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  1. New laptop so be expecting a lot more of Apex 

  2. Apex


    Apex stares down Jason looking at him with a mix of anger and sadness as Johnny as just brought back a part of Apex that he did't want revealed. Apex then starts to walk away from the ring and right as he is in between the ropes he hears Jason mumble under his breath "What a bitch" . Apex walks back into the ring getting in the face of Jason Ryan and puts the mic back up to his mouth now seething with anger. Apex: Look man who the hell you think you are man I came out here expecting to be welcomed and at leas properly declined. Look Jason you have no right to come out here with your young hot shot mouth and say just anything to me. I don't care if you are the damn future of BPZ you coming out here and running your mouth about my father's death that I told no one about. i have dealt with some messed up people in my entire career but you by far top the cake. You come out here and run your mouth about the worst moment in my life and then insult me on top of that? and then I walk away to save your ass from getting your face beaten in until world at war and you had to keep running your mouth. You say that nobody missed me? I mean I think the fans reaction when i stepped out here for the first time in months says otherwise. I have worked my ass off to be where I am today and I am not going to be insulted and attacked by some wannabe megastar who doesn't have a filter. If you think you are going to have an easy match come WAW especially for your first match in BPZ I can't wait to see the loo on your face when I hand you your first loss... WAW was just gonna be another match for me but Jason you just made this personal so tell em Jason how did you find about my father and my accident I deserve to know The crowd shocked and anxious after Apex's outburst on Jason Ryan Apex looks Jason dead in the eye visibly still angry and his comments about Apex's mom and father waits patiently for Jason's response
  3. Apex


    "Worlds Apart" a theme that fans have not heard in quite some time begins to play through the Carnage arena and the crowds begin to go absolutely insane as Apex in a suit and tie emerges from the back of the locker room looking fresh and in great shape. The crowd still in shock as Apex has been gone since November for reasons unknown many wild conspiracies have gone around that Apex left the company due to treatment or that Apex simply retired due to age but here he is! Apex smiles as he has a mic in his hand and he makes his way to the ring. He stands in the middle room and takes a deep breath before speaking for the first time in 4 months Apex: Wow it feels like i haven't stepped in a ring in 6 years, and just to smell a ring and to feel the electricity in this arena has me filled with excitement . APEX IS BACK!!! This company though while I was away has undergone so many changes BPZ has hit an all time high and is going through a golden era and the company is getting younger and sleeker. These young shots are top notch and I bet they are going to continue to overlook me as I have come off another injury scare and these injuries are beginning to plague me and I m beginning to get scared for my career but the doctors cleared me and I am ready to get back to work. The way this ring makes me feel when I start wrestling is the feeling I have been working towards during my rehabilitation. I have no idea if i can even compete at the same level again. I have no idea if these new guys know what type of a fight I give each and every week and how much noise I make in this company when I am here. I love the way this company treats me and I cannot wait to see what my potential here on this glorious return. Now I do have one problem today I was backstage and I heard this dude who was talking about creating anarchy? I want to see what kind of anarchy he wants to set onto BPZ i want to see what this kid is made of. I have my eyes set on this guy he is very intriguing and i think together we could take down the tag team division and with my experience and 'his ambitions and his desire to take over BPZ. There is nothing that we can't do. I want to take this young man to the promise land. I want to show this kid my stuff and my fight and my courage i show when i fight every opponent. Jason Ryan let me take you to the top of the tag team division and together we can create anarchy... Apex stands in the ring as the crowd cheers at the thought of Apex holding one half of the tag team championships for the first time. He smiles looking down the ramp waiting for Jason Ryan to show himself and answer his request to be tag team partners.
  4. Apex

    The Royal Rumble Pool

    I’m in
  5. I see Miz winning here and good god i think WWE needs to give up on Corbin i just have zero interest in him i honestly think Sin cara would of been a breath of fresh air and a why not moment give him a chance ya know? Miz should win here
  6. HHH BAH GOD!! This could be one of the best survivor series match of all time. 2 very complete teams and I am super hyped. Bobby Roode really should be the sole survior here to kinda get a push towards WHC and Roode vs. AJ please!!! Sadly that won't happen but I am so hyped for this match Braun won't be pinned he will be counted out Joe and Balor will argue and be kicked out of the match and HHH could be sole survivor and take the GM spot from Angle. On SDL Roode and Cena could argue causing a feud to spark there while Shane is elimination one and Shinsuke is sole surviror and challenges AJ to a match for the WHC? A lot of possibilities here excited to see the outcome
  7. Apex

    The Shield VS The New Day

    This match is going to be great and I am super excited to tune in. Although the shield reunion in my opinion seems a little rushed I still feel like this match is going to be good and I hope the WWE does something super cool with the shield 2.0 and it starts with a W against the new Day
  8. Apex

