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    Landon reacted to Flynn in An Ultimatum   
    We are live on Carnage, coming straight off of the first ever wildcard event. An event that not only saw current Undisputed Champion Jeremiah Flynn successfully retain his championship yet again, it also fellow Bullet Proof members, the First Class Express Hans Clayton and Isiah Carter come up short and lose their Tag Team Championships to rival faction, Creed. Now, we are just two weeks away from one of the biggest events of the year that will pit the ruling class of BPZ in Bullet Proof head to head with four of BPZ’s most elite, “Creed” in a survivor series elimination tag team bout. 

      Finally, after months of raging their own personal war across the entire landscape of BPZ, Bullet Proof has a challenge. Undisputed Champion, Jeremiah Flynn steps out however despite successfully defeating his own brother in definitive fashion, as the Undisputed Champion is known for, there appears to be no signs of celebration. He steps out sporting his ring gear and a plain black T-Shirt. His boots strapped tight as he stands proudly on the stage, his prestigious championship firmly over his shoulder. He slowly maneuvers down the ramp, every step he takes seems to carry a slow sense of caution. His eyes race across the thousands in attendance, he pauses at the steel steps. Taking a deep breath, he climbs up the steps, posing above the ring, symbolizing this mans rule over all of BPZ. 

    He takes a leap down, front rolling straight into the center of the ring. Removing a microphone form his boot, he juggles it around as he paces slowly in a circle, feeling the crowd in attendance out for a moment. Finally he nods before beginning to speak, his eyes directed toward the hard camera. 
    Last week I had to fight, brutalize and render my very own brother unconscious. Now in case you didn’t hear that right, I’ll say it one more time for those in the back. Last week, I was forced into a position where I had to FIGHT-BRUTALIZE-AND KNOCK MY OWN BROTHER OUT COLD. One year ago to this day, “The New” Flynn was born. The old Flynn, he wouldn’t of been able to do what is was that I did last week. The Wildcard was a culmination of a year long transformation into the man you see before you tonight. A man who has no emotional connections to this world. A man who was sent to the bottom and clawed his way BACK TO THE TOP! I was told to go home after Survivor Series a year ago. That my time in this business was over. That I was “washed”, that I didn’t have what it took anymore. NOW LOOK AT ME! I SAID LOOK AT ME DAMNIT! 
    Following Survivor Series, for the first time in my career, I could truly see. I was no longer blinded by the politics you fans bring to this business. The politics those in the back bring to this business. I understand now that I broke the code. Now I allow the blind to lead the blind. False hero’s cheered on by a disgusting over abundance of greedy consuming sheep. Sheep who will take everything from you before moving on to the next big thing. I have defeated every single person you people have clinged onto. I HAVE BRUTALIZED AND VICTIMIZED ALL OF THEM. These men that I have seen sent down from the hierarchy of BPZ, down the card where they belong, have now banned together against me. Bullet Proof, FOUR LEADERS. They are saviors of BPZ. The three men I share this brotherhood with, share my ideology, they share my beliefs. While our perspectives come in different forms,whether that be our view points on you sheep, or what it is we do to get the job done in this ring, there’s something the four of us completely agree upon. That is that Creed is going to need to die well before it can ever truly begin. 
    Creed is a manifestation of everything I have been fighting against for the last twelve months. These men make bogus claims to sway you people into believing they are in any way victims. They are the blind who lead the blind. I to at one point believed myself to be the victim. That was until I cast aside the delusional, heroic mindset. I accepted that anything that had ever happened to me was because I allowed it to happen, because I allowed myself to become a victim. And so as I said earlier, I was reborn a new man. Creed, you to have this choice. The four of you are preparing to enter a war that you will not win. Wildcard you took the first battle, and I say congratulations to you. My advice? Take your winnings and move on. You are all sadly too foolish and stupid to actually go through with this. You are as I said, four men standing up for the “betterment” of BPZ. You are four hero’s United to topple the ruling regime. 
    Sadly, the reality is Creed, this is no fantasy. In case you just missed it last week, the younger brother doesn’t avenge his harsh childhood. He gets knocked the fuck out and embarrassed in front of millions around the world by his superior. Because that’s how the real world works, that’s social Darwinism. The strongest survive and the weak perish. I am the elite, I am the strongest. I am the definitive champion of all of BPZ. I am hated for it. Everyone in that locker room is cheering for you boys to take us down. THESE SHEEP ARE ROOTING FOR YOU TO TOPPLE THIS EMPIRE. So what happens when the four of you fail? What happens when I personally beat the hell out of the four of you myself, giving my brothers the night off to worry about other things? I’m sure some of you scoff at the thought of that. I’m sure some are amused by me. I’m also sure that there are some, in Creed specifically, who take everything I say extremely seriously. And so they should. 
    Julius, Bart, Sameer and Smith. Creed. These are the stepping stones that will give rise to BPZ’s greatest empire. Four birds, a single bullet. I myself, live by a creed. Unlike the one apposed to myself, it isn’t some hollowed out, biased, and delusional belief. It is that I am the greatest to ever step foot in this ring. It is that when I want to, I can do anything I wish to in this ring. I wish to ONCE AGAIN PROVE THIS. This is why tonight, I leave two choices for Creed. An ultimatum. 
    Flynn pauses, holding up a singular finger, pointing straight above his head.
    The first, to forfeit. Refocus on your dwindling singles careers before you can bury them further. Save yourselves the embarrassment and more importantly, don’t victimize yourselves further, like I did. 
    Flynn now raises another finger, two now pointing up from his balled up first. 
    The second option? Double down. Prove to these sheep you so proudly represent that you believe we here in Bullet Proof are frauds. Go into Survivor Series guns blazing but take it one step further...... next week. I request that one, any, member of Bullet Proof steps into this ring with me one-on-one and expose me like you four plan to do at Survivor Series to all of Bullet Proof. I LAY DOWN THIS CHALLENGE AND SOLEMNLY DECREE, THAT I WILL BE HERE FOR A FIGHT. “The New Flynn” vs ANY MEMBER OF CREED WHO WISHES TO REPRESENT THEM! However, while I leave this challenge here on this metaphoric table, available for any four of you to pick up, I do warn you. I understand why none of you would accept it. I do understand, however how will all these sheep perceive you? 
    This is my ultimatum. I, Jeremiah Flynn, the voice of Bullet Proof, declare war upon the rising cancer known as Creed. And I will stop at nothing until it’s purged. I will give you boys twenty-four hours to decide. Be wary when you wish to pick a fight with god, he may just swing back. 
    The Undisputed Champion drops his microphone. A mad man, rambling on about a plethora of metaphors and possible manifestations of what he perceives as a war on the horizon however something that has been heard around the world clear as day. Flynn welcomes the fight that Creed has brought to Bullet Proof, but more importantly has left them a fascinating challenge. Will a member of Creed step in the ring toe-to-toe with the Undisputed Champion next week? The ball has been left in Creed’s park. Who, if any will pick up on the challenge. 
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    Landon reacted to Isaiah Carter in An Ultimatum   
    As Mikey and Flynn now stand in the ring, they turn their attention towards the entrance ramp. Where the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Isaiah Carter stands with his champions in his left hand. Shortly after, Hans Clayton would step out behind him with his ribs taped up. Still feeling the effects of the ladder match just a few weeks ago. They stands on top of the stage and look down at their Bulletproof brothers. Carter is dressed in his classic white suit and Clayton is wearing his in ring gear as they walk to the ring slowly, taking in every chant, boo, and cheer from the crowd who is still giving First Class Express a mixed reaction as they enters the ring. Carter flashing his Bulletproof ring towards the camera as he holds up a finger gun

    "Best In The Business Baby"
    Isaiah Carter grabs a microphone and fist bumps both Flynn and Mikey before turning towards the crowd, lifting up the microphone as now all four members of Bulletproof stand in the ring together, all stemming from this Flynn open challenge.
    "Feast your eyes, on the greatest faction in the company"
    Carter lowers the mic, allowing everyone to truly take a look at the dominant force that stands before them. As Carter once again begins to speak.
    "This isn't some sort of tagline, or promotional tactic. This is Bulletproofs world and you're living it. Day in, day out. Bulletproof continues to be the most elite group in the pro wrestling world and nothing will change that. We may be standing in this ring a few pounds lighter with the loss of our tag team titles, but look at each and every man standing behind me. Hans Clayton, he came into this business with all the hype in the world and he has lived up to the hype every damn second. He is a former NXT and United States champion and he IS the reason First Class Express is such a success. He is the heir to the throne of Bulletproof. This man is the biggest workhorse I know."
    Carter pats Hans Clayton on the shoulder, nodding at him as he moves his attention to Mikey. Point towards the United States championship that rest on his shoulder.
    "Mikey..Mikey..Mikey. Look at this mans shoulders, can we get a camera shot of that? Take a long look because that is the United States championship, this man. Right here, is better then every other superstar in that division. He is the best rising star this company has and he is working his way up to the main event faster than anyone, I've done sparring with Mikey and I can personally tell you that he hits hard, he hits fast. And that he is Bulletproofs weapon. Mikey, Hans Clayton, the future of the BPZ, and they are Bulletproof"
    Isaiah Carter then fist bumps the two men before turning to Flynn, the two men stare at each other as the crowd goes silent. The tension between the two is obvious, as both men are considered the leaders of this stable. But soon, both men begin to laugh and then give each other a hug. Pulling away as Carter begins to speak once again.
    "The man who created it all, Jeremiah Flynn came up to me backstage a few months ago and pitched the idea of Bulletproof. Knowing Flynn and his antics, I didn't know what to think. But then I realized that this man, the Undisputed Champion. Is the mastermind of BPZ, he has a brilliant mind and as much as I want to stomp his teeth down his throat for what he did to me in 2017. I know it was for a reason, and that we have a much bigger enemy. Jeremiah Flynn, is elite"
    The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship is lifted up in the air as Carter holds it up for all to see, standing on the middle rope as he begins to speak.
    "Then, there is me. The best in class, the ass-kicking machine, the black lion, the star boy, whatever you want to call me. I am the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and that means I hold the top prize in this entire company and I look at the members of Creed and I see four men who are at the top of their game, three of those men are former world champions and look who is stepping up to the plate to face me for world....no one. Not a single soul, this BPZ World Heavyweight Championship is a title that is meant to be defended, a title that is meant to be worked for, and I will hang on to this championship for life and its a shame that this roster is too scared to challenge for it. This title, along with Flynns Undisputed championship, and Mikeys United States championship. Is a small portion of why Bulletproof is so god damn good"
    Carter jumps down from the middle rope and joins his brothers, giving each and every one a "two sweet", as he pulls his microphone down and speaks to Bulletclub personally as only people watching at home could hear.
    "Its us four till the end, I love you all like brothers"
    Pulling away from Bulletproof, Isaiah Carter puts his World Championship on his shoulder and stands in front of the three men who now join him in the center of the ring as Carter takes in the crowd reaction, receiving genuine boos for the first time in a long time, which catches him by surprise.

    "Its so weird, hearing that once again. Hearing my name being chanted, but now in negative ways. I thought I changed my ways, I thought that the changes I made in my career were good, but then, I finally realized what was the problem. The problem was that I trusted all of you way too much. I trusted each and every single one of you, and just like that, you turned your back on me and followed Creed blindly. THAT is the real thing that bothers me, not Creed, not losing the tag titles. Each and every slob of a wrestling fan is what itches at my skin, because you have no idea what the truth is. You have no clue who really is the 'Good Guy". Well let me tell you something, I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am a man with an agenda to rid the BPZ of Creed and I won't stop until that mission is accomplished whether you're with me or against me"
    "Day in, day out. I dream of stomping my feet into the chest of the members of Creed, each and every one. I lay awake at night, thinking of different ways to put an end to the nightmare that you all have bought into. This giant lie that has been fed to you and you ate it up like a Thanksgiving dinner, they claim to be the hardest working stars. The workhorses of BPZ, the good hearts. Creed is an excellent stable and I will never go against that, but they are not us"
    "Survivor Series. Bulletproof proves that WE are the workhorses, WE are the elite, WE prove that we are better than the Creed....
    Day In...Day Out"
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    Landon reacted to Arius in Overture   
    Playing: Con Te Partirò

    The scene opens as a quickly paced camera moves through a sea of backstage personal. Moving equipment and costumed entertainers move across the foyer, entering a private green room as we reach a seated Arius at a vanity mirror. He stares without a blink as he finishes up the final strokes on the dark rings that surround his eyes
    Welcome, welcome my dear friends.I hope you have brought the appropriate attire this evening for we are in a bit of a rush. 
    "2 minutes" yells a heavy voice, a call to action to those near by Arius as bodies begin to move in a hurry. Arius puts down the paint as he finishes his work 
    Come now
    He stands from his seat with his arm pressed firmly down onto the mirrors adjoined table. With a quick smirk into the mirror he moves along outside the door as Rin, the producer, holds out her arm towards the end of the hall, keeping the finely groomed champion from getting scuffed by passing stage hands. Bauble lights line the walls as they walk pass. The distant noise vibrating within the hall as the overture plays for the arena 
    Can you feel that? The rush, the anticipation, adrenaline rushing through your veins as we inch closer and closer to our grand confrontation. Eight of BPZ's chosen hopefuls coming together with the sole purpose of tearing each other limb from limb. For what grand intentions do our management have for us in such a life threatening contest? But a chance to show who can TRULY can withstand the punishment of being BPZ's freshest target.

    Arius briskly walks under a set-up ladder to avoid a moving set piece, much to the annoyance of Rin, he turns around as he keeps moving to take a quick glimpse at the passing individuals before turning back to the camera  
    I am going to jump straight to the point here, for there is no need to make a simple matter stretch into complexity. This Arius brushes his fingers across the wall is my domain. My pulse beats in unison with each note, each cord, each maneuver i perform. Like art i aspire to inspire those with the forethought to realise where the brighter path lies.
    For to become champion in this company you must have more than just good intentions.
    One must have the discipline to thrive in this environment in and outside of the ring. To rise to the occasion that is expected of a champion worthy...and you?
    A lone woman holding a check-list yells "Break a leg" as they inch closer to their destination
    Though i see potential amongst these chosen few, with respect to those i admire, i don't see contenders ready to truly bring this championship to the height it deserves. In these hands the championship will not represent one country, one identity but instead continue to represent those in our dear audience who with wide eyes have awoken to the gifts i bring to this company. To represent the age of Arius that has continued to thrive week in, week out. 

