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  1. lately i've been playing games on an emulator and if you guys would like to Play games on your PC For free well Fear Not I will tell you what you need and link you to videos showing you exactly what to Do

    To Download and Play PS1 Games You Need to go to this site

    Epsxe - https://www.epsxe.com/download.php

    PS1 Bios Planet Emu - https://www.planetemu.net/roms/sony-playstation-bios

    Games to download https://oldgamesdownload.com/wiki/ or https://romhustler.org/

    How to Setup up everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYXUmxspNP4

    To do the same for ps2 Emulator Follow Everything in this Video


    Games to download https://oldgamesdownload.com/wiki/ or https://romhustler.org/

    And Finally to do the same thing for PSP

    Follow This Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poLPyLiIPkw

    And Finally there is also Bluestacks As well which allows me to play Mobile games on my PC




  2. I have been playing these games

    1. WWE Crush Hour
    2. Pokemon Academy
    3. Cardfight Vanguard Zero
    4. Duel Links
    5. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
    6. YuGiOh Legacy Of The Duelist
    7. Code Vein
    8. Table Top Racing
    9. YuGiOh 5Ds Tag Force 6
    10. YuGiOh Duelist Of The Roses
    11. Trials Fusion
    12. WWE 2K15
    13. UFC
    14. Madden
    15. Need For Speed Heat
    16. GTA IV The Complete Edition
    17. GTA V
    18. Sonic Forces
    19. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

    Games Like Tag Force 6 Duelist of the roses WWE Crush Hour Harry potter I've been playing on Emulators

    Games like Cardfight i've been playing on Blue stacks

    Sniper Ghost Warrior GTA IV GTA V are On PC


  3. On 5/13/2020 at 12:28 AM, ArrowGargano said:

    This is such good shit that you need to take over wwe because you are better at booking than Vince McMahon himself and your ideas are just amazing to me please keep coming up with more ideas like these because Vince McMahon can’t even book like you gs keep it up with post like this. I would do somethings different but like that’s just me you know.

    thanks for the kind words i was always told i should be a creative writer,you're probably asking me why am i a roman fan booking keith lee vs roman reigns.............well why not? who better to put over keith lee than the man who defeated keith at survivor series and showed him respect than roman reigns............HOW OVER would Keith be if roman was the one who dropped the universal championship to Keith

  4. On 5/13/2020 at 12:55 AM, ArrowGargano said:

    Baron Corbin should be arrested spot on because he attempted murder on aleister Black which Corbin didn’t know that there was a second roof on that side of the building what happens if there wasn’t a second roof on that side of the building huh? Oh wait Black and Rey would have gotten flattened out like a pancake.

    Exactly baron corbin would be arrested for attempted murder

    On 5/13/2020 at 1:06 AM, bailey14 said:

    Andddd this is dead because WWE literally brought back Rey and Black a day later after just being thrown off a building lol classic WWE

    kinda figured they would do something stupid and bring them back hell i thought they'd be back in 3 weeks THEY DIDNT EVEN LAST A WEEK they brought them back the next bloody day

  5. 6 minutes ago, Epic1237_ said:

    Already better than what WWE have done, they uploaded a video on twitter saying they are just banged up but are cleared to compete 

    Rey Mysterio would use this to go into retirement Aleister black is the one we can have a lot of fun with

    Dominik Can get revenge for his father Aleister Black can join Bray Wyatt and then break free and seek help from Undertaker to help black remember who he is

  6. 2 hours ago, Nebakos7 said:

    This would be an interesting storyline actually but it's way complicated because it's 2 guys that wwe depends on heavily lately (rey and alister), this could be done with local talent.

    But it's controversial, even in kayfabe wwe wouldnt want someone to be in jail for murder lol

    You do have a point, Someone brought this to my attention

    He said to remove the police investigation

    and instead of undertaker bringing aleister black back to life he said to have bray control Aleister and then aleister breaks free from bray wyatt and seeks help from Undertaker to find out who he is i mean its not a bad idea Aleister Black having amnesia........but could it work tho

  7. So with MITB in the bags i came up with some ideas for WWE to roll with


    Tonight on RAW i would have police show up and investigate everyone on the roster and get information on what happened. and then on Friday The FBI show up and question everyone on the roster. this would lead to baron Corbin getting arrested.

