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  1. So when I was rewatching a BPZ vs Twitch stream when I did not have a account in Twitch so I never saw this. Beastly was giving bits to Brenden telling him breaking news. He said that SSW and BPZ allience was dover and the same went down for TPW and Twitch and SSW and TPW wanted to merge as EWA (Elite Wrestling Allience). Brenden said the EWA would have too many wrestlers and bwm said they would have a brand split between Thursday Night Throwdown and SSW Live. Brenden consider a Allience and they agreed and he closed out the stream. The Stream:
  2. You know you should have a TW, SSW, TPW, ACW hall of fame. #Toxik431- head of the first SSW Hall of Fame class of 2020
  3. Chad Gable 65 beat Jack Gallager- 50 rating 70 There is no comments about this match Angle: Mike and Maria Kannelis complain Drake Maverik in that Mike is not in the Fatal 4 Way after beating The Brian Kendrick- rating 50 There is no comments about this segment Singh Brothers 19 beat Locals 0 - rating 10 The Locals were a weak link in this match. Angle: Tony Nese is saying that he want's to face Akira Towsawa and saying he Akira is at the number 1 contender- rated 100 Tony Nese was very good in this segment Akria Towsawa 52 and Drew Gulak 38 tied and beat Oney Lorcan 41 and Munderto Carrio 16- rated 65 Aria Davaria interfired during this match attacking Oney Lorcan. Munderto Carrio was the weak link in this match with a prefomance of 16 Overall Show Rating: 95 Show Notes The crowd did a'lot of chant's in the show.
  4. In the BPZ VS Twitch mod my name is TBrinan. I'm debuting in August 2019 of the mod. I personaly want to be in the EWA (TPW and SSW). My favorite person in the Additude ERA mod is Stevie Richards. #StevieForTheRoyalRumble. BrendenPlayz was the first channel that I saw did TEW. My favorite caracter in BPZ is Bart. Hope you enjoy. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg3VkzUA3XMFiPMofWoZA_Q?view_as=subscriber Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/559533536223297537/560616230000787467
  5. Name: Agent All Star Born: December 1984 Debut: December 2018 Gender: Male Race:USA Natoinality: American Based In: USA Style: Cruiserweight Body Type:Toned Minimum: Lightweight Minimum: Lightweight Move Set Signature: Live on the Ropes (Cross Body) Signature: Throwdown (450 Splash) Finisher: Elite (Arm Bar) Face Gimick: Boxer Heel Gimick: Gangster Mask: Yes Hair: Yes Wrestler: Always Manager: No
  6. Who is your favorite company in the BPZ Vs Twitch Mod. Mine is TPW. Toxic431 likes SSW. Oviously Brenden loves BPZ. Keeley is a big TW fan. Who's your's.

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