    Let you down

    “Worlds Apart” blasts throughout the carnage arena as Apex not himself but in a suit walks down to the stage no smile yet no anger. On his way to the ramp the fans expecting high fives are rejected and Apex gets on the steel steps and in the ring. He pauses looks around and pulls a mix out of his jacket pocket. The crowd confused by the attitude of “The Undersog” of BPZ. Apex takes a breath before beginning to speak Apex: Last night was redemption and I was beat by the proclaimed future of this company to the shock of many including myself I pushed and pushed and it wasn’t enough. I can’t stop but thinking why did this happen? It seems like the night after every PPV I say the same shit. I give an excuse or defend for the reason why I lost. Well this time I don’t have anything like that to say I lost I took the 1..2..3. My glorious return was ruined. No wonder I am a joke I lost to a joke I let myself down I let the boss down I let so many people down. For once I went into a match the favorite and I lost. I can’t stand this losing it’s making me go crazy it’s making me hungrier and hungrier it’s making me feel like I would do anything for a win. The fans are shocked by what Apex is saying this is not the Apex that returned a couple of days and it definitely isn’t the underdog. Apex: I can’t defend myself and I won’t defend myself why did I even come back? To continue this losing streak? No I came her to kick ass and take titles and that’s what I plan to do no matter what I have to do. No matter who I have to work with. I will return to my winning ways and I will be a champion before the years end! That premium title would look good around this waist don’t you think? Apex winks at the camera while the crowd is in shock at what just happened just as Apex is about to drop the mic he puts it back to his mouth and yells “The era of the underdog is over!!!” The crowd boos and Apex begins to laugh to the dismay of the fans but the enjoyment of apex who stands at the end of the ramp dropping a bomb on the BPZ universe!
  9. Apex

    I Won't Hide

    {Right as George is about to reach the stage "World's Apart plays a shock to the BPZ universe and George himself! Apex smiles as the crowd is all smiles and happy as can be to see the underdog return to BPZ. Apex looks at that redemption poster and smiles. He then bumps his shoulder against George and runs down the ramp smiling as the crowd continues to be noisy. Apex gets in the ring and starts bouncing off the ropes and takes off his leather jacket and looks around the crowd while waiting for someone to grab a mic for him. When he receives the mic George still has a look of surprise on his face before standing proper again as apex smiles and looks down at George still at the top of the ramp.} Apex: You want competition George? You want a fight at redemption? I can name a person that can give you one of the hardest fights of your entire career, a man that can still wrestle with the best of them, a man who has constantly defied the odds and has found a way to win no matter the challenge. That man is me George, you obviously weren't my first choice as an opponenet but after this little segment of yours I had to step in. You come out here proclaming that the people in the back don't respect you and that you can carry this PPV to great heights that you alone hold Carnage by a thread and you are the best on the roster. Come on George I forgot about you i remember you as a kid that had great talent and tons of potential and I was right you have that NXT Belt and you deserved it. George with an attitude like that you will not go to the top you will not keep growing you will fall down on the ladder of success and end up searching for scraps If the people in that locker room don't respect you then they probably have a damn good reason too. So listen loud and clear Josh we can call this match at redemption "The future vs. The Veteran" . Now you can accept and carry this PPV to great heights like you promised these fans or you can decline and continue to have the people in the back and the most important thing about this show these fans. If you beat me you will have earned my respect as a wrestler if you don't then we learned that you have a lot of talk but little Georgie can't back it up. I push myself to the limit every time I wrestle wrestling is the most important thing in my life and I would love a match to prove to not only the fans but the people in the back including Bailey that I still got it... {Apex leans against the ropes waiting from the challenge from George}
  10. That Kayfabe section is tempting me...

    1. Ross


      Come back brother!

  11. When I walked away from wwe for a break I expected to come back to Shinsuke as champion and now Mahal is facing off agaisnt Brock Lesnar in the main event of a big 4 PPV... Just wow
  12. Apex

    Defiant Wrestling Discussion

    Lmao RIP to whatculture sad to see they used to be amazing but lately they haven't been as good but now with just Simon Whatculture is done
  13. Apex

    Time after time

  14. Apex

    Hulk Hogan Wants To Manage Braun Strowman

    Hulk Hogan? Braun does not need a manager in anyway shape or form his gimmick is fantastic and adding Hulk Hogan to the picture would make me lose a lil bit of interest I mean Braun with a manager? I mean UNLESS it is Paul Heyman but I don't think Braun needs to talk to much on the mic to be bloody fantastic. WWE is obviously high on him and I hope it translates to a Universal title win.