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  1. after hearing that you like this movie so much I decided to check it out and it was AWESOME! I'll probably also watch it 10+ times
  2. Steve these were epic! Really did like them! I would love to try to get into GFX once I get a computer haha but otherwise the wyatt one was my favorite
  3. I really didn't like it at all but he's been amazing looks like melo finally has a partner in crime for the future..,...
  4. Smith I am legit having the same problems right now idk if I like her or not....
  5. Happy birthday day 234 hope it was great
  6. 2800 posts! Back in the posting game!
  7. Landon

    Smith's Graphics

    Wow looks great Smith! May I request a chris Jericho avi with my name on it. Thanks in advance Smith you are the man
  8. My favorite team is the LA kings and they are doing solid hoping that they can take the Stanley cup again this year
  9. My Knicks aren't doing to well this year... But I believe that the team is getting better And what about those warriors geez absoutley STOMPED the spurs! Will they beat the bulls record? Idk they proabably have a chance
  10. The Superbowl has been on my mind since Sunday haha also trying to get my grades up because the marking period is almost over
  11. Gonna try to get back into fallout 4 because I heard it was a great game just haven't gotten into it
  12. The amazing rumble and getting hyped raw! Also been getting hyped for the super bowl!
  13. The 2016 rumble one of the best rumbles in recent memories
  14. I'm picking the panthers..... I think that cam can overcome the Denver Defense and I actually like cam I didn't like him when he was cocky over a 6-10 season but now he has a right to be cocky tbh
  15. Thank you for everyone for the birthday wishes!!! You guys are beast
  16. Don't fuck with Bizzy cuz he looks savage af.... And you are only 24?!?! I thought you were like 28 haha
  17. I agree Bailey the pats better lose I either want cam or carson to win their first Superbowl
  18. 5. Goldust 4. Seth Rollins 3. Dean Ambrose 2. Sheamus 1. Kevin Owens
  19. My mom said that she would buy me NBA2k16 on the week of valentines day so I'm really hyped to get into MyGm!!!
  20. Madden 16 - My Franchise Modes Black ops 3 - Struggling to get better at the game WWE2k16 - Been trying to get back into mycareer Gutair hero - Leveling up in gutair hero live its a really fun game happy I got it GTA V online
  21. I watched ride along 2 very funny I highly recommend it
  22. Well in honor of my birthday I've gathered some of my favorite baby pics so here it is... Enjoy
  23. Bailey he wasnt even the coach he did nothing they went to there new head coach for everything Blatt was basically getting paid to watch a basketball game.... And if I'm being honest lebron lead them to the finals and #1 in the east not blatt
  24. Thanks Smith and nebakos!

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