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  1. i noticed a trend with the latest 4 Wrestlemania's And no its not roman reigns main eventing

    Its the fact they've added 1 extra match to the match Card every Year

    1. Wrestlemania 32 - 12 Matches Which is up 4 matches from Wrestlemania 31 which had 9 Matches
    2. Wrestlemania 33 - 13 Matches
    3. Wrestlemania 34 - 14 Matches
    4. Wrestlemania 35 - 15 Matches

    Just wanted to point that out and its not out of the realm of possibility WWE will keep adding 1 extra match To Wrestlemania 36

  2. its been reported by 411 Mania and ProWrestling.Com but i can see why you dont trust them
  3. What i mean is There are talent within NXT and that have left NXT that Triple H has misused Plus he had Hideo itami he could have taken down buddy murphy but he did nothing with hideo
  4. I was scrolling through Instagram right when i saw this news article about Tomasso Ciampa being On Borrowed time, This is sad to hear considering what happened to Edge Ciampa could get back in the ring and wrestle like edge did or He could go the daniel bryan route and see every medical doctor and see if he's cleared to compete if not then We could have seen the last of tomasso ciampa https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/04/tommaso-ciampa-says-he-was-told-hed-be-on-borrowed-time-if-652591/ the proof is above
  5. and people say Triple H should take over WWE he can't even get NXT or 205 Live right i mean the only one i can see taking down buddy murphy is Ricochet or Johnny Gargano
  6. Royal Rumble 2015 Seth Rollins hit brock lesnar with the curb stomp and then tried to hit it again but brock lesnar got up and hit him with the F5 For the 1............2.............3 Wrestlemania 31 Seth Rollins hit Brock Lesnar with the curb stomp and then went to check on roman reigns and when he went to hit brock with the curb stomp brock caught him with the F5 and roman reigns came in for the save and Seth Pinned Roman to win the title Battleground 2015 Seth Rollins hit Brock with 2 Suicide Dives and when he went to hit the 3rd suicide dive brock caught him with Suplex city and then got hit with an F5 1..........2............Undertaker shows up and costs brock the match RAW January 28th 2019 Seth Rollins attacked brock lesnar and when Seth tried to go for the curb stomp Brock caught him and hit him with 6 F5s So Seth Can't win this match with the curb stomp I'm going With Brock to win
  7. i expect finn balor to win and then bobby lashley transition onto the world title maybe bobby lashley vs brock lesnar in saudi arabia
  8. #TheyDoItForThe4Horsewomen i dont expect Sasha and bayley to lose because they want to bury the entire womens division for becky charlotte sasha and bayley
  9. i told you guys WWE Weren't going to do anything with Braun Strowman I knew if they gave him the world championship he'd transition into a jobber, it be honest i didn't think they'd transition him into a jobber without giving him a world championship first but They've surprised me HOWEVER i'm giving the win to braun strowman
  10. To be honest thinking about it This isn't about the RAW Womens championship This is about 1 Ronda and Becky Lynch not getting their 1 on 1 singles match and 2 The Smackdown Live Womens Championship Do you Know why? its because At Tables Ladders and Chairs Ronda Rousey Came out and Cost Becky Lynch And Charlotte the Smackdown Live Womens Championship. who says WWE will give both titles to Becky Lynch? Who says WWE wont give Becky The RAW Womens championship UNDESERVEDLY and end the night with All 4 Horsewomen Holding up Championship Gold? either way no matter what happens i wont be watching that match
  11. You know what i like about this feud?This is how Daniel Bryan Should have gotten into the main event of Wrestlemania The fans took someone WWE Built up nicely and then turned him into roman reigns and forced him down our throats they cried about how daniel bryan wasn't in the royal rumble when he lost to Bray Wyatt (look where he is now off of TV) He lost at the elimination chamber yet he was handed 2 matches at wrestlemania undeservedly which made the royal rumble look pointless and it has been ever since With Kofi Here you got a guy whose busted his ass off for 11 years who was never given a world title opportunity because management didn't feel like he was A World Champion Caliber Superstar See what happens when you let Management build up someone whose worked their ass off for 11 Years? If mustafa ali was in this position it would have been forced because he would have stolen that spot from Rusev Cesaro Big E Kofi Kingston People who've been on the main roster longer than Ali has As for the Winner I expect Kofi Kingston to win But its WWE they'll have Daniel Bryan Win
  12. Roman Can't lose his first solo match back Drew can't lose because if he does the fans will cry about it..........So what do you do Well if you want Drew to win But want Roman To look Strong Then have Dean Ambrose Cost Roman Reigns the match However I'm going with Roman Reigns to win the match Lets say Drew Wins and loses to seth rollins then whose next for seth rollins? bobby lashley? whose interested in seeing that, Baron Corbin? The ATGMBR? or is this going to be one of those cases where the fans are happy Seth Won the title only to turn on him for Drew?if so Then I'd have both Seth and Drew lose at Wrestlemania
  13. Extreme Rules Pre-Show Results Seth Rollins Defeated Dean Ambrose to become the New United States Championship after Roman Reigns interfered and attacked Seth Rollins and Triple H interfered and attacked Dean Ambrose Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Defeated The Bludgeon Brothers 2 - 0 To Retain their WWE Tag Team Championships The Bella Twins I SHIT YOU NOT The Bella twins Defeated Kairi Sane & Asuka 2 - 0 to retain their WWE Womens Tag Team Championships
  14. If i was booking this I'd have Asuka win the battle royal and then i'd have Alexa Bliss come out at the end of the show and announce the triple threat match has been turned into a fatal 4 way and then i'd have alexa bliss walk down the ramp and then say oh you guys thought it was me no no no the 4th woman in this match will be This Woman Asuka's music hits and the crowd goes nuts and then Asuka goes on to win the The RAW Womens title.i dont care if Becky super fans cry about it Becky doesn't serve that main event spot
  15. i'm going to stray away from what i normally do With all The Noise Becky Lynch fans made and wanting her to headline Wrestlemania that noise caused WWE to forget about Asuka and the entire Smackdown Womens division Do you now know why i kept pushing for Asuka to be Added to the Triple Threat and make it a fatal 4 way...........Its now apparent that Asuka Should have walked into Wrestlemania 35 as SDLive Womens Champion and walk out as the undisputed Womens championship now WWE Can still add asuka to the triple threat HOWEVER WWE would have a death grip on the fans Balls do you know why Do we go with Becky Lynch the person who we've pushed for?or do we go with Asuka Who was neglected because of the noise Becky Lynch Fans Made
  16. Damn i forgot to put the rule they can be from any time period Lol Basically with names like LOD Chris Benoit Eddie Guerrrero if they were still alive i'd bring them back for this event this would be a 2 day event Yes 10 matches on night 1 10 on night 2 It makes sense for Joe and Cena to have a match they did train together Roode and Hunter could pull off a great match, Maybe Roode wins via roll-up that way Triple H looks Strong. Toni Storm Vs Trish would be a fantastic match as well and you do have a good point for a 38 year old woman Beth Phoenix Still has the power she had before she even retired I'd Have a tournament across all 3 Brand NXT SD RAW and have teams like New Day British Strong Style Sanity The Shield Undisputed Era maybe bring back Evolution for the tournament The Lucha House Party that's 7 Trios teams right there and i'd have the tournament culminate With The Shield Vs Undisputed Era
  17. Welp Guys another one bites the dust Mustafa Ali is Now Going under the name Ali 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    1. Flynn
    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i cracked a joke saying Ali Who?