    Baron Corbin's Release:

    4 Months Later Baron Corbin gets out of jail, and he is met with Kofi Kingston who Says"Baron Someone is here to see you, he says he will meet you in the ring later tonight* Fast forward to later in the night...................Baron Corbin Comes out and asks the person to join him in the ring........2 minutes go by...........Baron says don't keep me waiting if you want to talk to me then I'm right here..............then a video package plays of someone watching baron Corbin throwing Rey Mysterio off of titan towers over and over again.............Corbin says What is this..............The Voice Responds You killed them, You're a murderer Corbin.............you're a murderer you killed aleister black, you killed rey mysterio........CORBIN YOU KILLED MY FATHER..............AND I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY............the chair turns around revealing Dominik holding Rey Mysterio's mask.

    This would lead to a match between Dominik and Baron Corbin at Summerslam.

    The Graveyard

    Over the next couple of Weeks Heading into Survivor Series We see a someone walking in the woods the vignette would show Aleister Black Being Thrown off of Titan Towers.................As we get closer and closer to survivor series we see a man entering a graveyard and walks up to a grave With Aleister Blacks Name on it........and then the following week we see the Gravekeeper dig up the grave...........and then the following week the gravekeeper reveals a coffin............and then opens the coffin................The Camera Moves up the gravekeepers body to Reveal the Undertaker, Who Looks at Aleister Black and Looks into the camera and says..............Baron Corbin On May 10th 2020 you committed one of the seven deadly sins,............You Murdered two great Wrestlers..........You murdered Rey Mysterio And Aleister Black............And now you must pay..........You must pay for your sins................I'll See you at Survivor Series.

    The Revival

    Baron Corbin feels guilty of his crimes, he can't sleep, he cannot Eat, He cannot think properly, Everywhere he goes he sees Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black..........this plays into him Losing the Survivor Series Match for his team...........The Undertaker's Theme goes off as the Winning Team Scatters out of the ring As Baron Corbin Stands up and looks at the stage as Hearse Reverses into then isle way, Baron Corbin starts to lose it, As the Undertaker Opens the hearse door and walks to the back of the hearse and pulls out a coffin..........he stands the coffin up closes the hearse door and gets into the hearse again and drives off, The Coffin Door Slowly Opens revealing Aleister Black in a Black Suit eyes closed...........And then the arena goes cold as the lights flicker on and off as 3 lightning bolts hit the coffin as the coffin bursts into flames as the whole arena goes dark, and when the lights come back on a druid is standing behind Baron Corbin. Baron slowly turns around and looks at the druid and moments later the druid points to the titantron and It shows baron corbin throwing aleister off of titan towers Before the titantron says Look behind you Baron Again reluctantly turns around and sees Aleister Black Baron Corbin turns pale as if he has seen a ghost the lights go out and come back on as we hear Aleister Blacks Laugh

    This would lead to a match at the Royal Rumble where Baron Corbin Faces Aleister Black In a undisclosed location filled with druids

    Aleister Black Would win this match and then Black points to corbin as the Druids enter the ring and cover baron corbins body and when the druids stand up Baron corbin is no where to be seen.

    First off i want to thank you guys for reading this

    Second if you like the idea than i appreciate it if you dont that's cool it does seem over the top

    Thirdly if you have any criticism i'll be happy to hear them

  8. Wrestlemania 37 Aleister Black Vs Drew McIntyre

    How do we get there Simple..........Drew McIntyre has a lengthy Title Reign leading up to wrestlemania defeating top talent after top talent As For Aleister Black? Well its simple He goes on to Defeat Andrade for the United States Championship and holds the championship til December where he loses the United States Championship To Cedric Alexander

    This is around the same time Roman Reigns comes back and wins the Intercontinental Championship And Drops it To Big E Roman Reigns goes on to enter The Royal Rumble And Eliminates 5 People from the royal rumble and then Aleister Black enters at Number 30 Aleister goes on to eliminate 6 People and Then Roman Puts over Aleister By being eliminated From the royal rumble and challenges Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

    But where does that leave Roman Reigns Simple He challenges for the WWE Universal Championship a Title 1 He Never Lost 2 Never Got a Rematch For and 3 A Rematch He had to give up due to the coronavirus

    That's Two matches booked for Wrestlemania 37

    Roman Vs Who ever the champion is,

    Aleister Black Vs Drew McIntyre.

