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  1. Name: Kirk Kelly Nickname: Kirkimus Gender: Male Nationality: American Ethnicity: white Hometown: Dallas, TX Persona (Select One): Quiet Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016): use my profile/avatar picture. Fighting Style (Select One): Taekwondo Height: 6'4" Weight Class (Male Only, Select One): Heavyweight
  2. The man in the gorilla suit ... otherwise known as Harambe ... decided to work exclusively in a gorilla costume in order to commemorate the silverback gorilla, Harambe, that was killed after a three-year-old boy fell into his habitat at the zoo. There was a lot of controversey surrounding this incident but the one thing most can agree on is, whether he should have been killed or not, Harambe will be missed. Some say that this incident was a "bridge between parallel universes" ... claiming that the Harambe Incident has occurred in every single parallel universe in the exact same way on the exact same day. Of course, this is superstition as there is no way to prove it.
  3. Very nice presentation, Hans. Great work!
  4. CALLING ALL MEMBERS!!! Now that I have all of your attention, go get some family members and friends, because me and my team are going to need all the help we can get. I estimate this mod get get as high as about 2000 workers give or take. And it's all original. No real world stuff. Even down to the broadcasters (here's a few of the fantasy broadcasters): Anyway, it's a large project. So, if you have ANY ideas AT ALL, whether it's a wrestler, an announcer, an entire company with it's shows titles and everything, ANYTHING AT ALL then PLEASE ... I BEG YOU ... reply to this thread with as many details/screenshots as you can. I am already deep into this and will finish it ... one day ... but the more help i have, the faster it will go and the more imprint this community will have in the mod (which i'm super proud of). I think that TEW has been needing a mod like this, and with your guys' help, I want to bring it to life. Thanks to everyone who has already helped: @Shiba @Arius @"The Crippler" Jay @TheNathanSawyer @BrendenPlayz @TheBeastlyKing
  5. I've realized that I'm not gonna be fully satisfied with TEW until I have a fully customized fantasy mod. I have several ideas for the mod (but am interested in taking ideas or suggestions as well). The only requirement/restriction (as of now) the mod will have is it has to be 100% original content (no using copyrighted images or content) and the worker database must maintain about 66% of workers who will only work as a freelancer (short contracts); the other 33% can be top notch guys who are willing to pledge loyalty and stick with a company for as long as desired. I think this will reflect a world in which i can see the wrestling business heading to in the future. This means you have to keep in mind you'll have a fast turnover rate for most of your roster. Also, every wrestler will be able to work anywhere in the world. I'd like to get help from anyone interested as this is going to be a large amount of work, but there is no deadline or timeline. I plan on doing it as a hobby and it'll get done when it gets done. With that being said, i'm reaching out for help to those who are interested. I've already recruited the assistance of @Shiba ... If you have an idea of any kind that you feel like would make a good mod just PM me on Discord or reply here. From company ideas, broadcasters, workers of any type, etc. For the workers, I'm using WWE2k19 to develop the avatars. For at least a handful of the workers, I am taking the time to keep in mind that these guys will age as the game goes so I've created alternate profile pictures for them (see the example): I'll post more on this thread as updates happen.
