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  1. The bears don't want him back lol. Anyway I'm thinking teams like the Patriots and maybe the lions will pick him up. I really do think if Forte does sign with NE he will be lost in the shuffle with Dion and Blont there. But maybe a team like the lions or hell maybe even the cowboys dosent really matter I'm just exicted to see where he lands this off season
  2. Lavine vs. Gordon was fucking epic!!!!!! They ran out of ideas but I think that last dunk by Gordon was also a 50 in my opinion. The splash bros facing off in the 3pt contest was also pretty awesome. Overall great show can't wait for the all star team!! The west has the better team but I'm a Knicks fan so go east
  3. Just gonna get through today than 10 days off from school
  4. Exactly... A QB is not going #1 due to the titans having that pic. I 100% seeing a QB going #2 and if I was the browns I would pick up Goff
  5. Jesus I still think he's in the wrong he should be gone but hey if he's giving them money they will keep him. But yea this dude still haven't and probably will never earn my respect
  6. I'm so sore from all this working out but it is defiantly paying off might do wrestling next year
  7. Apex

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday bashka hope its a great one
  8. Tbh I'm excited to see the match but like nebakos there is more long term success if gall wins. But it will still be interesting to see how punk does since he's been training for almost 2 years so this should be pretty sweet
  9. Have to go to the gym in a couple of hours to do my caridio for the day. And than I have a break on Sunday and than back to the grind on Monday with a nice arm day on monday! Been working so hard I hope it pays off!!
  10. I'm 90% sure McGregor is gonna win in less than a minute.... And if not it will be less than 2 minutes but I feel like McGregor is gonna get a dominant win
  11. WWE2k16 is really the only game I've been playing lately just been so obessed with it
  12. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman reigns fastlane 15... Not a bad match at all kinda enjoyed it tbh
  13. Winning the IC title, and also I have 3 tests next week
  14. Nebakos that looks AWESOME! Absoutley love it
  15. I'm gonna miss Kobe so much... He's great when I saw this I was like yea tell them kobe!
  16. Well on Saturday I decided to play super card again and got absoutley obsessed I'm already a super rare+ and I don't plan on stopping haha
  17. Enjoyed that HHH vs. Roman promo Steve! Keep up the great work on your channel I'm sure you will
  18. haha I wish bro to bad that the Knicks if we get in the last seed will be playing the cavs which means that we will more than likely get swept
  19. Haha last time I heard that I laughed so hard I fell of my dinosaur Anyway another hard workout today and I talked to coach and he told me that my strength is improving and he thinks if I keep working at this rate I could start next year really excited right now
  20. Alright I'll continue to think about it but atm it will be after valentines day than I'll have the wwe2k16 season pass Nba2k16 and star wars so yea things will be better game wise in the coming months
  21. A new monthly award!!! Smith as the new graphics champion! Tender in the trunk! Geez the graphics divison is awesome at the moment
  22. HHH vs. Randy Orton wrestlemania 25 great main event for Wrestlemania really did enjoy it
  23. Nah were close.... Thank god the east's 8th standing is always wide open so the Knicks got a shot

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