    For a brief moment Arius stops by a clothing rack where a single black coat hangs from a silk covered hanger, on the coat is placed a small North American Championship pin for the audience to see. Arius proceeds to put the coat on as he continues to speak
    Each one of you have been enamoured with the chance to dance with the Revenant, to be allowed a first chance glance at what it takes to win this inaugural championship. I have defeated a number of you once before, and i'll take great pleasure in doing so again. 
    He proceeds to continue walking as the music on stage comes to a close and the light grows brighter, seeping under the curtains that lie ahead
    I can’t afford to dwell on simple worries such as addressing each of my opponents ill advised intentions and their over-sharing emotions. It’s the confidence that I have in myself that has helped me come this far. If I were to begin to struggle with anything like that now, everything that I’ve done would have been for naught. 
    Arius stops just ahead of a set of steps that leads to a black curtain. He begins quickly dusts himself off, straights his sleeves as he stares forward
    Come World at War it will again be both my burden and joy, to cast down these young souls,  their arms outstretched to take a hold of what now is unreachable. To dispose of lumbering veterans looking to make a last minute grasp at relevance. When i first stepped into BPZ I said i would create change and i feel the second wave is upon us. This new age is here. Fear it, run from it, but just like my victory at World at War it was all but inevitable. 
    Arius steps out into a blinding light that covers up the BPZ audiences view, a thunderous applause can be heard as the light slowly fades back down to reveal a new perspective. A theatre filled with hundreds of clapping men, women and children wearing masks can be seen as Arius basks in the light with his arms stretched out. With a commanding voice he says
    This is my stage

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    Landon reacted to Isaiah Carter in Royalty   
    Its one night after BPZ Mania IV which quite possibly is the greatest BPZ show in history, a show that you had to experience first hand in order to understand the spectacle, superstars are still on the "Mania High" as we head into the first Carnage after BPZMania IV and we move towards World At War, highlights of the Intercontinental Championship fatal fourway match would play, and as it would end, a theme that hasn't been heard in a Carnage arena in a long time would begin to play.       The familiar purple lights that join BiC in his entrance have been replaced by a rose gold, tinted light. BiC steps out on stage, holding his championship in his right hand with a cocky smirk on his face, possibly bigger than ever. BiC is once again wearing a familiar suit, this one gold in color, BiC holds the title out for the world to see, and as it shimmers off the arena lights, a laugh comes from the champion.     BiC walks down the ramp, making sure to show the championship to everyone in the front row before walking up the steps and along the ring apron, adjusting the collar of his suit before stepping through the middle ropes, the feeling in the building is ecstatic, despite the boos, there is nothing like a BPZ crowd and the superstars know it, and BiC sets the Intercontinental Championship onto his shoulder, something the BPZ crowd has never seen.    Like I have said since day one.   I. Always. Win.    A smile comes over the face of BiC as the Atlanta Crowd, hot off the heels of BPZMania, boos at the "Pure Athlete", BiC takes a deep breath before speaking again   For some odd reason, for the past 3 years, every time I come to this ring people doubt me, they get this crazy idea that I am not as good as I say I am but take one glance at this title and it shows that I am EVERY damn bit as good as I say I am, since day ONE I have told all of you that I am the man around here and that hasn't changed one bit.    I am not a character, I am not a gimmick, I am a pro wrestler and I am the best pro wrestler in the world.   But when you're as good as I am, and you've done everything I have done you often think to yourself whats next, and for the past 24 hours I've stared at this Intercontinental Championship, I flew home saw my wife and kids, and I drove 16 hours back in time to walk out here, to finally tell the world what's next.    At the Backlash PPV, I will defend this title against any challenge who decides to come for it, FDS, Prince, Bart, Echo Wilson, hell Brenden himself can walk down that ramp and I will hit him with a No Regret as well because this championship that rests on my shoulder is the most important championship, whether its the World Championship, United States Championship, I instantly raise the bar for any title and this championship is no different.    At Backlash, King Of The Ring, Summerslam, any other PPV, I will make sure this title doesn't become a second hand like Bart made it, because that is what I do. I fix things, I save things. BPZMania IV was great because of me and BPZ for the next year is going to be great because of ME and this championship. The BPZ fans, you slobs should treat me as ROYALTY, because that is what this gold means....I like the sound of that..Royalty...   ...Since day one, to whenever I retire...one thing will stay the same.    I. Always. Win.   BiC drops his microphone, letting it hit the mat with a thud as he raises the championship with one arm in the air, the crowd boos, but its hard to neglect the success of BiC. BiC soaks in the pictures being taken, before letting the title rest on his shoulder once again before making his way to the ropes
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    Landon reacted to Marc Aaron Newton in BPZ Mania IV - NXT Open Battle Royal for NXT Championship   
    BPZ Mania IV continues after a commercial break and the NXT Open Battle Royal is about to start.
    First man makes his entrance and it's James Hunter he's followed by Amai, Resin, Nathan Sawyer, Mave Deltzer, Bulldozer, Brett Storm and Wall Ace.
    After they enter Heyman Guy walks to the ring and he's looking ready to cut a promo but not wrestle a match.

    Arrow Dream enters next.
    After Arrow is in the ring Akki enters with Cody Cage and he raps their entrance theme.
    After them Sheridan enters and Heyman Guy turns his look to the entrance ramp. Heyman Guy looks astonished when Sheridan walks down the ramp.
    After Sheridan enters "The Demon of BPZ" makes his grand entrance on the biggest stage of them all.

    After Maasa's in the ring Buddy Ace enters.
    After he enters the ring Jack Bishop runs quickly to the ring.
    Hans enters after Jack Bishop has entered, Jack Bishop stares at Hans as he enters.

    Kenji enters next with, red and gold confetti falling down as Kenji walks down the entrance ramp.
    After that a car horn sound echoes throughout the arena. It's Aaron North driven to the ring by his valet Maria Menounos, they enter in a low rider both of them exit the car and leave it in front of the ring.
    After everyone else has entered the NXT Champion Alex Costa enters with the NXT Championship around his waist, he doesn't look very happy.
    Everyone is finally in the ring, the bell rings but before the match can begin Heyman Guy takes a microphone out of his pants and starts cutting a promo.
    "Finally i get to be in the match that i deserve, finally i get to be in royal rumble, next sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV i will win the royal rumble."
    The rest of the wrestlers in the ring just stare at Heyman Guy who's looking at the hard camera. Heyman Guy finally turns around before everyone pick him up and throw him out of the ring.

    Heyman Guy has been eliminated.
    After that everyone start brawling and the second man to be thrown out is Nathan Sawyer and he is eliminated by Kenji.
    Nathan Sawyer has been eliminated.
    The camera zooms to Brett Storm kicking Arrow Dream in the upper right corner of the ring.
    Arrow is saved by Amai and they eliminate Brett Storm, but then both of them are clotheslined out by Cody Cage & Akki.
    Amai, Arrow Dream and Brett Storm, have been eliminated.
    Cody Cage and Akki start fighting and Cody Cage gets the upperhand and he throws Akki over the top rope on the apron. Cody superkicks Akki and Akki falls off the apron and onto the floor.
    Akki has been eliminated.

    Mave Deltzer is fighting with Maasa and Mave gets the upperhand. Mave tries to eliminate Maasa but he gets pulled over the top rope instead.
    Mave Deltzer has been eliminated.
    James Hunter climbs up to the top rope and it looks like he's gonna go for an elbow drop but before he can do that he gets drop kicked by Jack Bishop and he falls on to the floor.
    James Hunter has been eliminated.
    Everyone else is fighting but Alex Costa is standing in the middle of the ring. He turns to look at the camera then he flips the bird and jumps over the top rope.

    Alex Costa has been eliminated
    Sheridan is trying to stay away from all the action but she is seen by Jack Bishop and Wall Ace. 
    Sheridan is gently lifted up by Wall Ace and gently dropped on the apron. But when she stands on the apron she kisses Wall Ace and drags him out.

    Wall Ace has been eliminated.
    Resin is trying to eliminate Bulldozer but Maasa and Kenji sneak up behind Resin and eliminate Resin and Bulldozer.
    Resin & Bulldozer have been eliminated.
    Aaron North and Buddy Ace are trying to take each other down and Aaron North gets the upperhand after an uppercut to the jaw.
    North picks up Buddy Ace and suplexes him out of the ring.
    Buddy Ace has been eliminated.
    Sheridan tries to eliminate Aaron with a clothesline but she's lifted out by Aaron North and she's caught by Buddy Ace.

    Sheridan has been eliminated.
    We are down to 6 people: Cody Cage, Maasa, Jack Bishop, Kenji, Aaron North and Hans.
    All 6 men start brawling in the middle of the ring.
    Cody Cage is out first as he gets eliminated by Jack Bishop after a V-Trigger.
    Cody Cage has been eliminated.
    Maasa goes after Kenji as Jack Bishop and Hans go after Aaron North.
    Maasa throws Kenji on to the apron Maasa tries to punch Kenji but Kenji dodges and locks in a hanging arm breaker over the ropes.

    He pulls Maasa out of the ring with his legs and Maasa lands on the floor.
    Maasa has been eliminated.
    Kenji quickly rushes to the aid of Aaron North and they fight off Jack & Hans
    Jack, Hans, Aaron & Kenji have an intense stare down. Aaron starts fighting with Jack and Kenji with Hans.
    North hits Jack Bishop with a spinebuster and a double knee facebreaker. Jack Bishop is too exhausted to continue and North throws Jack Bishop out.

    Jack Bishop has been eliminated.
    Kenji is on the apron and he tries to eliminate Hans with a german suplex, Hans fights out of it and hits Kenji with an enzuigiri after that Hans eliminates Kenji with a pele kick.
    Kenji has been eliminated.
    Two men remain, Hans and Aaron North. Hans and North have an intense staredown. Then the two start brawling and they have a long exchange of strikes before Hans gets the upperhand.

    Hans hits North with a fireman's carry back breaker and throws Aaron to the corner.

    North is down and in the middle of the ring, Hans climbs up the top rope and gets ready to hit North with the spiral tap.

