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  1. who do you think Bray Wyatt Targetting? Daniel Bryan Randy Orton Ryback Roman Reigns
  2. What Did you Think Of The Extreme Rules Pay Per View? and What Match was Your Favorite Match?
  3. Hey Brenden 2 Questions If You had to come up with a wrestling Faction what Type of faction would you make you can choose 1 Main Eventer 1 Tag Team 1 Mid-Carder 1 Manager and 1 Diva Second Question If you had 1 year to make the ultimate Wrestling game what would you put into the game and what would you call it and how many Superstars would you put in the game? you can Use ROH, WCW , ECW, TNA, WWE , CZW and Lucha Underground in the game. #LTT
  4. besides if they want to end the WCW vs WWE war then undertaker and sting are the only ones to do it
  5. What's your thoughts on Daniel Being Stripped of The IC title if he cant compete at Extreme Rules?
  6. not bad idea they could either go Sting Vs Undertaker Sting And Undertaker vs ??? Sting Vs Undertaker Vs Kane Sting Vs Kane or Sting Kane and Undertaker Vs The Wyatts
  7. What Are You're Thoughts on WWE Wanting Shawn Michaels to Work at Wrestlemania 32?
  8. Who do you see Seth Rollins Feuding with After Extreme Rules For The World Title and Do you Think Roman Reigns Will Become World Champion by the end of summerslam or 2015? #LTT
  9. Yo Brenden 2 Questions, 1 Do you think People would have a problem with Roman Reigns Being A World Champion if The Titles Weren't Unified and which title would suit Roman Reigns Better? 2 If Cena Turns Heel who do you think will Fill John Cena's Shoes as a child Role Model?
  10. its like i said BLOODY TECH MONKEYS they never work when you want them to >_< but its understandable
  11. What's Your Thoughts On John Cena Doing the Springboard Stunner? and do you think With the Right Superstars John Cena Could feel comfortable Using Moves he normally doesnt use More often #LTT
  12. Hey Brenden what do you think of a Samoan Mercenary Biker Gimmick For Roman Reigns? #LTT
  13. i know im not Brenden but what they should do is Make Dean Ambrose "THAT GUY" to push john cena to his limit and force John To go to a place he has never been before kind of like his fued with CM Punk i think that was considered Feud of the year or something or other because it forced John Cena to say hang on i cant keep wrestling with the same moves maybe if i add in a power bomb or a spring board stunner to my arsenal it might spice things up
  14. im afraid the lucha dragons and Adrian neville will get buried but i give them 2-3 weeks and see what happens and in your opinion which is better HERE IS YOUR NEW WWE CHAMPION Neville or HERE IS YOUR NEW WWE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION Adrian Neville Reigns vs Rollins first and then Rollins Reigns Lesnar I f**king enjoyed that i was like send daniel bryan seth rollins and dolph ziggler back to the indie leagues that just was epic Sheamus might finally win me over
  15. :fpalm thats all i have to say about the Andre The Giant Battle Royal
  16. Damien Mizdow he did give him one hell of a match when he cashed in mitb
  17. you can answer anyone of these questions #LTT If Hulk Hogan Does Come Back For One More Match Do you think it will be against John Cena? What would your Dream Wrestlemania match card be? In terms of Single Matches, Triple Threat Matches, Fatal 4 Way Matches Divas Matches , Tag Team Matches ,6 Man Tag Team Matches and Championship Matches? If you were to make a Wrestling Game what would you call it and how many Male Wrestlers and Female Wrestlers(Mandatory) would you put in the game and which 10 superstars and females would you put into the game? Which Titles you would you put in the game? Finally what's your top 10 Tag Team and Single Matches of all time?
  18. Yo Brenden Could you give your quick thoughts on People Sending Rey Mysterio Death Threats #LTT
  19. a fan asked Shawn Michaels If Triple H was to retire and hunter asked shawn to be his last opponent would he consider coming out of retirement and Shawn Michaels Replied He doesnt know But he Would Consider it

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