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  1. Let guys pitch something to you guys

    Black Vs Dream Vs Cole Vs Ricochet Winner Gets Ciampa at Wrestlemania Weekend


    Johnny Gargano Vs Aleister Black Vs Ricochet Vs Velveteen Dream Vs Adam Cole Vs Tommaso Ciampa For the NXT Championship Wrestlemania Weekend

    I'm intrigued to see what that match card graphic would look like

  2. Jinder Mahal Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble 2014 to Wrestlemania 30 (I'm not including anything before Royal Rumble 2014 because Daniel Bryan was in that incredible storyline coming out of NXT and heading into Summerslam 2013) AJ Styles came in Day One and Was Handed a WWE Championship Match Via The Royal Rumble (Some people in that years rumble deserved to be WWE Champion Others did not) Finn Balor (Debuted on the main Roster and had a rocket strapped to his ass and WWE ended up paying for it instead of having finn built up to take down The Miz hold the IC Title for a Bit drop it and then go on to Win The Royal Rumble and Go on To Win The Universal Championship At Wrestlemania and have one of the best Break Out years in WWE History) Samoa Joe(Debuted on the main roster and did nothing to deserve a world title match i mean can you name one memorable match Joe had on the main roster to warrant a World title shot, Where as in TNA he was built up as this unbeatable Monster Who went on to win the X-Division title before winning the world title...........WWE Didn't do that with Joe they strapped a rocket to his ass and handed him a world title shot and he lost to brock in 6 minutes) Braun Strowman (Several Reason He didn't do anything on the main roster to deserve it, Two i knew he was heading down a path that people were going to hate, braun was going to win the world title drop it and be booked like so many giants before him, Kane, After his first world title he won it and then dropped it immediately the next night, Big Show with his many face and heel turns, The great khali) Shinsuke Nakamura (Well i don't need to get into that) Honorable Mention - Sami Zayn But that was a one off so i can't be to harsh on him
  3. Jinder Mahal Winning the WWE Championship hands down He went from being a jobber to World Champion in a blink of an eye But MVP as The First Ever IWGP Intercontinental Champion is most surprising to me
  4. Men: Randy Orton - Light My Fire Aleister Black Shinsuke Nakamura Heel Theme Triple H - King Of Kings Jeff Hardy - No More Words Female: AJ Lee Alexa Bliss Lita Ember Moon Sasha Banks Tag Team: Nexus Corporate Ministry The Hardy Boyz Fully Loaded Evolution Line in the Sand The Usos - War Dance Version
  5. I honestly don't know what to Say

    Rusev Could have been a WWE Champion if he won the royal rumble last year

    Nakamura could have walked into this years royal rumble and won it But Nope

    And Now look where both of them are on the pre-show of Royal Rumble

    I Had everything laid out

    Rusev Wins the Royal Rumble

    Rusev Vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship

    AJ Styles Vs Nakamura For the WWE United States Championship Nakamura drops the title to AJ

    Fast Forward 1 Year Later

    Shinsuke Nakamura Wins the Royal Rumble

    AJ Styles vs Nakamura For the WWE Championship With AJ dropping the title to Nakamura

    But nope we had to get that god awful feud between AJ And Nakamura for the WWE Title over Balls and i dont know whether to laugh or cry at rusev and nakamura being on the pre-show

    1. Angelo


      This shit is crazy. Rusev as WWE Champion? Kevin Owens as WWE Champion? You're giving Vince too much credit.