    He hits it but both men are down and out. Hans gets up first and he tries to throw North out but both men are very exhausted and they both just fall on the canvas.
    North and Hans get up they both look ready for a fight, they start exchanging punches very slowly and Hans eventually gets the upper hand and he lifts up North.
    He almost runs into the ref because he's so exhausted. He throws North over the top rope and wins the match.
    "Here is your winner and new NXT Champion, Hans Clayton."
    The ref lifts Hans' hand in the air and puts the belt around his waist. Red and gold confetti fall down and Hans celebrates.
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    Landon reacted to BrendenPlayz in BPZ Hall of Fame Class of 2019   
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2019 Hall of Fame for the BPZ Forums. Tonight, we five more members will join an elite group of legendary members of the forums. These members have proven to be the best of the best. They’re some of the first members that come into your mind due to all their hard work and contributions to make the forums a better place. They are members that have worked tirelessly to ensure that the forums stay active or just simply put smiles on others faces from the countless hours of conversations and discussions made.
    Ladies and gentlemen, these are your new inductees into the Hall of Fame:
    Debuting in 2015 we quickly realised that Flynn was the real deal in a matter of days. Flynn would quickly drive up the rankings in BPZ faster than most before him, to reach a high tier status. Flynn proved himself capable of being a megastar here on the forums. Flynn has been a strong contributor for four years with numerous championship victories to prove it. But it's truly the person behind Flynn that shines the brightest. Flynn is a highly popular person around the forums due to his likeable personality and intelligent conversation he provides. You will often see Flynn lurking at all hours of the night to provide his opinion on all the latest. Flynn's consistency and high levels of activity were the keys to his championship success with over 8,000 posts and close to 4,000 reputation points. He proved to not only keep the forums active but often provided a lot of content for us to contribute to at the same time. Flynn has also been a moderator on the forums for a number of years now, including being a global moderator at one point. When it comes to contributors, there may none better than Flynn in the forums history. Flynn is a class above the rest, he is truly the definition of a legend. 
    Congratulations Flynn:
    From Flynn:
    "I never thought this moment would come. That’s not some cliché statement either, simply put I just never thought I’d make it into the Hall of Fame in BPZ. I thought the doors were closed, and that my opportunity had long passed me by. That’s alright and it was something I had accepted. I’m not exactly one of the founding members of BPZ. However, something I always wanted to do here was provide my own special impact. I wanted to say that I revolutionized or changed something for the better. When I first arrived, I wished to win every single championship possible, and to say that off the top of my head I have no idea of the amount I’ve won, I have successfully accomplished that mission. However, that all dwarfs into comparison of this. The Hall of Fame is something that can never be taken from you. It is an acknowledgement of everything you have worked for or provided for this community. A community that I absolutely have loved to be a part of.
    I had never joined a forum prior to BPZ, and I still have never joined any other. They aren’t my thing. They still aren’t. So why the hell have I made thousands upon thousands of posts and spent possibly hundreds of hours dedicated to this place for the last 3 and a half years. Because the moment I joined, I went into chat and I fell in absolute love with it all. The community to say the least was totally insane. Everyone seemed dead set on taking out Bailey the world champ at the time, who generally seemed hated by many of the members yet at the same time was “on top”. I was created by Keeley and Sheepy who I would go on to get to know very well. I had only joined a few days following the one-year anniversary of the forums and this is extremely notable.
    Brenden has created a one-year anniversary podcast for the forums, hosting both FD and Bailey, something I had happened to listen to and without its existence, I would have never joined the BPZ forums. I was just a freshman in High School, but the allure drew me in despite the already present changing life I was already experiencing. The forums did something for me that the real world couldn’t and provided me the ability to express my fondness for wrestling. I have no friends that remotely even like it, nor family. So, this place would allow me to talk on about all my opinions, predictions and wants for wrestling. It was a total dream come true for me at the time.
    However, I don’t think it’s my wrestling posts that I am most remembered for. There’s been a running joke that no matter what, I can seemingly almost win any match I choose to. Whether it’s a kayfabe or title poll, when comparing my overall BPZ win-loss record the win column has a very massive advantage to the losses. This use to matter to me, a lot. However, in recent times, I’ve stopped caring as much. Kayfabe has been my most favourite part of the forums and the past year for the first time, I didn’t care about wins, I simply wanted to create a great story. Enter me vs. Necce and I have been told by so many members just how much they enjoyed us on and off yearlong feud. It was a story I didn’t do for myself, but something I wanted to provide for the forums. Something unique and different that had never been done.
    I hope I can say I was a great mod. I always dreamed of becoming the Global mod. And so, when it did finally happen, I was totally ecstatic. So, you can imagine how I felt when it was so quickly taken away from me. It felt unfair at the time, looking at people like bailey who held onto the position for so long despite being involved in so many forums controversies. And to have it taken despite not necessarily being the cause of a controversy, just having my name surrounded in it. Looking back, I’ve put it all to rest. At least I can say I made it there.
    BPZ I believe had had many generations. From the era of Jake and Nebakos, to Bailey, to Slim, to now Julius. These eras are all extremely different in their own ways. From the chat, to the areas of the forums that are seemingly the most popular. Joining in 2015, I don’t know if there’s an actual time period of the forums where I can say I belong with that generation. However, I’ve met many great and interesting people. For the most part while I’m not by any means the nicest guy to everyone, I’m happy to say that now, at this stage I get along with practically everyone. I have no enemies. No one I dislike to a degree past a minor annoyance.
    I have done everything there is to do.
     I believe these forums have helped me to meet people that I will carry on to either know or remember for the entirety of my life. And that alone tells me what this place has meant to me, and the impact it has had upon my life. I could go on forever honestly. And before this gets too long, if it has no already, I will close this. Thank you, Brenden, for giving us this place. It’s been one incredible experience and thank you for inducting me into the Hall of Fame. It means the world to me."
    When I think of FDS the first that comes to mind is hard working. FDS is a member that will work his hardest to achieve his goals, whether that be winning championships or working on his own projects. FDS is a highly respected member who is one of the original members of the forums that remains active to this day, joining in 2014. FDS is always down to have a chat and is one of the nicest people you will interact with here, who will often struggle to find a mean word to say about anyone. FDS showcased this throughout his time working in the mod team when he constantly helped out where he could over a couple of years of service. He might always get the accolades that some others get, but without a doubt FDS is truly a special name on the forums. But I think we can all agree, that he had perhaps one of the funnest gimmicks we've seen throughout his time as "FD Slater". I will forever have huge respect for FDS and everything he has contributed here to the forum throughout his 4 years. 
    Congratulations FDS:
    From FDS:
    "I didn’t really know how to start this, so I figured I’d just go straight into it. I’ve been here a while and it’s truly an honour to be inducted into the hall of fame. There’s been highs and lows while being here, but I don’t regret any of it… ok, I regret some of it. It’s funny because if you go back like 2 years, I was just known for being that one guy who yelled Baybay and a had a shitty premium championship reign but since then it’s been fun. I’ve gotten to meet new people, I’ve gotten to work harder on writing darker stuff and I’ve been able to expel the darkness in my head into a creative medium. Alright, I guess I probably should address a few of my gimmicks since that was one of my main things back in the day. The most famous of my older gimmicks is definitely FDSlater. A character who some people for some strange god damn reason want me to bring back which was barely a character really it was more just a catchphrase, but it was my first exposure to success on here and it made people happy sometimes probably not as much now. My more recent characters have had a lot more thought put into them than what was once just things I made out of catchphrases and such. It’s funny because for a while I didn’t really want to come back to the forums mainly because at the end of 2015, I posted a promo teasing my return and people kind of just shat on it so that happened. Since then I started working harder on certain gimmicks and on my work ethic on here.
    Alright, now I’m going to talk about some people on here who I probably should thank. Let’s start with I don’t know he’s probably not going to read this but Ryan cheers mate you were a good tag partner and pushed me to a point of wanting to work harder than I ever possibly could previously. Necce, Jon Ruin was fun no matter what everyone says, and I enjoyed what we did during it. Flynn thanks for giving me one of my first actually important feuds over my time here. Ross, Cheers for giving me someone to argue with in chat. Ark, if you read this thanks for being the kid who always somehow beat me. BIC, you’re a cool dude and cheers for the times. Smith, I mean yeah thanks for the feud that helped me make my best kayfabe character. Brenden, Thanks for making the forums. And to everyone, I didn’t mention who thinks they deserve a thank you (except Josh) thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for anyone else on the forums.
     Alright I guess I should wrap things up, I could go into more details about stories on how I developed over time and all this other stuff but I think people will be bored of that by the time they get here so I’m just going to say thank you one last time and also thank you for anyone who’s been on the BPZ Forums Podcast. Cheers everyone and I am yet again honoured to be inducted into the Hall Of fame."
    A man that helped spark the success of diaries here on the forums, Jonathan is truly an innovator. Joining in 2014, Jonathan has contributed over 6,000 posts but perhaps it was his diary series that he will be known for. With Slammy Awards under his belt to show for it, Jonathan is always a name to look out for when searching for great quality content to read. Jonathan is an extremely hard working individual who had to grind his way to the top which he managed to accomplish. With majority of the major championships under his belt, Jonathan has been a proven success for many years and has earned the respect of many. I know Jonathan has been wanting this accolade for years now and that's because he has been a hall of fame worthy member for that length of time. It's long overdue, but it's great to see Jonathan finally take his place among legends.
    Congratulations Jonathan:
    From Jonathan:
    "When I look back at everything I done, what I committed my time to, I chuckle a little. I consider this Forums that I spent three and a half years tirelessly working on, and I ask myself why I did it. You all are why I did it and if I was asked to do it again, I would.
    The interactions I have had on this forum will last me the rest of my life, the people I connected with, the stories I created, and the incredible narratives we all somehow managed to create in our mock wrestling and I’m thankful. Thankful for the people who enjoyed my work and those who didn’t, all making me strive for the better. I’m thankful for all the people that have influenced my life past the sphere of Google Chrome and genuinely changed the person I am today, I’d be a worse person without meeting you all. I’m thankful for the platform that I was given, and proud that I could create things that people enjoyed, and though accomplishments didn’t always go to me, I got my gratification from the people who would simply leave comments which made me want to write more and more.
    The time I spent here, I’ll cherish it forever. The good and the bad alike. You all are incredible and will continue to make this crazy thing we have going on here better and better, I’m thankful for the portion that I was able to contribute to and looking forward to seeing what comes next. And who knows, maybe one day I climb back on the saddle and do this whole thing over again. But for now, I’m simply happy just to say thank you BPZ, this Hall of Fame honor is what I spent years working at, and being selected shows that I could influence others as well. You all are welcome for my presence. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and I hope that I’ve somewhat paid you back through my contributions."
    Brad (Angelo Caito)
    A man that never seems to back down from a challenge, no matter how big. Brad is truly the definition is a hard worker. No matter what he faced, he would always get back up and try again if he failed. Brad joined midway through 2015 and quickly was put under the wing of many as they saw major potential in him. He fulfilled his potential and exceeded it with his countless championship wins and main event appearances. With over 9,000 posts, Brad is one of the top contributors in the forums history. But for me personally, it's the behind the scenes work that Brad has done that makes him even more of a legend. He will always find time out of his day to answer a question or to help a new member figure something out if they're having trouble. He is always there if you need someone to talk to, laugh with or even cry with. He is a fantastic contributor and an even better bloke. Despite his 100 retirements, Brad still appears here on the forums to this day and still does his best to contribute where he can. He is one of a kind, 
    Congratulations Brad
    From Brad
    "The BPZ Hall Of Fame. Where members become Legends. And legends here never die. In late 2015 to early 2016 you ask anyone if I'd be in the Hall of Fame, they'd laugh and say no I wouldn't. Now and days and after years of hard work some people would say I am, and I stand here today with a list of legends that joined before me and after me. Guys like Neb and Bailey who been here from the beginning. Guys like Zombie, Jake, Smith, Bashka, and so many more guys who earned their place. I stand next to Flynn, FDS, and so many more guys here in the class of 2019 for the Hall of Fame and I couldn't be more honoured to be next to these guys I've been hanging around with and watched grow fast. Thank you everyone for being my second family and here's to many more days ahead."
    Poiunight (Poiudust)
    A man that unfortunately you won't see too much of around here anymore, but has truly left a last impression on the forums. Poiudust was the 10th member to ever join the forums back in the first few days of its creation. For Poiudust it was never about winning championships or creating thousands of posts, it was about his characters. He will be forever known as one of the first to ever master a "gimmick" here on the forums. Poiudust had over seven characters that he perfected that would appear throughout the years. His innovate and creative promos helped inspire kayfabe as we know it today. He might not have all the accolades as some, but it's safe to say that without Poiudust, kayfabe could be very different to this day. For those that knew him, he was simply all class. One of the friendliest members to ever appear on the forums, Poiudust had all the attributes that make him not just a hall of fame member, but a hall of fame human. We hope he will return one day so we can congratulate him properly, but for now, we can celebrate his success here.
    Congratulations Poiudust.
    These are your 2019 Hall of Fame inductees for the BPZ Forums. Congratulations to everyone. I encourage everyone to share your favourite moments, memories and stories about the inductees. Tell us all the great things they did as we celebrate all of their incredible contributions to the forums. 
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    Landon reacted to Angelo in Planting The Seeds Volume II   
    “2015 should of been my year!” {That screams through the PA System, causing the entire Mania crowd to go hush. Then the titantron goes to a blank screen, but the audio of a door slowly opening, it creaking slowly plays over the crowd before loud footsteps walking is now heard. The titantron slowly fades into a picture of a bedroom, with Angelo Caito standing inside of it. He slowly sits on the bed, the spring making a loud cranking noise. He runs his finger against the mattress before looking at the camera that follows him.}
    “I was taken in early into my career, to be apart of greatness, because that's what I was with that United States Championship that been irrelevant since because of lack of attention, or favorites of people. I was on the mountain top like I deserved to be, and no one succeeds often, because the same man who kicked me out of that group LOST his title the same night I won my first Intercontinental Championship. Why? Because he picked his favorite boy to join with, only to be turned on by him a few months later. Favoritism then lead to this moment. This has been boiling for YEARS now, and who cares about it right? Who cares about what a “Jobber” like myself who only has a total of eight Championship reigns overall in his career. Speaking of that, how many lasted over a month? None, and except two we're justified. BPZMania III, I was SCREWED of the Premium Championship, all because Echo Wilson kissed all the ass needed to the “top guys” to get this opportunity. And I was SCREWED at King Of The Ring, because Sameer never deserved the Intercontinental Championship to begin with, but gets it for being buddy buddy with the owner of the company, only to drop it to the next kiss ass in line. And don't get me started with the World Heavyweight Championship, because we'll be here for years talking about it.
    But at last, today is the day. BPZMania IV, the day where the undeserving wins again. The day where old part timers steal the spotlight again from people. Another chance to watch the same old faces hold the same old title. Rinse and fu***** repeat, am I right?
    ]Angelo shakes his head as he then lays on the bed, relaxing himself.}
    “I find it incredibly funny that this Mania is being called the Greatest Mania ever, despite it not ending. Lies, this is the most boring Mania ever and it's because of how things will work. Bailey will put himself back as Champion. Brenden will make sure that him and Sameer retain. Hell, might even give Sameer that extra push in that Money In The Bank match. Give me a break. This company is worse than the NFL, and they are crooked like a motherfu****. God I'm tired of speaking of this hell hole, go. Come back later and we'll continue.”
    {The cameraman turns to leave, Angelo starts whistling, almost matching a old cowboy whistle, stopping the camerman in his tracks as the camera fades to black.}
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    Landon reacted to Angelo in Planting The Seeds Volume II   
    {Seven days remain from the biggest event in BPZ history, BPZMania IV as the Mercedes Benz Stadium has been sold out for weeks now, amd the card still gets bigger and bigger. However, one person who competed at every BPZMania is forced to sit on the sidelines due to his commitment to his retirement, and will be in the corner of his friend and client, Aaron North for his NXT Championship. However the past couple of days, Angelo Caito has been sending out tweets with nothing but anger emojis, sad emojis, and even did a picture of Angelo shaking hands with BrendenPlayz when they signed his first contract in BPZ years ago with the hashtag #FalsePromises. The titantron in the arena goes pitch black for a few seconds, before a loud yell comes through the PA system.}
    {The titantron slowly shows a picture of Angelo Caito, standing inside a burnt down building, which seems like it could be a house, as the stairway behind him as pictures of a family on the wall, but too far away to see the family members themselves.}
    “Four years of my career and I am forced to sit out of BPZMania IV, my first Mania I ever sat out. And that pisses me off! “But Angelo! You retired yourself! You surely can't blame anyone for that!” Yes I can…. Management. Management oh glorious management. You… tasteless hacks. You fed me the same crap you feed everyone else to get us to sign, don't you? You give us the whole “Oh yeah man you'll be a big star in the future!”, But in reality, they mean “You're here to lose to the guys we like the most!”. You kept guys like me, who've been busting his behind longer than anyone else in this ******* company, and have me lose to someone who shows up for a paycheck. That's crap! I didn't retire because I wanted to. I retired so Bullcrap management can stop ruining everything I stand for in wrestling. Respect, Competition, and Earning Opportunities. And throughout all the bullcrap I have said about this company and how great it is, this company stands for Money, Old Main Eventers, and **** Those Who Earn and Please Those Who Don't!
    I've been nothing but the man who been screwed out of everything he deserves with the work I put into this place. And it never stopped with me, that's the issue. It went to FDS, George, BiC, and it will go to the NXT guys. Listen newbies, because I'm the only one who is real with you, leave while you can, otherwise, you'll get the same thing everyone else gets. Be warned, and don't say I never told you so when you are thinking of not resigning your contract after the crap you'll go through after six months and want out. Because….
    {Angelo walks around the room he's currently in before he places his hand on the wall.}
    “This place took away their heart and soul with their careless actions behind that desk, now, you all are on the road to redemption. Redemption. Is. Mine.”  
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    Landon reacted to Isaiah Carter in Madden 19: Buffalo Bills   
    Ayye good to see another Madden diary on the forums, Josh Allen is defiantly the QB for the future imo. He is money, and since I just said this on Bubbas diary, I'll give you some different suggestions. I'd say for this focus on defense, defense wins games in Madden and I think players such as Janoris Jenkins, Trey Flowers, and other defensive guys you could trade for could easily help out the team, and obviously the draft. Excited for this Apex keep on it!
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    Landon got a reaction from Isaiah Carter in Madden 19: Buffalo Bills   
    Buffalo Bills Franchise: The Rebuild 
    The Bills have been nothing short of a mediocre team and that is putting it nicely, 1 playoff birth in 18 years and with Tom Brady still being around there seems to be no end in sight. Brandon Beane has been trying to get a big time receiver but simply put nobody wants to play in Buffalo. There are some bright spots though and it starts will the Bills cornerstones there future and the center pieces of the team the sophmores. Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. 

    Josh Allen is a 6'6 strong armed QB out of Wyoming and his rookie season he set the Bills on fire with not only his cannon arm and his ability to turn an 8 yard sack into a 35 yard TD run filled with hurdles jukes and stiff arms. Josh Allen although never lived up to Baker Mayfield he is indefinably a future all pro QB in the NFL if developed right. 

    Tremaine Edmunds is an absolute monster in the middle of the Bills defense sranding at 6'6 and 250 pounds he made a huge impact in his rookie year. Finishing 15th in the league in tackles with a total of 121 he also finished with 2 tackles and 2 interceptions. 
    Buffalo sits third in the league in terms of cap space and is constantly looking for new trade partners for a viable number one receiver. AB said no and Desean Jackson said no which put a negative stigma around Buffalo. With a new General manager Landon Mastowski and a stingy coach in Sean Mcdermott this really could be the Bills year. 
    Welcome to the new Era of the Buffalo Bills... 
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    Landon got a reaction from bubbajr_ in Madden 19: Buffalo Bills   
    Buffalo Bills Franchise: The Rebuild 
    The Bills have been nothing short of a mediocre team and that is putting it nicely, 1 playoff birth in 18 years and with Tom Brady still being around there seems to be no end in sight. Brandon Beane has been trying to get a big time receiver but simply put nobody wants to play in Buffalo. There are some bright spots though and it starts will the Bills cornerstones there future and the center pieces of the team the sophmores. Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. 

    Josh Allen is a 6'6 strong armed QB out of Wyoming and his rookie season he set the Bills on fire with not only his cannon arm and his ability to turn an 8 yard sack into a 35 yard TD run filled with hurdles jukes and stiff arms. Josh Allen although never lived up to Baker Mayfield he is indefinably a future all pro QB in the NFL if developed right. 

    Tremaine Edmunds is an absolute monster in the middle of the Bills defense sranding at 6'6 and 250 pounds he made a huge impact in his rookie year. Finishing 15th in the league in tackles with a total of 121 he also finished with 2 tackles and 2 interceptions. 
    Buffalo sits third in the league in terms of cap space and is constantly looking for new trade partners for a viable number one receiver. AB said no and Desean Jackson said no which put a negative stigma around Buffalo. With a new General manager Landon Mastowski and a stingy coach in Sean Mcdermott this really could be the Bills year. 
    Welcome to the new Era of the Buffalo Bills... 
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    Landon reacted to Sheridan in 𝐺𝑒𝑛𝑜𝑐𝑖𝑑𝑒.   
    "In theory, the NXT division should be a thing of beauty. A proving ground for warriors who have recently broken into the wrestling business, competitors who are fuelled by ambition and the hunger to climb the ladder of this excellent promotion, becoming nationally recognised athletes and forging alliances along the way. Such a concept should have the audience defending their favourites to the bitter end, debating who has the most potential out of an aligned class and which of that class will even make it out of such a brutal division. Hypothetically this division should illustrate and produce the future talents of this business, but in practise it is a fallacy, cancerous. In spite of the fact that the biggest event this company produces is fourteen days away, sports television networks aren't speaking about the spectacles lined up at the peak of the card. Journalists do not care for dream bouts set up through months of rivalries and vicious battles, oh no. Instead, their attention lowers to the base of the card. Where the cockroaches lay in waiting, the smoke from an absolute dumpster fire rising through the card, automatically stifling the potential greatness in each and every match. Such a problem has become so prominent, that people don't discuss the likes of Bailey, Echo Wilson or Bart. Instead their displeasure voices itself when discussing the parasites sticking around in the NXT division when truthfully they should have been cut long ago. So it is with great eagerness that I announce my in-ring return at BPZMania IV, with the intentions of committing a mass genocide on the diseases that have been allowed to cavort within my once beloved division and capturing the NXT Championship in the process."

    Sheridan Müller kicks her feet upon the expensive desk she is situated at, revealing a pair of golden, shimmering wrestling boots enshrouding her feet. The pattern is feminine, golden sparkles covering the majority only differentiating with three cream lines shooting along the side, curling at the peak of her footwear where the lines burst into an angel wing design. She releases a confident laugh before reclining in her chair briefly, only to push her form upright into a standing position. She saunters around the side of the desk, clutching the camera cautiously within her soft, well-kept hands.

    "I shall single-handedly pave the streets of Atlanta with gold. In truth I am unsure of my competition, but realistically speaking it should not matter, for I can assure you none have the pure athleticism or technical superiority which I possess within my palm. Half are yet to have a match in this promotion and the rest should have met their demise long ago. Whilst I myself have little momentum heading into this bout, neither would I be considered a favourite against the puroresu aficionados and brutal powerhouses, one thing I do have going for me is experience. I have competed for a championship before, twice in fact. I have shared a ring with the likes of Necce, Flynn and Julius and taken them to their absolute limits. The fact of the matter is regardless of my late entry I should be considered a threat and simply pushing my aura to the side would be a huge mistake. This division needs a cleansing few within it can provide and although I have not competed in so long, I bring a certain spark and drive to the table that others simply cannot muster. In two weeks from now Sheridan Müller makes her much anticipated return to a BrendenPlayz wrestling ring and she shall be walking out the saviour of the NXT Championship and the healer of a dying, breathless division."
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    Landon reacted to Just "Marker" Done in The Ending of Nate   
    {MARKER returns to Carnage after two months of being out of action, he has one goal in mind, winning that Premium Championship at BPZMania from Emperor Nate..... Marker gets in the ring, he picks up the microphone and he speaks} 
    {The fans cheered for his return, as chant begin of the name MARKER.} 
    Now, you are wondering, why I am out here, but you know exactly why I'm out here today, I'M BACK TO GAIN THE BPZ PREMIUM TITLE FROM NATE'S HANDS.... 
    Now, Nate and I had our battle before last year when I dismantled him and begin my best run so far, when I came into BPZ, Nate was the manager of EVOLVE, the brand that I was on and I thought he was one of the greats, longest reigning Global Champ, former Tag Team Champion. 
    Until he was fired from his job as GM, right then and there Nate wasn't the same man anymore, he lost all of the confidence he had, it broke him, but now he back and has what I want, I know that Nate thinks that he is back to his best, but it is simply a mirage, to hide the fact that Nate isn't what he seems, he pick the perfect time to pick up the Premium Title when nobody was going for it, that why he is Premium Champion today and I have to say, it was smart. 
    However what it isn't smart to pit a man against me because at BPZMania, I will end Nate reign as Premium Championship and start my reign of dominance in 2019.....
    {The music plays and MARKER  leaves the ring, how will Nate be able to handle MARKER by Mania, we will find out.} 
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    Landon got a reaction from Julius in Memory lane   
    Carnage returns from break and the arena goes black and the attention shifts to the titantron where we see a video package of a familiar face of BPZ, Apex. The video shows his first battle in NXT fighting for the NXT championship and losing to Brad. His battle with Brad Ginge and Alyx wilde for the US title also falling short. Apex’s defeat at the hands of Sameer for the premium championship. And then it shows him winning his first ever championship win the Intercontinental championship followed by losing the championship the next day to Brad. The video package continued showing Apex defeating Bizzy for his second IC title reign and the tears that followed from him grasping the title like he was never going to let go. That was of course a lie as the next image was Apex losing to Razor and Apex once again feeling like he let his fans down. Then the movie cuts to his battles with FD which lead to Apex in a career match where he won the biggest match of his career on “The Rainmaker” To help him stay employed with BPZ. The screen goes to black and the crowd is silenced at the trip down memory lane that they just witnessed. The spotlight shifts to the middle of the ring where we see a man in a suit with a microphone in his hands as the crowd stays silenced. Apex for the first time in almost a year raises the mic.