    And Who knows maybe We Get Roman Reigns Vs Aleister Black at Survivor Series in a Champion Vs Champion Match

    Now you're asking yourself who does Aleister and Roman Drop the Titles too

    Well..................Aleister Black..................I'm stuck between Andrade or Ricochet

    as For Roman Reigns.............Well it's simple There's one person who deserves that Honor Its Keith Lee It makes sense


  9. So I'm watching RAW tonight and i seen a tweet where someone said these empty arena shows make the promos so much better and they also said that its better because the individual is talking directly to the person instead of having to talk in front of the fans

    So i was thinking What if WWE does this concept where If a steel cage can't contain a rivalry, if a hell in a cell can't contain a rivarly so they decided to Hold the Match In an Empty Warehouse the tag line can be something like "Sometimes That was never good enough" So they introduce Bring back the empty arena match

    This will only be brought in if a Rivalry gets so heated so personal not even a hell in a cell match or a cage match can contain them

    - No fans 

    - No Commentary team

    - This will be pre-recorded before the show goes live and then during the show that match will air

    I'm not sure if this makes sense

  10. So i was on twitter right, and someone said The Fiend was spotted with the Custom Universal Championship at a live event and i did some digging and i found this Bray Wyatt still had the Custom Universal Championship ..............My Question is Why?

    HOWEVER i got 2 possible reasons for this

    Now this would get roman reigns booed HOWEVER Let me pitch this

    Bray Wyatt refuses to drop the title he made to goldberg so WWE books Bray Wyatt vs John Cena for the Custom Universal Championship Which John Cena wins Then Later on in the night Goldberg loses the Universal Championship To Roman Reigns

    This would set up Roman Reigns vs John Cena In a Undisputed Championship Match which Roman Reigns will win.........its predictable and would get roman reigns booed

    my second idea is

    Bray Wyatt refuses to drop the title to goldberg and defends it every ppv and wins leading up to summerslam where bray vs roman reigns will happen which Bray Wyatt will win and become the Undisputed Universal Championship

    What do you guys think why did The Fiend still have the custom universal championship


  11. 4 hours ago, Bashka said:

    We aren’t arguing that Drew should main event because it would be his first though, we’re saying he should because he won the rumble. And if Charlotte vs Rhea did main event I wouldn’t complain because it’ll still be a great match and it would feature a rumble winner. Once again your arguments are making no sense

    then we are at a stalemate

    Bray Drew and Rhea all deserve to main event Wrestlemania

    However i Have more faith in Roman Vs Bray Main Eventing than i do Brock Vs Drew which is not a knock on Drew i just dont see brock main eventing wrestlemania with drew if brock and drew do main event then i'll be a man of my word and say i was wrong#

    You have my word on that

  12. 8 hours ago, Bashka said:

    What you aren’t mentioning thought is that Brock not main eventing vs Goldberg wasn’t because Vince has a “lack of faith” in Brock, but Goldberg didn’t win the fucking rumble and therefore didn’t main event. You could also argue that the rumble winner didn’t main event either but that year was supposed to be Taker’s retirement hence why that main evented.

    The reason why Brock didn’t main event against Seth last year was also not because of a lack in faith of Brock, but because it was supposed to be the first ever women’s main event which did feature a rumble winner (Becky Lynch) and that’s why it didn’t main event. 

    These situations you’re naming aren’t because of a lack of faith in Brock but because of another situation which means something else needs to main event, which this year doesn’t happen.

    Okay then If WWE Chooses to have Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley  main event Wrestlemania You cannot complain, Why? Because Charlotte too Won the Royal Rumble and if we are going by that then

    If Bray and Roman main events it will be Bray's first, If Charlotte Vs Rhea Main events it will be Rhea's first If Drew and Brock Main Events it will be Drew's First And you can make a valid case on why Bray Rhea deserve to event

    8 hours ago, Yelich said:

    I don't think the question here is should roman beat wyatt, the question is should roman/bray main event over drew/lesnar. You often bring up the point "when will wyatt be able to headline again" but that point is simply flawed in my opinion. The Mania main event should be the biggest match not the biggest opportunity to give someone their mania main event. Hell, theres a reason Punk never main evented sadly, he was never given the biggest match. Now it can be argued that Wyatt/Roman is a bigger match than Lesnar/Drew, but I just don't see it. As much as I love Wyatt, the Lesnar/Drew storyline is hot right now and I do not know how the foreseeable Wyatt/Roman storyline will be built. Knowing Wyatts quality I think it'll be great but I just cant see it surpassing the natural storyline Drew and Brock have going on currently. Plus if there is any way to get a crowd hot and send a crowd home happy, it is a Brock Lesnar defeat, especially to a guy as likable right now as Drew McIntyre.

    ah but the thing is i never Roman Should Beat Bray Wyatt I implied if Bray Wyatt does lose then its a good thing because he can say he main evented wrestlemania, if Bray does Main event and does beat roman then i wont have a problem with that because Roman Got Bray His first Wrestlemania main event

