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  1. Can I get a sig that has green smoke with Green lighting and the riddler standing in the middle of it, also it saying the Riddler In blue
  2. Steph

    My Win

    As The Riddler starts to walk out with his tron playing after his win on Carnage 15th vs Brrow He goes half way down the ramp and takes a mic to speak.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d4IAG910n4 How do I say this? NXT…. I promise you, you will all have a new king and I mean it. Mecko watch out, I’m coming for you.. I want that title and I will get it. I’m gonna wind up winning the title. Your title will come to an end… now to focus on my carnage win.. Brrow, you were an easy win.. I didn’t even have to try. You really need to get better. Also I don’t understand why the hell you change your gimmick after every match you had. Brrow to Arrow Orton? Really your just making yourself look like a fool. You will never be like me and I already proved that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d4IAG910n4 *Steph walks out as his music plays* The Riddler
  3. I’m thinking about getting the free PS4 Plus games. Are Goat Simulator and the other game good?
  4. Happy birthday Jason @Thelastemperor
  5. Up Next On Carnage, The match that everyone has been waiting to see Brrow Riddle vs. Steph https://i.imgur.com/7K3qOfo.gifv https://youtu.be/-KD9KFiODeU Brrow is walking out to the ring and then gets cut of with “RIDDLE ME THIS RIDDLE ME THAT!” https://youtu.be/xrhsYm9V4Rw And Here we are the match is under way! But wait a second Brenden Comes our and says this match is now a Burried Alive Matchup. Now the Ref rings the bell and Steph takes a quick strike on Brrow making him dizzy. Now Brrow tries to fight back but Steph and his mind games kept coming into play and Brrow couldn’t do nothing.. And wait a second now Steph is getting a Barbwired bat. He’s about to use it as the baseball is Brrow’s Head.. Now that Steph has Brrow on the ground he pulls out handcuffs and handcuffs Brrows hands together. Now Steph gets expired milk, and makes an Ewwwww face for what Brrow is about to smell like.. Steph Dumps the whole milk on arrows face. Then Steph grabs Brrow and starts to uncuff him and hit him with the Mystery Bomb right into the Ground with the gap wide open Then Steph starts to bury Brrow so he will never been seen again… he grabs the shovel and starts burying. AND ITS OVER!! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!!! STEPH HAS CLAIMED VICTORY OVER BRROW AND NOW HAS GOT HIS FIRST WIN EVER.. WHAT A DEBUT FOR STEPH.. as he walks out with his theme playing with the Brother Blood World Cup. https://youtu.be/xrhsYm9V4Rw
  6. Block A Predictions: 1.Viking Raiders 2.Street Profits 3.New Day 4. Good Brothers 5.Econtra 6.Grizzled Young Veterans 7.Moustache Mountain 8.Ichiban Block B Predictions 1. Usos 2.AOP 3.reDRagon 4.Glorious Perfection 5.Limtitless Bros 6.Revial 7. Gallus 8.Bald Bruality
  7. The Riddler Adam Cole December:1999 moveset Roman reigns Heel Spear, Power bomb MMA Crossover
  8. Steph

    2 more days..

    Monkey See Monkey doo, how many days am I counting to get you. 2 more days away.. Brrow, I advised you not to come, as I out striked you in the mind. Mind games will be coming for you my fellow friend. I want you to step down from the Mach. or I’ll take a visit to your grandmom’s nursing home. I will take her out and put her on your couch with a minefield trail to lead where I am. As I know your upset of what happened last night to the shithawks,, clearly they only got Russel Willison to help them win. As The Riddler leaves a note on arrows locker door that says… Why is orange like a bell? . The Riddler walks away and the camera cut away from him..
  9. Brrow I have you beet in the solution to this riddle. Tear one off and scratch my head, what was once red is black instead.
  10. As Brrow(ass name right there Dosent make sense) was watching TV the Riddler sneaks inside his house.. What a fool! He left his backdoor unlocked! Camera man keep it down don’t make a lot of noise he’s watching TV were just here to get his kids and wife. Now that we got his wife.. we got to go get his kids but first put here in the van! Now that the wife is in the van, I think the kids are sleeping so get a fluffy bag.. Hey look his kids on the side of the road! GET THEM!!!! AND THEN LETS GET OUT BEFORE HE NOTICES SOMETHING.. Now that we have everyone we got to get the the hideout! Also your stupid riddle is imagination. I will see you when you come rescue your family after you find us! The riddler locks the door and leaves Bbrow(ass name) family down there with his security guards. Riddle me this… what is dark, nickname is called the down under? also just a tip, watch what you step on there could be a bomb to blow you up, all I know is that your family has one attached to them.
  11. Riddle me this, Riddle me that who makes it, has no need of it. who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?
  12. Steph

    Rumble Shake..

    As The Riddler is back in his office from going to the store and looking inside the daily newspaper to find out that he made it into the Royal Rumble. He jumps up in excitement because he can finally get his hands on Arrow early then he thought. This could be his big ticket to be come something better then he was originally. AC3.. your time has come, I can finally show you why I attacked you. You better get ready for me. I’m going to riddle your mind so you get out early. Watch out for my dirty tricks I’m gonna lay on you. You don’t want none of this work AC3, I’m telling you right now when I see you, your going to be dead and I mean it. You should be afraid of what I’m made of and what I’m gonna do. Now back to the Royal Rumble Match, I’m gonna make sure I’ll at least be in the last 3. If not I’m gonna be in last 5 because I’m going to do it. I’m gonna prove that I’m not just a noob, or a Jobber. I’m gonna walk out with being almost the winner. I’m not playing with the people inside the rumble match, even the Legends or the Former Champions. I’m gonna become one of the best, The Dog. I will see you all at the rumble where I make 2 appearances, the NXT title and the Royal Rumble Match. HAHAHHAHAHA Riddle me this The More there is the less you see.
  13. Steph

    The time

    As the time comes down until Royal Rumble.. Here is The riddler with his watch looking at it as it ticks down. He keeps looking at it starting inside of it as he can’t take his eyes off it. All he is saying is that Mecko, won’t be longer champion.. Cant find out what to do with himself after that lost from Winter Warfare.. His mind is thinking about Mecko retaining his title.. Then he finally comes out to say.. Mecko, your time is coming up... I’m telling you at Royal Rumble I will walk out as the new NXT champion. I will spray paint the title green, also spray paint your house with question Marks. Im coming for you and the whole NXT Division, I’m gonna put our Division on lockdown because of me. Not because of you Amai or Mecko.. NXT will be alive again. I’m the mind master, I’m the game master.. I’m gonna trick you all. Stop trying, the least you can do is hand down your title to me. I will become the Supreme. Tick Tok, Tick Tok, Tick Tok. The time is coming down until I finally bury you both. Same with you James Knight.. I watched that match and I was like who’s gonna win it was so close until you came short. I’m telling you NO ONE IS GONNA GET IN MY WAY AGAIN. Now Arrow for you.. you have messed up. I will deal with Arrow for later when his time is comes. I’m focused on one thing and that is the NXT title.. Riddle me this, this one I made up. You have Found a Black thing, with a strap around, wondering inside a trash can. He only comes to fight. Who am I?
  14. Name: Sknib Raj Raj. Age:28 Force Sensitive: Yes Appearance: he can iump high, he also is like an alien kangaroo Class: Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight, Scoundrel Backstory: Just moved in with his brother Jar Jar, is new to the Star Wars and wants to become a big name. His family kicked him out of his home and wants him to succeed so he came here. Drank: Jar Jar’s Coffee

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