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  1. Phew, best tag team on the roster great heels just a staple of smackdown so yes good re signing. I got kinda nervous but i hope WWE gives them and the revival the titles runs they deserve because they deserve it out of anyone else.
  2. Hey man nice to meet ya! you seem like a cool dude, enjoy yourself and have fun
  3. From the looks of the trailer they did a little of both. I will say though after the trailer I am even more hyped to see this movie. It looks visually stunning and i am a joker fanboy so to finally see a true origin story is going to be so awesome. I do believe this movie will be up for oscars.
  4. WWE is on thin ice right now cause if Kingston loses the rest of the show is ruined so they need to make the right choice and just give Kofi the belt
  5. What if Ryback wasn't overpushed too quick?
  6. I am hyped for this joker movie and endgame obviously. But more joker i have always been a huge fan of the joker even wanted to do a gimmick as him. I always felt like he deserved his own movie.
  7. Incredibles 1 and 2 - Masterpieces in my opinion one of pixars best works Toy story 1-3 - This in my opinion is Pixar's best work such a well told story kind of sad that toy story 4 is coming out cause the third ended so perfectly Howls moving castle - Beautifully told and just an all around a fantastic movie from start to finish Lion King - I still can't watch mufassas death scene without tearing up and i have seen it at least 30 times. Emperors new groove - Underrated movie, great comedy and a different and fun story
  8. I have been on a madden grind, mostly MUT but i have also been doing some franchises with a variety of teams. Mortal Kombat XL in preparation for Mortal Kombat 11. I have also been playing tons of Minecraft for that nostalgic feel
  9. SVR 2008, i got it for free from my moms friend and at the time i never watched wrestling before so i played the game and i fell in love. I think GM mode was so much fun especially doing the draft and all that i always had a blast. The gameplay was ok not my favorite part i just loved booking people in matches and taking SD to the top.
  10. Buffalo Bills Franchise: The Rebuild The Bills have been nothing short of a mediocre team and that is putting it nicely, 1 playoff birth in 18 years and with Tom Brady still being around there seems to be no end in sight. Brandon Beane has been trying to get a big time receiver but simply put nobody wants to play in Buffalo. There are some bright spots though and it starts will the Bills cornerstones there future and the center pieces of the team the sophmores. Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. Josh Allen is a 6'6 strong armed QB out of Wyoming and his rookie season he set the Bills on fire with not only his cannon arm and his ability to turn an 8 yard sack into a 35 yard TD run filled with hurdles jukes and stiff arms. Josh Allen although never lived up to Baker Mayfield he is indefinably a future all pro QB in the NFL if developed right. Tremaine Edmunds is an absolute monster in the middle of the Bills defense sranding at 6'6 and 250 pounds he made a huge impact in his rookie year. Finishing 15th in the league in tackles with a total of 121 he also finished with 2 tackles and 2 interceptions. Buffalo sits third in the league in terms of cap space and is constantly looking for new trade partners for a viable number one receiver. AB said no and Desean Jackson said no which put a negative stigma around Buffalo. With a new General manager Landon Mastowski and a stingy coach in Sean Mcdermott this really could be the Bills year. Welcome to the new Era of the Buffalo Bills...
  11. This match won't be too long but with the short time that will be allotted I'm expecting a fantastic match just 2 of the best going at it no gold on the line should be great
  12. The office - If you can start to love Michael Scott you will fall in love with this show it is hilarious and also has some tear jerker episodes. There were some questionable decisions in season 9 but overall a great show Breaking Bad - One of the most perfectly written shows of all time there is one episode that I didn't care much for and that was it such a beautifully written show top to bottom
  13. Mortal Kombat 11 looks sick and i plan on pre ordering it. DMC 5 DMC is one of my favorite games so definitely want to keep it going. Also wanna get the crash bandicoot racing game
  14. Apex

    Memory lane

    Carnage returns from break and the arena goes black and the attention shifts to the titantron where we see a video package of a familiar face of BPZ, Apex. The video shows his first battle in NXT fighting for the NXT championship and losing to Brad. His battle with Brad Ginge and Alyx wilde for the US title also falling short. Apex’s defeat at the hands of Sameer for the premium championship. And then it shows him winning his first ever championship win the Intercontinental championship followed by losing the championship the next day to Brad. The video package continued showing Apex defeating Bizzy for his second IC title reign and the tears that followed from him grasping the title like he was never going to let go. That was of course a lie as the next image was Apex losing to Razor and Apex once again feeling like he let his fans down. Then the movie cuts to his battles with FD which lead to Apex in a career match where he won the biggest match of his career on “The Rainmaker” To help him stay employed with BPZ. The screen goes to black and the crowd is silenced at the trip down memory lane that they just witnessed. The spotlight shifts to the middle of the ring where we see a man in a suit with a microphone in his hands as the crowd stays silenced. Apex for the first time in almost a year raises the mic. “Part Timer…” “Overrated…” “1 day title reign…” “Failure…” “Washed up…” “Meidocore…” The crowd still silenced is absorbing these words that Apex is saying still waiting for him to address his possible future for BPZMania if he will play a part in any way shape or form. “My road in BPZ has been described by those sayings I have struggled to gain momentum I have struggled to get the big win in my career. I have gone AWOL to many times I have struggled to keep the IC title in my possession. I am sick of the losing I am sick of the disrespect that is thrown on my name. I have sacrificed too much to be where I am and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Hell I don’t even have a spot on the biggest show of the year. I don’t deserve it I have left to many times, lost too many times and after awhile you just feel stuck.” “I’m sorry guys… for everything…” Apex leaves the ring walking down the ramp with tears in his eyes and out of sight as the crowd waits for the next segment of the show with one question. What is next for Apex?

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