    With Drew Yea he won the royal rumble yea he should main event but then you can argue the case Charlotte Vs Rhea Ripley Should main event wrestlemania because Charlotte won the womens royal rumble

    and even then

    3 Main Event Matches

    3 Deserving Talent Who get the first Main Event At Wrestlemania

    but at the end of the Day Vince Gets to say who goes on last and who doesnt

  13. 8 minutes ago, JoNathanProductions said:

    You have a very valid point of the RR winners not main eventing. And really, the argument shouldn't be that it won't happen. The argument should be why it shouldn't be the main event. The main event picture would be great for Bray Wyatt. It wouldn't be good for Roman Reigns if he wins. It took him having to leave and battle one of the worst diseases for people to cheer him. And still, he doesn't always get the positive reaction WWE wants. In the big picture, Vince cares more about Reigns than Wyatt. Having Reigns lose wouldn't be a bad idea, except there's not really anyone else left. This superhero vs evil power storyline is really the only option they have to take the belt off of Wyatt.

    you do bring up a good point............But then again Roman reigns has the durabilty to go face to face with Bray Wyatt and defeat him, HOWEVER if Reigns doesn't face bray when will bray have another opportunity to headline wrestlemania They had the chance with randy orton but they gave it to roman reigns, with bray as the champion and roman as his challenger then there is a possibility Reigns will main event his 5th Wrestlemania which will be great for Bray Wyatt and 2 If Reigns doesn't face Bray Wyatt then who is there really to take down bray wyatt do you wait for another brand split? Do you have Shinsuke Nakamura try again? After WWE Failed to have him defeat Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles

    you said it yourself if reigns does lose who is there left for bray wyatt to beat?

  14. 9 hours ago, Dr.X said:

    This is a *great* opinion and all but I have one counter argument: DREW WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE. I hate that the Royal Rumble has been denied it’s whole purpose. Winner Main Events WrestleMania. Drew gets main event. 

    look at the history of the royal rumble winners  How many royal rumble winners have been denied their wrestlemania main event

    Jim Duggan, Big John Studd, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels(95), Stone Cold (97), Rey Mysterio,Undertaker, John Cena (08), Edge, Alberto Del Rio,  Sheamus, Randy Orton (2017), Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka,  Seth Rollins, If Charlotte Main events Drew Doesn't if Charlotte does Charlotte doesn't main event Drew Does, If Roman Main Events then neither drew or charlotte will main event,

    On 2/15/2020 at 11:15 PM, Bashka said:

    You actually have no reasons as to why it should main event, you’re just spitting irrelevant facts that have absolutely nothing to do with any sort of argument. 

    Call them Irrelevant facts But they are Factual If Vince Had any faith in Brock He would have main evented Wrestlemania 33 with goldberg he would have main evented wrestlemania 35 with Seth Rollins the royal rumble winner(95), Mr McMahon (99) HOWEVER The Runner up did,

    On 2/15/2020 at 10:36 PM, Brad said:

    It doesn't matter if Brock can get him there or not. Hell it could be Brock vs Jinder. If you win the Rumble then you should main event no matter what. 

    there is a 50% chance you'll main event wrestlemania and this has been a thing ever since the royal rumble was first invented

  15. 5 minutes ago, Brad said:

    Drew won the Royal Rumble, he should main event WrestleMania 36. While yes Bray and Roman both worked their assess off and would main event against each other at any other Payperview, but this is WrestleMania, where I've always said the winner of the Royal Rumble should main event WrestleMania. Plus, Bray walked into a Mania as  WWE Champion before despite the match and the results. Drew never even gotten a chance like this before to even challenge for the WWE Championship due to the failed Chosen One gimmick and the 3MB gimmick. This is the perfect way for Drew to finally make that entire Chosen One gimmick come true and it's better to do it at WrestleMania. 

    i know he won the royal rumble but lets go back to last years wrestlemania seth rollins won the royal rumble and didnt main event,

    neither asuka or shinsuke main evented 34, randy orton didnt main event wrestlemania  undertaker vs batista didnt main event

    i'm not saying drew doesnt deserve a main event wrestlemania................what i'm saying he's not going to get there with brock if it was drew vs roman and roman was the world champion then maybe drew would get that main event spot............You guys seem to have more faith in brock than i do............i'm sorry but i just dont have faith in Brock getting drew that main event spot

  16. 12 hours ago, Flynn said:

    That’s the exact same question you can ask for Drew McIntyre. When’s the next time he may get this shot, you have no clue. 

