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  1. :fpalm thats all i have to say about the Andre The Giant Battle Royal
  2. Damien Mizdow he did give him one hell of a match when he cashed in mitb
  3. you can answer anyone of these questions #LTT If Hulk Hogan Does Come Back For One More Match Do you think it will be against John Cena? What would your Dream Wrestlemania match card be? In terms of Single Matches, Triple Threat Matches, Fatal 4 Way Matches Divas Matches , Tag Team Matches ,6 Man Tag Team Matches and Championship Matches? If you were to make a Wrestling Game what would you call it and how many Male Wrestlers and Female Wrestlers(Mandatory) would you put in the game and which 10 superstars and females would you put into the game? Which Titles you would you put in the game? Finally what's your top 10 Tag Team and Single Matches of all time?
  4. Yo Brenden Could you give your quick thoughts on People Sending Rey Mysterio Death Threats #LTT
  5. a fan asked Shawn Michaels If Triple H was to retire and hunter asked shawn to be his last opponent would he consider coming out of retirement and Shawn Michaels Replied He doesnt know But he Would Consider it
  6. yo Brenden What's your thoughts on ROH trying to stop WWE from picking up their talent.#LTT
  7. Hey Brenden Do you think they did the right thing by having Undertaker Accept Bray Wyatts Challenge last night? or do you think they should of waited till wrestlemania to have undertaker return? and build suspense and make the fans go Is undertaker Gonna Accept Is He not Going to Accept? #LTT
  8. that felt like the suicide character from TNA Impact that wasnt Sting
  9. undertaker will win WWE will be stupid if they have undertaker lose twice in a row
  10. If You were to Run WWE For One Year how would you book raw and smackdown for that year interms of -Divas Matches -Signing Talent -Tag Team Matches -Championship Matches and which titles would you bring back -PPV Matches -Cena #LTT sorry about the Spam
  11. i was going to say Agreed But Im not allowed to other wise mommy and daddy will punish me by giving me a warning strike so i gave you a reputation point
  12. If You were to Run WWE For One Year how would you book raw and smackdown for that year interms of -Divas Matches -Signing Talent -Tag Team Matches -Championship Matches and which titles would you bring back -PPV Matches #LTT
  13. Axelmania the stupidest thing i have ever heard of since Yestlemania his father is rolling over in his grave disgusted
  14. hey Brenden What do you think of My Wrestlemania 31 Match Card Wrestlemania 31 Card Bray Wyatt Vs Undertaker (no choice but to put it down) Triple H Vs Sting Seth Rollins Vs Randy Orton Fatal 4 Way Elimination Tag Team Championship Match The Swiss Canadian Foundation Vs The Ascension Vs The Prime Time Players Vs The Usos United States Championship Rusev Vs Cena Open Challenge Battle Royal WWE Divas Championship Match Nikki Vs The Whole Diva Locker Room And 3 or 4 of the NXT Divas and just as nikki is about to Retain the Championship Cue AJ Lees music and AJ Lee Wins The Title 6 Man Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match Barrett Vs Ziggler Vs Bryan Vs Ambrose Vs Truth Vs ???? NXT Championship Match Kevin Owens Vs ???? Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal WWE Undisputed Championship Match Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns
  15. Sting because its his debut Match and Undertaker Because you dont want your top star losing 2 wrestlemania matches in a row
  16. forgive me if i sound rude or disrespectful but i have a gut feeling Half of the Male Wrestling Fans dont care about The Divas and are lying when they say #GiveDivasAChance like think about it think about all the males who consider the divas matches to be piss breaks and want to have intercourse with the divas to me i think those male wrestling fans are lying through their skin and if they actually do care then they should stop thinking of divas matches as piss breaks and want to have intercourse with them . as for the males who do care about the divas good for you and continue to prove me wrong but once again i dont mean to be disrespectful
  17. If You were to run WWE for One Whole Year How Would you run Raw And Smackdown? interms of -Weekly Matches - Championship Matches - Tag Team Matches - Unique Type Matches #LTT
  18. Sting Winning a pointless match Taker Winning a pointless match Roman Winning the World Heavyweight championship

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