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Everything posted by Landon

  1. Im premium baby how do i look??

  2. My favorite song right now is... probably thinking out loud lol
  3. well my grandma got me birthday money so the first thing i'm buying... for only 9.99... premium (if it works) lol

  4. Ya matty that was bad and so was ghosts just pure shit lol!! All the fifa games and probally James Bond 007 was bad!
  5. chats broken :(

    1. Landon


      Its fixed i'm on now lol

  6. Damn tamer did not see that coming lol
  7. I'm sorry guys but I'm obsessed with little Einsteins it won't get out of my head lol
  8. Latley i've been watch law and order and crime shows don't know why. Lol
  9. I feel bad for rose he had potential but the stupid leg issues. It sucks
  10. Joh is no longer Mr. Mysterious
  11. so the bills have traded kiko Alonso for Lesan McCoy i an so PUMPED!! Good or bad trade
  12. Why is chat not working?

    1. Keeley


      dont know apex but brenden doesnt know how to fix it. It should start working soon fingers crossed!

    2. Keeley



      its working

  13. Thanks to Smith for my new logo/avatar.

    1. Nebakos7


      Really good, great job Smith!

  14. Lol i have NEVER liked cod ghosts of maybe The Amazing spiderman series was AWFUL!!!
  15. thinking of doing a wwe 2k14 UM would you guys bre intrested?

    1. Landon


      PS4 broke lol

  16. Ya i have not been a movie person lately been a t.v guy
  17. Damn that's a bold prediction! Really Westbrook is out?
  18. I like zigglers and paige's
  19. All of the batman arkham games lol
  20. So what are your guys prediction after the all star break who sre your picks to win it all
  21. I like alkine trio, red hot chili peppers, FFDP, ed Sheeran,
  22. Rose is so fragile he is not a franchise player that the bulls need. They need someone who cant play 5 minutes without getting injured lol.

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