  6. I would like to see a working mod from the 70s. I'd even take 1980.
  7. Kirk

    The New Attitude

    THE NEW ATTITUDE: EP. 01 “INAUGURAL ANARCHY” Disclaimer: I honestly believe the booking for this card was better than the ratings indicate. First of all, xXx wasn't able to secure a proper road agent for this event so Warrior ended up doing the road agent work (not sure how much that affects ratings but...), but the biggest hit was from the wrestlers not having gimmicks for their matches. After the contract shuffling from the draft, all the workers had to have their gimmicks reset so they "debuted" with no gimmick and then the gimmick was applied. Unfortunately, this is just how TEW works. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- JR: Hello everyone! I’m JR alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler here at the Verizon Wireless Arena and we welcome you to the first ever live broadcast of Triple X Anarchy! Warrior’s music begins to play and the crowd pops. JR: And here is the CEO of Triple X Wrestling … The Ultimate Warrior! King: What’s he got in that bag, JR? JR: I don’t know, King. It looks like it might be a championship belt. Warrior is carrying what is obviously a championship belt concealed in a bag. As he enters the ring, the fans chant, “TRIPLE X! TRIPLE X! TRIPLE X!” Warrior: Thank you so much. Thank you all for coming out and supporting Triple X Wrestling and everything we stand for. Without you people, none of this would be possible. The cheers continue but eventually the fans allow Warrior a chance to speak. Warrior: With a new company comes new championships … tonight I’m pleased to debut Triple X Wrestling’s most coveted title belt .. The Triple X World Heavyweight Championship. Warrior holds up the bag and the crowd booms. King: These fans haven’t stopped cheering since the show began, JR. JR: I can’t say that I blame them. It is an exciting night for sure! Warrior: But, before I do, I would like to answer a few questions that I know many of you would like answers to. ‘Warrior, how will Triple X determine its’ inaugural World Heavyweight Champion?’ … ‘Will you have a battle royal?’ … ‘Will it be an elimination match?’ … ‘Will there be special stipulations?’ … He pauses for dramatic effect Warrior: The answer is yes … to all of it. Tonight on Anarchy there will be an 10 man battle royal match featuring Triple X’s first 10 draft picks from the New Attitude draft. Now, because Triple X’s tenth pick of the draft was for the team of The Steiner Brothers, it will be up to them to choose who will compete for the tenth spot in the battle royal. Only one man from the team is allowed to compete. There will be no disqualifications and the only way to be eliminated is by pinfall, submission, or being thrown from the ring over the top rope. King: A 10 man battle royal? Tonight?! JR: It would appear so! King: Oh man! Warrior: Here’s the fun part … King: There’s a fun part, JR! Warrior: The winner of the match AND the runner-up will be named the number one contenders for the championship and face off at Triple X’s first ever pay-per-view, First Blood, in two weeks! To keep things interesting and competitive, the winner of tonight’s battle royal will have the advantage of choosing the type of match he will have for the belt at First Blood. As if on cue, the crowd pops at these comments. Warrior: Now, do you guys want to see the belt these men will be competing for? The crowd chants, “SHOW THE BELT! SHOW THE BELT! SHOW THE BELT!” Warrior opens the bag and pulls out the championship belt. A large silver Triple X logo makes up the plate for the belt, accompanied by two large silver globes as side plates with a black leather strap. Warrior drops the bag and holds the belt up with both hands for everyone to see. JR: That is a mighty find championship title, I’ll tell you that … it’s pretty large too. King: That’s what she said. Warrior: Now, I know you guys have paid good money to be here at Triple X’s first television program. So to thank you and reward you for that … you people won’t have to wait until First Blood in two weeks to see a title match. Right here … in this ring … tonight … there will be a match for the Triple X Wrestling World Tag Team Championship! It will be a 3-way tag team elimination match between The Faces of Fear, The Godwinns and The Legion of Doom … and it starts … right now! To say the crowd cheered loudly here would be a significant understatement. JR: What a way to start the show off! The first ever Triple X Wrestling match is a triangle tag team match for the Triple X Tag Team Championship! King: I can’t believe it! JR: There’s local referee Tim White with the tag team belts. Triple X signed Tim White to a one-night deal to referee for us tonight. As Warrior exits the ring, the lights dim and a hype video for the upcoming match plays. “1 ... 2 ... 