    “Part Timer…”
    “1 day title reign…”
    “Washed up…”
    The crowd still silenced is absorbing these words that Apex is saying still waiting for him to address his possible future for BPZMania if he will play a part in any way shape or form.
    “My road in BPZ has been described by those sayings I have struggled to gain momentum I have struggled to get the big win in my career. I have gone AWOL to many times I have struggled to keep the IC title in my possession. I am sick of the losing I am sick of the disrespect that is thrown on my name. I have sacrificed too much to be where I am and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Hell I don’t even have a spot on the biggest show of the year. I don’t deserve it I have left to many times, lost too many times and after awhile you just feel stuck.”
    “I’m sorry guys… for everything…”
    Apex leaves the ring walking down the ramp with tears in his eyes and out of sight as the crowd waits for the next segment of the show with one question. What is next for Apex?
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    Landon got a reaction from Angelo in Memory lane   
    Carnage returns from break and the arena goes black and the attention shifts to the titantron where we see a video package of a familiar face of BPZ, Apex. The video shows his first battle in NXT fighting for the NXT championship and losing to Brad. His battle with Brad Ginge and Alyx wilde for the US title also falling short. Apex’s defeat at the hands of Sameer for the premium championship. And then it shows him winning his first ever championship win the Intercontinental championship followed by losing the championship the next day to Brad. The video package continued showing Apex defeating Bizzy for his second IC title reign and the tears that followed from him grasping the title like he was never going to let go. That was of course a lie as the next image was Apex losing to Razor and Apex once again feeling like he let his fans down. Then the movie cuts to his battles with FD which lead to Apex in a career match where he won the biggest match of his career on “The Rainmaker” To help him stay employed with BPZ. The screen goes to black and the crowd is silenced at the trip down memory lane that they just witnessed. The spotlight shifts to the middle of the ring where we see a man in a suit with a microphone in his hands as the crowd stays silenced. Apex for the first time in almost a year raises the mic.

    “Part Timer…”
    “1 day title reign…”
    “Washed up…”
    The crowd still silenced is absorbing these words that Apex is saying still waiting for him to address his possible future for BPZMania if he will play a part in any way shape or form.
    “My road in BPZ has been described by those sayings I have struggled to gain momentum I have struggled to get the big win in my career. I have gone AWOL to many times I have struggled to keep the IC title in my possession. I am sick of the losing I am sick of the disrespect that is thrown on my name. I have sacrificed too much to be where I am and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Hell I don’t even have a spot on the biggest show of the year. I don’t deserve it I have left to many times, lost too many times and after awhile you just feel stuck.”
    “I’m sorry guys… for everything…”
    Apex leaves the ring walking down the ramp with tears in his eyes and out of sight as the crowd waits for the next segment of the show with one question. What is next for Apex?
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    Landon got a reaction from Just "Marker" Done in Memory lane   
    Carnage returns from break and the arena goes black and the attention shifts to the titantron where we see a video package of a familiar face of BPZ, Apex. The video shows his first battle in NXT fighting for the NXT championship and losing to Brad. His battle with Brad Ginge and Alyx wilde for the US title also falling short. Apex’s defeat at the hands of Sameer for the premium championship. And then it shows him winning his first ever championship win the Intercontinental championship followed by losing the championship the next day to Brad. The video package continued showing Apex defeating Bizzy for his second IC title reign and the tears that followed from him grasping the title like he was never going to let go. That was of course a lie as the next image was Apex losing to Razor and Apex once again feeling like he let his fans down. Then the movie cuts to his battles with FD which lead to Apex in a career match where he won the biggest match of his career on “The Rainmaker” To help him stay employed with BPZ. The screen goes to black and the crowd is silenced at the trip down memory lane that they just witnessed. The spotlight shifts to the middle of the ring where we see a man in a suit with a microphone in his hands as the crowd stays silenced. Apex for the first time in almost a year raises the mic.

    “Part Timer…”
    “1 day title reign…”
    “Washed up…”
    The crowd still silenced is absorbing these words that Apex is saying still waiting for him to address his possible future for BPZMania if he will play a part in any way shape or form.
    “My road in BPZ has been described by those sayings I have struggled to gain momentum I have struggled to get the big win in my career. I have gone AWOL to many times I have struggled to keep the IC title in my possession. I am sick of the losing I am sick of the disrespect that is thrown on my name. I have sacrificed too much to be where I am and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Hell I don’t even have a spot on the biggest show of the year. I don’t deserve it I have left to many times, lost too many times and after awhile you just feel stuck.”
    “I’m sorry guys… for everything…”
    Apex leaves the ring walking down the ramp with tears in his eyes and out of sight as the crowd waits for the next segment of the show with one question. What is next for Apex?
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    Landon got a reaction from Isaiah Carter in Memory lane   
    Carnage returns from break and the arena goes black and the attention shifts to the titantron where we see a video package of a familiar face of BPZ, Apex. The video shows his first battle in NXT fighting for the NXT championship and losing to Brad. His battle with Brad Ginge and Alyx wilde for the US title also falling short. Apex’s defeat at the hands of Sameer for the premium championship. And then it shows him winning his first ever championship win the Intercontinental championship followed by losing the championship the next day to Brad. The video package continued showing Apex defeating Bizzy for his second IC title reign and the tears that followed from him grasping the title like he was never going to let go. That was of course a lie as the next image was Apex losing to Razor and Apex once again feeling like he let his fans down. Then the movie cuts to his battles with FD which lead to Apex in a career match where he won the biggest match of his career on “The Rainmaker” To help him stay employed with BPZ. The screen goes to black and the crowd is silenced at the trip down memory lane that they just witnessed. The spotlight shifts to the middle of the ring where we see a man in a suit with a microphone in his hands as the crowd stays silenced. Apex for the first time in almost a year raises the mic.

    “Part Timer…”
    “1 day title reign…”
    “Washed up…”
    The crowd still silenced is absorbing these words that Apex is saying still waiting for him to address his possible future for BPZMania if he will play a part in any way shape or form.
    “My road in BPZ has been described by those sayings I have struggled to gain momentum I have struggled to get the big win in my career. I have gone AWOL to many times I have struggled to keep the IC title in my possession. I am sick of the losing I am sick of the disrespect that is thrown on my name. I have sacrificed too much to be where I am and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Hell I don’t even have a spot on the biggest show of the year. I don’t deserve it I have left to many times, lost too many times and after awhile you just feel stuck.”
    “I’m sorry guys… for everything…”
    Apex leaves the ring walking down the ramp with tears in his eyes and out of sight as the crowd waits for the next segment of the show with one question. What is next for Apex?
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    Landon reacted to Sameer in NBA2K19: Brooklyn Nets   
    Brooklyn Nets vs Utah Jazz 
    With being only two games above .500 36-34. The Nets have a chance to go up in the standing if they win this matchup against the Jazz tonight. Although having a low percentage chance of winning this match, We know that the Brooklyn Nets play hard and won't give up especially with the chance of going up to the6th seed in the standings
    In the first quarter before teams struggle to get any offense going with both teams defense being extremely well. The first quarter ends with both teams tied at 23 points a piece.In the 2nd quarter, Joe Harris explodes with 14 points off the bench and the nets take off offensively while the Jazz continues to struggle to get anything going in the basket.
    At the end of the first half, The score is 55-37 Brooklyn Leads in Salt Lake City. 
    The Nets continue to just dominate the Jazz in this blowout game as Deangelo Russell explodes with 20 points in the 3 quarter as the Jazz go on a run in the 3rd but it isn't looking like it's enough to get them back in the game.
    In the fourth the Duo of Deangelo Russell and De'Aaron Fox torch the Jazz's defense and make sure that it's a blowout game. The Net's with a big statement win tonight proving that they can hang with the best teams in the league here tonight. They now go up to a 6th seed in the eastern conference.
    Deangelo Russell: 37 points,4 assists, 5 steals
    De'Aaron Fox: 20 points,8 assists, 4 rebounds 
    Donovan Mitchell: 40 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists       
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    Landon reacted to Eric Shun in 205 Live: New Opportunities   
    Monday Night Raw
    September 26th 2016
    The first involvement of the Cruiserweight in this weeks Raw is backstage. Gran Metalik is standing 
    backstage when a reporter comes up to him asking questions about how he feels he has performed in 
     the four way Cruiserweight tournament.

    Reporter: Gran Metalik, a word?

    Metalik shrugs his shoulders then nods his head, before the reporter can begin he puts one finger up as if he
    is saying one second, then he waves over Sin Cara! *Fans Pop*

    Sin Cara: Ahh, so you want to talk to my new client and tag team partner Gran Metalik. Well, you'll have 
    to speak to me first, now what can I do for you?

    Reporter: Can you tell me how Gran Metalik feels he performed in the Cruiserweight Tournament match 
    that he had against The Brian Kendrick last week.

    Sin Cara: Look, Metalik is a happy, but only a bit, he is here to show everyone just why he is the
    best Cruiserweight, and he wants to do that by winning the Cruiserweight title, that is his final goal. Just
    like everyone else on the roster. But for now me and him is what it is about, the first official Crusierweight
    tag team. 

    Reporter: Wow! Thats huge news, can you give me any further?

    Sin Cara: Look, I know what you reporters have to do and me and Metalik respect that, but we are going
    to let our in ring capability and performances do the talking. Starting from right now as we face Noam Dar
    and Jack Gallagher.



    Gran Metalik and Sin Cara Against Jack Gallagher and Noam Dar

    In the first Cruiserweight match of the night, we get to see the first ever Cruiserweight tag team match.
    And not only that, but a huge trio of debuts too. With Sin Cara, Jack Gallagher and Noam Dar all having
    their first bout in the Cruiserweight era tonight. It looks like we are going to have Gran Metalik and Noam
    Dar start us off is this match as they begin to circle the ring and strech to warm up. And out of nowhere
    Noam begins the action with a few kicks to Metalik, backing him up towards the ropes. Irish whip from 
    Dar, the attempted clothesline is ducked and a huge high knee from Metalik. You can hear the fans oooing
    and aaaing in pain for Dar after that one. A knee drop now but the cover gets two, and an early two at that.
    Metalik is in control of this one, as he won't even let Dar get to his feet let alone tag in his partner. Dar
    is still stuck in this headlock from Metalik, but he wriggles out and flips Metalik off of him and manages
    to make the tag meaning that Jack Gallagher is in this match now. And Gallagher starts off in the 
    right way with a clothesline to Metalik. But Metalik gets control again as he catches Gallagher off of an
    attempted splash, re positions Gallagher and connects with a stiff backbreaker. Metalik and Sin Cara are
    in firm control of this match even though only one man has entered the ring. As Metalik is looking to 
    continue this assualt with an elbow drop from the top rope. And Gallagher, using his wits to realise that he
    had to roll outside the ring in that situation or he would be pinned. But he didn't expect the suicide dive 
    from Metalik! Huge impact, wiping out Gallagher. But look at Dar. Dar jumping off of the apron with the
    splash to Metalik. And now only one man is standing, Sin Cara. But he stays put, Dar throws both men
    back into the ring and we continue. As the men lock up now, and no prize for guessing who has won this
    lock up as Metalik forces Gallagher back to the turnbuckles with ease. Now a splash maybe, but 
    Gallagher got out of the way, roll-up. But it is only a two count. Gallagher looks to get right back on the 
    offence now with some kicks of his own to the shins of Gran Metalik, quickly followed up by an 
    uppercut from the englishman. Now an irish whip sending Metalik into his own corner. Tag from Gallagher
    allowing Dar to get back in, but Metalik tags in Sin Cara too. Dar looks to take the fight to Sin Cara, but
    Cara ducks one clothesline, rolls undearneath the next. Now a hurricanrana from Sin Cara. Dar is left 
    dazed. Wait, roll-up from Sin Cara! And he got the three count! 

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    Landon reacted to bailey14 in WWE Current Brand Split 2020   
    Extreme Rules:

    1: Neville vs Akira Tozawa.
    Match Background: This will be a ladder bout. This match is for the WWE Cruiserweight title. Neville has been WWE Cruiserweight champion since 25 March 2017.
    The Match: Neville kicks the leg, knocks Tozawa down, and goes to work on it. Neville hits a face jam on Akira Tozawa onto the ladder! Neville uses a basement dropkick to the knee and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL~! THERE IT IS! A legdrop to the BACK OF THE HEAD! I swear, that makes any match just a little bit better. I don't mind telling you that every time I see it, that's for sure. Neville walks into a drop toe hold. Dropkick into the ladder by Tozawa, sending it into Neville! Flying reverse elbow by Akira Tozawa. Tozawa drops an elbow...but Neville moves out of the way. GORGEOUS Spinning bulldog in the corner and Tozawa is down. Back heel kick off the second rope and Tozawa goes flying! Tozawa flips out of a Neville bodyslam attempt. Spinning back kick from Akira Tozawa. Neville blocks a punch. Spin kick by Neville to the face sends the opponent FLYING across the ring. They both begin to climb the ladder. Once they reach the top, an exchange of punches starts! Neville grabs Tozawa...and sends him crashing to the canvas! Neville grabs the prize for the victory. Neville goes into the crowd, where he celebrates his victory

    2: Ciampa and Gargano vs BOPERFECT.
    Match Background: This match is for the WWE Tag Team titles. Ciampa and Gargano have been WWE Tag Team champions since 30 April 2017.
    The Match: Axel takes a headbutt from Tommaso Ciampa. Flying shoulder tackle by Ciampa sends Axel CRASHING to the mat. Covers for a quick two count. Ciampa tags out to Johnny Gargano. Ciampa and Gargano hook up Axel, then hit a double suplex. There's a two count on the pin. Hard back suplex on Axel. Come to think of it, that move had WAY too much power in No Mercy for N64. Johnny Gargano misses a big legdrop after stalling too long. Massive back suplex! Johnny Gargano got snapped in half, but not literally because that would just end the match now wouldn't it. Covers for a quick two count. Tag between Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Massive backbreaker on Gargano and I get happy flashbacks to Bret Hart's Five Moves of DOOM. Pinfall attempt: ONE...TWO...NO! I would have bought that as the finish! Johnny Gargano charges into the corner, but EATS BOOT and staggers backward. Bo Dallas goes for a splash but Gargano puts the knees up. THERE IT IS! A legdrop to the BACK OF THE HEAD! I swear, that makes any match just a little bit better. I don't mind telling you that every time I see it, that's for sure. Tag to Tommaso Ciampa. Tommaso Ciampa connects with rights and lefts and Bo Dallas is down! Bo Dallas tags out to Curtis Axel. Flying shoulder tackle by Ciampa sends Axel CRASHING to the mat. Curtis Axel can barely stand. Project Ciampa!!! That shook the ring. 1....2....3!! Ciampa and Gargano go into the crowd, where they celebrate their win.

