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  1. I hope he doesn't because he doesn't deserve it
  2. You're right he did But he was never given the WWE Championship Soooooooooo the idea of beating a top name to deserve getting a world title shot goes out the window
  3. You see this is why i'll never understand the double standard in the IWC the fans will cry about Roman Reigns not doing anything to deserve a world title push Yet The WWE Tag Team Titles, The US Title and The IC Title Says otherwise But they expect me to believe Finn Balor deserves it because of who he beat James Ellsworth Beat AJ Styles 3 Times yet WWE didn't give him a world title Jinder mahal defeated AJ Styles yet people say he didnt deserve a world title shot How can people say one thing about one person but be against someone else being given the same treatment
  4. HOLY SHIT THAT IS BEAST 😍😍Thank you so much
  5. I thought RAW Was pretty good tonight HOWEVER My only criticisms are - If Braun was Really injured then he shouldn't be lifting up limousines - The Revival vs Lucha House Party again - Finn Balor Undeservedly being handed a WWE Universal Championship Positives - Nikki Cross Debut - The Debut Of The WWE Womens Tag Team Championships and when that was announce i could only think of 2 women to hold the womens tag titles and their names are Io Shirai and Kairi Sane Bring them up and you can do an Asian Stable with Asuka Kairi and Io Shirai
  6. Normally i'd go off on a Rant and say how Finn Balor Doesn't Deserve a World title shot and how they are forcing him down our throats HOWEVER

    Finn Debuted On The Main Roster July 25th 2016 My Question back then is what has Finn Balor done to win a world title shot?

    People's Excuse: Oh he beat roman reigns

    My Response: So Kevin Owens beat John Cena a bigger star than Roman Reigns Yet Kevin Owens wasn't handed the world title

    Fast Forward to January 14th 2018 My Question Now is What has Finn Balor done since his return to deserve a world title shot?

    And you are not going to convince me that Finn Balor can Beat Brock Lesnar

    When CM Punk Failed, Roman Reigns Failed, Seth Rollins Failed, Dean Ambrose Failed, AJ Styles Failed, Samoa Joe Failed, Daniel Bryan Failed

    If brock lesnar can kick out of multiple Spears You are not going to convince me 1 Coup De  Grace can beat brock lesnar

    here's something to think about.................What if Finn Balor Is One of the talent's wanting to leave WWE and go to AEW and WWE doesn't want that and WWE is Handing Finn Balor A WWE Universal Title Shot undeservedly

    1. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      well that's because I was in a zen state Where i didn't care what WWE did i just enjoyed the content they were putting out

      That all changed during the 2014 royal rumble but i wont get into that

    2. Flynn


      The 2014 Royal Rumble, where a guy who had a total combined amount of time excluding his injury, of being a singles competitor of 3 and a half months, won the Royal Rumble. And yet you are a man who asks what has someone done to earn an opportunity. Absolutely mind blowing, hypocritical, and ignorant. 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Again like i said before the 2014 royal rumble i didn't care who WWE Made champion

      after the 2014 royal rumble i became as you described a man who asks what has someone done to earn an opportunity

      i wanna go back to being that guy who didnt care about who WWE Gave the title too but i cant so long as i am being honest about whose being given a world title opportunity and what they've done to earn it

      Bobby roode no problems

      Mustafa Ali whats he done - cant say beat a top name i can list a handful of superstars who beat a top name and didnt get handed the world title

      bobby lashley - when he first came back he didnt deserve a world title push now that he's IC Champion i'm more open to him winning the world title HOWEVER due to WWE's track record there's a 50 50 chance he'll never become world champion

