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  1. Steph

    College football

    College footballs is when the people who in the NFL come from. There ranked for college football playoffs. Ohio state is ranked #1 in the country, with LSU ranked 2 and Clemson ranked 3 and Georgia ranked 4 and Utah is ranked number 5 with The Okhaloma Sooners are ranked 6 in the country with Baylor 7, and then with the 8 spot is Wisconsin who plays a team they lost to for the Big Ten championship against the OHIO state Buckeyes. Now number 9 is the Florida Gators, and the 10th team ranked in the country is Penn State. Now that is the college football rankings. There is divison’s that teams can win the championship. Then there are Bowls that the College teams go too. Then the winner of the bowls will go to the National Championship game and then the winner will become National Champs.
  2. Steph

    Story Time

    The boy who got muddy “SLAM!” the door goes shut. The boy went outside and he wasn’t looking where he went. Then all you could hear was screaming. The boy cried for help. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELP ME!” But then he was sinking. The boy screamed for hours but then a car drove by. The car was helping but he needed water. So he went to the hose and sprayed the quick sand. He is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Steph

    Story Time

    Interviewing Frank Morris INTERVIEWER: How did you escape? Frank Morris: I escaped by a raft. We were heading to Angel Island. But then we realize that we would be doomed because there was a bridge from Angel Island to Alcatraz. So we headed to the Golden State Bridge. Interviewer: How did you make the workshop? Frank Morris: My team and I went through air vents into a room that no one knew about. That's how we made the raft. Interviewer: How did you eat or drink when you escaped? Frank Morris: We wore a disguise and had a fake name. So we could work and have food and drinks so we could survive. Interviewer: Where did you sleep at? Frank Morris: We slept at a abandoned apartment. We walked to their and back. It wasn't the most comfortable thing but it worked. It looked scary because it was dark and some of the windows were broken. Interviewer: How did you go to the air vents? Frank Morris: Well we got a key so at night we unlocked the cells and went to the cell that had an air vent so we could get to our workshop. Interviewer: How did you make your way to the docks? Frank Morris: Well we a shortcut. During yard time when the guards wasn't looking we tied a rope to the fence and we escaped made our way to the docks. When we got to the docks we had the raft out their already and then we escaped. Interviewer: How did you make the raft go to the bridge? Frank Morris: We had paddles. So we had to use the paddle to go to the bridge. So when we paddled to the bridge the raft basically broke. The water got in it. Interviewer: When did you plan your escape? Frank Morris: We had a map of Alcatraz. So we used a marker we had from our workshop. Then we drew our way to the dock where the raft is. Interviewer: What happen to the 4th person? Frank Morris: Well he got stuck in his cell because there was a guard their. So he wasn't able to escape with us. So we had to go leave him. Interviewer: How did you get past the guards? Frank Morris: Well we went at night where we had the speed so when the guard looked behind him we weren't their. And then we trapped the guards in the cell so we could run. Then we hid behind a bush so we couldn't been spotted and there was a path to the docks.
  4. Nice a Show Aaron, your doing good with it I like it. Keep it up well man. I also like that you did an inter gender match.
  5. I’m playing MLB 19 The Show with my friend then playing madden and possibly Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.
  6. I would say I like Boogeyman’s theme and entrance because that’s because what everyone is doing like Finn balor and Bray Wyatt got there entrance from boogeyman because of his gimmick.
  7. I just found a new band on the radio called Mentallica or something like that. It’s pretty good music for Rock. Seems like it could maybe be inside a game or something
  8. Steph

    Isaiah Carter

    *as the lights dim to green backstage with the camera pointing at the riddler’s face* Hello Isaiah Carter isn’t it nice to see that you snapped out of ur shell. About dang time you snapped and said something. ARROW AND I can stay with the First Class Express. Your nothing special, just because you think your something special just because you got the WHC title with you right now. Listen Isaiah, The Thundermans are gonna move on to the next round if you like it or not we’re gonna be there coming for you and Hans. Go ahead and be the bad guy not the nice guy. You are a tough guy to fight with but Arrow and I can handle that. Just because your inside BulletProof and if we win you may get all them to beat us up because your gonna be tasting the salt when we do what’s best for the tag team tourney and that is Get you guys out of here. Solve This Riddle Hans Or Isaiah Can Answer Only: I have Billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have Millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no Muscle, yet I rule two hemisphere. What am I?
  9. Steph

