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  1. the 24/7 Championship design gave me Undisputed Era Vibes
  2. 3 points 1 I liked the ending of this match because it was unpredictable and nobody saw it coming 2 It builds up to Seth rollins vs brock lesnar because Seth Cashed in on roman reigns and brock lesnar pay back is bitch and Karma is going to hit seth in the form of an F5 3 Do i agree with the winner? No i wanted Drew McIntyre But hey at least i wasn't Zayn Ali Almas or Ricochet A+ For WWE being Unpredictable
  3. In My Eyes, Ashley Was The Female Version Of Edge, She Was a punk and a rebel............She Was taken from us way too soon.She Should have held the Womens Championship once.......i love her theme song Light A Fire
  4. RIP Ashley Massaro Who passed away at AGE 39

  5. How I Got Into The Game What can I say about Life Is Strange?, Well at first I thought it wasn't my type of game but then I played through season 1 and I got to witness the journey of Chloe and Max, and their story was amazing, but it forced us to think about our final decision.Then Life Is Strange Before The Storm was announced, and I got to witness the journey of Chloe and Rachel,and then I played the bonus episode Farewell, and I couldn't help but tear up at the ending, even tho I knew what had happened leading up to the ending........we move on to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit which would be a Short teaser into what would become the second season in the series Life Is Strange 2, and let me tell you I couldn't help but get attached to the Diaz brothers, it reminded me of how me and my sister use to fight a lot before she moved out to live with our uncle. Thoughts On The Developers What can I say about the Creators Dontnod, Decknine and Life Is Strange,except they are (pardon my language) F***king Geniuses, everytime we get a happy ending They come back and say Nah Bruv Hold my beer, and give us a sucker punch below the belt and make us sad.The music? OH MY GOD the soundtrack is bloody brilliant, they always pick the right song for the right cutscene, Whether it be In Before the storm with Dreams Of William, No Care, Burn & Flaw By Daughter, Or Life is Strange 2 with Milk & Bone By Natalia Because of the symbolism in the lyrics, the songs make you think deeply about life. Final Thoughts On The Game First Off it's wrong to call Life is Strange a game, Because, well its not a game, its much more than that its a masterpiece and a work of art, its not your typical Call Of Duty, WWE, Or Grand Theft Auto Game, its a Choice based game, where every choice can effect the rest of the game, I for one applaud The Team Behind Life Is Strange for getting me hooked into a masterpiece that wasn't the typical style of game I normally play, I highly recommend picking up this series, HOWEVER if you are going to play it Play it in this Order Before The Storm + Farewell - Prequel (Deluxe Edition 4 Episodes €24.99) (SALE: $7.49) Life Is Strange (Episode 1 Free) (€19.96 for Episodes 2-5)(SALE: $3.96) The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit (Free) Life Is Strange 2 (3 Episodes have been released so far August 22nd Episode 4, Episode 5 December 3rd) €39.99/$39.99 Oh yea if you're going to buy the game make sure you have tissues ready. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. true good point i suppose but the thing with shawn michaels is i heard he didnt want to come out of retirement
  7. me personally i'd love to See Goldberg Vs Roman Reigns maybe after the match Goldberg can teach roman a few things or too and teach him a new move
  8. that's why i was thinking Seth Vs Brock and Owens/Kofi Vs Goldberg
  9. Fair Point but Brock is a different story he'll probably demand a rematch with Seth Rollins
  10. a battle royal? i didn't think of that its another possibility and true it could be a way to keep goldberg away from AEW i could see that it happened at Survivor Series 2016
  11. So I was on Twitter and One of my Friends Sent Me This If This is true Here's What I could see WWE Doing to Bring in Ratings Saudi Arabia WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar - Brock Lesnar Becomes a 3 Time Universal Champion WWE Champion Kevin Owens Vs Goldberg - Goldberg completes the Set of Being World Heavyweight Champion, Universal Champion and WWE Champion Survivor Series WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Vs WWE Champion Goldberg - This Could be a way for Brock Lesnar To tie the score Wrestlemania 36 WWE Champion Goldberg Vs Roman Reigns - If they can't get the rock then Goldberg is a suitable replacement, Obvious winner here Roman Reigns What do you think of this Rumor and Could you see WWE Going with what i brought up?
