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  1. MK 64 back in 2004, a lot of my first games were on the N64, including my first wrestling game, WM 2000.
  2. When I was creating a character for the BPZ vs Twitch mod, I was originally was thinking about one of my gimmick ideas I've had. I would play a character who gets into other people's heads by acting as weird or disturbing as possible to give himself a psychological advantage in matches. I think I could pull it off very easily, especially with a mask. He'd be a natural heel. For now, I need to focus on college; later on, though? also, the only reason I didn't make him for the mod was that I didn't feel like going on 2k and taking a pic of him or just using any person with a mask. So now, I have someone else who is going to be a star!
  3. I began watching when he was doing his SvR 08 GM mode play through after searching for one and settling on him. I never got into his Universe mode because I would have wanted to start from the beginning, but there were already too many episodes at the time. Now I really only watch his AE streams on his channel. It's a little surprising to me that I've been subed to him on YT longer than anyone else!
  4. Well, for awhile when I was younger, I was very interested in going into a field of science until a bad experience soured me on it back around 5 years ago. It wasn't until nearly 2 years ago when I really became interested in state and national parks and eventually the conservation of parks/nature. I also found out my mom wanted to become a park ranger too before she had me, so I decided I would earn my Bachelor's in NRM (Natural Resources Management) and hopefully become a park ranger for one of my home state's state parks (Tennessee). I've also had dreams of becoming a pro wrestler ever since I first got into it, but that's just a pipe dream at this point.
  5. Name: Hooligan Born: Feb, 1997 Debuts: your choice Nation/Race: American (Other) Based: USA Style: Entertainer Size: Muscular Super Heavy Min/Max Size: same Finisher: Two-Handed Chokeslam, Military Press Slam (Sec.) Gimmick: Face- entertainer Heel- Savage No mask, Has hair Favored Roles: Wrestler Bio: Raised by a traveling circus after he was found abandoned in the wilderness of Africa, he was trained to become a star in the circus world. He was scouted by several insiders in the wrestling business and eventually was trained to wrestle. He is still rather green in the ring and could potentially cause havoc if he gets upset enough. It's a freaking gorilla, dang it! You could use a picture of a gorilla or if you don't want any non-human wrestlers, I have a pic of me in a gorilla suit.
  6. Well, I suppose after years of watching Brenden on YT, I finally decided to join his forum. I'm usually just someone who only watches, but while I have the time, I figured I'd try something new. I'm getting ready for my sophomore year of university, wanting to become a park ranger after I graduate with my Bachelor's. I've enjoyed wrestling, specifically the video games, for a decade now. I also enjoy Board & Card games and Badminton. BP introduced me to TEW, which convinced me to buy it and I don't regret it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have at least a decent day.

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