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Everything posted by Landon

  1. Recently watched The Dark Knight FANTASTIC MOVIE!!! Heath Ledger:hhh1
  2. THE RAMS GOT THE #1 OVERALL PICK This was for a monster about of picks... Like 2012 RGIII picks I hope they get Wentz.... First year in LA and they are trying to get a new face of the team I like it
  3. Me and Kieron are the tag team for the new world order
  4. was that gonna be your next gimmick or?
  5. Hey Nebakos could I have a pentagon JR avi. Thanks in advance EDIT: changed my gimmick so i don't need it... Thanks anyway Nebakos
  6. Recently watched "The Hurricane" with Denzel Washington and I thought it was fantastic... The movie wad about the life of Rubin "The Huricane" Carter a former prize fighter and was sentenced to life in a prison for a crime... And this family from Canada tries to prove he is innocent after 20 years of him being in prison. It was fantastic glad I watched it
  7. I feel like Kalisto isn't all that great I mean he's ok but I guess we will see at mania if he changes my mind
  8. Happy Birthday Jason hope it's fantastic
  9. Just am so stoked to be a 3 time Intercontinental champion hoping for a long time reign
  10. Steve and Nebakos get my vote here, I feel like Nebakos really did a great job and was unique and steves just looked a lot more cleaner. Good luck to the rest of you guys
  11. Trainwreck, I thought it was hilarious and I thought John Cena was hilarious espicslly his dirty talk I also watched Pitch Perfect 2 didn't really enjoy it felt like they tried to hard... To make it exactly like the first one so I didn't like it that much
  12. Watched Trainwreck I thought it was absolutely hilarious laughed through pretty much the whole thing
  13. Wow Elliot...... The stuff you do is insane an amazing talent you have there Elliot keep it up
  14. I saw Daddy's home and oh my god that movie was so funny! Will Ferrell and Mark whalberg were excellent and the John Cena Cameo I laughed so hard.
  15. Damn nebakos back at it again with the killer match cards! Love them nebakos
  16. I really wanna see that show but I'm waiting for it to be on Netflix! I got 3 episodes left of Breaking bad sadly so better call Saul is defiantly on my list
  17. Well gonna get back on the WWE2k16 grind get some UM done maybe some MyCareer
  18. I'll agree here when he was a face.... His face run was god awful but on the other hand I have really enjoyed his heel run

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