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    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PSD you'll also need these fonts: https://www.dafontfree.io/axis-typeface/ https://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font
  2. My picks: - Askua - Street Profits - Matt Riddle - Buddy Murphy - Velveteen Dream
  3. I think my first "promo" (or roleplay as we called it) was probably around 2000-2002 (one of those years; i can't remember exactly). Back then, it was very much the same as it is today (much to my surprise). We'd come together on message borads (just like this one) and post "role-plays" in this e-fed. I was part of several e-feds and even ran my own for a little bit. It was being part of these e-feds that really got me into graphic design. Some of my earliest design work was designing sigs and graphics for the e-feds I was part of. Back then, there was a lot more rp's of guys just cutting promos on each other. But there was also what you call "modern/new school" promos of guys being inventive and writing promos from different points of views (rather than just comiing out to a ring). Both forms have existed since the beginning of e-feds and, in my opinion, BOTH forms of roleplays (promos) need to be used. The whole coming out to the ring or backstage area and cutting a promo on your opponent is part of what makes wrestling wrestling - and it NEEDS to be there (in my opinion). However, it gets old after a while and you need to freshen it up with new scenery and ideas. But, no matter which style of promo you're writing, it needs to be entertaining and to the point. It needs to progress your story/feud.
  4. @Eric Shun i think you should separate wins and losses into 2 different columns (instead of in the same column like this: 1/0) ... if you have them in separate columns, it will make it easier to use formulas to determine averages or any other things you may want to use individual win/loss numbers for. Also, it makes it easier to sort by wins or losses. ..... and what about draws/ties/no contests?
  5. I made these for Mikey and Gunner's diary. But he said he didn't mind if they were posted so anyone could use them if they needed.
  6. FADE IN: EXT. KIRK'S BEACHFRONT CONDO KIRK sits on his balcony which overlooks the beach. He is sitting back on a cushioned sofa as he stares into his laptop, which sits open in front of him on the table. He occasionally puffs on a cigarette. From the laptop, the voice of ADDY is heard. ADDY (V.O.) "I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. And good plans are these! My Children! At Revelation I shall not give sacrificial aid to the lord in the form of one sinner...but two! Kirk closes the laptop, chuckles, and pulls out his phone. He holds the phone away from himself, trying to catpure a decent shot. Finally, he presses a button on the screen. KIRK Hey there everyone. The Fist is back with another Vlog! Let me first say, this is just gonna be a short little update on a situation I just heard about. Apparently, this guy ADDY really is some kind of nut and is talking all kinds of shit. This guy is going off about religious mumbo jumbo and sacrificing sinners ... His sentence fades off as he takes a drag from his cigarette. He pauses to choose his words. He then looks into the camera and nods with a slight smile. KIRK (CONT.) Okay ... Addy's crazy. Now, I don't know the guy, I'll be honest. But, should I? I mean, he hasn't exactly made any notable "sacrifices" in my eyes. People like Addy prance around in front of their mindless peon's and say a whole lot a bullshit that means absolutely nothing. This is a free country and you can practice whatever religion and talk whatever nonsense you want to talk ... I've got no problem with that ... but if you aim to practice what you preach then you and I are going to want to have a little talk, buddy. The shot holds on Kirk's serious face for a moment before cutting to black. FADE OUT
  7. As Maasa walks away we see Kirk step out of the shadows. We just see a smirk on his face as he shakes his head and laughs to himself.
  8. I had a diary that took place at the end of the 90s -- The Ultimate Warrior managed a brand new promotion called Triple X wrestling and basically the rosters of WCW and WWF got split 3 ways in a draft between WCW, WWF and xXx. I did a few posts on it but then got distracted with other projects...
  9. I had a diary that took place at the end of the 90s -- The Ultimate Warrior managed a brand new promotion called Triple X wrestling and basically the rosters of WCW and WWF got split 3 ways in a draft between WCW, WWF and xXx. I did a few posts on it but then got distracted with other projects...
  10. I'm trying to finish the skin by the time the full game is released. Stay tuned ...
  11. Kirk


    BPZMania is near and there is much to say about who will win the Nebakos Battle Royal. Kirk Kelly is in the locker room getting ready for his upcoming match. He makes the last knot in his laces and looks up to see two men walk into the room; one of them is holding a camera while the other holds a microphone. Kirk stands as the intern with the microphone approaches. "Kirk, do you mind if I have a quick word with you before your match? I'm --" The microphone is snatched from his hand. Kirk pushes the man to the side and brings the microphone up to his mouth. "It doesn't matter who you are to The Fist." Kirk peers into the camera. "What matters is BPZMania and the Nebakos Battle Royal ... and the fact that The Fist will enter that ring and start handing out knuckle sandwich after knuckle sandwich. And it doesn't matter who enters that ring ... while The Fist is out there you can rest assured you will get yourself a sandwich. The Fist doesn't let anyone go hungry. Because The Fist knows what it feels like to be hungry because The Fist is hungry. The Fist is starving. Starving to climb that ladder." Kirk looks up towards the sky and slowly raises his free hand ... "Starving for the chance to climb the BPZ ladder ... rung ... by rung ... by rung." Kirk mimics the action of climbing a ladder as he says this. Then he pauses ... and slowly lowers his eyes back to the camera ... yet his fist remains above his head. "... And if you stand in The Fist's way it's gonna be a bad day for you ... you will remember the day that you were struck by ... these fists." Kirk drops the mic and brings his fists up to the camera. He then pushes the camera away and heads on of the room towards the gorilla position to await his entrance music.

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