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Bad Attitude Bullet

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  1. I just want to Say Good Luck To WWE Because From Now Til December

    October PPVs

    WWE Super Show Down October 6th 2018

    Smackdown 1000th October 16th 2018

    WWE Evolution October 28th 2018

    November PPVs

    WWE Crown July November 2nd 2018

    WWE Survivor Series November 18th 2018

    WWE Starrcade II November 24th 2018

    December PPV

    WWE TLC December 16th 2018

    How WWE is going to book the shows Heading into Each Show i Do not know

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i'm just worried they wont have enough time to build up to these events because right after the super show down we have Smackdown 1000th 10 days Later 12 Days affter that We Have WWE Evolution

      Heading into November

      WWE Crown Jewel 16 days later we have Survivor Series And 6 Days after that We Have Starrcade

      December through to January Really Isnt an issue

      But i'm liking the amount of content we are recieving in the course of 4 months

    2. Flynn


      Well if you think about it, Crown Jewl is already being built up to with the Universal Title match, and the possibility of Michaels and HHH vs Taker and Kane, and those two matches alone sell the show honestly. WWE Evolution has been building in the Women’s division for months now with several feuds being built currently to matches that have been announced on the show. Smackdown 1000 may just be a lame show but hopefully not. 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i suppose you do have a point thats why i hope WWE Continues what they are doing now by building up Survivor Series & Starrcade during the build to Crown Jewel

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  2. *coughs* Big E - NXT Champion 5 time tag team champion and intercontinental champion still no world title shot Kevin Owens - NXT Champion - 2 time IC Champion 3 time US Champion Universal Champion so he should be next in line for a world title shot he never got a rematch for Seth Rollins NXT Champion - Tag team titles , MITB, US Title IC Title WWE Title Bobby Roode - NXT Champion - US Champion so he should be next in line for a universal title shot i'm a fan boy yet i'm just like you calling out when people have done nothing to deserve a world title but the difference is i dont let what people have done outside of WWE Cloud who deserves a world title shot and who doesnt Samoa Joe has done nothing to deserve a world title shot
  3. with the ending of Roman Vs Braun its obvious Where WWE Should go with this feud Brock Lesnar Vs Braun Strowman this is the second time brock lesnar Attacked Braun Strowman Braun should put roman on the back burner and go after Brock
  4. With braun I dont want him to be champion because i'm afraid WWE will transition him into a jobber after he drops the title As for Samoa Joe? Let me ask you a Question What did Samoa Joe do to Earn a shot at AJ Styles at Summerslam? Nothing NOTHING AT all.
  5. Bart do me a favor list 10 things Samoa Joe has Done to deserve a World title shot?
  6. i'm just critiquing the show like you guys are but what do i know You guys are always right and i'm wrong ATLEAST in TNA Samoa Joe Won the X-Division title before the world title but again what do i know i dont want to be negative but i feel like people are trying to pull the wool over my eyes Sure Samoa joe is a fantastic wrestler but if he hasnt done anything to deserve a world title shot i'm going to state it
  7. lets see I'm watching a Show Where Ronda Rousey has only Competed in 2 matches on RAW and has Competed in 4 PPV Matches RAW Matches August 6th & September 10th PPV Matches Wrestlemania 34 MITB Summerslam HIAC
  8. whats the difference between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe Roman's path to the WWE Championship 1 Roman Won the tag team titles before winning the royal rumble and the WWE Championship 2 Roman Reigns Won both the IC & US Title before winning the Universal Title 3 The time gap before roman got another shot at the universal title August 29th 2016,(5 months later)December 18th 2016,(1 month later) January 29th 2017, (7 months later) August 20th 2017, (9 months later) April 8th 2018 & April 27th (5 months later) 6 title shots in 28 months Samoa Joes path 1 NXT Championship 2 Debut on the main roster 3 2 Injuries 4 the time gap a lot shorter August 19th, September 16th, October 6th & November 24th and probably Smackdown 1000 so thats 5 shots UNDESERVEDLY in 4 months you know why i dont say anything about reigns? ITS BECAUSE THE GUY UNLIKE AJ STYLES FINN BALOR SAMOA JOE SHINSUKE NAKAMURA AND BRAUN STROWMAN won a lower card title before the world title i just cannot sit back and say oh yea Samoa Joe deserves to be a world champion when he's done nothing ALL YEAR to deserve it i dont understand how you cant look at it from my point of view
  9. I hope and Pray AJ Styles Wins here But i dont trust wwe and they will shove Samoa Joe down our throats whose done nothing on the main roster to earn a World championship run
  10. I hope Alexa Bliss Wins Here Ronda Rousey Has been a god awful Champion Since coming out of Summerslam
  11. I hope Rusev Day Wins Here The New Day Group has ran its course Big E should turn on Kofi and Woods and turn heel
  12. I'd love to see Jeff Hardy do a Swanton Bomb Off The Cell I hope Jeff Wins here
  13. I'm Going with Roman Reigns but i'm not going to get my hopes up vince could change his mind in a heart beat but Again I wouldnt put the title on Braun UNTIL they have a legit plan for Braun After he drops the title
  14. i'm not sure if anyone picked up on this But i nothiced something during this storyline WWE had Undertaker Say "Respect.......................Or Is it Fear" If Shawn michaels Was "Scared" Of The Undertaker Then Why Did Shawn Call out Undertaker for one more match at the slammy awards, Why did Shawn Michaels continue to go after undertaker after undertaker said no? Also Undertaker Said yes to facing Shawn michaels at wrestlemania 26 after Shawn Cost Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber 2010............................Another Thing How does this make sense Let me come out of retirement to retire the man who retired me its like Retirement matches doesnt mean anything anymore Now if this is used to build towards Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker III then i dont want to see it HOWEVER if Shawn Michaels does come out of reitrement then He Should Face Triple H at Wrestlemania 35 A match that hasnt happened sincce 2003 And I Have the perfecct build for it Triple H can turn on Shawn Michaels and Say you had one job at Wrestlemania 28 Hit Undertaker with the superkick and then fast count and screw undertaker out of the streak
  15. if we are going to use that logic.........then are people gonna complain if someone like Sin Cara Beats AJ Styles and earns a WWE Championship Match because he beat the champion?
  16. Samoa Joe Doesnt Deserve to be World Champion HE'S DONE NOTHING NOTHING on the main roster to deserve 1 a title shot 2 a title run.i'm tired of the fans shoving these indy talents down other fans throats just because of their name and where they came from i'm tired of it there are better superstars on smackdown who deserve it Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Luke Harper,Shelton Benjamin, & Rusev lets go back to jinder mahal did he do anything to deserve the world title? nope HOWEVER i rather take him over Randy Orton also With WWE 2K19 Coming out I DONT see WWE Taking the WWE Championship away from AJ Styles 3 weeks before The game comes out
  17. For once i'm not going to bullshit you guys 1 I hated the Undertaker & Shawn Michaels promo Undertaker it was just one of those generic i'm going to push your buttons so you have to do what i want storylines which i hate 2 Bobby Roode and Chad Gable make a great team If you think about it Bobby Roode a 7 Time Tag Team Champion 5 times with James Storm Twice with Eric Young and Once with Austin Aries, Chad Gable 2 time tag team champions 3 if you wanna count the time with shelton benjamin and its better than them not doing anything 3 Are the Revival Faces? 4 Authors of Pain and Drake Maverick is an odd pairing it feels like going to a party with your two older cooler brothers 5 Hopefully Seth Rollins isnt out for 5 months after being tossed into the police van that spot looked nasty 6 This is where i need you guys to make sense of this If Kevin Owens was going to come back Why didnt he come back with the Universal Championship? Why Are Kevin Owens, Jinder Mahal and Elias Helping Braun Strowman After what he's done to them Why did some of the 205 roster come out and attack the shield? Here's what i think is going to happen Kurt Angle is going to go above stephanie mcmahons head and go to the board of directors and this will lead to Kurt Angle followed by The Shield The Revival Bobby Lashley Finn Balor The B-team are going to set up a survivor series match Team Corbin Vs Team Angle Or We see a repeat of a few years ago Where The shield gets ambushed leading to The Shield coming back and destroying everyone that attacked them I would love it if they started tonight and showed up in 205 Live and started attacking the 205 guys that attacked them
  18. So i watched the ALL IN show and i have to say it was a 4 out of 10 show


