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  1. that's the problem with Gaming We are so bloody Indecisive- should we buy this game or should we buy that game or should we leave it until the price to go down Its so annoying like you have all these great games but we dont know when to pick them up UGGGH that's the only thing i hate about Gaming we are so indecisive
  2. The Games i Am going to buy for the PS4 are Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Rocket League Mirror Edge 2 Life Is Strange Episodes 1-5 WWE 2K16 Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist Grand Theft Auto V Far Cry 4 Entwined
  3. I am Currently Playing South Park The Stick Of Truth i really want to get the No Child Left Behind Achievement/Trophy and then i will be working on either Midnight Club Los Angeles Dub Edition or Madden 2007 or Madden 2009
  4. What's your thoughts on The 4 Horsewomen not being in WWE 2K16 even as DLC and if you could remove ANY 4 Wrestlers from this years game and add the 4 horsewomen in who would it be? Example Santino ----> Bayley General Adnan ---> Becky Lynch Colonel Mustafa ---> Charlotte SGT.Slaughter ----> Sasha Banks
  5. What's your thoughts on Jeff Hardy being the number one requested superstar to return the WWE? And what's your thoughts on Kurt Angle Wanting his last match to be against Daniel Bryan
  6. do you think they should get rid of Extreme Rules Hell In a Cell TLC Night Of Champions and Replace them with something else if they are not going to put a match type named after the pay per view on the card?
  7. Which Option Do you Think Will happen at Night Of Champions Possibility 1 Seth Rollins Walks In to #NOC With Both titles and Could Walk out of #NOC with both Possibility 2 Seth Rollins Walks in to #NOC with both titles but could walk out of #NOC with no titles Possibility 3 Seth Walks Into #NOC with Both Titles But walk out of #NOC with The US Title
  8. Do you think Seth Rollins will walk into Night of Champions and Leave with nothing losing the titles to John Cena and Sting? Remember if Seth Rollins does retain the Undisputed Championship he still has Sheamus waiting in the wings
  9. What's your Thoughts on 2K not including Story Designer and Custom sound tracks to wwe 2k16
  10. 1 Great Podcast 2 Undertaker and Brock Lesnar do not need a rematch like we have seen this match so many times in the past like the only reason undertaker came back is to prove he could beat brock lesnar and avenge his streak so now They dont need a rematch.like If we do get a rematch and undertaker loses then that will negate the Summerslam win
  11. With Sting Winning the WWE Undisputed Championship at Night Of Champions where do you think Seth Rollins Will go once he loses to Sting?and do you think Sting Vs Undertaker for the WWE Championship at wrestlemania 32 will happen
  12. 3 Short Questions 1 Did you think Amell Looked like Zach Gowen? 2 Do you think Seth Rollins will Pull double duty at Night Of Champions and do you think sheamus will cash in at Night Of Champions? 3 Do you think the Ring Keeper was doing the Right thing or was he intentionally trying to get himself Fired for almost screwing over the undertaker?
  13. Game: WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2008 Achievement/Trophy: If It Bleeds Description: Make Everyone on the ECW Locker room Bleed (CM Punk Elijah Burke Tommy Dreamer Marcus Cor Von Sabu Johnny Nitro and Terry Funk) Gamerscore: 20G Completion: 17/08/2015 Game: WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 Achievement/Trophy: King Of The Mountain Description: Place First Place in Beat the Clock Sprint, King Of The Ring Tournament, Road To Wrestlemania, Smackdown Vs Raw and Money In The Bank Gamerscore 20G Completion: 18/08/2015 Game: WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 Achievement/Trophy: This Year's Inductee Description: Play as a GM in 24/7 Mode and obtain the GM of the Year Award. Gamerscore: 350G Completion: 21/08/2015 Method: Credit goes out to Little Lee Step 1: Pick Raw because they pick first Step 2: Pick Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels Only and set them to 1 year (Back out if you dont get them and try again) Step 3: Turn Shawn Michaels Dirty and Rey Mysterio Clean and Set your champions Step 4: Difficulty Legend, Injuries Off and Match Card Re-Run Step 5: Rivalries - Legend Killer and Undisputed Champion Step 6: Set Your Match Card Match 1: Tables Match Match 2: Ladder Match Promo 1: Interview Space: Shawn Michaels Match 3: Hardcore Match Promo 2: Interview Space: Rey Mysterio Match 4: Championship Match: Intercontinental Championship Match: TLC Match Main Event: Championship Match: WWE Championship Match: Steel Cage Match (Hell in a Cell for Pay Per Views) Step 7: Weekly Activities Monday: RAW Tuesdays And Thursdays: Fan Favorite Training Rey Mysterio Wednesdays And Fridays: Fan Heat Training Shawn Michaels Final Step: Select Interview spaces for promos, Simulate matches and select fan favorite and fan heat trainings on the selected days and Repeat and in 30 minutes to an hour you should reach Unforgiven with 100% and a very nifty This Year's Induction Achievement/Trophy
  14. Just Completed The Two Shaundis, on her saints secret service, Epic Jump Quest, Better This Way, The Face Of The Saints, Here Catch, Blast From The Past , Benjamin [CENSORED] King,About Time, How It Should Be, Bouncin' With an Old Friend, Betrayed, Where's My Cape,Poodle Skirt, The Full Kenzie, The Whole Story, Key Master, Chill Out, Elementary, Saints & Sensibility and Imperator Completion 12/08/2015 16/08/2016
  15. why not a triple threat match Kane Vs Undertaker vs Sting
  16. #LTT In Your Opinion do you think WWE should stop making custom sound tracks of bands no one knows about and have people like Chris Jericho And Lita Pick the Soundtracks or even let the fans Choose what Soundtrack 2K should put together
  17. Do you Think Undertaker Needs to defeat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam to prove to himself and the fans he can defeat Brock Lesnar at A PPV or do you think Brock Lesnar will Defeat Undertaker again
  18. (Actor Turned Politican) (Don't Panic) (Ghost In The Machine) (Machine Man) (And I Ran) (Didn't Need To See Him Naked) (Half Way Home) (Paranomal Bromance) (A Real Cluster....) (Maximum Stopping Power) (You Chose...Poorly) Completion 80/08/2015, 11/08/2015 and 12/08/2015
  19. #LTT what's your thoughts on The Rock's Cousin Lina Fanene Having a Tryout match in WWE and If WWE are Smart Do you think they Could Pull off a Sister Abigail Gimmick For Bo Dallas's And Bray Wyatt's Sister Mika Rotunda?
  20. What do you Think Of Seth Rollins Almost Becoming a Triple Crown Champion? 2 if Cena Beats Rollins at Summerslam do you think Sheamus will cash in MITB? if Rollins Defeats Cena who Does Rollins Feud with Next? Do you start Builidng up To the Shield Triple Threat Match? or a Kane Vs Rollins Feud ?
  21. Do you think Undertaker will finally Defeat Brock Lesnar on Pay Per View Cleanly or do you see it being a no contest?
  22. in your opinion , Do you think Kevin Owens Losing To John Cena at Battleground is Setting up John Cena Vs Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro At Summerslam And John Cena finally Dropping the title to Kevin Owens? or do you think Kevin Owens is done?
  23. I Understand what this topic means i just dont like the Term "Diva" as a way to Describe Women Like Paige Charlotte Becky Lynch Sasha Bank. but thats just me

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