    That's a good question Flynn HOWEVER i have more faith in Roman Reigns Vs The Fiend main eventing Wrestlemania than i do Brock vs Drew,

    ask yourself this Roman Reigns has main evented 4 Wrestlemania's 2 of those were against brock

    If Vince has more faith in Roman Main eventing Wrestlemania over Brock Lesnar what does that say about brock

    8 hours ago, Julius said:

    I don't think for The Fiend's character it necessarily needs to Main Event WrestleMania, he will almost certainly lose in that match if he gets there and I don't think the Roman vs Fiend feud will be at a higher level that Drew vs Brock. If you put Drew vs Brock on last with Drew going over you have created a legitimate next big star in the WWE. He defeats the unstoppable Brock Lesnar in the Main Event and wins his first World Championship. If we are debating which first time Main Eventer deserves it more I think it has to be Drew because it has the potential to make him the next big face of the WWE

    You make a valid argument But you guys are forgetting the most important fact Out of 7 Appearences Roman has had at Wrestlemania Roman Reigns has Main Event 4 Wrestlemania's 2 of them were against brock (Romans Wrestlemania record 5-2)

    and out of the 7 Wrestlemania appearences Brock has had Since his return He's only main evented twice (Brocks record since returning  4-3)(5-4 overall)

  17. On 2/13/2020 at 10:50 PM, I Can't Odd said:

    Having Roman Reigns' come back to the top as the main event of the show may not be this best way to go since I can see it being rejected like 32. Or maybe it's perfect because if he dethrones The Fiend earlier in the night then the crowd may be soured on anything that follows. I would generally prefer Drew vs Brock to main event because I think it's a story I feel much more connected to. Drew was The Chosen One but failed. He worked his ass of to get back to WWE and now he has the chance to fulfill the prophecy. Drew beats Brock and that's a beautiful moment, assuming he wins, though I guess you never know with Brock. Either Bray or Drew getting a main event of Wrestlemania is great and both deserve that slot at some point I think, but I still prefer Drew v Brock. 

    but the question you have to ask is If Drew Vs Brock Goes on last When will be the next time Bray Will have a chance to main event wrestlemania.

    As for the story to be honest there is no story its the same story they used for Jeff Hardy The Same story for Kofi Kingston

  18. So everyone knows by now that Roman Reigns Has Main Evented Wrestlemania 4 times.

    Wrestlemania 31 Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar(Vs Seth Rollins) First Wrestlemania Main event for all 3 Brocks First Since Returning First overall for Roman And Seth

    Wrestlemania 32 Roman Reigns Vs Triple H Trips won the Royal Rumble and Reigns won a Triple Threat To get his rematch

    Wrestlemania 33 Roman Reigns Vs Undertaker I guess WWE thought this would be undertakers last ride

    Wrestlemania 34 Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar (Brocks Second Wrestlemania Main Event SInce Returning)

    Wrestlemania 35 Roman Reigns Vs Drew McIntyre (Upper Card)

    Now we get to Wrestlemania 36 We all know that Drew McIntyre Won the Royal Rumble and Should Main Event Wrestlemania But With WWE's track record that wont happen.............So if Reigns wins the Elimination Chamber and faces bray wyatt Then This will be a good thing Because Roman Reigns will get Bray Wyatt His First Wrestlemania Main Event and even if Wyatt Loses then that's a good thing because Bray Wyatt Main Evented Wrestlemania

    If Reigns doesn't face Wyatt then when will the next time Bray Wyat will get a chance to main event Wrestlemania?

    Even If Drew Doesnt Main Event Wrestlemania But Still Wins the WWE Championship then that's a good thing.

    I don't know maybe that's just me trying to spin a negative into a positive

  19. i can see why this match is booked Goldberg never actually got his rematch for the Universal Championship

    But at the same time i'm torn on this match On one Hand i'd love to see Reigns Vs Goldberg at wrestlemania However

    I've been 100% full speed ahead with Roman Reigns Getting Bray Wyatt his first Wrestlemania Main Event

    But then Again Brock Lesnar Vs Drew McIntyre and Goldberg Vs Reigns at Wrestlemania we are guaranteed 2 Full Time Guys Walking away with the World Title

    i dont know i'm conflicted

    I'll be shocked if goldberg squashes Bray Wyatt


    Goldberg Spears The Fiend

    The Fiend No Sells

    Goldberg Spears The Fiend again And Then Jackhammers him

    1....2.....Fiend Kicks out

    The Fiend Wins

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