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Everything posted by Landon

  1. Sick as a bitch SOS 

  2. When I returned I wasn't originally going to have Drake as my manager I was just going to stick with my Rollins gimmick but I'm glad I am glad that Drake is my manager and I love my galloway gimmick.
  3. Get this topic going again..... I just watched The people vs. OJ Simpson and holy cow it was fantastic. I believe that Cuba Gooding killed it as OJ the character development was great. I knew about the trial but I never really looked into it. I loved the season. The main show is called American crime story can't wait for season 2. I am now going to start watching Zoo it's been on my list for awhile now so I'm gonna pick up on it
  4. I personally am enjoying the game. In my opinion, I like it more than super card. I have been on the grind as of late trying to get as far as possible before I eventually get bored of it. That's what happend with Super card for me. But overall its' a fun little time killer.
  5. Knowing WWE it will be a "surprise" but we all know he's gonna show up. Then he will show up we will all get hyped he will just say he's going to be at WM like he every year. I mean hopefully, he doesn't and like Nate says just makes fun of everyone and does a promo battle make Raw more interesting.
  6. Hey mates, i wanna get into graphic designing to you graphic designers what's the best site for graphics? Thanks in advance 

    1. Reeves


      Most people use Photoshop, it produces the best kinds of graphics once you get a hang of it. And I've seen some people use apps like Pixlr, but if you want to edit simple stuff i personally like PicsArt (mobile).

    2. Ross


      Photoshop CS6. You will find i way to get it for free

  7. World: Chris White Nebakos Flynn Alyx IC: Myself Blade FD Alyx Premium: Bic Summer Ark FD US: Rop Bic Nate Ark
  8. Good to be back i got grounded for the first time since i was like 8 oops but I'm back 

    1. Landon


      Don't forget i gotta make one promo a month ;)

    2. BrendenPlayz


      so you were grounded for the first time since like.. yesterday ;)

    3. Nebakos7
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  9. Today marks 2 years on the forums that have changed my life thanks BPZ forums for keeping me entertained and for getting me involved in WWE. A huge thanks to BPZ for making and keeping the forums around Love ya guys

    1. Slim


      Happy 2 years!!

    2. Angelo


      Congratulations you still look like a elf tho :cena2

  10. 5: @Smith Our Playstation party convos were great gotta love Smith 4: @Natedog Great kid and he's a legend at zombies 3: @Slim Me and slim share very similar views besides the fact that he likes the patriots oh and he's a dick 2: @Nebakos7 Dude is an absolute legend and a great friend to me 1: @Chris White He's my number one simply because he's a great person and i can say i wasn't fond of his Jason Black days but I've come to be super lose with Tim HM: @Avan Wolfe @Jigen Bakudan @Flynn @BiC
  11. Super super hyped for the Royal Rumble this year. The Rumble match itself could be one of the best of all time i'm super excited


  12. Happy birthday to me 

    1. Nebakos7


      Happy late birthday Apex, wish you the best!

    2. Flynn


      Happy late birthday

    3. Sameer


      Happy late birthday!

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  13. Fuck off Sony making me pay $106 to fix my PS4 ughhhh

    1. Landon


      that's not the problem.... I shouldn't have to pay $106 for a problem that they said is happening a lot lately @gill

    2. gill


      except, y'know, it's an expensive item? and expensive iterms are 10 out of 10 times expensive to fix?

    3. Landon
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  14. Donald fucking trump is the president.... Aye BPZ mind if I head down to Aussie with ya 😂😂

    1. Echo Wilson

      Echo Wilson

      this is my thoughts exactly


    2. Keeley


      your all welcome to come stay haha

    3. Nebakos7


      Trump isn't the president of my country but can I come down there with ya too?

  15. "I knew you looked like a soccer mom didn't know you kicked like one too" - Dean Ambrose 

  16. Lost all my data on my PS4 after it got corrupted :( no saved data,no update files thanks Sony

  17. My bills win a critical game!!! This is the team I expected to see let's go buffalo let's get hyped for the rams!
  18. Been playing a ton of NBA2k17 its addicting and Myleauge is alot better
  19. Sts you have come back with straight fire graphics! Keep it up man really liked the Becky and Ryan's! Also that text on Ryan's Sig is beast
  20. Ughhhh my parents I got grounded again for no reason but I'm gonna try to stay active through my PS4 and try to sneak my phone but ugh this sucks

    1. Marvsta


      There would've been a reason.  Just accept the grounding and don't go behind their backs to get on. If you do and get caught you'll just get an extended grounding anyway

    2. Slim


      Ehhh I'd sneak it

  21. September 16th boysssssssss totally worth the $100 👌👌 my favorite player of all time gotta get the full experience ya know?
  22. New members so here is an update of the man behind the account of Apex haha
  23. First day of 10th grade was a success it was pretty fun oh and I got 3 girls snapchats soooo I win I think :)

  24. Madden 17 has been AMAZINGGGGGGGGG better than madden 16 in every way possible tbh
  25. Uncharted 4 took over my life for 3 days along with NBA2k16

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