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  1. Happy Birthday @R_Br33zzy hope it is a good one man! Glad you are active to celebrate it 

  2. Hey guys! I miss you all very much congrats to Flynn and Slim on GM! I am moving into a new house on July 17th! I will be back full time by July 21st :) 

  3. Should be back by the weekend guys :) 

  4. Wow loving this new look!

  5. @Angelo Catio We have a lot of history and I think a feud between the 2 of us could be explosive @Smith Never had the honor of promo batteling with Smith and it would honestly be a pleasure @Sameer We have both improved so much and I honestly want to see who would come out on top @Alyx Wilde Alyx is one of the best who wouldn't want to promo battle against him? @Jason Black Mentor vs. Student I feel me and Tim could work Magic done right HM: @Slim @King Flynn @Nebakos7 @BiC
  6. Apex

    Smith's Graphics

    Fantastic work as always Smith! Thank you mate
  7. @WhiteGuy11 Celtics are sweeping?

    1. White Elway (WG)

      White Elway (WG)


  8. "It's time for the jedi..... to end" one trailer in and I am already hyped! I am expecting a lot from this movie and I believe it won't only reach expectations but exceed them!
  9. Apex

    205 Live!

    Should be interesting Ross interested to see where you go from here. Roster is a bit light so i am guessing some signings are gonna come to 205 live. Anyways super hype for this diary Ross hopefully it stays active
  10. Now i know i am super late to hop on the bandwagon for this game. But once i got a hang of it i have been HOOKED. I love Universe mode and this is universe mode on crack. So many more story lines and the wrestlers actually communicate with you. I still am trying to get a hang of it but i am currently having a BLAST. I might even start a diary on it soon if i get a whole hang on it
  11. Wyatt Lesnar Owens Styles Rollins Taker Sasha Cena and Nikki Corbin Club Neville Strowman
  12. Name: Landon Payne Age: 24 Former Companies You've Worked For: FCW Entrance Theme: Worlds Apart Attire Type (Choose A Superstar. Do not choose the same superstar someone has chosen, first come first serve): Sami Zayn Heel/Face/Tweener: Face Nickname: The Underdog Short Backstory: Landon has not has his big break yet, He won the Florida heavyweight championship down in FCW. His parents died in a deadly car crash and that is his driving force every time he steps in the ring. He is the underdog in many matches Gimmick: Sami Zayn Signature #1: Blue Thunder Bomb (Payne Bomb) Signature #2: Moon stop (Payne Stomp) Special Moves: Corner clothesline, Tornado DDT (Tornado of Payne) Finisher #1: Helluva Kick (Taste of Payne) Finisher #2: Figure 4 Lock (Payne Lock)
  13. Hey mates, Got some bad news gonna be losing wifi for a week or two i will be going to the library when i get a chance to release my bookings and a promo or two but for the most part i won't be on all day as usual. I will be back full time before two weeks.

  14. @Chris White Since this recent surge he has been such a huge help in improving my Kayfabe. @bailey14 was a HUGE help when i first joined without him i prolly wouldn't of been active. @Keeley was another key helper when i was getting a grasp on the forums. An honorable mention goes out to @Tamer who always gave my promo a read before i posted them about a year ago. Thanks to all of you mates really means alot that i have gotten to spend the past 2 years here and make great friends
  15. 3. Time to say goodbye - It may not be my best piece of work but i honestly feel that this was a great promo and as you can tell from the replies i fooled alot of people so for that i honestly to this day still remember this promo 2: My new Home - This is one of my recent promos i have loved my promo work as of late it started with this Seth Rollins RRR gimmick which quickly faded away but i still feel this was a solid return promo. 1: Selfish Love this promo I feel i have really come into my own with the Sami Zayn gimmick and I feel like it could take me to multiple championships in BPZ. This is in my opinion the best gimmick i have had and this is the promo that started it all.
  16. Name: Landon Payne Shortened Name: Landon Nationality: American Allegiance: Face Speaks: Yes Gimmick (No Unique): Drew Galloway Alliance (If Any): No Vintage Moves: Signature 1: Urnage Slam Signature 2: Apron DDT Finisher 1: Snap Double underhook DDT Finisher 2: Running Powebomb Tag Team Finisher: N/A
  17. Holy perfection! I would actually love to see that match that has the potential for a great feud anf match. I think Corbin vs. RVD could be beautiful in alot of ways. Lots of possibilities for RVD
  18. Bailey coming out with straight fire of a mania card! my predictions so far are: Team Olympics, Joe, Lesnar, Balor Styles
  19. YES! Absolutely love RVD and i hope he comes back he will probably go to Raw just cause Raw needs those views. I could see him getting a decent run no championship or anything but he has some potential for some good feuds
  20. Sick as a bitch SOS 

  21. When I returned I wasn't originally going to have Drake as my manager I was just going to stick with my Rollins gimmick but I'm glad I am glad that Drake is my manager and I love my galloway gimmick.
  22. Get this topic going again..... I just watched The people vs. OJ Simpson and holy cow it was fantastic. I believe that Cuba Gooding killed it as OJ the character development was great. I knew about the trial but I never really looked into it. I loved the season. The main show is called American crime story can't wait for season 2. I am now going to start watching Zoo it's been on my list for awhile now so I'm gonna pick up on it
  23. 1. Rey is Luke's daughter 2. Luke turns to the dark side 3. The death of Chewy

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