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  1. this a tricky one because i'd love to see the usos win and go on to challenge the revival in a unification match for the tag titles but due to that altercation with the police jimmy and jey may not walk out as tag team champions
  2. oh i'm not saying you as you are physically burying Asuka i'm just saying if you (WWE) Have all 4 horse women walk out with all the gold the you're just feeding 12 women just to push a 4HW Agenda instead of giving the titles to those who actually deserve it If it stays a 1 on 1 then WWE are burying 10 women just for bayley and sasha banks WWE are burying ruby riott for ronda and if WWE did go with Asuka vs charlotte they are buying Asuka again just like they did last year and just like they did with bray wyatt after he won the WWE Title
  3. you're burying asuka for a forced 4HW agenda Becky RAW Womens Champion Sasha And Bayley WWE Womens Champion and you cant leave charlotte out so she'd be SDLive womens champion thats why i prefer WWE To merge both rosters into one and have Asuka walk out as undisputed Womens champion because like i said she needs a big win over a top star like ronda becky and charlotte
  4. So i was taking to someone on twitter about this and She brought up a very good point Asuka has a legitimate claim to be in this match just as much as Ronda Becky and Charlotte has And Here's Why Ronda Stole Asuka's Rumble Moment Royal Rumble 2018 Charlotte Ended Asuka's Streak Wrestlemania 34 Charlotte Stole Becky's Summerslam Moment Becky Attacked Ronda RAW Leading into Survivor Series Ronda Cost Becky and Charlotte their match Tables Ladders And Chairs Asuka Defeated Becky Lynch Royal Rumble Becky Stole Charlotte's Royal Rumble Win So this is why Becky Vs Ronda Should be a Fatal 4 Way for the RAW and SDLive Womens Championship And the winner should be Asuka because out of everyone of these ladies Asuka has been mistreated the most She had a undefeated streak, she was humiliated during that feud with Carmella and James Ellsworth.
  5. yea the funny thing is Brock has Pinned Seth Rollins yet Seth hasn't pinned brock
  6. i hope and pray brock retains until they find someone the fans actually want instead of putting the title on someone only to turn on them and want someone else as champion........i want a champion the fans are going to respect i want a champion that will put on great championship matches for a whole year and when his time is up he can drop the title to someone else i'm worried if seth wins the fans will turn on him 3 4 months down the line like they did with dean ambrose FACT
  7. you know what i think about this match i think they should cancel this match and make it a Fatal 4 Way match Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Vs Asuka for BOTH Womens Championship why? here's why 1 Becky doesn't deserve to be in the match because she lost to Asuka and Asuka shouldn't be forced to drop her title just so they can have an emotional moment with Becky Charlotte Sasha and Bayley when Asuka Beat Both Charlotte and Becky to win the title and beat Becky to retain her title 2 it adds an unpredictability to the match Ronda Vs Becky happens the match is predictable, if it becomes a triple threat there's a chance Becky could pin Charlotte or Charlotte is going to win if it becomes a fatal 4 way then the match becomes unpredictable and it could be used to give Asuka that big win she desperately deserves and it could revive her dead career 3 and this is straight forward the fans get ronda vs becky Charlotte Gets her main event and Asuka's career gets revived if she wins everyone wins
  8. a worthy challenger? for years i heard people go on and on about how they wanted new stars yet when it came to roman reigns alexa bliss carmella it was Like they forgot what they asked for The fans "WANTED" New stars they never stated who those new stars had to be Also people on twitter say peyton royce billie kay cant wrestle people are crapping all over tamina and natalya Alicia fox? well she's understandable they haven't done anything with her Lana? Naomi like i said the only 6 women to beat the 4 horsewomen are Ronda Shayna Jessamyn duke Marina Shafir Kairi Sane Io shirai and what happens when becky drops the title are people going to forget about her as if will smith erased their memories? i mean look at bray and asuka coming out of The 2014/2015/2018/2019 Royal Rumbles
  9. Alex Don't put words in my Mouth I Want brock to lose the title As long as its to someone that i believe can beat brock lesnar none of this david goliath BS none of this oh we want this guy to win so he can drop it to someone else we want 3 months down the line People on Twitter Said Braun Should have defeated roman for the title (This bit i dont have a problem with) But they also wanted braun to drop it to drew mcintyre (This i had a problem with because you're taking the title off of roman to put it on braun only to drop it to drew when roman could beat braun and then drop it to drew) The man who defeats Brock Lesnar Should be someone the Fans And WWE want to win, The Man Who Defeats Brock Lesnar Should Be believable and someone who can carry the company for 6 months the man who defeats brock lesnar shouldn't be someone the fans want just for the sake of getting the title off of him and then 3 months down the line turn on him just because the new flavor of the month is out 2 People that could legitimately beat brock lesnar if they built them up correctly are Cesaro and Kevin Owens I'd Love to See Kevin Owens take on Brock Lesnar
