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  1. you know its funny because you say that's the point of being a fan yet the fans dont act like it one minute they are saying they want new stars and when WWE Gives them someone like roman reigns they complain about it or when WWE Gives them a match they want to see and it ends up being forced and end up failing *coughs* AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura the fans blame WWE And not themselves
  2. this is why i'll never understand why the fans say they want new stars but when WWE Gives them someone the fans don't like or don't want they rebel against it and i'm gonna contradict myself here in this life you dont get what you want and its always been that way so we the fans can cry about not getting what we want or we can move on, some of us intend to move on when we dont get what we want we just gotta be patient about it and patience is something the fans dont have
  3. you're missing my main point if you're going to use your voice and push for people like daniel bryan and becky lynch to be pushed and give them the reaction they got THEN TAKE YOUR VOICE AND APPLY IT TO PEOPLE LIKE CESARO OR RUSEV my argument is you'll use your voice towards people like roman charlotte becky and daniel bryan but you wont use that same voice for the rest of the roster was that suppose to offend me?if so it didnt work I'm not a true wrestling fan? why? because i dont sit back and keep my mouth shut? nah bruv i'm gonna criticize the fans the same way i would criticize WWE that's what i call using your voice
  4. no you didn't misunderstand anything you read exactly what you read You can't pick and choose Who YOU WANT to be pushed and who doesn't deserve to be pushed If WWE Pushes the people the fans like Example Daniel Bryan from NXT 2010 To Summerslam 2013 then cheer all you want If WWE Pushes someone like Roman Reigns Someone who has fans then You dont have to like it but please show respect to the people who want him to pushed and are happy he's being pushed you used a line "Fans to Sit Quiet and not say a word" That line applies to people who like roman reigns Alexa bliss Jinder Mahal Carmella Liv Morgan the iiconics you expect their fans to sit quiet and say nothing? if so you're no more of a hypocrite than i am What I'm trying to say is You cant tell WWE who not to push and who they should push because at that point you're being unfair let me use another example Toni Storm great wrestler........but the key point i wanna point out is She's Blonde......And Being Blonde is something the fans criticize Alexa Bliss and Charlotte for being when Toni Storm gets called up people wont make light of this they'll, but they'll continue bash people like Charlotte & Alexa Bliss for being blonde, and prove my point that fans are hypocrites
  5. does it matter who wins this match By the end of the night Becky Could be Losing Both championships
  6. Roman Reigns is going to win However i honestly dont wanna see Shane Vs Roman Purely because of what happened at Survivor Series 2016 Where Roman and Shane had that scary spot where roman speared shane out of the air
  7. this match will be a great match HOWEVER the outcome is a double edge sword You Can't have Seth Rollins Lose because he'll look like A Transitional Champion who needed to use the low blow to beat brock lesnar You Can't have AJ Lose because then Corbin should have won and lost to rollins
  8. So its been Confirmed that Becky Lynch Will Be Defending the RAW Womens Championship Against Lacey Evans and the SDLive Womens Championship against Charlotte Now The Inner Analyst in me is saying Becky Lynch has a 100% Chance of Walking out of MITB As Becky No Belts She could lose the RAW Title Lacey Evans and She could lose the SDLive Womens Title to Charlotte She could Retain the RAW Womens title Against Lacey Evans but lose the Smackdown Womens championship to Charlotte HOWEVER There is one more person Becky Lynch Should be careful about The Ms Money In The Bank Winner and WWE would be stupid not to have the Ms Money In The Bank Winner Cash in on Becky Lynch There is no way in hell Becky Lynch is walking out of Money In The Bank with Both Titles She's A Going to drop both belts or B Going to Drop one of the belts
  9. My main point is don't pick and choose who you want WWE to be Pushed otherwise you're only using your voice when it matters and you're right i am in the WWE Universe However There's not many people That have won me over outside of Aleister Black Roman Reigns Kofi Kingston (Currently Being Pushed) Big E Rusev, Kevin Owens, Jeff Hardy Alexa Bliss Ember Moon Asuka Liv Morgan Cesaro
  10. So with the Release of Luke Harper..............it made me realize Maybe WWE isn't the only problem with the product, its Also the fans who are the problem Now Hear me out Look at Daniel Bryan & Becky Lynch 2 People the fans Kept annoying WWE to push what happened WWE Cracked and gave them A Wrestlemania moment They did not deserve Why Because they lost at the royal rumble but the fans didn't care all they cared about was wanting daniel and becky in the main event and then when it comes to talent like Luke Harper Big E Rusev Tyler Breeze ETC ETC ETC not a bloody Peep i don't get it do the fans Just give up You have a voice and if you want people to be pushed then use your god damn voice. it annoys me how people pick and choose who they use their voices on If you want Cesaro to be pushed Then keep Hounding the WWE pressure them into pushing him if you dont you're the reason why Wrestlers leave the WWE and you are doing a disservice to them as their fans
  11. In my Honest Opinion Sasha Banks is being Ridiculous, She should be grateful WWE Gave her the NXT Womens Championship, 4 Runs As WWE RAW Womens Champion and a Run With the Womens Tag Team Championship Something She and Bayley constantly Nagged Vince about I mean look at Tyler Breeze He's been on the roster for 4 years and He's never been a champion, outside of FCW where he was a tag team champion with roman reigns Samoa Joe and The Revival they won their first Championship in their 3 years on the main roster 2017 2018 2019 Curt Hawkins won his first Championship Since 2008 Sasha Banks? Is self entitled, a cry baby and should be grateful WWE even looked her way So The Question Is What should WWE Do? I say Fire Her.
  12. its a joke he can't win a match with his WIFE by his side but he needs his best friend SHAWN MICHAELS to win matches its a joke no need to take it so personally
  13. i think Triple H Is Secretly gay now hear me out Wrestlemania 29 he needed shawn michaels to beat Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30 he had stephanie mcmahon by his side and he lost Wrestlemania 31 he needed DX to beat Sting Wrestlemania 32 he had stepahnie mcmahon by his side and he lost Wrestlemania 33 he had stephanie mcmahon by his side and he lost Wrestlemania 34 he had stephanie Mcmahon by his side and he lost WWE Super show down he needed shawn michaels by his side to beat Undertaker Wrestlemania 35 he needed ric flair by his side to beat Batista the matches with no stipulations he lost straight up HOWEVER With Brock Lesnar Sting Undertaker and Batista he needed a No Disqualification stipulation to win So what's going on with triple h? he cant win a match with his wife by his side but he can win matches without his wife
  14. This is what happens when you force something to happen for the sake of it happening this Match was so convoluted and forced down our throats I'm actually glad i turned off Wrestlemania after the balor lashley match
  15. Looks like i was proven Right Seth Rollins couldn't beat Brock Lesnar with the curb stomp, its sad Seth Rollins title reign is tarnished due to rollins using the low blow its funny Dean Ambrose Needed the low blow against brock lesnar and lost Seth Rollins Needed the low blow and won Roman Reigns Managed to be Brock Lesnar twice without the low blow
  16. Wrestlemania ended with Kofi Kingston Winning the WWE Championship, I have never been so invested in someone winning the WWE Championship than i have for Kofi Kingston outside of Jeff Hardy
  17. Breaking News Hall Of Famer Torrie Wilson's Dad Passed away earlier this week I can't imagine what Torrie is going through hours before her hall of fame induction knowing her father wont be there on the biggest day of her life 😪
  18. after watching Pete Dunne's Match Last night i'm convinced he will be a Future WWE Champion