    3: Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn.
    Match Background: This will be a last man standing bout.
    The Match: Sami Zayn hits a face jam on Braun Strowman onto a chair! Sami Zayn crushes Stowman with a huge legdrop. Stowman ducks a wild right hand. Stowman hits a right hand. Stowman slams Sami Zayn down and motions to the crowd. The referee counts: 2....3...4....but Sami Zayn stands up. Sami Zayn eats a trash can, but not the contents in it, obviously. BAAACK Body drop by Sami Zayn gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. Sami Zayn blocks a kick from Braun Strowman. SUPER frankensteiner on Stowman, who hit hard and is loopy as a result. The referee gets to a five count....and Braun Strowman gets back up. Springboard dropkick from Sami Zayn. Nicely done. The referee counts: 6....7...8....but Stowman stands up. Second rope flying axe handle, Stowman goes down. One day, Sami Zayn might even consider coming off the top with that. You know...for more impact and stuff. Springboard kick drives a table into Stowman. Braun Strowman once again takes the advantage after blocking a few punches and connecting with some forearms. Running knee lift from Braun Strowman. Death valley driver by Braun Strowman! No one executes that move properly anymore. Braun Strowman moves in for the kill. Here it comes - Dominator. The referee counts to 10, this match is over! Braun Strowman remains in the ring, celebrating the victory.

    4: Cesaro and Bobby Roode vs Anderson and Gallows.
    Match Background: Roode is making his debut at this show.
    The Match: Roode slams Karl Anderson. BAAACK Body drop by Anderson gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. There's a two count on the pin. Roode tags out to Cesaro. Bobby Roode scoops up Anderson. Cesaro bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. Covers for a quick two count. Anderson gets caught with a short powerbomb from Cesaro. Anderson backdrops Cesaro out of a piledriver attempt. That took a lot out of Karl Anderson. Cesaro walks into a side slam. Think about how much talent it takes to side slam someone. Nash can do it. There's a two count on the pin. Tag to Luke Gallows. Luke Gallows hits a bulldog off the ropes. Pinfall attempt: ONE...TWO...NO! Bodyslam by Gallows. Cesaro ducks a wild right hand. Luke Gallows takes a butterfly suplex from Cesaro. Tag to Bobby Roode. Roode scoops and slams Luke Gallows. What's the difference between a scoop slam and a body slam anyway? Tag to Karl Anderson. BIG clothesline on Anderson. Bobby Roode moves in for the kill. Roode Bomb! 1....2....3. Cesaro \ Roode go into the crowd, where they celebrate their win.

    5: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens.
    Match Background: None.
    The Match: Kevin Owens with a spinning neckbreaker on Nakamura. Owens gets a stalling fallaway slam on Shinsuke Nakamura. Covers for a quick two count. Shinsuke Nakamura comes up with a right hand out of nowhere. Owens is a glutton for punishment and just continues to take it during this match. Bodyslam by Nakamura. Hooks the leg for a two count. Powerbomb on Owens. Hooks the leg! ONE...TWO...NO! Big dropkick by Shinsuke Nakamura, who got a ton of air on the move. Owens blocks the suplex attempt and is able to hit the suplex instead! Big piledriver on Nakamura. There's a two count on the pin. Flying clothesline by Owens. Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Kevin Owens with a spinning neckbreaker on Nakamura. Nakamura gets slammed down hard and winces in pain. Nakamura ducks a wild right hand. Rude Awakening neckbreaker on Kevin Owens by Nakamura. Remember when that was a legit finish? Spear! Owens is down! Kevin Owens is in trouble. Kinshasa!!! That shook the ring. 1....2....3!! Shinsuke Nakamura climbs each turnbuckle in turn, working the crowd as he celebrates his victory

    6: Sasha Banks vs Bayley.
    Match Background: This will be a tables bout. This match is for the WWE Women's title. Sasha Banks has been WWE Women's champion since 30 April 2017.
    The Match: Bayley is a glutton for punishment and just continues to take it during this match. Sasha Banks pulls Bayley onto the table for a piledriver, but she uses a backdrop to survive. Rude Awakening neckbreaker on Bayley by Sasha. Remember when that was a legit finish? Flying shoulder tackle by Sasha sends Bayley CRASHING to the mat. Bayley reverses a Sasha Banks hammerlock. Bayley goes to slam Sasha through a table, but she manages to escape. Sasha takes a NICE hurrancarana from Bayley. Sasha counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head. Big piledriver on Bayley. DEATH VALLEY DRIVAH~! by Sasha Banks just KILLS Bayley! Sasha charges into the corner but EATS BOOT. Bayley just WAFFLES Sasha with a STIFF chop that hurt ME to watch! Sasha kicks Bayley in the gut to reverse the momentum. BAAACK Body drop by Bayley gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. Sasha climbs onto the table with Bayley and hits a bodyslam through it for the win! Sasha Banks goes into the crowd, where she celebrates her victory

    7: Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe.
    Match Background: This will be a cage bout. This match is for the WWE United States title. Samoa Joe has been WWE United States champion since 26 March 2017.
    The Match: Samoa Joe scoops and slams Roman Reigns. What's the difference between a scoop slam and a body slam anyway? Samoa Joe throws Reigns into the cage. Samoa Joe and Reigns climb the cage....but both end up crashing back to the canvas after a struggle! Fallaway slam by Samoa Joe puts down Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns charges into the corner, but EATS BOOT and staggers backward. Samoa Joe gets taken down out of nowhere! Roman Reigns drives Samoa Joe into the cage side. Big piledriver on Samoa Joe. Roman Reigns climbs the cage, but gets pulled down by Samoa Joe! Roman Reigns gets taken down out of nowhere! Spear by Samoa Joe. Spear! Reigns is down! Samoa Joe gets taken down out of nowhere! Reigns scoops and slams Samoa Joe. What's the difference between a scoop slam and a body slam anyway? Roman Reigns misses a clothesline. Samoa Joe climbs the cage, but gets pulled down by Reigns! BAAACK Body drop by Reigns gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. Roman Reigns gets knocked to the ground by Samoa Joe. Here it comes...Coquina Clutch! Roman Reigns is almost unconscious with pain! Samoa Joe and Reigns climb the cage....until Roman Reigns gets knocked off by a right hand! Samoa Joe climbs over the top for the win! Samoa Joe remains in the ring, celebrating the victory.

    8: Charlotte and Nia Jax vs Asuka and Paige.
    Match Background: None.
    The Match: Charlotte just WALKS into a stiff lariat clothesline from Asuka. Stun Gun from Asuka! I still can't believe that was Austin's finisher at one point. Covers for a quick two count. Tag to Paige. Asuka \ Paige whip Charlotte into the ropes and hit a double backdrop. There's a two count on the pin. Charlotte gets caught with a short powerbomb from Paige. Charlotte reverses a waistlock. Paige walks into a jaw breaker. Hooks the leg for a two count. Tag between Charlotte and Nia Jax. Jax hits a piledriver on Paige. I know I wouldn't let someone that bad give me a piledriver. Hooks the leg! ONE...TWO...NO! Jax slams Paige down. Paige is sure in trouble now. Paige avoids a Nia Jax avalanche by getting out of the damn way! Nia Jax takes a butterfly suplex from Paige. Tag to Asuka. Nia Jax just WALKS into a stiff lariat clothesline from Asuka. Jax tags out to Charlotte. BIG clothesline on Charlotte. Asuka floors Charlotte. Charlotte gets locked in the Asuka Lock! Submission victory! Asuka \ Paige go into the crowd, where they celebrate their win.

    9: Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins.
    Match Background: This will be an iron man bout. This match is for the WWE Universal title. Finn Balor has been WWE Universal champion since 30 April 2017.
    The Match: FIRST FALL: Rollins uses a basement dropkick to the knee and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL~! Rollins crushes Finn Balor with a running senton. There's a two count on the pin. Finn Balor counters a sleeper with a jaw breaker and is able to get free! Finn Balor kicks the leg, knocks Rollins down, and goes to work on it. Hard back suplex on Rollins. Come to think of it, that move had WAY too much power in No Mercy for N64. Hooks the leg for a two count. Diamond Dust from Finn Balor and Rollins is out! Pinfall attempt: ONE...TWO...NO! Finn Balor hits a dropkick on Seth Rollins and gets right back up. Rollins kicks Finn Balor in the gut to reverse the momentum. Flying cross body off the top rope! Hooks the leg for a two count. Back heel kick off the second rope, Finn Balor goes down. Hooks the leg! ONE...TWO...NO! Rollins uses a basement dropkick to the knee and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL~! Dropkick connects to the butt of the jaw and Finn Balor goes down. Finn Balor powers out of a headlock. Rollins takes a flying neckbreaker from Finn Balor. Power drive elbow by Finn Balor. That sounds like a feature on a 4 x 4, doesn't it. ONE...TWO...THREE. Finn Balor defeats Rollins. SECOND FALL: STIFF high kick on Rollins by Finn Balor. STIFF high kick on Rollins by Finn Balor. Rollins takes a flying neckbreaker from Finn Balor. THERE IT IS! A legdrop to the BACK OF THE HEAD! I swear, that makes any match just a little bit better. I don't mind telling you that every time I see it, that's for sure. Finn Balor misses a big legdrop after stalling too long. Second rope flying axe handle, Finn Balor goes down. One day, Rollins might even consider coming off the top with that. You know...for more impact and stuff. Rollins crushes Finn Balor with a running senton. Covers for a quick two count. Finn Balor blocks the suplex attempt and is able to hit the suplex instead! SUPER frankensteiner on Rollins, who hit hard and is loopy as a result. Covers for a quick two count. Rollins walks into a face crusher variation. Has anyone's face ever really been crushed by one though? Pin, but Rollins is out just before the three count. Finn Balor goes for a splash but Rollins puts the knees up. SUPER frankensteiner on Finn Balor, who hit hard and is loopy as a result. ONE...TWO...THREE. Rollins defeats Finn Balor. THIRD FALL: STIFF high kick on Rollins by Finn Balor. Seth Rollins once again takes the advantage after blocking a few punches and connecting with some forearms. Seth Rollins connects with a back heel kick on Finn Balor and gets back up quickly. Finn Balor charges, Rollins moves, and the referee is knocked silly! Vicious kick to the teeth from Seth Rollins. Pinfall attempt, but the ref is out and can't count to three! Finn Balor backdrops Seth Rollins out of a piledriver attempt. That took a lot out of Finn Balor. Rollins takes a flying neckbreaker from Finn Balor. Lightning kick by Finn Balor on Rollins. Covers for a quick two count. Springboard dropkick from Finn Balor. Nicely done. Hooks the leg! ONE...TWO...NO! Rollins pushes out of a Finn Balor hold. SUPER frankensteiner on Finn Balor, who hit hard and is loopy as a result. Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Finn Balor reverses a waistlock. Finn Balor floors Seth Rollins...and climbs the turnbuckles. Coup de Grace!!! 1....2....3!! It's all over. END OF BOUT. Finn Balor goes into the crowd, where he celebrates his victory
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    Landon reacted to Slim in #BrandWarfare   
    SummerSlam Kickoff: August 21st, 2016 - Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York "Stronger" by Through Fire hits, as we are welcomed to the 2017 edition of SummerSlam, as the preshow panel is none other than Booker T, Lita, RAW Superstar Sheamus, and SmackDown LIVE Superstar Naomi. Booker T kicks off the panel saying weclome to the biggest party of the Summer, as he dives straight into the action, asking Naomi when she will be back. Naomi says last month there was a few compliciations with her injury that prevented her from returning, but now she's 100% cleared. They dive into previewing tonight's matches, as first up is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match.
    Booker T predicts that Enzo & Cass walk out of Brooklyn as champions tonight, and Lita agrees. Naomi also says Enzo & Cass, saying they have too much momentum to be beaten tonight. Sheamus goes against the 3, saying Gallows & Anderson will dismantle and destroy Enzo & Cass. Next match up is none other than the RAW Women's Championship, as Charlotte defends against Emma & Becky Lynch. Booker T goes with Becky Lynch, saying she has the most fire out of the 3 to retain her title. Lita and Sheamus go with Charlotte for the sheer fact that it's a Triple Threat, and Charlotte has an insurance policy in her back pocket incase anything goes astray. Naomi goes with the wildcard pick of Emma, saying that she believes it's Emma's time atop the RAW Women's Division.
    They now begin to discuss the Guantlet Match for the United States Championship. Booker T goes with his main man, Finn Balor as his pick, but Lita disagrees, as does Sheamus. Naomi also picks Finn, but Lita goes with Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus goes with Braun Strowman. They now move onto the blood feud, a feud that has been all over Monday Night RAW, Dean Ambrose vs Kurt Angle. Booker T says he has to go with Kurt Angle, as does Lita,. Naomi says that Dean Ambrose is ruthless and she doesn't see him losing, and Sheamus says he believes it's too close to call, which generates backlash from the rest of the panel. Sheamus is pressured into picking, and selects Kurt Angle. Now, the panel once again switches gears, discussing the RAW vs SmackDown LIVE Match, as "Y2J" Chris Jericho faces off with "The Prizefighter" Kevin Owens. Sheamus pipes up, saying RAW will destroy SmackDown, and Naomi retorts, saying KO got this in the bag. Lita has to go with KO too, and Book picks Jericho. Booker now informs us it's time for the first match of the night, American Alpha vs The Vaudevillains for the RAW Tag Team Championships...
    And now we're directed to the commentary team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton as they welcome us to SummerSlam. "Elite" by CFO$ hits, as Chad Gable & Jason Jordan, American Alpha make their way out to the stage, walking down as the crowd is electric for them, as American Alpha has become one of the premier tag teams on Monday Night RAW. Gable & Jordan get into the ring, as the crowd cheers them before they now await their opponents.
    "Voix de Ville" plays, as the RAW Tag Team Champions, The Vaudevillains, Simon Gotch and Aiden English, followed by their mentor, and manager, William Regal. Regal guides them down to the ring as they poise with the RAW Tag Team Championships, before they head them over to the referee, getting the match started as they staredown.

    RAW Tag Team Championships
    American Alpha vs The Vaudevillains
    The match begins with Aiden English and Chad Gable, as the two lock up before Gable grips the waist of Aiden English, picking him up and slamming him down onto the mat, working a waist hold on English and showing off his pure wrestling ability. Gable would continue to keep him grounded, as English would get frustrated and throw hard, stiff elbows to the side of Gable's head, unexpectedly cutting his forehead open! Gable would be pushed to his corner by EMTs, as they checked on him, deciding whether or not to stop the match, and Gable would push them off of him as he heard that, before running at English with a huge clothesline before dropkicking Gotch off of the apron! Gable would now be in control as the blood poured out of his forehead...
    Gable now went for a Deadlift German Suplex on Aiden English, and as much as English tried to fight it, he couldn't, and Gable connected! Gable now went over to his corner, tagging in Jason Jordan as English crawled to the tag to Gotch... AND GOT IT! Gotch ran in, but Jordan immediately caught him, hooking his waist before hitting a huge Belly-To-Belly suplex! Jason Jordan now backed into the opposite corner before running at Gotch... SPEAR INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Jason Jordan now tags in Chad Gable... as they set it up... Grand Amplitude! Gable bridges into the corner as Jason Jordan keeps Aiden English from doing anything.... ONE... TWO.... NO! WILLIAM REGAL PULLED THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING! The referee begins arguing with Regal as Jordan and Gable look on, realizing what has happened as they now go to the outside... GRABBING REGAL... GRAND AMPLITUDE TO REGAL ON THE OUTSIDE! Oh my god! "How could they do that to a legend of the business like Regal" notes commentator Corey Graves, as now American Alpha turns their attention back to Gotch.
    As American Alpha gets back into the ring, English pulls Jason Jordan out, throwing him into the steel steps as Gable is now distracted... EUROPEAN UPPERCUT TO THE BACK OF GABLE'S HEAD! Gotch now rolls Gable up into a Jackknife Cover... before picking him up...  AND DROPPING HIM DOWN ONTO HIS KNEE! HE CALLS THAT THE GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT (Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker), and now he tags in Aiden English, as English climbs the top rope.... THAT'S A WRAP TO CHAD GABLE! Aiden English climbs to the body of Chad Gable and covers him...