3!!” The crowd counts with the referee as Animal covers The Barbarian for the win! Kevin Kelly: Your winners and NEW Triple X World Tag Team Champions ... The Legion of Doom! The crowd cheers for their beloved tag team champs. JR: They've done it! The Road Warriors are the inaugural tag team champions! Animal and Hawk celebrate in the ring amidst a barrage of cheers and chants. JR: Well, up next it's going to be a slobber knocker! Bob "Hardcore" Holly is gonna go head to head with the young buck, Scotty 2 Hotty! King: Scotty 2 Hotty has his work cut out for him in this one, JR. JR: Bob Holly picks up the victory. What a match that was! King: Were we watching the same match, JR? That was awful! Scotty 2 Hotty looked like an idiot in that match! Hey Scotty, if at first you don't succeed, see if there is a prize for the losers. King: Boy, that Chris Kanyon is about as dumb as a bag of rocks! He walked right into that Piledriver from Raven! JR: I don't know about that, King. Kanyon showed great athleticism with the Northern Lights Suplex on Ahmed Johnson! King: That's my point, JR. He didn't save anything. He had nothing left in the tank and Raven swooped in and got the win! JR: Well folks, ... Suddenly, a video begins playing on the titantron ... King: What's this?! Austin and Sting are seen having a conversation backstage when The Steiner Brothers rush in from around a corner and begin attacking them. A brawl ensues. For several minutes, the 4 men exchange blows. Rick Steiner grabs a steel chair and aims it at Austin. As he raises it above his head, Stone Cold delivers a Stunner to Rick Steiner. Meanwhile, Scott and Sting are exchanging blows. Austin picks up the chair and heads for Scott. Austin brings the chair down with everything he has but, at the last moment, Scott Steiner is able to duck out of the way and the chair connects with Sting's face delivering a bone crunching sound. Sting's body instantly goes limp and he falls to the ground unconscious as blood pours from his face. King: AHH! Did you see that, JR?! JR: I certainly did! Austin inadvertently just crushed Sting's face with that chair shot. King: I think Sting's nose may be broken! JR: It appears that the Steiners didn't want to have to choose which of them would enter tonight's battle royal! King: That's smart! If they can eliminate Stone Cold Steve Austin or Sting, then there will be an open spot in the match and they can both enter! JR: Well, it appears it may have worked, although not the way they planned. Austin and Scott continue to hammer away at each other, but the camera man focuses in on the bloody mess that is now Sting. King: JR, I don't think that Ultimo Dragon and Steve Blackman like each other very much! JR: That's safe to say, King. Ultimo Dragon and Steve Blackman are both martial arts experts and it seems they are in dispute about who is the better martial artist. Steve Blackman and Ultimo Dragon stand face to face in the ring after the match exchanging words with each other. Blackman feigns as if he is about to walk away, then delivers a fierce tornado kick to the head of Ultimo Dragon, sending Ultimo Dragon to the mat. JR: Oh my! Now, that's just uncalled for! Aguila, who had already gotten out of the ring, slides back in but is met by TAKA Michinoku, and the two men continue fighting. King: Haha! Look at this! Taka Michinoku and Aguila are going at it! Do these two idiots not know the match is over? Blackman, uninterested in Aguila and TAKA's dispute, steps over Ultimo's body and exits the ring. Officials and staff rush in to separate the two men fighting in the ring. A short clip plays of Ric Flair lacing up his red boots. He puts on his red robe and exits his locker room. JR: And there is the Nature Boy ... The titantron video is immediately replaced with the face of Bret Hart and The Hitman's entrance music begins to play. Fans begin to boo. King: Forget about the Nature Boy, Bret Hart is here! The glass breaks and Austin makes his entrance amidst a chorus of cheers. He gets in the ring and gets in Bret's face. JR: Folks, these two men have a long history together. King: I bet they never thought they'd have to deal with one another again! JR: Bret Hart wins! Bret Hart wins! It came down to Bret Hart and Stone Cold, Stone Cold hit Bret with a Stunner and was going for the pin when Bret Hart's brother, Owen, broke it up! After he'd already been eliminated! King: I think Owen just tripped as he was trying to leave the ring. JR: 'Just tripped' my ass! Austin had the match won, then the distraction by Owen allowed Bret to push Austin over the top rope! King: Oh, stop your bellyaching, JR. Stone Cold was still the runner-up and he still gets to compete for the championship! JR: Yes, but Bret gets the advantage of deciding what type of match that will be at xXx First Blood in two weeks! King: I know! I can't wait! JR: Well, that's about all the time we have for this one, everyone. Thanks for watching and we'll see you next week again on xXx Anarchy! Good night! -------------------------------- FIN -------------------------------- Thanks for taking the time to read this. As always, please feel free to leave questions or comments! Or, hit me up on Discord! What do you want to see next?
