between Asuka and Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania 35...........All they need is a great match to tell a great Story Winner: Asuka WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns Vs The Rock how i'd book this storyline is....i'd have Roman Reigns come out and say i've ran through everyone on this roster and i've defeated Samoa Joe thus proving i'm the baddest Samoan in this Com................next thing we know The Rock comes out and does his stick before coming to the ring and saying, WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA.............Who in the blue hell are you to tell these Fans that you're the baddest samoan on the planet? if it wasnt for me Kane and big show would have eliminated you from the royal rumble unfairly.i'd have the rock push romans buttons and saying i've seen a lot of samoans come and go but you Roman...............you are an embarassment to the entire samoan culture. next thing we know roman goes to leave, and as the rock goes to turn around roman clocks him with the universal championship and beats down the rock and spears the rock Goldberg style, roman picks up the microphone.......and Says Atleast i didnt sell my soul to vince mcmahon and become a corporate B***h........the next week The rock comes out and Says that he wants a Shot at the Universal title and to teach roman what a real peoples champion is HOWEVER Roman comes out and says you want this title? fine on one condition if i beat you you must retire.the rock says DONE........HOWEVER if you lose Roman you must go back to working for your sister.Roman says DONE You're on.........WINNER Roman 16 Years in the Making Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels This Storyline takes place after Triple H Loses To Undertaker the next night on RAW Triple H comes out and Says Shawn Michaels you've held me back for the last time You had one job at Wrestlemania 28 Fast Count Undertaker, YOU FAILED, you had one job at Super Showdown and cost undertaker the match, YOU FAILED. NOW the damage is done i want your ass at Wrestlemania 35 if you still have balls you have till Royal Rumble to Answer.......Royal Rumble Comes along and Triple H Enters the Royal Rumble and is about to eliminate daniel bryan from the royal rumble but next thing we know shawn michaels music hits and Costs Triple H The Match By Saving Daniel Bryan And Eliminating Triple H.......This sets Triple H off And causes Triple H to attack Everyone Shawn Has Worked With And this Causes Shawn Michaels To come out of Retirement and accepting Triple H's Match. WINNER Shawn Michaels WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Drew McIntyre A Great Match is all The Storyline Needs, Some Matches dont need a Storyline for it to be great E.G Pete Dunne Vs Ricochet :WINNER Finn Balor WWE United States Championship Match Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Daniel Bryan Match Writes itself : Winner Daniel Bryan NON Storyline Matches WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival Vs AOP - Winner AOP WWE SDLive Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day Vs Sanity - Winner Sanity WWE RAW Womens Championship Match: Ronda Rousey Vs Ember Moon - Winner Ember Moon WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Cedric Alexander Vs Lio Rush - Winner Lio Rush ATGMBR - Wiinner Samoa Joe Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar - Bobby Lashley John Cena Vs Bobby Roode - Winner Bobby Roode Miss Elizabeth Memorial Battle Royal - Winner Sasha Banks
  7. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    So i was Watching SDLive and I seen The New Day Defeat the Bar to face the bludgeon Brothers and Its made me realize Both the Usos & The New Day Get More Tag Team Title Shots Than Roman Reigns Gets World Title Shots I mean Look At All the Tag Teams That won the tag titles on SDLive Slater & Rhyno (1st Ever) Orton & Wyatt American Alpha The Usos The New Day The Usos The New Day The Usos Benjamin & Gable* Bludgeon Brothers Now Look at RAW The New Day The Bar The Club The Hardyz The Bar The Shield The Bar Jordan & Rollins The Bar Braun & Nicholas Hardy & Wyatt The B-Team With that Being Said WWE Really Need to Sort their tag team division out You cant build The tag Team Division Around 1 OR 2 Tag Teams i mean Even Sean Nova Told me to Shush because how much the truth hurts about how the usos and the new day get more tag team title shots than roman gets world title shots My two Cents? We need to go back to One Set of tag team titles That floats between RAW & Smackdown
  8. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    i'd love it if WWE went back to the tag team division they had from 2001 to 2007 Was absolutely Phenomenal Smackdown Had Deuce & Domino, The Los Guerreros London And Kendrick Basham Brothers MnM Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Rikishi and Scotty 2 hotty, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit, Edge and Rey Mysterio, The hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam, Miz And Morrison, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins RAW Had Edge and Christian Too Cool The Dudley Boyz,The Hardy Boyz, The Brothers Of Destruction Two Man Power Trip, Benoit & Jericho, Billy and Chuck,The Un-Americans, Bookdust, La Resistance Kane And Rob Van Dam, Kane and Hurricane, Evolution, Booker T And Rob Van Dam, Benoit and Edge, Hurricane and Rosey, Kane and Big Show (One of the best destruction teams in the history of WWE) The spirit squad, Rated RKO, Cena And Michaels,Cade and Murdoch, London And Kendrick, i don't understand what happened from 2008 to 2018
  9. How would you guys feel about Becky Lynch,  Bayley, Sasha Banks & Charlotte reuniting against the UFC 4 Horsewomen and then have Becky Lynch Turn on Her girls out of jealous that their careers were better than hers and help the UFC 4 Horsewomen win

    1. BrendenPlayz


      Too late to do it now. Would have been perfect if she was still a face.

