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Everything posted by Apex

  1. Kofi Kingston is hella underrated Xaiver is a great wrestler just not used right
  2. Watched 21 Jump street this movie for nearly 5 years has made me laugh my ass off! Its so funny
  3. Just about done with breaking bad thinking about moving on to some of the following shows - Shameless - House of Cards - Rewatch of walking dead - Dexter - Bates Motel I've watched pretty much every comedy show so I thought I'd move on to some more serious shows
  4. So many bracket busters in this tournament man really fucked up everyones brackets
  5. Gonna vote Nebakos and Razor here, STS made a good graphic but didn't do the task so for that nebakos gets the vote. And for Razor I just thinks his looks cleaner
  6. Hyped for the weekend and spring break is soon can't wait to chill with my friends on PS it's gonna be fun
  7. My List 1. UFC 2 - This game was lower but after seeing gameplay and seeing reviews etc. I've decided to say that I am getting this next weekend when I go to the mall. 2. Tom Clancy's the division - Used to be #1 but UFC looks more up my alley and since I suck at shooters its not my #1 priority 3 - Madden 17 Now now I know blah blah August. But whatever I don't care I want this game and I am 100% pre ordering it 4 - Batman Telltale I mean this is obvious it comes out this year and since arkham ended I've been so sad so I'll defiantly be buying this 5 - Uncharted 4 This game I'm so excited for and I think it's gonna be absoutley epic and I can't wait to dive in
  8. Who do you guys got winning? Who's your final 4? Discuss all of that here
  9. The Office and parks and rec are 2 hilarious shows.. But I really reccomend breaking bad it's not a comedy but an amazing show
  10. Hey slim your patriots can fuck right off Anyway good move coming from a non biased opinion Biased opinion fuck the patriots cheating little bitches
  11. But you no showed your last match... That's what he's saying you just no showed and you get a title shot
  12. Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse That movie was absoutley hilarious
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LHCob76kigA No contest this song takes it
  14. Since uncharted 4 dosent come out for awhile I've been thinking about getting the division because it looks really good tbh
  15. Tough question here but I'm gonna go with John cena for the reasons BPZ stated and than sign a young guy like Dean Ambrose to make up for the age
  16. Maestro and nebakos get my vote here both did great work Good job to sameer and Elliot aswell
  17. I'm saying yes but than again they have Hillman so...... Yes I don't really know
  18. #25 The New England patriots are meeting with Chris Hogan if the patriots offer the bills will not match.... Just FANTISTIC
  19. School school and oh did I mention school..... Haha anyway just so many projects I feel like I'm drowning I have a research paper due the 23rd a sports marketing project due the 23rd aswell and I have a Global project due the 16th geez I need a break
  20. Kapernick all the way imo I don't think kapernick is bad just had a bum year tbh
  21. You know it boysssss!!! Baby sitting next weekend so I'll be getting this bad boy instead of money
  22. Agreed I think Fitzy would go for less if it means he gets a playoff run but we will see in due time
  23. Just got Far Cry: Primal :mark about to play the living shit out of this

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