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  1. The Fiend doesn't deserve to be Universal Champion He's been back since April and he's done nothing to deserve a world title run
  2. if i was booking this NXT Takeover War Games would be canceled to save people getting injured
  3. Here is my Full Wrestlemania New Orleans Match Card

    Opener - 6 Way Elimination Match to Determine The No.1 Contender's Match For The United States Championship

    No.1 Contender's Women's Championship Steel Cage Match Toni Storm Vs Mia Yim Vs Io Shirai

    WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match Undisputed Era Vs The Sami and Kevin Show Vs The Usos

    WWE United Kingdom Championship Match Finn Balor Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Pete Dunne

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Cesaro Vs Tyler Bate

    WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match Liv Morgan And Peyton Royce (w/Iconic Bliss) Vs Kairi Sane And Asuka (w/Shinsuke Nakamura & Io Shirai)

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match  Ricochet Vs Cedric Alexander

    World Tag Team Championship Match Empire Of Pain Vs Psychos Of Wrestling Vs War Raiders

    No.1 Contender's Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4 Way Match Matt Hardy Vs Scott Dawson Vs Karl Anderson Vs Curtis Axel

    2 Out Of 3 Falls Match Aleister Black & Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns & Triple H

    WWE Women's Championship Match Alexa Bliss Vs Sasha Banks

    MAIN EVENT Winner Takes All World Championship Hell In A Cell Match - AJ Styles Vs Edge Vs Dolph Ziggler

    1. Slim


      Is this supposed to be realistic

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Its for Universe Mode

      E.G Aleister Black & Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns and Triple H  - At TLC Roman Reigns and Triple H both interfered in the WWE United States Championship match between Dean and Seth So i had this match set up for wrestlemania but Since dean is not in this year Aleister Black Was voted in as Seths Partner

      The Main Event Edge Won the Royal Rumble and he chose to challenge both champion to a match at Wrestlemania for both titles

  4. Final 3 Match Graphics 8 - WWE INTERCONTIENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH - Cesaro Vs Tyler Bate 9 - WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Cedric Alexander Vs Ricochet 10 - WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP NO.1 CONTENDER'S MATCH - Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Chad Gable Vs Andrade Vs Adam Cole
  5. A little Backstory into this match In WWE 2K18 DIY Aka The Psychos Of Wrestling Were my World Tag Team Champions But when WWE 2K19 came around The World Tag Team Titles Were Vacated which were then Won by American Alpha fast Forward To WWE 2K20 American Alpha Had to vacate the titles due to Jason Jordan Not Being in the game so The original champions want their titles back but they have to go through The Empire of Pain(Roman Reigns, Akam and Rezar) And The War Raiders to get the titles they never lost
  6. WWE United Kingdom Championship Finn Balor Vs Pete Dunne Vs Drew Mcintyre
  7. I Updated The Match Graphic to add a watermark and i changed the text
  8. i'm in it now but i'm about to head off and get some sleep
  9. I Do have one Here https://discord.gg/2zqHqEW
  10. So I recently Started College and one of the modules i'm doing is in multimedia and i made this in college and added finishing touches using Gimp
  11. it says i reached my 1000 Quota in attachment limit how do i reduce that?

    1. Bart


      Account》 My Attachments. Can delete them there.

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Thanks Bart and no need to be rude Gill Jeez

  12. I Made this in college yesterday in photoshop and i used gimp to edit in my name

    Can i get your guys thoughts on this? Please i'm still a novice at this kind of stuff so any tips will be much appreciated 

    its for WWE 2K20 Universe Mode.