    2. Julius01


       I'd have Sasha turn in this situation, because Becky has success, Charlotte has had success and Bayley is a character not worth touching because she is fucking useless 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      I guess you bring up a good Point Brenden

      Fair Enough Julius01

  10. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Eight Men World-Cup Tournament

    Him winning I dont agree with, i'm on your side with that one they built up 9 Men to be in this tournament and they gave it to someone who inserted themselves into the finals at the last minute due to injury but then again they had no one else Everyone else had lost their Matches so it wouldnt be fair to give them a second chance and 2 Blame the wrestlers who didnt wanna work the event now Because of them we got a mcmahon as best in the world
  11. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Eight Men World-Cup Tournament

    I actually liked this for one and one reson only Because they Made the whole tournament unpredictable nobody predicted that shane would win the whole tournament
  12. I'll just start off with the obvious even tho i hate brock and i didnt want braun to win Brock Winning is EXACTLY what i'd do HOWEVER The way he won it yea Thats on WWE NOW is it too late to say i told you so about braun strowman? I KNEW WWE wasnt going to do the right thing and put the title on braun Why? BECAUSE of every big man before him Andre the giant, Giant Gonzalez King Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V, Umaga, Kane, Big Show, Kevin Nash, The Great Khali. You're all asking yourself Whose NEXT Bobby Lashley? Listen he should go back to TNA if WWE Didnt have him beat John Cena for the WWE Championship what makes you think WWE Will Book and how can you trust WWE to book Bobby Lashley to go over brock lesnar? Drew McIntyre? Lets face it whilst its true Vince Called him the CHOSEN One lets face it if vince changed his mind about drew once He can do it again As for Braun Strowman? I feel sorry for the guy because If i was booking it i'd have braun win go on a 3 month and 4 month title reign and once he drops the title He teams up with a debuting lars sullivan braun teaches Lars how to be dominate and get over with the fans and then i'd have them go after the tag titles and then eventually split up and feud together But as of Right Now Braun Strowman needs to go to smackdown
  13. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Eight Men World-Cup Tournament

    1st Round Matches Seth Rollins Vs Bobby Lashley - Seth Rollins Kurt Angle Vs Dolph Ziggler - Kurt Angle Jeff Hardy Vs The Miz - Jeff Hardy Rey Mysterio Vs Randy Ortron - Rey Mysterio Semi-Finals Kurt Angle Vs Seth Rollins - Seth Rollins Jeff Hardy Vs Rey Mysterio - i'd be fine with either HOWEVER I am going with Jeff Hardy Finals Seth Rollins Vs Jeff Hardy Winner its tough its really it is but i'd go with Jeff Hardy
  14. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs Undertaker and Kane

    i'd have kane and undertaker win here
  15. like i mentioned in the "how i'd book roman reigns return" i'd have Brock Lesnar Win here because i dont see any interest in braun vs joe/braun vs AJ or brock vs joe and i'd have him go into UFC And boost the ratings and when brock comes back he can pick things back up with AJ Styles with the universal title curse i dont want braun anywhere near that title it will only speed up the death of brauns career
  16. Bad Attitude Bullet

    The Bar vs The New Day: Smackdown Tag Team Championships

    WWE Have 3 weeks to build up the RAW Vs Smackdown tag team champion match at survivor series whether its The bar or the new day if there are no tag team champions on raw WWE Need to find a tag team to face the bar or the new day
  17. Bad Attitude Bullet

    WWE Championship: Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles (C)

    i'm Tired of this match WWE Ruined what was a great rivalry that was well executed in TNA I hope Joe loses because i rather see Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles one more time because AJ Vs Braun, Joe Vs Braun & Brock vs Joe dont interest me one bit again i pray and hope Joe Loses
  18. Bad Attitude Bullet