  10. I've been thinking about this and no matter how much i try to come up with an answer i just cant If Becky Lynch Defeats Ronda Rousey Who on Raw Can take down Becky Lynch? Lacey Evans? who has she beaten in NXT and has she done anything of relevance to deserve that moment? Alexa Bliss? I love her but people were crying about her when she was being given the title, Nikki Cross? I'm sorry but she's going to be on the back of a milk carton like Sanity 😢😢 How Long will it take before people say fuck Becky We want someone else as Womens Champion If Charlotte Defeats Asuka Who on Smackdown Can take down Charlotte? Lacey Evans? Nikki Cross? Naomi?Asuka? She's done they built her up like bray Wyatt only to kill her momentum dead in its tracks If Sasha Banks & Bayley walk out of Wrestlemania as Womens Tag Team Champions Then who on RAW And Smackdown can take them down? the only 2 women who could take down Becky and Charlotte are Ronda and Shayna the only 2 tag teams that could take down Sasha and Bayley are Marina Shafir and Jessamyn duke and the other tag team is Kairi Sane And Io Shirai in my honest opinion all 4 horsewomen need to lose at Wrestlemania 35 Think about it You know its funny because this whole thing takes me back to Royal Rumble 2014 Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan and Went on to be fed to John Cena where as Daniel Bryan was handed the world title Fast Forward 1 year later Bray Wyatt Eliminates Daniel Bryan and What Happened Bray Wyatt went on to be fed to the undertaker sure Bray had that tag team and wwe championship run but they were finished due to randy orton Fast Forward to Royal Rumble 2018 Asuka Wins the Royal Rumble And was fed to charlotte and carmella She just recently go back to where she needs to be Royal Rumble 2019 Asuka Defeats Becky Lynch and Becky Undeservedly gets handed a royal rumble win.........Now my question is Will Asuka suffer the same faith as Bray Wyatt?Will Asuka be fed to charlotte 2 years in a row just to push this 4 horse women agenda? i honestly dont know
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brock's Contract is up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣*coughs* Wrestlemania 31? Brock Will Resign i mean do you think AEW is going to let him waltz in and hold their world title hostage?and do you think the wrestlers want to lose to brock lesnar? i'm just curious did you see the WWE 24 Special where Vince Called Brock an Asshole for throwing the WWE Universal title at him? Either brock wanted to drop the title to Roman And vince said no or Vince Said brock was losing and then changed his mind mid match and that caused brock to get po'd also I say seth can't beat brock because he couldn't get past braun strowman who is twice the size of brock Also With Roman Reigns being Universal Champion We didn't know when or who he was going to drop it to the fans were just hoping he'd drop it immediately after winning it
  12. But take this into account if Vince told Brock No when Brock wanted to drop the title to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 34 what makes you think Seth is going to walk out as champion and if he does then what are people going to get behind him only to turn on him and say its been a nice run Seth but fuck you we want someone else and i dont like that mentality If you want someone to be champion they should have a nice lengthy run with the title from Wrestlemania to summerslam with a few moments where we think seth is about to lose but ends up winning anyway Plus like i said before i dont think seth Will win on the account he couldn't pin brock lesnar at wrestlemania 31 he only kept his title at battleground thanks to the undertaker and He lost to Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match featuring john Cena
  13. The Usos are Talented As fuck BUT I'M TIRED of them being given title shot after title shot after title shot after title shot Where's Sanity? Where's The Club? WWE can't give them a chance there's a reason why i say The Usos get more tag team title shots than roman gets world title shots the usos and the new day are roman reigns 2.0 you may disagree and that's fine you make dislike this and that's fine too BUT Where's Sanity? Where's The Club?
  14. I can Understand Why AJ Orton Hardy and Bryan are in the match What i don't understand is why Joe and Ali are in the match Joe has been on the main roster for 3 years and WWE has failed to put the world title on him and quite frankly he hasn't had any memorable matches or done anything to truly deserve it yet Ali What the hell has he done except beat one man i can name multiple people who beat a top quality name who wasn't handed a world title straight away Now you could Do AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan again Or They could do Orton Vs Bryan again Or They could do something FRESH and Do Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy WWE's Face Vs The Fan's Face But it will be probably AJ Or Randy Orton
  15. i dont think Seth Rollins will walk out of Wrestlemania 35 as WWE Universal Champion