      Muhammad Ali

      Ali  Baba

      Ali Jackson

      Ali Johansson and people responded back Ali A Ali G Prince Ali 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  18. Welp its confirmed Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey and Charlotte WILL Headline Wrestlemania

    And I'm going to be honest i'm not happy about it due to the fact Becky Lynch is just like Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns People who lost at the royal rumble and found their way to main event Wrestlemania Undeservedly

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      that's the thing it was already great without the fans Just like how the becky lynch story was great without the fans getting involved

    2. Flynn


      Yeah but the key thing about it all is it became better. Daniel Bryan would of ended up facing Sheamus at Mania 30. Looking back, Bryan’s story is what capped off Mania 30 as such a perfect event. It definetly would not of been as memorable or special had we actually gotten Batista vs Orton as the main event. 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      I'll tell you a story Daniel Bryan was a rookie in NXT who got bashed by The Miz and Michael Cole that lead to a United States Championship match between the Miz and Daniel Bryan which daniel won and then daniel went on to win the MITB and then it culminated with Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship from john cena, That Was BEAUTIFUL. I'm mad at the fact Daniel Bryan fans Turned into WWE and did something they didn't want WWE To do with John Cena.

      Becky Lynch Debuts on Smackdown Live and wins the smackdown live womens championship and then she was placed in that beautiful Storyline with carmella and then charlotte got involved and it ended with Becky Winning the smackdown Live Womens Championship for a Second time

      i'm mad at the fact The Fans For the second time within 5 years turned into WWE and did something the fans didn't want WWE to do with Roman Reigns and that's force Becky Down our throats

      in both cases WWE Booked Becky and Daniel Correctly and then The Fans Came in and Turned them into John Cena and Roman Reigns 2.0

      Sorry for the long essay but i had to get that off my chest

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  19. so i was watching one of my friends play wwe 2k19 and he mentioned something about the bristol motor speedway and holding a ppv there and i was like let me do some research on it and i found out it holds 160,000 People now if WWE Wanted to they could host wrestlemania at that stadium however they'd need a solid match card so i decided to put together this match card tell me what you think and then leave your match cards down below Wrestlemania 37 - Live From Bristol Motor Speedway 20 Match, Match Card 1. WWE Championship -AJ Styles Vs Pete Dunne 2. WWE Trios Tag Team Championship - The Shield Vs The Undisputed Era 3. WWE Tag Team Championship - The Brothers Of Destruction Vs The Legion Of Doom 4. WWE Intercontinental Championship - Finn Balor Vs Ricochet Vs Johnny Gargano 5. WWE United States Championship - Rey Mysterio Vs Andrade Cien Almas 6. World Tag Team Championship- The Revival Vs The Usos 7. Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs The Rock 8. Eddie Guerrero Vs Shawn Michaels 9. WWE Womens Championship -Asuka Vs Io Shirai Vs Kairi Sane 10. Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Vs Bayley Vs Sasha Banks 11. NXT World Championship - Tomasso Ciampa Vs Aleister Black Vs Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Adam Cole 12. Kurt Angle Vs Brock Lesnar 13. WWE Universal Championship - Chris Benoit Vs Daniel Bryan 14. The NWO Vs Degeneration X 15. Triple H Vs Bobby Roode 16. The Club Vs British Strong Style 17. Toni Storm Vs Trish Stratus 18. Lita Vs Nikki Cross 19. Samoa Joe Vs John Cena 20. War Raiders Vs The Bar do you think they should host an event there?
  20. i dunno its something alexa would do it would be a bitchy thing to do but alexa plays the perfect bitch
  21. they could do that but why should asuka lose her title whilst Becky is undeservedly winning hers
  22. If its a 16 match card then 2 nights 4 Hours 8 Matches Per night WWE Championship Match Main Events the First Night WWE Universal Championship Match Main Events The Second Night but if they stick to a 1 night match format with 10 matches then 4 to 5 hours tops

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