    2. Sameer


      You do know that nobody cares right 

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      Angelo the only other person i could think of to face Kevin Owens For the WWE Championship Was Bobby Roode maybe Sami Zayn........

      however my focus was on AJ Vs Nakamura for the US Title and then focus on building towards AJ Vs Nakamura 2 at wrestlemania 35 for the WWE Championship

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  6. That's correct Because I feel like Rusev is over as hell with the crowd I look at Rusev's Start and stop push and i feel like if anyone deserves a world title shot its him Now If Shinsuke Nakamura held the WWE United States Championship heading into Wrestlemania 34 he'd be ready for a world championship match at wrestlemania 35 defeating AJ Styles but that's just me However Rusev He came in Went undefeated held the US title and then he was fed to John Cena and then he had to reinvent himself he got back to where he was and then he lost to roman reigns and then he had to reinvent himself for a second time and he was over as hell and put up a fight against AJ Styles and Shinsuke Heading into Wrestlemania 34 But Instead of Rewarding Rusev with a Royal Rumble win they gave it to a Undeserving Nakamura
  7. Who SHOULD win? Men: Jeff Hardy Women : Ember Moon Who Will win? Men : Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre or some one the fans try to force and dont deserve it Women : Becky Lynch or Charlotte Because Screw the other 28 other women its all about Becky Or Charlotte
  8. I personally feel like Rusev is above the United States Championship and should be world champion So i don't know who i want to win this match?
  9. Hideo Itami Feels like the odd one out Here you got a guy people have said was Injury Prone he gets injured comes back gets injured and triple h didn't give him a NXT Championship Run and then he was moved down to 205live and i didn't hear a peep out of him Until Now So it begs the question Why is Hideo Itami getting a Cruiserweight Championship Match? Now i feel like Hideo Itami Should leave WWE but I hope WWE finally get their heads out of their backsides and use him
  10. 2017 Roman Reigns had a World title match with Kevin Owens Braun Strowman screwed him out of the title and then Roman Reigns Went on to compete in the royal rumble and roman got booed and criticized for it Fast forward to 2019 And you guys want WWE to do the same thing for Becky Lynch If you're going to complain about Roman being in that royal rumble then you guys should rip apart becky lynch but because its becky lynch and she's "Over" and "liked" That Rule doesn't apply Favortism at its finest
  11. i can't see Seth Rollins defeating brock lesnar for several reasons He couldn't pin brock lesnar when he cashed in, He couldn't defeat Brock Lesnar without the help of Undertaker, He couldn't defeat brock lesnar with John Cena in the match as well and on October 2nd 2017 Seth Rollins couldn't get past braun strowman so if Seth can't get past braun strowman then there is no way i'll believe he can beat brock lesnar
  12. I honestly Think Samoa Joe Should Leave WWE And go to AEW because just like Hideo Itami and The Revival Injuries have halted Samoa Joe's Push

    Now its true Samoa Joe has done nothing on the main Roster to deserve a world title run YET

    Key Word Yet

    HOWEVER i honestly think WWE Sees Samoa Joe as Damaged goods and not worth pushing which is Weird because he hardly ever got injured in TNA

    1. Joh


      hey bullet do you think roman reigns should join bullet club i think he should bc he looks cool and has black gear and him and tama tonga are both islanders

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      That'd be cool but I think he'd get mixed reactions

  13. Word on the street is Ronda Rousey Wants to prove her self by wanting to enter the royal rumble....................If Ronda Rousey Requested to face Sasha Then WWE will have no problem giving Ronda What she wants

    To that I say Nay and i hope it doesn't happen if It does I hope the crowd boo the hell out of her

    Lets say this does happen what's stopping brock lesnar from winning his match and requesting to put him in the royal rumble and go on to win it and head into Wrestlemania 35 Winning the WWE Championship and then walk into UFC With Both the WWE And Universal Championship and Win The UFC Undisputed Championship

    Imagine Ronda Rousey Winning both womens championships and Brock Lesnar Hold the WWE/Universal And UFC Championship

    it will be a dark time for WWE A Dark dark time

    But hopefully none of this happens

  14. here's the match card for my Survivor Series PPV In universe mode

    World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles Vs Dolph Ziggler WWE Champion

    World Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era vs The Sami & Kevin Show WWE Tag Team Championship Match

    United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne Vs Intercontinental Championship Cesaro Vs United States Champion Dean Ambrose Vs Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano

    Men's Survivor Series Traditional Tag Team Match

    Stipulation: First Person Eliminated Enters #1 Sole Survivor Enters at number 30 in-case of sole survivors a match will be set up to determine who gets the number 30 spot

    Team RAW (Roman Reigns Finn Balor Adam Cole Aleister Black) Vs Team Smackdown (Shinsuke Nakamura Samoa Joe Andrade Cien Almas Seth Rollins)

    Women's Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match

    Stipulation: First Person Eliminated Enters #1 Sole Survivor Enters at number 30 in-case of sole survivors a match will be set up to determine who gets the number 30 spot

    Team Lynch (Lacey Evans Ruby Riott Becky Lynch Charlotte) Vs Team Moon(Asuka Ember Moon Candice LaRae Vs Sasha Banks)

    Womens Championship Match

    Stipulation: Who Ever Loses does not get a rematch

    Alexa Bliss (With Iconic Bliss Liv Morgan and Peyton Royce) vs Bayley

  15. First thing i'd do is promote Finn Balor Drew McIntyre Nikki Cross to NXT UK The Second thing i'd do is Sign Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Junior The Third thing i'd do is Have Pete Dunne Defeat Walter for the NXT UK Championship At NXT UK Takeover Manchester The 4th Thing i'd Do is Book Pete Dunne Vs Finn Balor Vs Zack Sabre Junior Vs Will Ospreay Vs Drew McIntyre For the NXT UK Championship at NXT UK Takeover Liverpool don't tell me you guys wouldn't want to see ZSJ Vs Finn Balor Vs Will Ospreay or that fatal 5 way the 5th thing i'd do is Nikki Cross Vs Toni Storm for the NXT UK Womens Championship
  16. Okay Maddrix & I Can't Odd let me put it like this Remember how People complained about how Vince Kept Giving Roman Title Shots against brock even tho Brock Beat Him 3 times and how people say Roman Wasn't Believable to beat him.............Well if we take that logic and apply it to Finn Then If Finn Balor Cant Beat Braun Strowman Clean example May 21st 2018 then how does WWE expect me to believe Finn Balor stands a chance against brock its something to think about What happens if Finn Does Beat Brock Lesnar and then goes on to face braun strowman what then? The Size difference is Immense and the only Finn Beat Braun Was due to Disqualification and interference by Kevin owens But that ain't exactly beating Braun Clean where Roman Has Beaten Braun Clean at Fast Lane heading into Wrestlemania 33
  17. i just had an idea that you guys may like even tho i think he hasn't done enough to deserve a world title shot HOWEVER Here goes So if WWE want us to believe finn balor can beat brock lesnar here's how they do it Paul Heyman comes out and congratulate Finn on Defeating Jinder Mahal John Cena Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin...........How ever Brock Feels like You aren't deserving of a Universal Championship Match against Him and That They were no Braun Strowman Just take a look at his Footage i dug up, Heyman Points to the titantron where They show footage of Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor from May 21st 2018 and when we come back from the video package Paul Listen Finn You're a talent wrestler and you're smart Here's my proposition for you, you put your number one contenders title shot on the line against Braun Strowman and if you can get past him then Brock Lesnar will reconsider and face you at Royal Rumble. Paul goes on to say The footage don't lie Braun Strowman did pin you............If you're still not convinced take a look at this A Video Package of Elimination Chamber plays Showing Braun Strowman eliminating Finn Balor from the Chamber Match, When we come back from the video package we see finn at the ropes with his head down contemplating what he should do then he turns around and Says Guys Heyman's right the footage doesn't lie i haven't exactly had a good track record against Braun.........I dunno, What should i do? after a full 3 minutes of fan encouragement, Finn Balor says If this is the only way to prove to myself and brock lesnar that i can beat brock then YOU'RE ON, and a match between finn balor and Braun strowman is made Finn Balor manages to find a way to beat Braun Strowman and goes on to face Brock Lesnar But hey you guys may find that stupid and that's fine its just something that popped into my mind
  18. Rey Mysterio? You got me by the balls there on one hand i wanna say yeaaaa but he couldnt get past the great khali but on the other hand a part of me feels bad for rey rey because he won the WWE Championship only to drop it to john cena and i want rey to get the rematch he deserves But DAMN YOU why did you mention rey 😂😂😂😂😂
  19. lol you're probably right.............and i hope brock does win...........and true wins and losses doesnt matter
  20. there's only so much WWE can ask out of me Roman Joe Rollins Punk Bryan Braun All failed to beat Brock lesnar then we get to Finn Balor who on may 21st 2018 lost to Braun Strowman and there is a level of belief i can deal with Seth Vs Finn 50 50 booking roman vs finn 60 40 roman but i believe finn can beat roman and then we get to braun strowman and that's were you cant convince me he can win because WWE have shown me Finn Can't get past Braun Strowman on 3 different occasions May 21st May 28th and Elimination Chamber Finn vs braun reminds me of rey mysterio vs the great khali and then we get to brock i could repeat myself but just look at the name brock has gotten past ESPECIALLY roman reigns whose tried 5 times and on the 5th attempt finally beat brock lesnar hell seth rollins couldn't beat brock 2 or of the 3 matches they had so sorry guys i'm going with brock lesnar and if Finn Balor some how beats Brock lesnar its due to outside interference and even then Finn Balor wont truly have deserved the title run
  21. Womens Rumble - Ember Moon, Nikki Cross Naomi Charlotte Becky lynch should not be awarded a royal rumble spot after just having a womens championship match Same thing with sasha banks Mens Royal Rumble - Jeff Hardy Rusev Seth Rollins Adam Cole
  22. just a quick status update After Seeing How Triple H has Booked Hideo Itami Tye Dillinger And Tyler Breeze