  8. Kirk

    The New Attitude

    DISCLAIMER: IT’S A LONG READ ... GO GET YOUR POPCORN NOW. After the infamous Montreal Screwjob, many workers in the wrestling industry took this time as an opportunity to voice their concerns and, even though there was not an official Wrestler's Union, many of the big names in the WCW and WWF came together and decided to go on strike. The only way they would agree to work again is if a major change happened. James Hellwig, more notably known as "The Ultimate Warrior", was the so-called leader of the strike. During his recent retirement, Warrior had been in discussions with many investors about the possibility of launching a new wrestling promotion. After the Screwjob, The Warrior saw this as an opportunity to launch the new company; after many long meetings with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, the three men set aside their differences momentarily and made an agreement that would change the face of wrestling forever. All current workers in the WWF and WCW would have their contracts terminated and there would be a draft between the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and the newly formed Triple X Wrestling. The draft would consist of 30 rounds for each company. The undrafted workers would then become free agents, available to anyone. Established tag teams may be drafted as a unit, or a member may be drafted individually. This is how it went down … --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The scene opens with a packed house at Madison Square Garden. A stage is set up with three podiums spaced evenly across it. JR and Jerry “The King” Lawler are at a special announce table in front of the stage and are commentating the event for the viewers at home. JR: Hello everyone, I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and welcome to the event that everyone has been talking about, the event that will only happen once in a lifetime, the event that will change the face of professional wrestling forever … The New Attitude Draft! King: Haha! I know it’s only December 1st, but Christmas has come early, JR! JR: That it has, King; the order of this draft was chosen randomly and the first pick of the draft goes to … “No Chance” blasts through the PA system and Vince McMahon walks out on stage amidst a barrage of boos. King: This crowd isn’t very happy with Mr. McMahon. JR: Well, It was less than a month ago that Vince screwed Bret Hart out of the WWF Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series. King: What are you talking about, JR? Mr. McMahon didn’t screw Bret Hart; Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart. Vince ignores the crowd, walks to the far left podium and adjusts the microphone. He opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by the chanting crowd … “ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” JR: And this crowd is letting Vince know exactly what they think of him! King: This crowd is about as intelligent as my ex-wife, JR. JR: Which one? King: Both of them. Haha! Say, who do you think Vince will choose with his first pick? JR: I have no idea, King. It could be anyone who had a contract with the WCW or WWF. Vince snarls, takes a deep breath and begins his announcement, JR: We’re about to find out ... Vince: With the first pick of the draft, the World Wrestling Federation selects … Shawn Michaels! The crowd turns from hostile to a loud cheer as the name leaves Vince’s lips. King: Shawn Michaels!? JR: The Heartbreak Kid is staying with the WWF! King: That’s a pretty solid pick, don’t you think? JR: You certainly can’t go wrong with HBK. He is the WWF World Heavyweight Champion after all. King: I thought all of the titles would be vacated after tonight? JR: I think it’s up to the discretion of the company, King. However, if Michaels had gone to Triple X or WCW then I imagine it would be vacated. But now … I’m not sure to be honest. A rock guitar begins a steady stream of notes, soon accompanied by a complementing drum beat. The crowd pops and The Ultimate Warrior walks out on the stage. He is wearing a suit and tie but still dons his iconic face paint. JR: Here he is! The man of the hour! The one you’ve all been waiting for … The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior is now the CEO of the newly formed Triple X Wrestling and he’s here to make the second pick of the draft! King: I can’t wait! Warrior smiles and waves at the crowd and pumps his arms in the air as he makes his way to the center podium. He glances over at Vince and then looks back at the crowd. Warrior: Thank you … with the second pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling chooses … Stone Cold Steve Austin! An even larger pop from the crowd and the chant begins … “Austin! Austin! Austin!” JR: And business has just picked up! King: AH! The Texas Rattlesnake is moving to Triple X Wrestling! JR: Indeed he is, King! An excellent first choice for Warrior and the three X’s. “Bite Me” begins to play throughout the arena and the