    Womens Fatal 4 Way Match

    Omega Vs Penta El Zero

    Chris Jerichos Surprise Appearence

    Okada Vs Scrull


    The other 8 Matches We meh at best 2 3 star at best

    Womens Fatal 4 Way could have gone from 4.5 star match to a 5 star match if they added the elimination stipulation because that ending was poorly executed

    What was the uses of Schlongs if i wanted to see a schlong i'd look down

    The Show being about Cody Trying to win something His father Held Instead of Cody Winning a Title His Father Never Held and SURPASSING his father What i mean is Imagine the reaction Cody Would have gotten if he returned to the WWE and Won the WWE Championship a title not even his father held

    Kenny Omega No Selling The Arm Breaker thats Both Sami Callihan And Kenny Omega who no sold the ARM Breaker

    The 6 Man Tag Match was Meh

    The Shield Triple Powerbomb Rip Off


    1. Julius


      A 4 out of 10. Really 

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i found it hard to get into the PPV plus the matches were meh

      outside of again the Womens match, the omega penta match and okada scrull match the jericho appearence was nice too HOWEVER imagine the reaction if It was CM Punk who attacked Omega the internet would explode other than those 3 matches

      the other 8 matches were meh at best

  19. going to give the win to trish here but i could see WWE Putting Alexa Bliss over
  20. Wrestlemania 34 Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey Vs Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Didnt Wrestle A Match until Money In The Bank June 17th 2018 Against Nia Jax Didnt Wrestle A Match Until August 6th 2018 Against Alicia Fox 2 Weeks Later Wrestled against Alexa Bliss This is just another way of building Ronda Rousey up as Asuka/Brock Lesnar 2.0

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