  13. but that's the thing why say wins and losses are going to matter and then pull a stunt like the Darby Allin and Havoc match
  14. 2 things what is it with Chris Jericho and Co taking shots at WWE every chance they get i'm like leave them alone and worry about your own company and 2 what is it with AEW ignoring what they said about the win loss record actually mattering before this week Jimmy havoc was 1-0-3 Darby allin was 0-1-2 so what did they do to deserve a world title shot? this happened with nyla rose she was 0-2 heading into all out and she was handed a womens title shot chris jericho wins 1 match and was handed a world title shot
  15. So with the Debut of Cain Velasquez and Wrestlemania 36 coming up i decided too put this Fantasy Card Together WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Cain Velasquez(c) Vs Roman Reigns OR Cain Velasquez Vs Brock Lesnar (c) WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP The Demon King Finn Balor Vs Aleister Black Vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt (c) WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Flair Or Becky Lynch (c) WWE RAW Women's Championship Bayley Vs Sasha Banks (c) UFC FIGHT Brock Lesnar Vs Matt Riddle This Is What i got so far,
  16. outside of The same old repetitive crap The fiend has done and that 1 win over Finn Balor What Has the fiend done to deserve a universal title shot? has he won multiple matches since his return? No has he had one memorable match since his return? no all he's done is attack people and beat one man if i was booking the show i'd have braun strowman come down to the ring rip the door off the Cell And Cost The Fiend the match
  17. My thoughts on Smackdown? I Thought it was pretty good I loved the stage it gave me backlash 2001 vibes with the razors I could of done without the STD And Testicle Crap if i wanted to hear about those I'd take a sex ed class its not what i want in a wrestling show The sooner WWE moves on from the 4HW the better because I'm sick of them being shoved down our throats, did you know coming out of Wrestlemania 32 There have been 272 Women's Championship Matches featuring the 4HW I'm not upset that Kofi Lost, HOWEVER I will admit i was wrong i thought brock lesnar was going to have a 6 minute match and let kofi get his shit in but oh well, HOWEVER Cain Velasquez Debuting That Scares me because they might bury the entire roster for Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velasquez Because of FOX yes they will bring money to the table but they are sacrificing the roster to do so........What does this mean for the Womens Division, If i'm right then they will have Ronda Rousey Will win the 2020 Womens Royal Rumble
  18. What can i say about this show? Except it was better than AEW Solid match card outside of the womens match that was the worst match of the night Tyler Bate vs Walter That match was bloody Awesome and i can see Tyler Bate Being a future world champion along with Pete Dunne
  19. its been a while since i've been on here My honest review of this show it put me to sleep and was by far the worst show out of the 5 events they've done and the cherry on top was AEW Giving the world title to Jericho who only won 1 match where as Hangman Page won 4 matches to get into this match, Where am i going with this A Loss to page wouldn't have done anything to Jericho And would have made Hangman into a Made Man
  20. Alright i have to Ask and I'm going to be 100% Honest about this What are WWE Doing with Seth Rollins? ever since coming out of wrestlemania WWE Has booked him as a coward who doesn't defend his championship every week or pull double duty, Hell coming out of Wrestlemania 35 he's hid behind a steel chair attacking people just because he doesn't want them to be the special guest referee and low blows. When He stabbed Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley Did he trade away his balls for a steel chair? I just dont get it Now if we look at Kofi Kingston He's been a better world champion than Seth Rollins has, Kofi Has appeared on both raw and smackdown since coming out of wrestlemania, he's won most of if not all of his matches clean except for super showdown but I'll let that slide since its Kofi's first time with the world title and he's won every other match clean....... if you look at the championship runs in WWE by the end of 2019 Seth Rollins will be one of the worst title runs in WWE History outside of brock lesnars
  21. So people are begging Vince to step down and Give the keys to Triple H...............But Is Triple H really as great as people make him out to be? I'm Here to state the positives and the negatives of Triple H Running NXT I would be lying if i Said Vince Is doing a fantastic Job, I'm not going to do that, For every Talent He molded into his Vision There are Talent He's mistreated The Group of Wrestlers who suffer the most from it is Asian- Japanese Born Wrestlers,Ultimo Dragon, Yoshi Tatsu Kai En Tai, Kenzo Suzuki, Antonio Inoki, Hakushi, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka Kairi Sane will be next. HOWEVER there is one Japanese Born Superstar that wasn't effected Tajiri sure he wasn't a world champion but out of every Japanese born superstar that has came in He's been treated with the most respect. But If we Flip over to Triple H,Yes He Creates Top stars, Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Seth Rollins, AOP, HOWEVER there are talent He has Mistreated or Let go Hideo Itami - Did nothing with him as soon as he came back from Injury Sawyer Fulton - Did nothing with him as soon as he came back from injury Sami Callihan - Let Go Tessa Blanchard - Let Go The Wolves - American Pitbulls Eddie Edwards Davey Richards - Let go Enzo & Cass - Mistreated TM-61 - Mistreated Tye Dillinger - Mistreated Tyler Breeze - Mistreated Nikki Cross & Ember Moon - Both Mistreated and fed to Asuka to Keep her Streak alive Chris Hero Enhancement Talent Illogical Booking? Does Some of the feuds Vince Creates Make Sense No But the same thing can be said about Triple H Example Asuka - Why feed your entire Womens Roster to keep a fabricated Streak alive that started after Asuka's 3rd loss in NXT (A Loss is a loss no matter how you twist it) Triple H is doing the same thing with Shayna Baszler they are feeding her all these women for what? Dont get me wrong Triple H does put on great matches 90% of the time some matches i dont care about Example Velveteen dream vs tyler breeze and shayna baszler vs io shirai i fell asleep during both of those matches didnt wake up until the end of the shayna baszler io match Johnny Gargano Vs Adam Cole - If Gargano lost last night he would have been a transitional Champion, If Cole lost He would have looked like an idiot.Oh I Adam Cole hereby declare that we the undisputed Era will win all the championships in NXT............First Problem You'll need a Woman to claim all the gold Second Problem you cant do that if you and your boys keep losing. If We ignore all the negative thing triple h does then we aren't going anywhere we are just running from the truth Me Personally I rather A Non McMahon Family Member Run the Company Paul Heyman Eric Bischoff The Rock Jim Cornette Someone not in the McMahon family that includes Triple H

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