crowd reacts with mixed emotions as Eric Bischoff walks out to the remaining podium. King: JR, who do you think Bischoff is going to take with his first pick? JR: I know about as much as you do, King. King: I hope it’s Sable! Eric: With the third pick of the draft, World Championship Wrestling chooses … Hulk Hogan! As they did in the previous rounds, the crowd pops when Bischoff says Hogan’s name. JR: Hulkamania will continue to run wild in WCW, folks! King: Well, did you think Eric Bischoff was going to choose anyone else? JR: Certainly not Sable. Vince: With the fourth pick of the draft, the WWF selects … King: Uh oh, here we go ... Vince: The Undertaker! JR: Well, no surprises there! King: The Deadman is Mr. McMahon’s right hand man … woah, try saying that five times fast, JR. JR: I’ll pass, thank you. Warrior: With the fifth pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling will choose … Bret “The Hitman” Hart! JR: And Bret Hart has found a new home! King: Do you think he’s happy he’s not working for Vince anymore? JR: I think that’s the understatement of the 20th century, King. Eric: With the sixth pick of the draft, WCW will select … Kevin Nash! King: Nash is staying in WCW, JR! JR: Well Kevin Nash is a big and powerful man … he may have influenced Bischoff to keep him with the company. King: Tell me something, JR … why wouldn’t Bischoff select Nash AND Scott Hall as the tag team unit ‘The Outsiders’? They’re allowed to choose established tag teams as a unit. He could’ve gotten two for the price of one! … What an idiot … JR: I don’t know, but I’m sure Eric Bischoff has his reasons. Vince: With the seventh pick of the draft, the WWF selects … Scott Hall! King: What?! Scott Hall? JR: Well, I guess we won’t be seeing ‘The Outsiders’ as a tag unit anytime soon. Warrior: With the eight pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling will select … Sting! JR: And Sting is Warrior’s next selection. I think it’s a damn good pick! King: I bet Sting is happy he is going to be far away from Hogan now! JR: I don’t think Sting is scared of anybody, King. King: Well, he should be! Eric: With the ninth pick of the draft, WCW chooses … Bill Goldberg! JR: I think we have our first upset of the night! King: Who knew Goldberg would go so high in the draft?! JR: Well, Bill Goldberg is a talented athlete but I can’t help but think there are others who may have been a better choice for that pick. King: I told you Bischoff was an idiot! Vince: With the tenth pick of the draft, the WWF is proud to select … Paul Wight. King: The Giant is making his move to the WWF! Oh my! JR: Oh my is right, King. Paul Wight is a powerful young superstar and I think McMahon has big plans for him, no pun intended. King: If Paul Wight was the Titanic, the iceberg would’ve sank! JR: Well, that’s the first 10 picks of the draft done and gone. We will continue after this short ad break … The draft continues throughout the night (see below for the full draft list - for now, we skip to the end) JR: Well, we’ve come to the final 3 picks of the draft, King. King: What a night it’s been, JR. I can’t believe that Chyna and Luna were drafted but Sable and Sunny have yet to be picked! That’s absurd! JR: Folks, let’s recap a few of the top picks by each company ... Other notable selections by Vince McMahon and the WWF include: Triple H, Roddy Piper, Vader, The Rock, The New Age Outlaws, Jeff Jarrett and Buff Bagwell. King: And selections by Triple X Wrestling include: Mick Foley, Owen Hart, DDP, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Chris Benoit and The Steiner Brothers. JR: That’s right. And, finally, WCW’s new roster includes: Curt Henning, Randy Savage, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio Jr. Vince McMahon readjusts the microphone and prepares to make his final pick … King: Shut up, JR. Vince is about to make his last pick of the draft! Vince: With the 88th pick in the draft, it is with pleasure that I select a loyal friend of mine … the great Gorilla Monsoon! JR: Gorilla Monsoon is right back where he belongs! King: In the grave? JR: Oh stop it, King! Warrior: With the 89th pick of the draft, Triple X Wrestling selects the team of … King: Who? Who? Warrior: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler! Warrior points to the announce team and smiles. The arena explodes with cheers. King: AHHH! We’ve been drafted JR! JR: Well, we are just as eligible as anyone else on the WWF and WCW rosters. King: We’re going to Triple X Wrestling! JR: What an honor it is. Eric: With the 90th and final pick in the draft, WCW proudly selects … senior official Earl Hebner! King: Earl Hebner? JR: Earl Hebner, in my view, is the best damn referee in the business. Bischoff can’t go wrong having him on staff! The crowd booms with excitement. JR: Well that does it folks. We thank you for joining us on this historic night at The Garden. Have a good night! FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS. special thanks to @The Crippler for help with this.