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  7. well first off they shouldn't push veterans like chris jericho they should focus on the younger guys and push guys who dont normally get title shots in NJPW ROH Lucha Underground TNA WWE And all these other promotions However i feel like they wont push everyone on the roster i mean Wrestling Matches will get you so far before you should be given a title shot
  8. I'm just saying if you're going to pick someone to take down brock lesnar make sure its someone believable enough to beat him E.G Roman Reigns (Even tho they Messed up his booking Should have beaten brock at wrestlemania 31 and then slowly transitioned into a heel Heading into Extreme Rules) Like i'm not going to force myself to believe seth rollins or finn balor can beat brock lesnar without help i mean Eddie Guerrero couldn't do it without goldberg True he has improved since then HOWEVER i don't think Vince Trusts him after his knee injury that is true he has improved since then but i'm not going to force myself to believe he can beat brock
  9. you can put a tuxedo on a goat and its still a goat a spiffy looking goat but its still a goat it doesn't matter how much Seth Rollins has changed doesn't hide the fact he lost twice to brock lesnar
  10. I know I'm not one to be Asking Favors But I was Wondering if Someone Could do me a 1 Time Favor Of Making me A Free Survivor Series Graphic Featuring

    Team Reigns

    Roman Reigns Aleister Black Finn Balor Adam Cole


    Team Nakamura

    Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Samoa Joe and Andrade Cien Almas

  11. You're Right I am because 1 I can't see Seth Rollins Beating Brock Lesnar after he lost to Brock twice once by DQ to keep his title and he lost a triple threat match featuring John Cena 2 I don't want to see another boring Miz Vs Daniel Bryan Match ---> i'd be fine with this match happening IF and ONLY IF The Miz Wins 3 I dont want to see Drew McIntyre win because Well If they put the title on Braun they are only doing that just to get the title on Drew McIntyre......Which i counter with this If you want the title on drew just have Drew Vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and even then i don't want to see that match on the account Drew is not legit enough to beat brock lesnar and i have a feeling Vince Will change his mind on Drew its all a matter of when and if 4 AJ Styles Well it'd be two faced if he loses to Daniel Bryan and Enters the royal rumble after everyone complained about Roman Reigns <---- What's my point if you're going to apply the oh you cant enter the royal rumble match if you had a world title match earlier in the night Logic to roman reigns you MUST Apply it to everyone else in the locker room
  12. The only Royal Rumble Winner WWE should have in their mind is Jeff Hardy Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy for The WWE Championship is the way to go
  13. Anyone But Becky Charlotte Asuka Ronda Or Sasha Banks My Top 2 Picks are Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon To be honest i dont think you guys actually care about the Royal Rumble or the prestige of it because you are helping WWE Ruin the prestige of the rumble by forcing the winner to be Becky Lynch If anyone but Becky Lynch wins it The rumble will be ruined because the fans will cry and moan about it Like i'm doing HOWEVER i'm taking the Roman Logic and Applying it to Becky Lynch
  14. It will be very Hard For Fans To Defend Becky Lynch and try to convince me Why Becky Lynch DESERVES A royal rumble spot ESPECIALLY WHEN 1 She has a Womens Championship Match and 2 They all complained about Roman Reigns So guys How are you going to get yourselves out of this one Because I'm going to use what you said about roman reigns and say If you Are in a World title match Womens Championship or world title YOU SHOULD NOT BE HANDED A Royal Rumble Spot Which Means If Asuka Ronda Becky or Sasha lose THEY SHOULD NOT BE ENTERED IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE
  15. I hope Becky Lynch and Charlotte cost Ronda Rousey Her title
  16. So the Royal Rumble 2019 just got a whole lot interesting

    i have 3 Questions

    1 Will WWE book Becky Lynch Like Roman Reigns and have her lose her championship match and enter the royal rumble

    2 Will WWE book Becky Lynch Like Daniel Bryan and have her lose and not have her enter the royal rumble

    Either way Its going to be very interesting Whether the fans act like hypocrites and be fine with Becky entering the royal rumble even tho she lost or will they show Becky the same treatment they showed roman reigns?