    How i'd Book Roman Reigns Return To WWE

    this storyline is based on whether or not roman reigns is out for up to one year Brock wins the universal title on friday Holds it til Royal Rumble 2020 he runs through everyone and i mean everyone as each month goes by and Brock Vanquishes each opponent the fans get more and more worried that brock will hold the title forever, Kurt angle sees the sadness in the fans eyes and has no choice but to book Brock Lesnar in a 30 Man Royal Rumble match for the Universal Championship Brock runs through all 28 competitors, as all hope seems lost the fans realize there's one more competitor left The Countdown begins The buzzer hits and its silence around the arena and then Roman Reigns music hits and the roof just EXPLODES WITH ROMAN CHANTS Roman reigns goes on to win the royal rumble, and the universal Championship, the next night Roman Reigns comes out WITHOUT THE Universal championship he walks down to the ring and says Thank you for all your support and i've heard your cries and i'm back and i'm better than ever, he goes on to say, Oh right somethings missing isnt there?,You're probably wondering why i'm not holding the WWE Universal Championship Thats because i'm no longer the wwe universal champion, bad things happene to people who hold that championship Finn Balor won it and had to vacate it the next night, Kevin Owens won it and lost it to goldberg in a squash match, Goldberg lost it to brock lesnar and went into retirement, i won it from brock and i ended up getting Leukemia but i came back but i didnt come back alone i brought this with me the lights go out and come back on and Roman Reigns is wearing the World Heavyweight Championship, Say hello to your 2020 Royal Rumble winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion the fans chant Thank you roman and You Deserve it and As the world heavyweight champion my first opponent Will be this man Kevin Owens music plays and the crowd goes mental, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns have a classic 20 Minute Championship Match Resulting in Roman Reigns winning, Brock Lesnars Music hits and He gets booed out of the building, Paul Heyman Demands that Roman Gives Brock a Rematch, Roman Looks at the Championship and Says Alright Paul If Brock wants this title I have one condition Brock Puts his career on the line, Brock Laughs and Nods and Paul Says You're On........The Main Event of Wrestlemania 36 is Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar Championship Vs Career Obviously Roman Reigns wins this match sending brock off to the UFC Permanently. and the fans chant Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye roman holds it til summerslam and then drops the title. Before you guys say it i know the ratings will take a hit if brock is not there And that the world title needs to be on RAW how ever Bad things to people who hold that title Who knows what might happen next if a full timer holds that title appartently brock is immune to that title
  19. I had an idea for a storyline for roman reigns return that sounds great on paper but the ratings for RAW would take a hit and i'm not sure if i should post the storyline

    with this brock lesnar vs Braun Strowman situation i'm 100% Conflicted

    If braun wins I'm scared that WWE Will have him drop it and then transition into a jobber and ending up like the great khali irrelevant

    Plus i'm scared that if Braun wins the title He will go down with an Injury

    You guys may think its all just a coincidence however

    Finn Balor won The Universal Title he was forced to vacate the title 24 hours later

    Kevin Owens won the title and he got injured

    Roman Reigns won the title and 2 monhts later he had to vacate the title

    Goldberg and brock Lesnar seem to be immune to it and so for that reason and this is where i'm conflicted i actually want brock to win

    I dont know this whole roman reigns situation is just................i dont know

    Should i post the storyline and see what the feedback is or nah

    1. Julius01


      Yeah. Your storylines are always interesting to read 

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet
  20. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Reigns is out. Who should be the next "face" of the WWE?

    i see your point lol good one
  21. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Universal Championship Discussion

    this whole situation has got me conflicted Brock Lesnar? I want him to win the title But at the same time i dont want him to win Braun Strowman? If he does win i'm not gonna care about the win, i'm not care about his title run WHAT i do care about is how WWE books Braun after he drops the title because there's 2 ways i see this going Option A the undertaker esque push where he wins the title 2 maybe 3 more times or Option B The Great Khali Route where he wins the world title once and then his career goes down hill HOWEVER i want drew mcintyre to be added to the match and i hope he wins because out of Braun Brock and Drew i rather go for Drew If Drew doesnt get involved in the match then i hope brock wins for the safety of Brauns career I hope you understand WHY i dont want braun to win Its not about him winning or how long he holds it its about what he does after he drops it
  22. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Reigns is out. Who should be the next "face" of the WWE?

    i suppose you do have a point
  23. Bad Attitude Bullet

    Reigns is out. Who should be the next "face" of the WWE?

    WWE already have their top guy Daniel Bryan FOR NOW but The fact of the matter is Roman Reigns has become the biggest baby face in the WWE And when he comes back he will reclaim what is rightfully his Now speaking of roman reigns you gotta feel the reason why WWE Kept Roman Reigns a Face was because he had cancer i mean you have to be a jerk to boo someone who has cancer But back on to the topic WWE has 3 Top guys to replace roman FOR NOW Braun Strowman (50/50) Depending on what he does after he drops the world title Jeff Hardy For a few more years and Daniel Bryan Who for right now is the face of the company honorable mentions Seth Rollins And AJ Styles
  24. So i've played WWE 2K19 For the past 2 days and 2 of 5 Secret Trophies are

    Win A Match With Kyle O'Reilly (Being part Of the undisputed Era) & Win a Match As Andrade Cien Almas (He's 100)

    Some trophy lists like this https://www.trueachievements.com/game/WWE-2K19/achievements

    Say that the Secret Trophies are

    1. Bruiserweight - Play as Pete Dunne WRONG
    2. I Blew It - Use the payback ability Power of the punch and get disqualified WRONG
    3. All this for a new Van???

    2 Trophies I'm Struggling On are Knockout Blow and Cash Me Out

  25. Bad Attitude Bullet

    WWE 2K19 Trophies and Achievements List

    good luck to everyone brave enough to enter the 1 million dollar challenge competition