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  1. What do you think about Alex Riley's NXT debut? (Well soon anyway) What do you think about The Brian Kendrick being back?
  2. Was that the one with the career mode about Suicide? Or at least a guy with a mask. I can't remember.
  3. No Luca No is pretty bad, but then most of the XBL Indie games are so.... Probably going to get hate for this one, but I didn't like Skyrim at all. Maybe if it was multi-player, but for me it was slow paced and hard to play. Maybe because I didn't get very far in the story, but it bored me doing the first bit so I gave up.
  4. Who do you think will win the BPL? Pretty sure Chelsea will even though I hate them. Hopefully my team Southampton will get a Europe spot.
  5. So hyped for Royal Rumble!

  6. What do you think of WWE's decision to make Ascension badmouth the Road Warriors and other hall of farmers?

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