    If you asked me Should Triple H take over WWE

    Yes or No

    my answer is no Because

    hideo itami got injured and Triple H didnt EVEN look in his direction to be NXT Champion and Why am i NOW hearing about hideo itami now that he's challenging for the Cruiserweight championship if he's not going to win the match then why is he even in the match?

    1. BrendenPlayz


      by your logic, nobody should ever wrestle because they will lose? Someone has to lose and Itami is doing that. Not a big deal.

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      i just find it funny how both he and the revival got injured and they were never given a push

  23. This is how i would have booked Finn Balor on the main roster I would have had him Debut on the main roster and I would have had him win match after match after match and build him up to take down The Miz For The Intercontinental Championship after Finn Defeated The Miz he'd have a nice lengthy reign and then i'd build him up to win the Royal Rumble and Then I'd have him go on to Wrestlemania and win the WWE Universal Championship That Way Finn Balor gets his feet wet, he connects with the Main Roster Crowd and he's done something earn the right to fight for the world championship Instead of How WWE did it They Handed him the world title he got injured he paid for it by being misused hell he almost got Knocked the fuck out by Jinder Mahal and people legit thought balor had a concussion plus he wouldn't be fed to brock lesnar
  24. Starting at the Top WWE Universal Championship Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley WWE Championship AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy WWE RAW Womens Championship Sasha Banks Vs Bayley WWE SDLive Womens Championship Asuka Vs Ember Moon WWE Womens Tag Team Championships IIconics vs Kairi Sane And Io Shirai Ronda Rousey Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Intercontinental Championship Finn Balor Vs Seth Rollins Vs EC3 United States Championship Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Daniel Bryan WWE RAW Tag Team Championships The Revival Vs Heavy Machinery Vs Authors of Pain WWE SDLive Tag Team Championships Sanity Vs Bludgeon Brothers Cruiserweight championship Hideo Itami Vs Johnny Gargano ATGMBR - Lars Sullivan Womens Battle Royal - Nikki Cross

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