    One... Two... THREE! The Vaudevillains retain! The Vaudevillains have retained here at SummerSlam, and owe it a large part due to William Regal!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (That's A Wrap) @ 10:41, and STILL RAW Tag Team Champions, The Vaudevillains!
    The Vaudevillains grab their titles, and now with William Regal, retreat up the stage as they hoist their tag titles up, looking back at American Alpha who looks on, disappointed in the ring...
    WAIT... WHO THE?! Oh my god! Randy Orton & Luke Harper! Harper with a superkick to Jordan, and Orton hits a huge RKO on Gable! Luke Harper & Randy Orton stand over American Alpha, staring down with Chad Gable, as it's clear - Orton & Harper want the RAW Tag Team Championships...
    And now, we're turned back to the preshow panel as the team recaps the United Kingdom Tournament now, which started with 16 men, before only 2 were left - "The Technical Wizard" Zack Sabre Jr., and "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne. It showed highlights of their nearly 30 minute match, as then it showed the ending, with Sabre Jr. kicking out of a Bitter End before hitting his new finisher, the Hammerlock Leg Sweep DDT, and getting the 3 count. Shots of ZSJ holding up the United Kingdom Championship title is shown, as now we're shown Stephanie McMahon & Shawn Michaels backstage, as they're discussing the success of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, before the champion himself, Zack Sabre Jr. walks in!
    Steph & HBK congratulate him, before they tell him that this Monday on RAW, his first contender, at the RAW Exclusive PPV - "Clash of Champions", on September 11th, will be decided when Mark Andrews takes on Trent Seven, following the controversal battle royal ending yesterday in Blackpool.
    Now we're turned back to the preshow panel as Booker T now begins to dive into RAW's biggest match of the night... The World Championship Match, "The Professional" Cesaro vs "The Man of 1000 Truths", and current World Heavyweight Champion, Bray Wyatt. They dive into the feud, as Cesaro was the last man standing against Wyatt in the Fatal Five Way World Championship Match at Vengeance. The following RAW, Cesaro would challenge Bray Wyatt to a World Heavyweight Championship Match at SummerSlam, to which Bray Wyatt would accept. The following weeks would be a test of Cesaro, facnig off with Wyatt Family members such as Randy Orton & Luke Harper, before Cesaro was finally invited to the Wyatt Family Compound, where with some help from Erick Rowan, took out the Wyatt Family and stood tall. In the following weeks,, The Wyatts would use the numbers game on Cesaro, but tonight it could be a different story...
    Lita picks Wyatt, Naomi & Sheamus agree but Booker goes with Cesaro, as he believes Cesaro can neturalize the numbers game. They all now begin to focus on a different match, the Cruiserweight Championship Match... Cedric Alexander vs Kota Ibushi vs Apollo Crews, as Booker T goes with the unstoppable force as of late, Apollo Crews. Lita picks the man who has been hyped up since his debut, the Golden Star, Kota Ibushi, while Naomi & Sheamus go with the current champion, Cedric Alexander. They now begin to talk about one of the premier feuds on Monday Night RAW, as they switch gears to "The Beast" Brock Lesnar versus "The Brute" Rusev. The feud started back in June, when Brock Lesnar was attacked by The Union, consisting of Sheamus & Rusev, whose goal was to ultimately take out The Beast Incarnate. In the coming weeks, Rusev would lay out Lesnar before Lesnar would return two weeks ago, begging for Rusev but Rusev would flee, but this past week on RAW, Lesnar would finally get Rusev, taking him out with a couple of suplexes and powerbombs, standing tall. Booker T would go with Brock Lesnar, as would Naomi & Lita, but Sheamus stuck with his partner, picking Rusev.
    Now diving into the next match, as they would now go to the second women's match of the night - Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Nikki Bella & Alexa Bliss, the winner becomes SmackDown Women's Champion. Booker T would begin things, saying he believes Bayley will overcome the odds tonight and power her way to a victory. Lita goes with the wild-card pick of Alexa Bliss, saying 'she has what it takes', while Naomi picks Nikki Bella. Sheamus, looking uninterested, asks who cares before they move onto the next match... "The Lunatic" Dean Ambrose vs "The Olyampic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle. They show us the insane buildup, stemming from their first confrontation back in early June, Ambrose's attack on Angle at Vengeance, their match just a few weeks ago on RAW before it shows Dean Ambrose returning and hitting Dirty Deeds on an unsuspecting Jinder Mahal & Nathan Gaffney. Now the panel gives predictions, as Booker goes with Angle, and Lita says she can't pick against Kurt Angle either, but Naomi & Sheamus note that this is a Last Man Standing Match, and pick Ambrose due to his age. And now, Booker turns us over to our second preshow match.
    And now we're flipped back down to Cole/Graves/Saxton as they welcome us back to the action, saying it's time for our 2 out of 3 falls match for the Intercontinental Championship. "I Came To Play" hits, as the boos now rain down here in Brooklyn, as The Miz, along with Zack Ryder & Maryse, make their way out to the stage. Miz smiles at the crowd, as does Ryder before the two cockily make their way into the ring, awaiting Miz's opponent, the man he lost the Intercontinental Championship to...
    And now, "Break Orbit" plays, as the Intercontinental Champion himself walks out, the title in his hand as he walks down the ramp, getting into the ring and giving the title to the referee, ready to start the match. Neville has been eager to get his hands on The Miz the past few weeks, especially considering Zack Ryder has been there to help "The A-Lister.

    Intercontinental Championship | 2 Out Of 3 Falls
    Neville vs The Miz
    Neville & Miz would lock up, as Miz took Neville into a headlock, pushing Neville into the corner as he began to stomp away at "The Man That Gravity Forgot", before he hit a huge left cross to the side of Neville's face, stunning him. Miz would then tie Neville's leg up in the rope, as he backed up into his corner running at it before delivering a huge kick to his leg, knocking him down as The Miz taunted the crowd, hopping onto the middle rope before spreading his arms wide. The Miz would then turn his attention back to Neville, who rolled him up! Neville, going for the first fall... One... Two... No! The Miz kicks out, but as he runs at Neville, Neville catches him with a Spinning Sole Kick to the gut of Miz! Neville bounces off of the ropes... DROPKICK TO THE MIZ! Neville now looks to climb the top rope early, going for the Red Arrow... NO! Zack Ryder distracted him! Ryder distracted Neville and it allowed Miz to hit the ropes, as he now recovers, before he grabs Neville by the hair, pulling him down into Tree of Woe as he backs up, BIG BOOT TO NEVILLE! The Miz untangles his legs, pulling him out, turning him around as he hooks the arms... SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! Miz drops down into the cover... One... Two... THREE! The Miz takes the first fall!
    The Miz takes Fall One @ 8:28
    The Miz smiles, as he now realizes he is in control of Neville, as he picks him up by his hair, screaming that Neville will never be on Miz's level, before booting him in the face, knocking him back onto the mat face first. The Miz picks Neville up again, trying to go for a second Skull Crushing Finale, one that would finish off The Man That Gravity Forgot, but instead Neville reverses out, hitting lightning quick strikes to Miz before dropkicking him out of the ring, as he bounces off of the ropes and runs at Miz... SPACEMAN PLANCHA TO THE MIZ! Neville is suddenly in control now, out of nowhere! Neville now grabs Miz, rolling him into the ring as he follows, hitting a swift kick to the gut of Miz before he hits Miz with a knee to the face, before he flips over him... Sunset Flip Powerbomb! Neville now climbs the top rope, pointing down The Miz, before he then switches direction and jumps onto Zack Ryder! Neville gets up, sliding back into the ring, as he now catches Miz with a huge Superkick, before he now turns him over... AND LOCKS IN THE RINGS OF SATURN! Neville has the submission locked in, as The Miz moves around in pain.... HE TAPS! The Miz has tapped out!
    Neville takes Fall Two @ 14:34
    And now, we're tied up... 1-1. The next fall wins the match, and the person who scores it, wins the Intercontinental Championship, and now Neville gets to his feet, as does The Miz as Neville runs at Miz... But Miz kicks him in the gut... SNAP DDT! Snap DDT from The Miz to Neville and Neville's face looks like he is concussed! The Miz now continues to stomp away at Neville, as Neville tries to break away, but can't as Miz now turns Neville onto his back... AND LOCKS IN THE FIGURE FOUR! Neville grabs his leg, trying to break free as Miz smiles at Neville, knowing he must either tap or suffer severe damage to his leg. Neville tries to roll over to reverse the pressure, but can't, before trying again.... AND HE REVERSED THE PRESSURE! And now, The Miz is the one in pain as he screaams, before Neville breaks the hold, then lines it up... PENALTY KICK! Neville drops down into the cover: One... Two... NO! The  Miz kicks out! And now, Neville picks him up, dropping him down with a Poison Rana before sacling the top rope... 450 SPLASH! Neville now looks down at Miz, as he heads to the top rope again... NO! ZACK RYDER PUSHES HIM OFF! The Miz takes advantage.... SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!

    The Miz goes into the cover, as the referee slides down and begins counting.... One.... Two... THRE-NO! NEVILLE KICKED OUT, AND THE BARCLAYS CENTER IS BUZZING WITH EXCITEMENT! Everyone thought that Miz had it won! And now, Miz looks on, shocked at Neville as he picks him up, going for some sort of Powerbomb, but Neville fights out... SUPERKICK! Neville just superkicked Miz's head off! And now, Neville turns his attention to Ryder as he steps out onto the apron.... AND JUMPS OFF, HITTING A RANA ON RYDER! And now Neville turns his attention to The Miz... going for the Red Arrow... YES! HE HIT IT! HE CONNECTED ON THE RED ARROW!

    And now, Neville hooks the outer leg of The Miz, as the referee goes into the cover: One... Two... THREE! Neville has done it, Neville has retained!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Red Arrow) @ 20:32, and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Neville!
    And now, Neville is given the Intercontinental Championship, as he puts it on his shoulder. He's finally beaten The Miz, and now he walks out of the biggest party of the summer.... as Intercontinental Champion.
    And now, we're turned back to the preshow panel as they praise The Miz vs Neville, calling it an amazing match and great effort by both, as they each congratulate Neville before they begin to discuss the final match of the night... The WWE Championship Match. They show us a video package, highlighting the match...
    The predictions begin with Booker T, who goes with Roman Reigns for the simple fact that Reigns has been on a tear since returning. Lita goes with John Cena, saying Cena's dying to get that 16th World Championship. Sheamus goes with AJ Styles, saying if he had to pick one person to beat these two, it'd be AJ. Naomi goes with Cena, as Booker T now tells us it's time for the Biggest Party of the Summer to begin, as the SummerSlam Kickoff fades... to... black.
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    Landon got a reaction from Jason Black in Dream Kayfabe Feuds   
    @Angelo Catio We have a lot of history and I think a feud between the 2 of us could be explosive 
    @Smith Never had the honor of promo batteling with Smith and it would honestly be a pleasure
    @Sameer We have both improved so much and I honestly want to see who would come out on top 
    @Alyx Wilde Alyx is one of the best who wouldn't want to promo battle against him?
    @Jason Black Mentor vs. Student I feel me and Tim could work Magic done right 
    HM: @Slim @King Flynn @Nebakos7 @BiC
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    Landon got a reaction from Isaiah Carter in Dream Kayfabe Feuds   
    @Angelo Catio We have a lot of history and I think a feud between the 2 of us could be explosive 
    @Smith Never had the honor of promo batteling with Smith and it would honestly be a pleasure
    @Sameer We have both improved so much and I honestly want to see who would come out on top 
    @Alyx Wilde Alyx is one of the best who wouldn't want to promo battle against him?
    @Jason Black Mentor vs. Student I feel me and Tim could work Magic done right 
    HM: @Slim @King Flynn @Nebakos7 @BiC
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    Landon reacted to Slim in #BrandWarfare   
    Unforgiven, presented by SmackDown LIVE - July 24th, 2016
    | Theme Song: "I Will Remain" by The Veer Union | "I Will Remain" by The Veer Union plays, as we are welcomed to Unforgiven by the SmackDown Commentary Team of Mauro Ranallo, John Bradshaw Layfield, and Renee Young. They say that tonight is sure to top last month's Backlash, and that we're gonna kick it off with a blood feud, as the United States Champion Sami Zayn puts his title on the line against "The Prizefighter" Kevin Owens.
    A video package begins to play, highlighting the history of the two as they now come to head tonight, in a 30 minute man Iron Man Match. "Fight" by CFO$ plays, and Kevin Owens steps out of the gorilla position, eyeing the WWE Universe with scournful looks, before he gets into the ring and awaits his opponent, the man who holds the United States Championship.
    "Worlds Apart" hits, as "The Underdog From The Underground" Sami Zayn makes his way out to the stage, throwing up his arm as the US Title remains strapped around his waist, this has to be the toughest match of Sami's life tonight as he faces Owens.

    United States Championship: Sami Zayn(c) vs Kevin Owens (Iron Man)
    Owens and Zayn would begin the match with their signature spot of brawling as they both threw hands at each other, before Sami Zayn fired off a huge Enziguri, sending Owens stumbling. Owens would retaliate with a huge clothesline, sending Sami Zayn inside out! Owens would control the pace from there with headlocks, keeping Zayn, who usually is known for his speed and ability to make something out of nothing, down on the mat and not allow him any offense. Kevin Owens would pick Sami Zayn up, before placing him in the corner and begin to unload elbows on the US Champion, before Sami would fight out, and run at Kevin Owens... right into a Pop-Up Powerbomb! Wow! KO fell into the cover - 1... 2... 3! Kevin Owens is up, one to zero as he scores the first pinfall!
    Kevin Owens smiles as he knows he's in the lead, and watches as Sami Zayn struggles to find air, the clock reading 18 minutes now as 12 minutes have passed. Zayn would throw a wild right hand, but Owens would counter, picking Zayn out of midair and hitting his signature Pumphandle Neckbreaker! Owens would laugh at Zayn who struggled to even make it to his knees, and Kevin Owens picked him up again, bouncing him off of the ropes, looking for the Pop-Up Powerbomb again.... BUT SAMI ZAYN REVERSED! Sami Zayn with a Rana, sending Owens flying out of the ring as he gathers momentum, and bounces off of the ropes... and TOPE CON HILO TO THE OUTSIDE! WOW! Sami Zayn is back in this match ladies and gentlemen! Sami Zayn rolls Kevin Owens into the ring, but Owens, looking to protect his lead, rolls out the other side, and Zayn looks at him, but runs and goes through the turnbuckles, catching Owens, and flooring him with a Huge DDT! Zayn picks up Owens, rolling him back into the ring as he covers - 1... 2... NO! Kevin Owens kicked out!
    Sami Zayn looks at the referee with disappointment, and he reitirates that it was a 2 count, and Zayn picks up Owens, before he turns him around... and hits his Exploder Suplex into the corner! KO begins to stir after about 30 seconds, as Sami Zayn backs into the other corner, sprinting at Kevin Owens full speed.... and NAILED A HELLUVA KICK! Sami Zayn caught Kevin Owens in his arms, looking at him as Owens struggled, and he put Owens back into the corner, punching him once before he backed into the opposite once again, running full speed at "The Prizefighter", and he hit it! Sami Zayn made the cover - 1... 2... 3! "The Underdog From The Underground" wins, and it is now 1 to 1! Sami Zayn looks at Kevin Owens, and immediately goes for him again, trying to keep him grounded, but Owens fights out, pushes Zayn away, and Zayn charged him again, but Owens would catch him with a Superkick, before heading to the top rope, and jumped off... DROPPING AN ELBOW! Owens covered - 1... 2... NO! Sami Zayn kicked out, and now was there is under 3 minutes left, you have to wonder if we'll need extra time...
    Kevin Owens grabs Sami Zayn by the tights, as he throws him into the turnbuckle, shoulder first before he clotheslines him, sending him inside out as now 1 minute, 3 seconds remain, and Kevin Owens hits a Superkick, as Zaun crumples to the mat, in a heap as time is now under 40 seconds, and Owens picks Zayn up, doing a throat slit before he bounces Zayn off of the ropes, going for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Sami Zayn reverses into a Rana, and rolls Owens up with both legs hooked! The referee counts - 1... 2... 3! SAMI ZAYN IS UP 2-1, AS TIME IS UNDER 10 SECONDS. The clock ticks down 9... 8... 7... 6... 5.... 4... 3... 2... 1... Sami Zayn retains! Owens looks on, a mixture of emotion coming over his face as he thought he had Zayn done for, but the heart of Zayn gave him the win.
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Rollup/Helluva Kick, 2-1) @ 30:00, and STILL United States Champion, Sami Zayn!
    Sami Zayn is given the United States Championship, as he raises it high in the air and keeps it there, knowing he is the rightful US Champion...
    As commercial breaks finish, we are told by Mauro Ranallo that it is time for the first of two women's matches tonight, as Alexa Bliss faces Bayley, trying to sort out their issues from SmackDown LIVE in recent weeks...
    "Spiteful" plays, as "The Wicked Witch" Alexa Bliss makes her way out to the ring, trying to beat Bayley once and for all, as she gets into the ring, standing in one side of the ring as she awaits her "lovable" opponent.
    "Turn It Up" blasts throughout the arena, as "The Hugger" Bayley emerges on the stage, dancing around and being her usual self as the fans take her in, cheering her tonight as she gets down to the ring and stares down with Alexa Bliss before the match begins.

