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Everything posted by Apex

  1. Reached 300 rep a little bit ago exicted about that
  2. Had an AMAZING workout today as I'm getting ready for football next year because coach said I gotta start conditioning now :/ hopefully I start again this year
  3. Watched this movie called bench warmers on netfix sooooo funny couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole thing
  4. I wanna get star wars but idk if I would play it enough nba2k16 is at the top of the list. Oh and with uncharted 4 coming out soon that's also on my list
  5. And the Knicks get destroyed by 20 like I expected we just need to win a couple more games to make a playoff push
  6. The MITB match at Wrestlemania 25... After I watched the PPV I rewatched that MITB match because I really enjoyed it
  7. The Knicks ended their losing streak against the suns thank god prozingis and melo played. Our next game is a loss because we are playing the warriors
  8. All of them were great but for the HHH one I'm gonna vote Smith because his looks epic and for the AJ styles one I'm gonna vote Maestro! All of you did great work tho
  9. Apex

    Smith's Graphics

    Thanks Smith your the man
  10. Well with AJ's theme here! 5. Rollins 4. Brock 3. Kevin owens 2. Shemaus 1. AJ styles
  11. Apex

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Dunstan miss you buddy!
  12. I watched draft day an absoutley awesome movie if your into the NFL
  13. I actually just watched Daniel Bryan vs. Roman in in the number one contenders match at fastlane imo it was a good match but could of been better
  14. Apex

    Music Discussion

    Yea I did joh I loved heavydirtysoul and stressed out the other ones are good but I wouldn't put them super high on my list but I still really did like the album
  15. I REALLY liked fable like its all I played for a really long time me and my uncle used to take turns it was such a great game
  16. Apex

    Music Discussion

    Am I the only one digging twenty one pilots ATM? I mean there songs are absoutley amazing espically stressed out
  17. Thanks nebakos! I've been wanting to check out prision break and how I met your mother. And I need to restart The Walking dead so I can remember
  18. I didn't watch it but I know all the bills players are on team rice so I'm gonna cheer for team rice
  19. Well that was because it was after the rumble can they continue to keep viewership up? My guess is no. But I believe after fastlane the ratings will spike back up
  20. Yea we really need a PG I think our back court is solid with Melo prozingis and Robin Lopez at center its our front court that needs help with Aaron affalo at the SG and Jose Calderon at the point.I heard the Knicks were pulling for Jeff teauge if they could get him that would be Awesome would solve our PG problem and than we can get rid of Jose who has a pretty big contract. The Knicks only lost to the thunder by 6 but its still a loss but prozingis vs. Durant was fun to watch hopefully after the all star break the Knicks can start making a push for the 8th seed
  21. Absoutley love that show used to watch it with my uncle all the time Anyway I just finished parks and rec.... But I just watched the last episode so now I need to find a new show
  22. after hearing that you like this movie so much I decided to check it out and it was AWESOME! I'll probably also watch it 10+ times
  23. Steve these were epic! Really did like them! I would love to try to get into GFX once I get a computer haha but otherwise the wyatt one was my favorite

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