  9. Kirk

    The New Attitude

    In an alternate universe, the Professional Wrestling landscape looked very different in 1997. Stay tuned for more ...
  10. Kirk


    After the commercial break, right on cue, the opening notes to "Ten Thousand Fists" by Disturbed ring throughout the arena and the lights dance around the crowd. When the drums hit, the arena lights flash alternating colors of red and blue and the crowd gets pumped as they haven't heard this entrance music in a long time and recognize who it belongs to. Everyone stares at the entrance awaiting the arrival of Kirk "The Fist" Kelly. The music continues to play but no one appears. The feeling that this may be a false alarm starts to set in when suddenly ... The music cuts and the music video is replaced with a closeup of someone's hands wrapped tightly in tape. One hand makes a fist and slams into the opposite palm. The camera pans up to the face that the fists belong to ... Kirk Kelly. "I was listening to you run your mouth, Crippler, and I just couldn't sit back and listen anymore. You know, it seems you and I have a few things in common: we both come from a boxing background and we both have had a knee injury that has sidelined us from wrestling for some time." The camera quickly pans through the audience, capturing an audience who is hanging onto every word of The Fist. "But, that's about where our similarities end. The difference between you and me is much more abundantly clear. You're a jobber. One of the problems in BPZ that I've been talking about the last few weeks. You come out here and act all entitled ... like you're owed a title shot. Like folks are just supposed to bow down to you and give you what you want. Well, I've got something for you, Crippler. But, it's not an NXT title ... it's a size 12 boot that's going to go straight up your sorry ass!" The remarks get a big pop from the crowd. "You talk about how dangerous you are. You talk about how you don't care what lengths you have to go to, and you don't even care if you get injured? That just proves how stupid you really are, Crippler. But don't you worry one bit! The Fist can help you with all of those things and give you exactly what you're asking for. It would be my pleasure to take that injured knee of yours and put it out of commission for good. Then, maybe, the rest of these people and I won't have to hear you run your pathetic little mouth." The camera pans back and we notice a leather speed bag hanging next to Kirk. Kirk takes aim and delivers a devastating punch to the bag, causing it to fly off of the swivel holding it in place. "Or maybe I should just break your face and truly make you crippled. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone that runs their mouth, saying dumb shit such as 'it will take somebody prying that belt off my cold, dead hands to take it from me' when they don't even have a f***ing belt to defend. You're pathetic Crippler. And you need to be put ... in your place." Kirk walks off frame and his theme music begins to play again, inciting the crowd to cheer loudly.
  11. Kirk

    BPZ Battles

    This is easy .... Batman Forever (1995) Wonder Woman Man of Steel Supergirl (1984) Steel (1997) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Superman (1978) Batman Begins Justice League Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The Dark Knight Batman Returns (1992) Swamp Thing (1982) Superman II (1980) Superman III (1983) Batman (1966)

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