    Or Will the fans ruin yet another royal rumble for people they love

    I for one Am happy Becky is getting her rematch with Asuka HOWEVER i Don't think Becky Should Enter the royal rumble


    1. Flynn


      He’s comparing that to the Rumble in 2014 where Bryan lost to Bray Wyatt and everyone thought he was going to be number 30 in the Rumble that night but instead he wasn’t in it at all and the fans hijacked the show. He’s saying the fans are hypocrites for booing because Bryan wasn’t in it, but then booing because Roman was when in both instances they had matches earlier in the night. 

    2. Slim


      Bro no he's not lol

      He's saying when Roman lost to Owens in 2017 and entered at 30 he's saying Becky can't do the same and lose to Asuka then enter

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      and that's where i gotta criticize the fans on their mentality If we love them its okay if they lose and win the royal rumble you're just being a hypocrite at that point

      Daniel Bryan Lost to Bray Wyatt So why shouldn't Bray Wyatt be the one to go on and win the royal rumble over Daniel Bryan who lost?

      Roman Reigns lost to Kevin Owens at the 2017 royal rumble and he wasn't rewarded a royal rumble win He was only placed in the royal rumble to eliminate the undertaker

      The same thing applies to Becky Lynch if she gets a opportunity to face Asuka at the royal rumble and Loses then She should not be rewarded with a Royal Rumble win

      "Spit in the face of the fans who wanted bryan" Isn't that what you guys are doing to Ember Moon Fans? by forcing Becky Lynch to win the royal rumble? aren't the fans spitting in the face of every other women in that locker room outside of Charlotte by forcing becky lynch to win the royal rumble

      I mean what's forcing WWE to have becky lynch win the 2019 royal rumble going to do?Its going to ruin the prestige of the royal rumble even more to the point where i say cancel the damn match and announce ronda rousey vs becky lynch right now

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  17. So for weeks people have been trying to force WWE to book becky lynch to win the royal rumble just so she can face ronda rousey I say F*** THAT NOISE Here's how i'd book it So last night we seen Ronda Rousey Cost Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair the Women's Championship Now Here's what i'd do At the Royal Rumble I'd Book Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair with Becky Lynch Defeating and Pinning Charlotte Flair Later on in the night Ember Moon Outlasts 29 Other women to win the Royal Rumble And She Chooses to Face Asuka At Wrestlemania 35 then That way you still get Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Without the Royal Rumble being Predictable What WWE could do Is Have Ember Moon or Sasha Banks Win the royal rumble and Charlotte flair and becky face each other to see who faces Ronda At Wrestlemania So my ideal Royal Rumble match is Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair For The RAW Womens Championship The Royal Rumble Winner - Ember Moon Wrestlemania 35 Womens Matches Asuka Vs Ember Moon - SD Live Womens Championship Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch - RAW Womens Championship What do you guys think should WWE go with @KingOcho3K And My Idea My Idea Ronda vs Becky Vs Charlotte @KingOcho3K's Idea(Someone on Twitter) - Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte to see who faces Ronda At Wrestlemania
  18. WWE Cruiserweight Champions Finn Balor Jack Gallagher Vacated Kalisto WWE Intercontinental Champions Cesaro TJP Cesaro World Heavwyeight Champions Goldberg Roman Reigns Enzo Amore* Goldberg WWE Champions Dolph Ziggler (Longest Reigning Current Champion) WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin Aleister Black AJ Styles Drew McIntyre WWE Womens Champion Carmella Alexa Bliss Bayley WWE Tag Team Champions TM-61 The Usos World Tag Team Champions DIY The Hardy Boyz DIY Vacated The Revival Tables Ladders And Chairs PPV Match Card World Heavyweight Championship TLC Match Goldberg Vs AJ Styles WWE Championship TLC Match Dolph Ziggler Vs Big E WWE United States Championship Last Man Standing Match Drew McIntyre Vs Dean Ambrose WWE Intercontinental Championship 2 Out of 3 Falls Tables Match Adam Cole Vs Cesaro WWE Womens Championship TLC Match Bayley Vs Alexa Bliss Vs Carmella World Tag Team Championship Extreme Rules Match The Revival Vs Undisputed Era WWE United Kingdom Championship Match Falls Count Anywhere Pete Dunne Vs Seth Rollins Pre-Show WWE Cruiserweight Championship Extreme Rules Rey Mysterio Vs Kalisto WWE Tag Team Championship Ladder Match The Usos Vs & Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn To Be Updated
  19. I Just finished watching ROH Final Battle and I thought the show was a great, how ever my only complaints are