    Alexa Bliss vs Bayley
    Alexa would talk trash to Bayley early on, as Bayley looked at the fans, before a more aggressive Bayley came out as she punched her in the face! Alexa would stumble back, obviously not expecting that before she'd have a temper tandrum, running right at Bayley and going for a Clothesline, but Bayley would duck before catching Alexa with a Capture Suplex! Bayley would run at Alexa, who was positioned in the corner, but Alexa caught her with knees to the face! Alexa would run at Bayley, dropkicking her to the mat before she grabbed onto the ropes nearby, and began to stomp Bayley's head into the mat with viscous curb stomps! Alexa Bliss would stay in control of the match, as she kept Bayley on the ground, with kicks and stomps.
    As the match neared 6 minutes, Bayley elbowed out, going for her signature comeback, as she hit two axe handles to the face before Alexa ended up in the corner, and Bayley caught her with a Back Elbow to the face, before Bayley went for the Bayley-To-Belly... NO! Alexa fought out, and Alexa hits the DDT! Alexa begins to climb the top rope, taunting in the process as she then goes for the Twisted Bliss... NO! Bayley moves... and grabs Alexa.... BAYLEY-TO-BELLY! Bayley covers - 1... 2... 3! Bayley wins!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Bayley-To-Belly) @ 7:32, "The Hugger", Bayley!
    Bayley does a celebration as Alexa is shown on the outside, pissed as she and Bayley are now tied up at 1. Bayley continues to celebrate, as she looks emotional, getting her first PPV win tonight.
    Advertisements for SummerSlam play, before we are welcomed back to SmackDown LIVE's Unforgiven. Mauro Ranallo, John Bradshaw Layfield, and Renee Young explain what a great night we've had tonight, before they reveal it's time for one of the biggest matches on the card - The Cruiserweight Championship Match.
    "Rage" by CFO$ begins to blast throughout the arena, as "The One Man Nation" Apollo Crews makes his way out to the ring, and Crews hits a few of the fan's signs down, before he gets in the ring and taunts the fans, saying he's "the real cruiserweight champion", and the crowd boos.
    "Won't Let Go" by CFO$ plays, and the Cruiserweight Champion himself, Cedric Alexander makes it out to the stage. A man who has had to fight for everything he's gotten, the champion stands on two feet tonight, not smiling but instead ready to fight for the title he longed for so very long.

    Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander(c) vs Apollo Crews
    Cedric Alexander would offer the usual handshake cruiserweights do, but Apollo Crews would laugh and go back to his corner, waiting for the match to begin. The referee rang the bell and Alexander hit a dropkick on a charging Apollo Crews right out of the gate, sending him out of the ring, and Apollo would hit the ring apron in frustration as Cedric dared him to come back into the ring, and Apollo obliged, as the two locked up, but Apollo immediately hit Cedric Alexander with a Back Suplex before he began to stomp away on the winner of the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, as Crews picked Cedric up, before he hit a huge Enziguri on Alexander, but Alexander took it as if it was nothing and caught Apollo with a huge forearm, and the two began to slug it out with forearms, as they went back and forth before Apollo Crews ran at Cedric Alexander, but Alexander caught him with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex!
    Cedric Alexander would then go on the attack, hitting Apollo with a Shining Wizard as Cedric covered - 1... 2... NO! Apollo Crews kicked out at 2, as Cedric Alexander went to the outside and began signalling for Apollo Crews to get up, as he was going for the Springboard Clothesline, and he jumps into the ring... BUT APOLLO CREWS CATCHES HIM IN MIDAIR! APOLLO CREWS CATCHES CEDRIC ALEXANDER, AND HITS HIM WITH A RUNNING POWERSLAM! Apollo Crews covers - 1... 2... No! The Running Powerslam was not enough to keep Cedric Alexander down, as Apollo Crews looks down at Cedric  Alexander, before performing a Standing Moonsault on "The Lumbar Legacy"! Wow! How did Apollo do that!? Apollo Crews picks Cedric Alexander up, turning him around... NO... HE'S GOING FOR THE LUMBAR CHECK ON CEDRIC ALEXANDER HIMSELF, AND HE CONNECTS ON IT! Apollo Crews covers - 1... 2... 3? NO! Cedric Alexander kicks out just before 3, and Apollo Crews looks enraged, as he then looks down at Cedric once again.
    He then begins to argue with the referee about the count, as he then pushes the referee who threatens to DQ him, but Apollo smirks as he lifts the lifeless body of Cedric Alexander up, before he turns Alexander around, lifting him up in the air... DANGAN POWERBOMB FROM APOLLO CREWS! WOW! He hit Cedric Alexander with the Dangan Powerbomb! Apollo Crews covers, and puts his feet on the ropes, come on ref! 1... 2... NO! THE REFEREE SAW HIS FEET ON THE ROPES AND CANCELS HIS COUNT, AS HE AND APOLLO GET INTO IT! Apollo begins to tell the referee he needs to count faster, and Cedric Alexander comes up from behind him, and hits the Lumbar Check! Cedric covers - 1... 2... 3! Cedric Alexander has retained the Cruiserweight Championship in a thrilling contest!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Lumbar Check) @ 14:58, and STILL Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander!
    Cedric holds up his belt with one arm, as Apollo rolls to the outside, frustrated as he walks up the ramp, Cedric Alexander having won out of what seems to be many matches ahead.
    We are shown backstage with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan who discuss what a show it has been tonight, and in walks... none other than Stephanie McMahon and Shawn Michaels! Shane asks the two what they're doing here, and Steph responds with "Watching a Pay-Per-View, but we also had a challenge for SmackDown LIVE." HBK says that at SummerSlam, a dual branded event, RAW would like to pit one of its superstars against one of SmackDown LIVEs. Bryan and Shane gladly accept.
    After the SmackDown Women's Championship match Promo Package finishes playing, "You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)" begins to play throughout the arena, as "The Fearless One" Nikki Bella makes her way out to the ring, having a championship match and opportunity to become champion scheduled tonight, as she goes one-on-one with "The Boss".
    "Sky's The Limit" begins to play, as "The Boss", and current SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks makes her way out to the stage, a change of attitude having resulted in a more aggressive Sasha as of late, having attacked Nikki Bella for no reason. Sasha gets into the ring as the attack is replayed, and smiles before Greg Hamilton does the obvious introductions.

    SmackDown Women's Championship: Sasha Banks(c) vs Nikki Bella
    Sasha Banks would taunt Nikki, calling her a loser, and that she should just take her ball and run home, just like she did after she lost to Charlotte, and Nikki would have enough, grabbing the hair of Sasha and dragging her into the corner before she would get onto the middle turnbuckle, and hit Sasha over and over again, until she jumped off, backed into the other corner and hit a forearm to the face of "The Boss"! Sasha Banks would stumble out of the corner, right into a Spinebuster from Nikki Bella! Nikki  Bella would get on the middle rope, telling the fans "the title is coming home"! Nikki would go to pick up Sasha, but Sasha would reverse, into a Cross Armbreaker! We've never seen this from Sasha before, but it seems she's doing anything she can to retain her title, and even if that means breaking out some new moves, she'll do it!
    Nikki struggles in the submission as Sasha wrenches and wrenches, trying to tap out Nikki Bella, but Nikki fights out, lifting Sasha Banks up and sending her back down with a Powerbomb, as both women lay there, down and out from the impact offense each is throwing, all to become SmackDown Women's Champion! Nikki is the first to make it to her feet, as she holds her arm in pain, having been in the submission for so long, but she waits for Sasha to get to her feet, before she runs, springboards off of the turnbuckles, and hits a nearby Sasha with a huge Roundhouse Kick to the face, knocking Sasha out of the ring! Nikki Bella has Sasha Banks on the ropes as Sasha's Women's Championship Reign looks to be in danger of ending! Nikki Bella bounces off of the ropes, looking for a Suicide Dive... BUT SASHA CATCHES HER IN MID AIR WITH A FOREARM TO THE FACE! WOW! Sasha yells "THIS IS MY RING, BITCH", before... she gets into the ring herself, bouncing off the ropes as Nikki makes it to her feet... and Sasha does a sucide dive of her own, and connects!

    Sasha Banks then throws Nikki Bella back into the ring, as she looks to set up the Bank Statement... But Nikki Bella reverses and catches Sasha with a huge Forearm Smash! She picks Sasha up immediately, looking to captialize on "The Boss", and gets her up on her shoulders, going for what she calls "The Rack Attack 2.0", but Sasha reverses out and locks in the Bank Statement! Nikki Bella writhes around in pain, trying to get to the ropes, and she is just a few inches away from it.... Can she get there... SHE DOES! WOW, WHAT AN EFFORT FROM BOTH WOMEN TONIGHT AS THEY SEEMINGLY CAN'T FIND A WAY TO PUT EITHER ONE DOWN! Sasha picks up Nikki Bella, but Nikki fights out and hits a Bella Spear, and begins to unload on Sasha! Sasha pushes her off before Nikki runs at her again, but Sasha jumps up into the air and catches her with a Pop-Up Meteora! Sasha picks up Nikki before pushing her into the corner, and she puts Nikki's legs on one side and her upper body on the other, and jumps up... CATCHING HER WITH DOUBLE KNEES TO THE STERNUM! Sasha Banks climbs the top rope, Nikki Bella down and out, and she jumps off, FROG SPLASH FROM SASHA BANKS! Sasha covers, putting her feet on the ropes for added insult, 1... 2... 3. Sasha Banks retains, putting down Nikki Bella tonight.
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Frog Splash) @ 19:47, and STILL SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks!
    As Greg Hamilton finishes announcing the winner, Sasha Banks picks up Nikki Bella before she throws her over the top rope and out of the ring, signalling her dominance over the SmackDown Women's Division, picking up a huge win tonight.
    Following the huge Women's Championship match, it's time for the SmackDown Tag Team Title Match as "The Good Brothers", Gallows & Anderson face the team of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, #DIY.
    "Chrome Hearts" hits, as "Johnny Wrestling" Johnny Gargano and "The Psycho Killer" Tommaso Ciampa come out to the stage, obviously hyped up about their SmackDown Tag Team Title Match tonight, and as they get down to the ring, they greet the fans with highfives, being fan favorites tonight.
    "Omen In The Sky" suddenly cuts off their music, as the cocky, arrogant members of The Club, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, make their way out to the ring, holding the SmackDown Tag Team Championships up for everyone to view, having won them last month at Backlash in a Triple Threat Match.

    Gallows & Anderson vs #DIY
    Karl Anderson and Johnny Gargano would start the match out, as Anderson would hit Gargano with a huge Leg Lariat right out of the gate, flooring Gargano as he climbed the top rope.... and hit a Diving Neckbreaker! Anderson would cover - 1... 2... No! Tommaso Ciampa breaks it up, before Karl Anderson picks up Johnny Gargano, putting him in his corner, before he made a tag to Luke Gallows, and the two hit a Double Big Boot, sending Gargano flying down to the mat. Gallows would stomp Gargano, before grabbing him by his hair, picking him up, bouncing off the ropes before flooring him with another Big Boot, as he smiled at Karl Anderson, even two-sweeting him, insulting the match in itself, before he ran, bounced off the ropes and hit a Splash! Gallows went to pick up Gargano again, but Gargano flipped out of a Gallows Pole, and caught Gallows in the face with a Knee!
    Johnny Gargano would bounce off of the ropes, and propel himself at Gallows with another Knee to the face, before he finally took Gallows off of his feet with a Superkick! Johnny Gargano would then tag in Tommaso Ciampa, as the two went for their finisher, the "Code Kill" (Running Knee/Superkick), but Karl Anderson would sneak into the ring and pull Gallows of the way, as then he clotheslined Gargano out of the ring and Gallows sent Ciampa flying over the top rope, as he landed up near Gargano. The Club would control to stay in control with headlocks, as Ciampa didn't have the strength to fight out of Gallows, and the worst move Gallows made was when he tagged in Karl Anderson, as Ciampa was easily able to fight out, catching Anderson with a Discus Clothesline and tagging in Johnny Gargano, who caught Karl Anderson with a Slingshot Spear! Gargano would immediately pick Anderson up, as he hit him with a huge Roundhouse Kick, sending him back down as Gargano covered! 1... 2... 3? NO! Gallows broke it up, and now Gallows and Ciampa are into it, brawling, but Gallows catches Ciampa with a Thrust Kick, sending him out of the ring!
    Johnny Gargano slowly realizes that Luke Gallows is in the ring, and hits him with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, downing him as he then walks over to Karl Anderson, picking him up... WHEN KARL ANDERSON EXPLODES OUT, THROWING JOHNNY GARGANO'S ARMS TO THE SIDE AND CATCHING GARGANO WITH A GUN STUN! Anderson covers - 1... 2... 3! The Club retains!
    Your Winners Via Pinfall (Gun Stun) @ 10:34, and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Gallows & Anderson!
    Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows hold up their titles, having won the war against #DIY, men who "annoyed" them for weeks, and Anderson yells "THIS ISN'T ENOUGH", and goes to the outside, grabbing Steel Steps! Anderson slides the steel steps back into the ring, as he and Gallows pick up Gargano, who is lifeless, and put him into Magic Killer position... AND CONNECT ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! Gargano's ribs have to be broken! Gallows and Anderson throw Gargano out of the ring, before they slide the steel steps out and then get set to leave...

    Jimmy and Jey, The Usos, emerge from the backstage area, looking around at the crowd as the crowd doesn't know what to think, neither do the announcers as The Usos step into the ring, staring down with Gallows and Anderson... What the hell!?!
    ENZO AND CASS! ENZO AND CASS JUST HIT THE USOS WITH STEEL CHAIRS! Revenge for many attacks by The Usos is coming tonight, as they are beating the hell out of The Usos with steel chairs. Gallows and Anderson escape immediately, knowing what is happening, as Enzo & Cass stare down the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and we are shown an advertisement for Camp WWE and Ride Along.
    Back from commercial break, the video hyping the impending return of "The Ace" Finn Balor;
    The video would continue to play, before cutting to the SmackDown commentary team, where Mauro Ranallo said he couldn't wait for the return of one of the best on SmackDown LIVE, and Renee and JBL agreed. Mauro then said it was time for the main event of the evening, the biggest match on the card... AJ Styles vs John Cena in the WWE Championship Tournament Finals.
    As the video package ended, "Phenomenal" by CFO$ hit, as "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles made his way to the ring, walking down the ramp as the crowd was split down the middle for "The Phenomenal One", who now has the biggest match of his WWE Career, and you have to wonder, if AJ Styles fails, will he ever become a WWE Champion? Mauro Ranallo notes that he has John Cena at his weakest point, having beaten him just one month ago. As AJ Styles gets into the ring, he does his signature taunt and poses, then takes off his jacket and waits for Cena.

    "Time Is Now" begins to play, as "The Face That Runs The Place" John Cena, makes his way out to the stage, donning his red and blue attire as he takes out his usual towel that reads "NEVER GIVE UP", before he begins his run down to the ring, throwing the towel and sliding into the ring. Can Cena capture his 16th World Title tonight? He's gone through "The Devil's Favorite Demon" Kane, and "The Prizefighter" Kevin Owens to get here, but can he successfully make history tonight?

    John Cena and AJ Styles stand off, as one of them is about to become WWE Champion, who will it be?

    WWE Championship Tournament Finals: John Cena vs AJ Styles
    Both men have got here through determination and will have to keep their momentum going if they want to beat the other, and AJ Styles realizes that, as he comes at John Cena with a fistful of punches as the bell rings, neglecting the usual lockup as Styles sends Cena into the corner and charges at him, CLOTHESLINE IN THE CORNER! Styles smirks at Cena, who looks rocked early on. Cena gets back up, and as Styles charges him again, Cena has it scouted as he floors Styles with a huge punch, before he goes into ground and pound position on Styles, hitting him with punches over and over again before the referee pulls him off, as Styles grabs the ropes and gets to his feet, Cena goes for a clothesline, but Styles ducks and floors him with a Pele Kick! Cena goes down, as the feeling out process between these two men continues. Styles bounces off of the ropes, before hitting Cena with a seated dropkick, as he goes into the cover, 1.. No! John Cena kicked out before 2, wow!
    AJ Styles would look at John Cena, before AJ put Cena under his legs and did a taunt, signalling for the Styles Clash, but Cena backdropped him, but as Styles landed on his feet, Cena immediately gut kicked him and hit a Snap DDT! Cena would throw his hand up in the air, before doing his signature "You Can't See Me" taunt, before he bounces off of the ropes, and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena then climbs to the top rope, waiting as AJ Styles gets to his feet, and Cena jumps off, hitting Styles to the mat with a Top Rope Leg Drop Bulldog! Cena scrambles over into the cover - 1... 2... No! AJ Styles kicks out! John Cena would drag AJ Styles to the outside, as Cena grabbed AJ by the hair before he slammed his head onto the announce table, before doing it again, and again, before Cena lifted AJ Styles onto his shoulders, and CONNECTED WITH AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! John Cena immediately deadlifts AJ Styles onto his shoulders before putting him back into the ring...
    And he slid into the ring and covered - 1... 2... NO! John Cena has a mixture of shock and anger on his face, as the crowd is buzzing with cheers and boos as Cena picks up AJ Styles, but AJ Styles reverses before hitting the Phenomenal Blitz on Cena, before collapsing himself, as both Cena and Styles are down in the ring! The crowd begins a "THIS IS AWESOME" chant, as AJ Styles and John Cena climb opposite ropes, and Styles runs at Cena, but Cena ducks before springboarding off the ropes... SPRINGBOARD STUNNER! Cena's gonna win his 16th World Championship, into the cover - 1.... 2.... NO! AJ STYLES SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY KICKED OUT, AND CENA IS LEFT IN SHOCK, as Cena picks AJ Styles up, and puts him on his shoulders for an AA, and throws him off, but AJ Styles lands on his feet, and does a Springboard of his own, a Springboard Reverse DDT! AJ Styles rolls out to the ring apron, as he tugs on the ropes, waiting, as Cena makes it to his feet...

