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Bad Attitude Bullet

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  1. Why do you guys think i Say The Things that i do? Because I'm a fan of someone? or someone says something stupid?

    its because As a Passionate Wrestling Fan I hate seeing other fans waste their lives hating on people day in and day out 365 days a year 24/7 If people think I'm a dick ego maniacal So be it but as a wrestling fan i think the hate Toward Roman Reigns Eva Marie Big Show Kane John Cena Needs to End NOW  you hate those guys i respect that

    i dont respect that hate going on and on and on and on and on

  2. Self Centered? Ego-Maniacal? Annoying? Retarded? Hahahahah This is too funny

    Me - Complains about a Wrestler for 3 to 6 months and then never talks about that wrestler ever again

    You Guys  - dont know when to stop complaining  For example John Cena 14 Years of Abuse and Hatred Toward John Cena Some people hated him ever since his debut some hated him ever since he took triple hs spot on the main roster in 2005 and yet they dont know when to stop complaining

    I Have nothing against people hating on Roman Reigns or John Cena I have a problem with people constantly bringing it up Every single week like it pisses me off and it pisses other people off

    look at me I dont have one negative thing to say about The WWE wrestlers every week nor do i have a reason to keep bringing it up

  3. Here is the difference between Me and you guys You guys dont know when to stop hating on a guy you hate

    John Cena People have either hated him since his debut or Hated him since He debuted on RAW and people have been crying about him for the past 14 years and yet they dont stop

    Look at me I will moan about someone i dislike for 3-6 months and then after that i dont talk about that person ever again.

    if you like roman reigns but want him to turn heel that's fine Dont keep bringing it up every god damn week ONCE is enough

  4. Apparently Vince McMahon wants to use Roman Reigns Failed Wellness Policy As a Redemption Story.........HMMMMMMM Redemption Story Where have we seen that before Oh now i remember Victory Road With Jeff Hardy

  5. #LTT With the Brand Split coming up Do you think WWE should allow the Royal Rumble Winner challenge for Both Titles? If Yes then do you think It will bring back The Unpredictability aspect we all know and love? or Do you think they should get rid of the Royal Rumble and Have 2 Battle Royals instead to see who faces the RAW Champion and Who faces the Smackdown Champion
  6. In Your Opinion Should a RAW Superstar Be allowed to Challenge for the Raw Championship Only And if a Smackdown Superstar wins the royal rumble should he be allowed to wrestle only for the Smackdown Championship? Because according to @JDFromNY206 he said and i quote "A RAW superstar should only challenge for the RAW Championship if he wins the royal rumble and vice versa for the Smackdown superstar?

    If you guys agree with JD then get rid of the royal rumble match and PPV and replace it with 2  Battle Royals and name the PPV battle Royale That way RAW Superstars can compete for the RAW Championship and Smackdown Superstars can compete for the Smackdown Championship.

    If you think A RAW/Smackdown superstars winning the royal rumble and having and Option to challenge for either championship then I agree because it brings back Unpredictability and its intriguing

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      am i i said if you agree with JD then why not have 2 Battle royals instead of One Royal Rumble  where the winner is forced to challenge their brands champion

      Undertaker had a choice when he won, Had a choice of going to ECW which i would of love to see, but i understand why he didnt he could of gone to RAW and Face John Cena but no he chose Batista

      if you think the rumble winner deserves a choice then fair enough i agree.

      if you agree with JD that's fine by me but you have to understand where i'm coming from you might as well have 2 battle royals instead of 1.

      You know why MITB Was invented

      1. Gives some one an opportunity to win a championship and
      2. its a Loop Hole around the brand Split

      The Choice of going for either title was a Loop Hole meaning a certain superstar could jump ship to the other brand if they had the MITB contract or The Royal Rumble win


    2. DUNSTAN 2K

      DUNSTAN 2K

      why dont you put this into the dicussions

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i didnt think about it :

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  7. I'm honestly Getting Sick and Tired of people going on and on and on about Roman Reigns Turning Heel. We get it people want Roman Reigns as a heel, This will be the last time i will talk about this

    I will accept Roman Reigns as a Heel if He turns heel on his own or Triple H Helps Reigns Win the Championship Otherwise i wont care about him being heel He will be a paper Heel, a Wrestler who was FORCED to turn heel because of the fans.

