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  1. Name: Kyle Evans “The Wage Fighter” Born: April 20, 1995 Race: White Nationality: American Based In: USA Status: Active Wrestler Body Type: Toned Size: Light Heavyweight Move-Set: Cradle Tombstone Piledriver, Kimura Lock, Ankle Lock, The Rainmaker, etc. Style: Puroresu or Technician (No preference between the 2) Face: Matt Riddle (Loveable stoner but can kick your ass) Heel: Samoa Joe (Not to be messed around with and moves are hard hitting and deadly) No Mask BTW (But if it’s for a storyline then knock yourself out) Bio: Kyle Evans was a kid who was raised in Philadelphia in a small apartment who loved watching Boxing, MMA, and Wrestling and anything with fighting. He went to many training sessions focusing on Submission Holds and finding anyway to knock his opponent out technically and taking advantage of his opponents’ weakness. He fought in the UFC and Bellator for awhile but hasn’t progressed in that area and was written off as an outcast maybe even a loser for smoking too much weed. People saw him at local bars getting wasted and got in many altercations and was not to be taken as a joke. So, he decided to take a shot at pro wrestling to redeem himself and where he makes his mistakes into a new opportunity for wrestling. He will take his MMA background and change the game for wrestling. He takes full ownership of being a stoner but will still kick your ass and has the mic skills to back it up.

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