  19. i'm going to be honest Johnny Gargano was the wrong winner last night, Adam Cole should have walked out as NXT Champion but i watched that match and i was like oh dear god Gargano is channeling his inner john cena and going to win the match Which is sad because it just shows me Triple H Just like Vince McMahon cannot move away from one person and focus on other People is Cole going to face Gargano and win? what will be the point in that you put the title on him just to drop it to adam cole when cole should have won in the first place, is Gargano going to face Cole and retain the title? Shayna Baszler Whose left in NXT To take down Shayna? Io lost Kairi lost Twice Bianca Belair Lost twice?Mia Yim? i suppose but is triple h going to pull the trigger? Matt Riddle I'm still not sold on the dream i dont care about The Matches Were great dont get me wrong
  20. its very possible And its like WWE use to say anything can and will happen in WWE However if they dont win the NXT Tag Titles then they'll definitely win the SDLive Tag Team Titles
  21. i'm just saying it feels like the entire match was about the smackdown live womens championship and not about both titles
  22. i noticed a trend with the latest 4 Wrestlemania's And no its not roman reigns main eventing

    Its the fact they've added 1 extra match to the match Card every Year

    1. Wrestlemania 32 - 12 Matches Which is up 4 matches from Wrestlemania 31 which had 9 Matches
    2. Wrestlemania 33 - 13 Matches
    3. Wrestlemania 34 - 14 Matches
    4. Wrestlemania 35 - 15 Matches

    Just wanted to point that out and its not out of the realm of possibility WWE will keep adding 1 extra match To Wrestlemania 36

  23. its been reported by 411 Mania and ProWrestling.Com but i can see why you dont trust them

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