    YES i know i'm making The Paper Heel Up, Reigns to me will be a PAPER Heel If he turns heel because of the fans.

    Okay Now I will not talk about Roman Reigns Turning Heel.

    1. ???


      If he's only capable of entertaining a small fraction of the audience, and his job is to become universally beloved like The Rock then there's a problem. Something needs to change.

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      no one but the true fans liked the rock true fans liked the rock ever since his debut as rocky mavia my problem with the fans is they will jump on some one they don't like's Bandwagon just because they turned heel That's not how a true wrestling fan should be

      You either Like the Wrestlers as

      1. A Heel and A Face
      2. A Heel
      3. A Face End Of Story

      No offense but with the way you guys are FORCING wwe to turn roman reigns heel is pathetic

      Ever Wrestler i HATED i stated why i hated them and left it at that I have never embarrassed myself by Forcing WWE or TNA to turn that person Face

      I understand you guys want Reigns to turn Heel but forcing WWE to turn him heel is the wrong way to do it Chanting

      "YOU CANT WRESTLE" Or "YOU STILL SUCK" or "YOU'RE A DRUG ABUSER" is the wrong way to go about it

    3. Brian Gillman

      Brian Gillman

      Bullet, making shit up doesn't help your argument here. " Ever Wrestler i HATED i stated why i hated them and left it at that " Did me and Tamer not just do that? We explained that we hate Roman because he's not entertaining as a face, and we gave a solution, turning him heel.  "YOU CANT WRESTLE" Or "YOU STILL SUCK" or "YOU'RE A DRUG ABUSER" i've heard the first two, but where the fuck did you get the third on? We're not forcing WWE to turn them heel, we're telling them because they say they listen, and if they do, we'll get a heel Roman. And no one ever liked the Rock as Rocky Maivia. Literally everyone hated him as Maivia, Foley said that in his 1st book.

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  8. Let's say I won The Money In The Bank briefcase and then 7 months later I win the Royal Rumble match Whilst holding Money In The Bank What Happens if at Wrestlemania? i know i'm guaranteed 2 title shots but what happens if i win the the championship will i lose my money in the bank briefcase

    1. Brian Gillman

      Brian Gillman

      not if it's the actual match no, you only lose MITB if it's a cash in

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Fair Enough, And i got my Answer Yesterday when i was Playing My Career Mode i had a match at Wrestlemania which was not for the title and then i had the option of Cashing in Money In The Bank

  9. In My Opinion what happened to Reigns is WWE's fault Dating back To John Cena Vs Randy Orton, if there was 2 championships Majority of the fans wouldn't care if Reigns held one of the championships Lets say the RAW championship because their fan favorites would still have a chance at the Smackdown Championship, So Like i said All this is not Reigns fault and people shouldn't boo or hate him for that they should be attacking WWE for it Reigns is caught in the cross fire.

    in my opinion

    2 Brands = 2 Championships 2 tag championships 2 Minor Championships 1 Womens Title and 1 X-division/Luchador/ Cruiserweight/ Leight Heavyweight championships

    1 Brand = 1 Championship 1 Tag Championship 1 Minor Championship 1 Womens Title 1 lower card title

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      you mean RVD? hahahah if you only knew XD You do know RVD does Drugs for a good reason right? It helps him Have Positive Thoughts

    2. Brian Gillman

      Brian Gillman

      Roman Van Dam, yes.

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      like i said RVD is doing nothing wrong He is taking Weed because it helps him Have Positive Thoughts

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  10. if WWE are planning to do the Draft Every Year should the Champions and Injured/Suspended Superstars have Immunity Heading into the Draft? what i mean by Immunity is They cant Be Drafted.

    Also if WWE Covered up Roman Reigns violating the Wellness policy does that mean they are covering up John Cena violating the Wellness Policy and WWE wipe his slate clean and act like it never happened

    1. Bashka


      Wasn't the rule for past drafts the Champions couldn't be drafted?