  12. Oh right my bad just goes to show i dont watch NXT outside of the takeover specials and fair enough argument Ringside posted the article not me
  13. My Picks to win this match are Alexa Bliss Mandy Rose Or Ember Moon but let's face it If The Ms Money In The Bank winner doesn't cash in on Becky By The end of the night then What the hell are they doing If i know the Champion is booked in 2 matches then That's my where i set up my plan Step 1 Hope i'm in the MITB Ladder match Step 2 Win the MITB Ladder Match Step 3 Hope the champion is weakened to the point they wont be able to defend themselves Step 4 Cash in and Win the Championship
  14. Andrade Cien Almas Ricochet And Ali have done nothing on the main roster to deserve a opportunity to compete for the world title Because its too early in their careers Besides i can think of 3 Names to Take their Spot Robert Roode Shelton Benjamin Rusev Braun Strowman Baron Corbin i hope they dont win Randy Orton I dont want him to win but if he does win i could see them doing what they did with Daniel Bryan at Summerslam 2013 Finn Balor - He's an Odd one He's The intercontinental Champion But if He does win them No harm done Drew McIntyre is my Pick to win
  15. i don't know about you seeing the New Day Vs The Usos Over and over and over again gets boring its like having pizza every day for 7 days 365 days a year It will get boring and taste bland As for Tag Team Wrestling Is Dead? where did i come up with that conclusion? WWE TV, Talking to the right people on Twitter and Watching the right people on Youtube *Coughs* Bo Dallas? Big E? Neville? Sami Zayn? they've all won The NXT Championships and weren't Handed the World Title Seth Rollins Wasn't handed the world title he won the RAW Tag Team Titles with Roman Reigns before winning the WWE Championship let me put this is a way you can understand Why should i believe someone like Kushida deserves to be handed a world title shot over someone like Cesaro whose busted his butt off for 7 years? because he came from the indies? or he won the NXT Championship?hell no
  16. So i was on Twitter and someone sent me a DM With this news article https://www.ringsidenews.com/2019/04/28/new-graphic-could-spoil-3rd-money-in-the-bank-ladder-match/ Apparently NXT might do a Money In The Bank Ladder Match at the Event with these 7 Competitors Gunner Keith Lee Matt Riddle Adam Cole Pete Dunne Tyler Breeze Shane Thorne this could be very interesting if its true If it is true then my Money is on Pete Dunne or Adam Cole
  17. and this is what baffles me Shinsuke Nakamura can beat John Cena and get handed a world title shot and people will be happy but if Jinder Mahal Beats AJ Styles people act like he doesnt deserve a world title push and Yes Jinder Mahal has beaten AJ Styles Heading into Backlash Randy Was feuding with Jinder and Styles was feuding with Owens *Coughs* Seth and Roman Reigns Won the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles Before winning their first world title Roman Won the Royal Rumble Seth Won the MITB Briefcase They Weren't Handed ANYTHING B-b-b-b-b-b-but the tag titles are irrelevant and that kind of talk is the reason tag team wrestling is dead on the main roster Just look at Smackdown they are down 7 tag teams due to injury, break-ups and not being used the only 2 tag teams they have are Heavy Machinery and The B-Team and for Now The New Day dont count i mean they can't pull double duty
  18. First I'd replace Black With Shinsuke Nakamura Ricochet With Bobby Roode Andrade With Rusev Lars For Shelton Benjamin or Chad Gable Second Who do i think should win? Process of Elimination Rey Mysterio? 🤣 if this was his prime then yea i'd pick him to win but the fact is WWE have failed him i mean they gave him the WWE title and then had him lose it to john cena which still pisses me off Cesaro: I'd love to see him win But does vince believe in him? And finally that leaves Drew Mcintyre its tough Cesaro Or McIntyre 60% McIntyre 40% Cesaro Andrade is in the same position as baron corbin when he won the MITB Baron had done nothing to earn a world title shot yet he won the MITB anyway and then he lost at cashing in thanks to john cena and then he won the US Title i just can't get behind someone who didn't win a Tag Title or a mid card title to earn a world title shot Didn't anyone tell you never to Assume Things? Roman Reigns -----> RAW Tag Team Championship Win With Seth Rollins ----> Royal Rumble Win (Same booking as Batista When he left Evolution) -----> World Title win Aleister Black -->>>No Mid card title win Ricochet >>>> No mid card title win Andrade >>> No mid card title win Lars >>>>> Nothing more than an Attraction just like Braun Strowman WWE will give him a world title run and then transition him into a jobber