    1. With Flip Gordon Needed 2 Announcers, A Referee, His Girlfriend, Colt Cobana, Christopher Daniels, Cheeseburger and The Sandman To Beat Bully Ray.
    2. Them teasing a flaming table spot
    3. I could never understand why there is rope breaks in a fatal 4 way match that has no disqualifications

    Other than those complaints i thought the show was great

  20. Here are my Current Plans Tables Ladders And Chairs PPV Goldberg Vs AJ Styles Dolph Ziggler Vs Big E Drew McIntyre Vs Dean Ambrose Cesaro Vs Adam Cole Bayley Vs Alexa Bliss Vs Carmella Rey Mysterio Vs Kalisto The Revival Vs Undisputed Era The Usos Vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Pete Dunne Vs Seth Rollins For The Survivor Series PPV i'm thinking of a Champions vs Champions type feel with the traditional 4 v 4 Matches for the women and men I'm thinking of Putting the United Kingdom Champion Intercontinental Champion United States Champion & The Cruiserweight Champion in one match
  21. i rather see Ember Moon Vs Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania............HOWEVER if the fans want ronda vs becky so much then why not have both Drop the title and have them go head to head in a non title cross promotional match i hate the idea oh lets have one of these women drop the title so they can get their match at wrestlemania and the reason...............they never got their match at Survivor Series
  22. i'm fine with this match going on last however i rather see the WWE Championship go on last
  23. i hope and pray becky retains i'm sick of people forcing her into the wrestlemania main event........she had a decent run with the title, i hate the idea of oh lets give becky lynch the royal rumble only to get her match with ronda rousey you are just doing the same thing you did last year for asuka burying the entire womens division for one woman
  24. i'd love it if WWE went back to the tag team division they had from 2001 to 2007 Was absolutely Phenomenal Smackdown Had Deuce & Domino, The Los Guerreros London And Kendrick Basham Brothers MnM Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Rikishi and Scotty 2 hotty, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit, Edge and Rey Mysterio, The hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam, Miz And Morrison, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins RAW Had Edge and Christian Too Cool The Dudley Boyz,The Hardy Boyz, The Brothers Of Destruction Two Man Power Trip, Benoit & Jericho, Billy and Chuck,The Un-Americans, Bookdust, La Resistance Kane And Rob Van Dam, Kane and Hurricane, Evolution, Booker T And Rob Van Dam, Benoit and Edge, Hurricane and Rosey, Kane and Big Show (One of the best destruction teams in the history of WWE) The spirit squad, Rated RKO, Cena And Michaels,Cade and Murdoch, London And Kendrick, i don't understand what happened from 2008 to 2018
  25. How would you guys feel about Becky Lynch,  Bayley, Sasha Banks & Charlotte reuniting against the UFC 4 Horsewomen and then have Becky Lynch Turn on Her girls out of jealous that their careers were better than hers and help the UFC 4 Horsewomen win

    1. BrendenPlayz


      Too late to do it now. Would have been perfect if she was still a face.

    2. Julius


       I'd have Sasha turn in this situation, because Becky has success, Charlotte has had success and Bayley is a character not worth touching because she is fucking useless 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      I guess you bring up a good Point Brenden

      Fair Enough Julius01

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