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      yea the champions injured superstars and suspended superstars couldnt be drafted

  11. If WWE want to make Summerslam The biggest PPV Of the Summer then they should bring back The Elimination Chamber and put Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins Randy Orton Brock Lesnar and Sami Zayn in the match Even have 2 elimination chambers

    1. RAW Elimination Chamber - Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins Randy Orton Brock Lesnar Sami Zayn
    2. Smackdown Elimination Chamber - John Cena AJ Styles Kevin Owens Bray Wyatt Cesaro Finn Balòr

    Have the RAW elimination chamber end the show and The Smackdown Elimination Chamber in the middle of the card maybe the last 4 matches

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      that's normally the case but not in this case apparently Vince McMahon didnt want that to happen this year so he booked the money in the bank winner to cash in the same night he won the briefcase


    2. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn

      Which is most likely why they chose Ambrose, he's got the perfect character and it set up the triple threat. 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      good point he did say that he was going to cash in the same night he won it


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  12. #LTT do you think WWE Should Bring back Elimination Chamber at Summerslam like days of old and Who would you put inside the elimination chamber along with Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the wwe championship and do you think Zayn and Owens will have an i quit match or a loser leaves raw match putting the other one on smackdown?
  13. #LTT 2 Questions 1 Do you See Jerry Lawler Getting Fired after his domestic abuse incident and 2 Do you see Roman Reigns Becoming a 4 Time WWE Champion In Brooklyn After he Won The Championship At Survivor Series , RAW After TLC and At Wrestlemania Or do you see Seth Rollins walking out of Brooklyn a 3 Time WWE Champion?
  14. 1 year ago at Money In The Bank Seth Rollins Defeated Dean Ambrose To Retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    1 Year Later at Money In The Bank Dean Ambrose Cashes In MITB on Seth Rollins and Defeats Him for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    Dean Ambrose Came full circle

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      2 years ago.....dean gets screwed outta mitb match which seth won

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Payback Is A You know what I wonder What will happen in 2 years time will reigns win MITB and cash in who knows who knew that Dean Ambrose would win MITB 2 years after seth did

  15. Baron Corbin Natalya The Club The Vaudevillians Dean Ambrose Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn Or Cesaro here's why If Kevin Owens wins Sami Zayn can Chase Kevin Owens for that title and will tell a great story If Cesaro Wins You can have him feud with The Miz Rusev Roman Reigns, and here is a few Ideas i had , If WWE wants Reign to turn heel then here's what you do you have Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack Roman Reigns and as AJ Styles goes to Pin Roman Reigns Gallows and Anderson pull AJ Styles off of Reigns and attack him they pull Reigns on top of Styles and Reigns retains Now he is how you end it you have Reigns tell Gallows and Anderson to bring him and then they Triple Power Bomb Styles off the Stage. Idea 2 i would have Gallows and Anderson and The usos run down to the ring they go to brawl but they turn towards AJ Styles and Attack him They pick up AJ Styles and Set Him up for the spear Roman Reigns spears AJ Styles Reigns Pins Styles 1 2 3, Roman Whispers something to Gallows Anderson and The Usos they go and grab 4 tables as Reigns drags AJ By the hair up to the ramp, gallows and Jimmy climb up onto the stage and They Triple Powerbomb AJ Styles off the Stage and then i would have reigns turn to the fans and say you caused all of this you guys wanted me to turn heel well becareful what you asked for, Sorry AJ its nothing personal.
  16. WWE 2K16 Yugioh Legacy of the duelists Black Ops 3 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  17. here are the Games I Am Planning to Buy Sword Art Online Lost Song And Hallow Fragment WWE 2K16 DLC GTA V Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist South Park The Fractured But Whole Mirror's Edge Catalyst Sleeping Dogs 2 Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC Dead Or Alive Last Round
  18. I just finished My Let's Play Of GTA 3 WWE 2K16 : Just started a Rivalry with Triple H and I Am going for the titles with the rock Black Ops 3: I play the Campaign on realistic and do livestreams every now and again as for The Multiplayer i believe i am ranked 25 i think Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelists: Currently on the GX Series
  19. I've Been Playing WWE 2K16 and Black Ops 3 lately I will be switching back to GTA III today or another game
  20. Considering AJ Lee Defeated The Entire Diva Locker Room to retain her title at Wrestlemania is it possible for Roman Reigns to Retain his Title At Royal Rumble? and What happens if he does win?

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