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  1. https://youtu.be/Mixu4xpBaWk The Penguins music would hit, as he would walk out with his umbrella spinning… Getting the crowd to like him by hypnotizing the crowd…… As you see, I’m here for no joke, I’ve been hearing rumors about this NXT Takeover: New beginning event and I’m gonna do an open challenge to any 2 people to face me in a 2v1 handicap match…. As you see I am unstoppable, I AM THE ONE WHO PUT THE RIDDLER ON FIRE! I mastered the master mind himself.. this should make me very good. Now get ready to see more of me. I’m staying here for a whi
  2. Penguin

    The Fire..

    The Riddler would walk inside the room What’s that smell in here, smells like something is burning…. The Riddler’s surroundings inside his evil lair was being burned down moving towards him… What is happening outside something is burning which means I have to be in a rush to talk, you see here Cody you are my only challenge inside this match, no one else is stopping me. I’m either winning or you are. I mean look who we are facing Jack Bishop and The “Ace of Carnage” Arrow Ace they were both playing “Arrow Poker.” There
  3. As the clock would tick, the room would get green, as soon as it got green the man himself was waiting to speak to everyone… Hello, Welcome back to the green room… you see here that there’s nothing left behind.. Infact, with the match I have coming up. It’s important that I kept going forward and keeping everything I have alive. As you see, I have a lot to lose here unlike them. It’s important that I walk out winning this match.. I can already tell that the predictions of this match will be Cody wiping everyone. There sleeping on the other 3 members in the match. Lets
  4. Penguin

    Madden MyTeam

    Sign-ups are now close thank you for trying to submit one
  5. As, you see the crowd would cheer as Steph Thunderman would walk out to the ring. He would grab the microphone and start talking on the mic. “You see DeathRiders, I’ve been waiting all this time for a tag team title shot. Im gonna prove why Arrow and I deserve a shot.. By beating you guys the former conterships for the tag titles. I mean come on now, you already had a chance to dethrone Creed but you lost, If I’m correct. I mean come on what makes you think that you can beat Arrow and I? You two don’t get along as partners and you want to be
  6. Honestly, I think that MVP should lose this match since he already lost to Apollo before there is no point that he is getting another shot if the first result he lost. Apollo will retain and then he will go on with his reign and hopefully find someone to lose it to. Or if MVP does win he should tag with Bobby Lashley and make them 2 go for the TTC.. I just can't see MVP beating Apollo Crews at summerslam. Hopefully we can actually see this match on the PPV and Apollo or MVP dosen't get sick again.
  7. I can't wait to see what the turnout of this match is going to be. I love the feud with Seth and Rey and since there still going with it basically I think Dominik Mysterio will come out with the win so, when Rey returns its gonna be a tag match Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy and that is gonna be how the feud will end. I really hope WWE does not sell this match and make it bad, but it will be fun seeing what Dominik can do on his debut. Just cant wait for this match to happen. Probally gonna be the best match on the show beside Randy vs Drew for the WWE title.
  8. Honestly, I feel that Randy Orton should get 1 more world title reign. I know this will be a battle back and forth and I'm glad Randy is back in the Word title spot. Also, it would be cool to see Drew win at summerslam but I don't see Drew retaining at summerslam. This is gonna be one hell of a fight from both of them and I think Randy Orton will come out with the W at summerslam.
  9. The Street Profits vs Viking Raiders was good, But now since Ford is hurt I dont know whats gonna happen to the Raw tag team championship. I feel like they should just merge both of the tag team divisions together since its basically dead. Also all these new teams and stuff dont really last that long unless they have a team name. So WWE is just making up tag teams as we go to try to not make the tag team division go fully dead. I like the Street Profits have a nice reign but I think they will have to give the TTC up since Montez Ford got hurt and It could be a good chance for MVP and Lashley t
  10. Yea I can agree with you, It would be cool to see MVP as US champ so then Bobby and Crews could maybe go after the tag team belts under MVP's wing. But at the same time I don't like seeing Crews with the new belt, I think he looks better with the old belt but thats just my thought. What is your thought on the new US design, I dislike it.
  11. Penguin

    Madden MyTeam

    Im gonna be making a madden team with people at RB,FB,TE,QB, and 2 WR. Here is the sign up forum. Name: Age: Position: College you went to: City,State your from: Also, what ever team you pick we will have a vote on and I will use it or the team with the most picks people say. I hope you guys will like this diary and will sign up, Gonna make it good as possible.
  12. It’s hard to find a music video with a theme to the song to go with the video and all but the music video I like is this one https://youtu.be/wyx6JDQCslE
  13. BAM! CRASH! Flickers of lighting would go off.. as it’s storming, You thought The Thundermans are over? No… you have been fooled. We were sitting back watching Creed rule for a while now, but that is gonna change. New tag team Champs. Welcome everyone, a new era is in the coming. Now you see here Creed is a good tag team but there work together is just plain trash.. this is a call our to Creed. The Thundermans are calling you out for your belts.. Accept or Decline.. Now you see, I’ve been planning this a long and now is the perfe
  14. Me and arrow are becoming the thundermans

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