    Story Time

    One day four kids thought it was going to be the same boring day at school. at least they thought Jahsir,Iyanni,Kenai,Kyree all show up at school.They see no kids or teachers are we late said Kyree i don't know said Jahsir. They walk up to the door Kenai hears low skream's you hear that said Kenai what said Kyree. They see Mr.D hey Mr.D said Iyanni can you let us in Mr.D. Tarns around and his bottom lip is hanging of what the hell is that said Jahsir they all run to the back of the school. where they see something they thought the would never see in a million years dead bodys everywhere cars on fire omg said Iyanni.We should go you guys said Jahsir they all run down the path were they run into 3 zombies what should we do the zombies start to run at them Jahsir picks up a big stick and swug and sliced one off the zombies in the head I killed one Iyanni picks up a stick and kill the rest of the zombies dang Iyanni said Kyree we should go to my house Said Jahsir my dad has guns and we have a lot of food that could last us.They all rush to Jahsirs house where is everyone said Kenai all of a sudden a emergency broadcast came on it said we should go to california there is a army base where people are going my parents must have gone there said Jahsir so they grab all the guns and food and get in a car that they found on the road and go to california where they meet their family.
  10. Steph

    Story Time

    One day there was a lady named Grandma. She was busy all the time but she got a break. So she decided to gather her family for her break. Then she had to get a turkey. So she went to the store. She drove their and left her car unlocked with her keys in it. So when she got in the store she went by the eggnog and got a couple. So as she was checking out she realized she forgot the ham. So she got the ham and then went to check out. When she got to where her car was it was missing… So maybe one of her family took it. She was walking home then she got tired and stoped. Took a long break, about an hour. Then she started walking again and out of nowhere a raindeer runs her over!
  11. Steph

    Story Time

    Have you heard about NXT? NXT is a division of World Wrestling Entertainment. Many rookie wrestling superstars perform at NXT shows. NXT has its own championship. They even have their own General Manager. Many rookie wrestling superstars perform at many NXT shows. Nia Jax is a beast at NXT. Bobby Roode made his debut at NXT TAKEOVER! Kevin Owens got drafted to RAW, but he had a good history in NXT. Rookie wrestling superstars have good history in NXT. This division has its own championships. Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal for the NXT championship. Paige defeated Emma for the first NXT women's championship. Adrian Neville and Oliver Gray were the first NXT tag team championship. They even has its own General Manager. William Regal made Finn Balor and Sammo Joe in the main event. Also he made four people to main event NXT TAKEOVER! And he made a tournament for the first ever NXT championship. William Regal is a good leader and does a lot for the corporation. As you can see NXT is important to WWE corporation. NXT has athletic superstars. NXT has its own champion belts that are shiney. NXT is runned by intelligent fearless leaders.
  12. Steph

    Story Time

    Beach Day ¨Well just come on there's no sharks.¨ said Jack. ¨Okay I guess i could come.¨ We went into the water and it was warm. There was a wave it was coming fast, the wave went over us. We got wet, then we went back to the beach and dried off. Then we got ice cream!!!!!! We ate the ice cream. Then we went to the water another wave it came and my brother disappeared!!!!!!!! I ran to my mom and i said ¨MY BROTHER IS MISSING I THINK THERES SHARKS!!!!!!!¨ So I went to tell the lifeguard. He said, ¨Ok wait here were going to find him.¨ The lifeguard came back. He said, ¨Sorry but we couldn't find hm.¨ I went back to my parents and said, ¨They couldn't find him.¨ Someone was in the distance it was my brother he came back from using the bathroom. I left the beach and went home.

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