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  1. Good 2nd round so far.... As curry comes back and makes more history after scoring 17 points in OT this dude is unreal
  2. The bills are slaying this draft rn!!! Could see us being a playoff contenders come August tbh
  3. Shaq Lawson is gonna be a savage on the field! Super hyped for his potential
  4. Lights camera action you know like a movie lol
  5. Finally finished Breaking bad.... AMAZING is all I gotta say Anyway I've moved on to Dexter... Its about a serial killer that only targets other killers
  6. Ryback Villans The Miz Jericho Owens Corbin Charlotte Reigns
  7. 2016 Royal Rumble I did enjoy the first time so I decided to go back and watch it again
  8. tbh I want him on the browns more than the pats could at least not be on a cheating team lol
  9. Everest Why in God's name are people climbing that damn mountain.... There is literally a section called the DEATH ZONE!!!!! Who would wanna climb that?? Overlll it was a great movie action packed and overall very interesting
  10. Have to agree here lol, in my opinion the spurs are waaaaay better than the cavs tbh... Especially in the playoffs aspect of things. Pop in the playoffs is unfair along with Leonard playing the best game basketball in his career I eaisly see them winning it all
  11. Its not our fault he's an asshole and plays for the patriots which just makes things worse
  12. Lately it's been #ZombiesGrind on Black ops 3 just hit prestige 1 and I'm getting beter and better and shadows... Dosent mean I like it tho
  13. Mafia 3 looks super good so I'll probably be getting that
  14. 37. Tom Brady suspension was reinstated..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH 38. Johnny manziel is now going on trial for assault charges I'm shocked
  15. Spurs with a sweep can't say I'm surprised as the griz are not that good at all.... But Overall a good series win and they get a little break since they are the only team to sweep unless the cavs win against the pistons tonight
  16. Been playing a ton of zombies and WWE UM both are fun af
  17. I'm thinking that Miami series is gonna be super close same with the LAC and Portland series.... Also the pacers are really surprising me tied series than again its the raptors in the first round
  18. I can't vote because the polls wont work on mobile..... hell even tried in full version didnt work :\

  19. Top 10 bands/musicians 10: Jimmy Eat world Absolutely love them! The middle, Hear you me and pain are my 3 fav songs they are very good and I have been digging them a lot lately 9: Weezer Great band been listing to them for a good 3 years and they never seem to get old it seems like.... Very talented and they are still going! 8: Plain White T's My interest in Plain white tees was when I heard 1,2,3,4 on the radio and than hey there Delilah found some other good songs by them like America nights.... 7: The offspring FANTASTIC!!!!!!! They are sooooooo good!!!! Fucking love them so much!!! Found them like 2 years ago and I'm hooked 6: The Lonely Island THIS COUNTS DAMNIT!!!!!! The songs are funny as hell so therefore I will count them because I believe they are on Vevo (?) 5: Red Hot chilli peppers Dani California, Californication, Snow, Scar Tissue and under the bridge enough said 4: Twenty One pilots Heavy dirty soul stressed out and ride are all fantastic and the other songs are good just not fantastic like the first 3 3: G-Easy Easily my favorite rapper with such songs as.... Calm down, I mean it, You got me, Almost famous just fantastic 2: Lukas Graham His latest album Is LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love 7 years strip no more world by storm!!! He's just fantastic I hope he sticks around 1: The Beatles Always have been my favorite of all time nobody will ever take over the Beatles and that is a FACT! They are a classic and legendary
  20. Well.... The plan was to fake sick so I didn't have to go to school but last night I got super sick
  21. The hornets were a challenge in the regular season in expecting the heat to win in 6 if the hornets are lucky they might push it to 7 games
  22. ill disagree here.... So many teams have a chance at beating them... The Spurs, Clippers, Blazers and in the east you got LeBron and the cavs.... It wont be an easy road and I don't think they are gonna win it all.....
  23. So sick of getting impossible fucking schedules its like the NFL doesn't want us in the playoffs smh We have Seahawks, cards and the fucking jags like no
  24. Recently watched The Dark Knight FANTASTIC MOVIE!!! Heath Ledger:hhh1

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