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Everything posted by Apex

  1. With my Birthday right around the corner I've been thinking about what that and also about the royal rumble
  2. didn't you still lose by 30+? That's a pretty big deal lmao
  3. Reached 2.7K on my way to 3K hoping to make it to 3k before my 1 year anniversary its gonna be close
  4. thanks so much Elliot your the man!!
  5. Apex

    Face Reveal Thread

    I think it's the hair cut I at least look 10 when I have long hair haha
  6. Apex

    Face Reveal Thread

    I really do.... My mom said that I look very young for my age lmao
  7. Apex

    Face Reveal Thread

    Christmas selfie because why not haha
  8. Brad tbh there schedule has just been easy..... They haven't played the pats or the broncos if there defense wasn't killer there offense would suck.... Plus cam is playing the best football of his career but Brady is playing better I see the panthers losing to the seahawks setting up pats vs. Seahawks Round 2
  9. Got GTA V as and early gift and I've been playing tons of story mode! Absoutley loving it
  10. Hey Elliot great work! I was wondering if I could have a cm punk sig greatly appreciated
  11. Apex

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday to one of my best friends here bailey hope its a great one bro
  12. savage........ Actually I'm turining 15 next month
  13. When I heard about Kobe I was super sad... I mean he's a legend and unlike nebakos I was a huge Kobe fanboy when I was 10 I told my dad I wanna be just like kobe.... He said why? I go because I wanna swish baskets for days Kobe will be missed for sure.....
  14. Annnnnnd the bills get screwed again my bad calls bind ass fucking refs
  15. Apex

    Smith's Graphics

    amazing job Smith! Thanks you!
  16. http://postimg.org/image/vu3bvrxhx/ http://postimg.org/image/d9oag6qtx/
  17. Apex

    Smith's Graphics

    Hey smith I'm back! I would like to request my 5th or 6th avi from you, your my avi guy . Could I have a Kevin Owens with my name on it please thanks in advance
  18. Ummmmm we kept it close than the Jets sameer
  19. Bailey who beat the Jets? Was it the bills? Did we just overtake them for the wild card spot? RIGHT WE DID! On a serious good game. That D stood up late not gonna lie got really nervous thank god clemens forgot to turn aroud.
  20. Getting a new phone tuesday!!!!
  21. In my opinion Finn Balor is boring... The only time he is not is during his demon enterance. His moves are lackluster and boring. And I also believe Dolph Ziggler is super boring and no longer entertaining
  22. Well I'm feeling a little down as of late... No 2k16 for awhile, and I miss my grandma. Her birthday would of been today
  23. Apex

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday maestro and jackaman!! Hope it's a great day!

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