    I mean Wrestlemania 31 and 34 Rumors came out and said that Brock Lesnar's contract was up after Wrestlemania and we all thought that Brock Lesnar Was dropping to Roman Reigns and what happened Seth Rollins walked out as WWE Champion during wrestlemania 31 Wrestlemania 34 we all thought roman was winning but the match was changed mid match

    so knowing that i dont think Seth is Walking out as Champion

  16. from what i heard 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 and this is messed up no matter how you think about it If Brock Loses then He's free to go to AEW who i heard really want brock lesnar like i said about UFC HOW are AEW Going to sign Brock Lesnar and NOT make him the World Champion that's like Kenny Omega coming into WWE And not being made world champion On the negative side AEW Will be dead if he signs with them plus the talent will be begging to run back to WWE or NJPW so for our sake Brock Better remain WWE Universal Champion
  17. How to Kill All Elite Wrestling

    Just Sign Brock Lesnar and Have Him Beat Kenny Omega 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Don't look at me i heard reports saying AEW Wants Brock Lesnar and 2 Chris Jericho wants a match with brock Lesnar

    Plus if you're AEW how are you going to sign brock lesnar AND NOT MAKE HIM CHAMPION

    1. BrendenPlayz


      Ain't happening, Lesnar isn't going anywhere

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i know but i just find that really Funny 🤣🤣🤣

  18. I don't need to explain why i dont think Seth Rollins Can Beat Brock Lesnar all i will say is WWE would be Stupid not to have Lesnar Walk into Wrestlemania 35 and NOT walk out as WWE Universal Champion and walk into UFC and walk out as a 2 Sport Champion I mean i'm only thinking about this in a business aspect But in terms of For the sake of the company i'd put the title on Seth HOWEVER As long as the fans dont say after 3 months fuck seth rollins we want someone else I'M Tired of that i'm tired of the fans wanting someone as champion and then 3 months into their title reign they want someone else
  19. I haven't watched any of Hideo Itami's Matches outside of WWE the only Hideo Itami matches i've seen were Hideo Vs Bobby Roode and Him Vs Roderick Strong i think But he was one i was HOPING would Leave WWE because WWE Failed him ever since he came back from Injury This is why i don't believe in Triple H To run WWE when Vince Steps down Because for EVERY Top Star Triple H there has been people he Misused And Hideo Itami Was one of them. And i don't care if the guy was Injury Prone He should have held the NXT Championship at least once
  20. after looking at the shields run in WWE i gotta admit i feel sorry for Dean because he was always in the shadow of roman and seth they got all the glory and the main event spots where as Dean mid carder status he got injured and came back and he had to take a back seat to roman and seth again and his heel turn has been poo what i find funny about all this is Even tho People hated roman reigns He's been the one guy whose been loyal to both dean ambrose and seth rollins even after seth stabbed dean and roman in the back when roman reigns came down with leukemia Dean stabbed roman and seth in the back When you really think about it Roman Was the glue that held the shield together But back to dean I feel like his run in WWE has been shit his return after injury hasn't been any better and i wouldn't blame him or renee if they left WWE
  21. I'm going to be honest here Dean Ambrose got the shaft coming out of The Shield Whilst everyone was focusing on Roman and Seth People kind forgot about dean ambrose Sure he was given the WWE Championship but the fans wanted it off of him because of that Feud with Dolph Ziggler (NOTE TO SELF: STOP TYPING HEEL ZIGGLER YOU'RE NOT ON TWITTER🤣🤣) Then he lost to Triple H Then he Got injured and he came back and turned heel and to be honest his heel turn has been poo even tho the fans wanted it So i can't really blame dean if he wants to leave QUESTION Now is will Renee Go with him like AJ left with Punk and Brandi Left With Cody?
  22. I just don't see Seth Rollins Beating Brock Lesnar Here's the reasons why Wrestlemania 31 - Seth Rollins cashed in and hit the curb stomp on brock but instead of going for the pin he wasted his time on roman and it almost cost him the match Royal Rumble 2015 - Seth Rollins and john cena lost to Brock Lesnar Battleground - Seth Lost by Disqualification October 2nd 2017 - Seth Lost to Braun Strowman Now Here's where reality check kicks in It took Brock 6 F5s To Put down Roman Reigns It took Brock 5 To put down braun It took Brock 1 To put down Samoa Joe It took Brock 3 to put down Daniel Bryan It took Brock 1 to put down AJ Styles I'm sorry guys But i just can't see Seth Rollins Beating Brock Lesnar if you dislike this that's fine but please understand where i'm coming from
  23. i could rant about becky lynch and how she didnt deserve to win the rumble but i'm just going to say this

    From now on if you have a major world title match whether is for the mens or womens world titles then you are banned from entering the royal rumble

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Here's what i understand You like who you like you hate who you hate

      Here's what I DONT understand How people can say one thing about one person but if another person someone they like does the exact same thing they slide it under the rug


      i honestly just don't know what to say anymore

    2. Ropati


      no one cares about the fact that roman was in a match and then in the rumble they care that he was the number 30 when they wanted other people instead.

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      the fans being upset he was number 30 That bit i get and nobody expected him to be number 30 hell that caught me off guard when he came out

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