  19. Didn't anyone tell you not to assume things? I loved Becky Lynch i was happy for her when she became the first ever Smackdown Womens championship and i was pushing for her to get another title opportunity at the title and she did, and when she won the title for a second time i was happy for her because WWE did a fantastic job booking her from Summerslam to WWE Evolution And then WWE Announced Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch and i was like Alright Finally A Challenge for Ronda Rousey. Now you're asking me why do i hate becky Lynch?The fans They tried to shove Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Down our throats to the point i didnt want to see Becky Lynch anymore and then Royal Rumble happened They took what happened with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns from the 2014 and 2017 royal rumbles and applied it to becky lynch In my Eyes Becky lost to Asuka for the WWE Smackdown Live Championship, that was her night over but the fans wanted Becky to win the royal rumble so bad they didn't care who would have won if becky wasn't in the match which annoyed me to no end What has Lacey Evans done to deserve a womens championship? Nothing BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT the point is if becky Retains the title against lacey evans and loses the smackdown womens title to Charlotte that opens the door for the Ms Money in the bank winner to cash in on Becky and Take the RAW Womens Title from Becky Leaving Becky with no titles The Champion has 2 Matches on the same night you won the MITB briefcase AND You're not going to cash in? That's pure stupidity to me
  20. I love Aleister Black But He doesn't deserve to be in the match Ricochet He doesn't deserve to be in the match either Andrade Cien Almas Realistically what has he done to deserve it Lars Sullivan he's nothing more than an Attraction HOPEFULLY none of them win because its too soon for them to be handed a world title shot but in Typical Fan fashion the fans wont care they'll make the excuse oh but they came from the Independent circuit and They came from NXT
  21. It doesnt matter who wins the Ms MITB Ladder Match If MITB doesnt end with WWE having Becky walk out with No Titles then i dont know how they can mess that up
  22. that's the point Shinsuke did nothing all year to deserve a world title shot on the main roster he was handed something he did nothing to earn and then he was handed a royal rumble win 1 year early than he should have Shinsuke Nakamura Vs AJ Styles I - Wrestlemania 34 For the United States Championship AJ Wins here and Shinsuke Nakamura scratches and claws his way back up the ladder wins the 2019 Royal Rumble and defeats AJ Styles for the WWE Championship Simple but the fans wanted it to happen at mania 34 when he did nothing to earn it Nakamura didn't deserve to win the royal rumble that should have gone to Rusev and Nakamura should have gone into mania 34 as united States champion and The Fans wanted to see AJ Vs Nakamura so bad they were willing to sacrifice the entire roster just to see one match and what happened the match ended up failing and the blame went to WWE when it was the fans who should be blamed You can't force WWE To do what you want otherwise the match will end up being a failure the more you push the more WWE rebel and when WWE cracks they'll be like okay we'll give the fans what they want and we'll shove it down their throats until they dont want to see it anymore and that's exactly what happened its happening with becky lynch right now The fans Took what they cried about with roman during the 2017 royal rumble and applied it to Becky Which Made no sense to me because she didnt deserve to get another chance at the title after losing to Asuka on the same night and their excuses? 1 Oh b-b-b-b-b-but Becky Lynch is Over Listen i love becky too but i'm not gonna bend the rules for her just because she's OVER and 2 SHE LOST TO ASUKA she didn't deserve to be in the royal rumble 3 Oh b-b-b-b-but Lana They could have gotten someone else to take lana's spot
  23. they kept pushing for it and forcing it to happen instead of letting WWE Build up to the match My booking was For Wrestlemania 34 Shinsuke Heads into Mania as United States champion and then drops it to AJ Styles and then Fast Forward 1 year later to Wrestlemania 35 AJ Heads into Mania as WWE champion and loses the title to Shinsuke nakamura that way the rematch is 1 organic and 2 for the WWE Championship the second time around that's my point You shift all the blame on WWE when you guys wanted to see the match happen at Wrestlemania you want to see something and WWE Gives you want you want and it ends up failing it ain't our fault its WWE's i dont see how its ALL WWE's fault when its the fans who wanted to see the match

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