    PHENOMENAL FOREARM FROM AJ STYLES TO JOHN CENA! AJ Styles doesn't go for the cover, instead he picks Cena up, mimicking his "You Can't See Me" taunt, before gutkicking him, putting him under his legs, lifting him up, and connecting on the biggest Styles Clash yet! AJ Styles into the cover, doubling down, as the referee slides into view, and begins to count - 1... 2......
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Phenomenal Forearm + Styles Clash) @ 24:47, and NEW WWE Champion, AJ Styles!
    AJ Styles is handed the belt as a wicked smile comes over the face of "The Phenomenal  One" himself, and he leaves the ring, now standing on the stage as a dejected John Cena is shown in the ring, before it cuts to the new WWE Champion, holding up his title, as Unforgiven fades... to... black.

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    The Top 12 Best WWE Matches of the 2010s
    In the IWC, we all know "those" types of people. The people you'd swear were born with rose-tinted glasses on because of how much they enjoy gushing about the past, while turning right around the bash the present. The people that say that WWE is nothing like it used to be, and even when you give them example after example of great modern WWE wrestling, they fold their arms, stick up their noses, and complain about the lack of weapons, blood, swearing, transvestites tricking a large black man into sex, and countless other reasons. 
    We all know or were people like this at one point, but eventually, we all recognized how much better modern WWE is than the car crash TV of the late 90s and the childish retardation of the early 90s and late 80s. 
    I know, I know, that statement will get me sacrificed and crucified on SEVERAL sections of the Internet, but I stand by it. Without the over saturation of weapons, blood, swearing, and transvestites, modern WWE. actually gives its performers the chance to show their talents as great in-Ring performers. So that's the whole point of my list today, I wanted to take a look back at the past 7 years of WWE and find the 12 best matches that prove that even a company as profoundly dumb as WWE can be, they can still produce some modern day masterpieces. So today, we are gonna be looking at the Top 12 Best WWE Matches of the 2010s!
    :Honorable Mentions:
    Before we get into the list proper, I first wanna go over a few matches that are great, but didn't quite make the cut. 
    CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan - Over The Limit 2012/Money In The Bank 2012
    Spoiler alert: Get used to those names, they are going to be showing up quite a bit. 
    I think WWE missed out on having these 2 have one of the biggest rivalries at the time, because as these two matches go to show, they could've easily knocked it out of the park. A little ways away before they became one of the best heels in the company and the most over human in the world respectively, but even when Punk was the kind of white hat good guy he hated and Bryan was the bad guy we all knew he is incapable of being, these two were putting on damn near 5 star matches 2 months in a row. 
    Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose - SummerSlam 2014
    After one of the biggest/best heel turns of the modern era, everyone was wondering what was going to happen with this rivalry. A freshly heel Rollins vs an unpredictable and betrayed Dean Ambrose. When this match was announced, I was a bit surprised. A lumberjack match?! Why not a street fight or no holds barred?! But after this match happened, I was perfectly fine with the stipulation they chose. 
    Now before this match, I'd probably say that Lumberjack Matches were one of my least favorite match types. They were usually boring and uneventful. Just guys getting thrown out of the ring, getting beat up, and tossed back in the ring, RIVETING ACTION!! Dean and Seth kinda changed that for me when they pretty much took this stipulation and turned it on its head. Rather than being confined to the ring, they started brawling with the lumberjacks, fighting around the building, hitting suicide dives onto the lumberjacks, it was basically utter chaos and mayhem, and if there's anything that you need to kickoff a new, deeply personal rivalry, it's utter chaos and mayhem. How wrestling should be dammit! 
    Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins - Royal Rumble 2015
    Hey, remember the 2015 Royal Rumble?! Remember how great that entire show was?! Huh? Huh? Do ya? DO YA?! 
    *Breaks a window* 
    In all honesty, this is the best match of that entire debacle because I refuse to call it a PPV. Some people have even gone on to call it the best PPV match of 2015, I mean they're not wrong, 2015 was a bit shit, just a bit. Especially the Royal Rumble..
    *Breaks another window*
    A large part of the greatness of this match was Lesnar himself. From throwing Seth and John around like they were nothing, to selling whatever it was that the other two threw at him, to having the fans actually believe that the other two men could actually win the title. It's a Lesnar that I haven't seen since possibly 2004, and it's a Lesnar that made him one of the best performers in an era filled with some of the greatest of all time.
    But the man who truly stole the show and got a huge chance to shine in this match was Seth Rollins. This was his first real chance to prove that as a singles competitor, he could hang with the big boys like Cena and Lesnar. His ability to adapt to the very different styles of the two heavyweights proved that Seth Rollins has the ability to be one of the biggest stars in the company alone. Not to mention that he hit an elbow from the top turnbuckle to the Spanish announce table so beautiful that Shane McMahon often weeps to a framed picture of it, a half drunken bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and a long cigarette in the other. 
    Thought I haven't mentioned him much, Cena can also be attributed with how this match turned out. In recent years, Cena has shown how great of a performer he can really be, his ability to rise to the occasion and enhance his performance level to be on par with anybody he's facing has made several sections of the IWC develop a soft spot for the leader of the Cenation. Cena played a perfect middle man in this match, he put Brock over as a dominant machine, while also allowing Rollins to looks like a credible performer and possible future face of the company, while also getting his own offense in as well. 
    This is the best kind of match, one where no matter who wins or loses, everyone comes out looking strong..unless you're Brock Lesnar, you look strong no matter what happens to you. 
    Triple H vs The Undertaker - Wrestlemania 28
    There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said about this match, The End of an Era. Taker had about a 6 year streak (GET IT?!) of Show stealing Mania matches, starting with 24 and ending with 29 (we'll get to that don't worry) and this match was definitely the best match of Wrestlemania 28, arguable a fairly solid show. 
    What really makes this match worth mentioning is Shawn Michaels involvement in the whole thing. It added a bit more story to a match that was jam packed with story. Who would HBK side with? His best friend, or the man who retired him and gave him two of the best matches of his career? Was Triple H going to do what his best friend couldn't and finally kill the streak, or was he going become yet another win for The Phenom to add to his collection? How was the cell going to be a factor in this match, since both Hunter and Taker were the two men with the most appearances, Hunter making his 9th and Taker making his 11th. What were two men willing to do to one another and themselves to be able to say they were either 20-0 at Wrestlemania, or the one to end one of the most revered streaks in all of wrestling? 
    With so many questions and stakes involved in the match, it seemed like it would be impossible for it to live up to its insanely high expectations. Fortunately, not only did it meet those expectations, but it exceeded them, becoming one of the most talked about Wrestlemania match within the last 10 years. 
    Brock Lesnar vs John Cena - SummerSlam 2014
    This is in the honorable mentions list purely because of how surprising it was at the time. Can you imagine John Cena in his current (as of 2014) state being dominated? Tossed around like a rag doll? Getting almost absolutely no offense? In 2014, this was absolutely unthinkable. Down right laughable. It made no difference who it was, even the guy who ended The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak, John Cena was going to rise to the occasion and stand tall, still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the gigantic, scary building named Brock Lesnar said "None of that shit my dude" and raped John Cena in the middle of the ring...I wish I was kidding. 
    John Cena got maybe 3 hits in, while Brock Lesnar got ALL the hits in. Brock beat John down so bad that John Cena's dad still hasn't fully recovered. This match was more of a moment than a match, but oh, what a moment it was. 
    Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg - Wrestlemania 33
    Brock vs Goldberg at WM 20 is the literal exact opposite of that their match 13 years later was. In my opinion, that's why it's considered the worst Wrestlemania match of all time. The 20 match was almost a full 9 minutes longer than the 33 match, there was no excitement, no action, and no reason to care. 13 years later, they corrected that 10 fold. 
    In the months leading up to Wrestlemania 33, the rivalry between these two was seemingly one sided, with Goldberg spearing Brock to death pretty much everytime the two were on TV together. At the time, I thought it was a waste of the previous 2 years of destruction, but looking back retrospectively, I think the angle was perfect. Brock was finally humbled and shown as a human that can be stopped, more akin to his first run with the company. Goldberg was shown how he was in WCW. Taking the biggest stars in the company, and cutting them down with ease. So when it came time to have the final match at Wrestlemania, everyone was wondering what was going to happen. 
    To say that these two delivered would be an understatement. Their match at Wrestlemania 20 is often described as "car crash ugly" because of how bad and almost unwatchable it is, but this match is "car crash ugly" because it's like a car crash that you would see in NASCAR. Exciting, explosive, and damn fun to watch. 
    At Wrestlemania 20, these two men had a match that is the definition of when a dream match turns to shit, but 13 years later, they had a match that I believe all big men matches should be based on. Quick, impactful, and to the point. 
    John Cena vs AJ Styles - SummerSlam 2016
    It hurts to put this match in the honorable mentions, but it's my list so eh suck my dick. 
    Ever since AJ Styles came into WWE, we all knew that it was only time until he finally faced off against John Cena. A match that the IWC have been dreaming of since AJ was in TNA. So when we were finally gonna get it, we were hyped. 
    As excited as I was, I still knew in the back of my mind that somehow, WWE were gonna stick it to the IWC, something they absolutely love doing. So I came to the conclusion of how I thought the rivalry was going to go. AJ would win with the help of The Club, Cena would win clean in the rematch, Then Cena would win again even when AJ had help from The Club, and by the time we got to SummerSlam 2016, it looked like my prophecy was coming true. 
    AJ won their match at Money In The Bank with the help of The Club, and The Club lost to Enzo, Cass, and John Cena clean, all that was left was the final piece, Cena to beat AJ at SummerSlam. I am proud to stand here and boldly say, I was wrong. Not only did AJ and Cena put on the great match that we all knew they would, but what made it THAT MUCH BETTER, was when AJ hit that Phenomenal Forearm and pinned John Cena clean. CLEAN! No Gallows, No Anderson. Clean as a whistle. Clean as a dogs tooth. Clean as a young Christian boys thoughts. 
    AJ Styles had prevailed over John Cena with absolutely no help, and because of that, this took a match that was amazing, to the 2016 Match of the Year. I know this is still in the honorable mentions list, but consider this match an honorary Number 13. 
    Now that we've gone over the honorable mentions, let's get into the list proper. 
    :Number 12: 
    John Cena vs CM Punk - Money In The Bank 2011
    Oh yeah nerds, it's at the bottom, fight me. 
    This is the only 5 star match the WWE has ever had in the 2010s, the first in 14 years, and it all started with a pipe bomb. What has now become one of the most infamous promos of the past decade, CM Punk sat atop the the stage on Monday Night Raw and cut a promo that took the wrestling world by storm and even still has many fans debating whether it was a work, a shoot, or both. 
    CM Punk revealed that he was leaving the WWE, and he had every intention of doing it with the WWE Championship. This already made the match mandatory viewing, but then there was the added factor of the PPV taking place in CM Punk's hometown of Chicago, so you knew they were going to be on his side. However, I don't think we excepted what we got. 
    As soon as Punk's music hit, the crowd fucking exploded. They were 100% behind Punk in that match, and never even kinda wavered until the very end. Had this match happened in any other building in any other city at any other time, then this would just be a good match, but because it happened where it happened made it a 5 star classic. 
    For the first time in years, the Raw after a PPV became must-see, we had to know what would happen to the WWE Championship, what would happen to John Cena, what would happen to WWE as we knew it? Sure, Punk did come back after like 8 days, but for a small little window of time, Wrestling felt real again. 
    :Number 11:
    Daniel Bryan vs John Cena - SummerSlam 2014
    This match would go on to kickstart one of the best angles WWE ever created (accidentally) in years. The match that would start the long and complicated road to Daniel Bryan becoming one of the most beloved stars that the WWE's have possibly ever had. 
    John Cena was give the opportunity by then Raw GM and NXT Women's title destroyer Brad Maddox to pick the next challenger for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Bryan was picked, and the rest was history. To be honest, the build up of this match had me a bit worried.
    Bryan was chosen as the Number One contender instead of actually earning it in a match. Plus the addition of Triple H as special guest referee because Triple H likes doing those at SummerSlam, and it pretty much took a good portion of the attention away from Bryan and put it onto the champion Cena and the referee Triple H. 
    As Summerslam approached, you got Bryan in rare form, as he cut a scathing promo on Cena and positioned himself as the alternative to the painstaking run and reign of Cena. Bryan was a real wrestler and one that put his body on the line every night to put on the best show, while he saw Cena as an entertainer only, which made perfect sense in a way. I really like the dichotomy they had between the two and the match had a big fight feel. As the PPV arrived, many speculated that Cena would win and end Bryan's come up, while others felt it was Bryan's time.
    In the end, after a grueling near 30 minute match that saw twists and turns and back and forth action, Bryan would walk away with the victory. Bryan put on a clinic against Cena and to his credit, Cena would end up keeping up with Bryan to the end of the match. This was essentially supposed to be a passing of the torch in many ways, and it was as Cena took his first clean loss since Wrestlemania 28, a full year and a half before this event. Bryan would get the win by introducing his new finisher of the running knee and after he won, the celebration would begin.
    Then, the actions that would spark The Yes Movement and Daniel Bryan's rise from wrestler to superstar took place. As Bryan celebrated with his newly won title, Randy Orton came out, holding the Money In The Bank briefcase. The two stared eachother down and Orton went off, seemingly letting Bryan fight another day. Suddenly, Triple H whipped Bryan around and gave him a pedigree. Orton came back out and cashed in his Money In The Case contract, winning the match and the title right then and there. 
    This match not only saw the birth of Daniel Bryan's new finisher, but this also saw the birth of The Authority (admittedly that both has its advantages and drawbacks), the birth of the corporate champion Randy Orton, the birth of evil boss Triple H, and the birth of the sympathetic underdog Daniel Bryan. This storyline would last from SummerSlam all the way until Wrestlemania 30 the next year in what seems like brilliant storytelling, but they actually did it because the fans would actually riot. That's right, do not give the writing staff any credit. 
    Fuck Them 
    (Actually I'm sure they have a hell of a hard job and I respect them and hope they all find success in and out of the company.) 
    Daniel Bryan created his own individual SummerSlam moment, gave John Cena one of his greatest PPV matches ever, and started vicious momentum that would start and stop on the way to the greatest Wrestlemania performance any superstar has ever had....SPEAKING OF WHICH
    :Number 10: 
    Daniel Bryan vs Triple H - Wrestlemania 30
    I don't think I'd be too wrong in saying that this is the best Wrestlemania opening match since Owen Hart vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 10. It started off one of my favorite Wrestlemania's ever (and not just because it was in my home state, except it is) off with a bang. I think the part that makes it as good as it is for me is the fact that it wasn't even supposed to happen. 
    Triple H was supposed to face CM Punk and Daniel Bryan was going to face Sheamus. The only reason these changed was CM Punk quit the day after the Royal Rumble because he was miserable with the company. Can you imagine after all of the months of build up, after Triple H becoming the detestable heel that he became and Daniel Bryan becoming the all conquering super mega baby face he was, for them to just face other people? 
    Luckily, they didn't, and there we were, Triple H vs Daniel Bryan, the winner became apart of the main event of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match later that night. The build to this match was exceptional, everything from the occupy raw movement, to Daniel Bryan's "Monster" video package which is legitimately one of the greatest video packages of all time, this match was a must-see affair. 
    Triple H had his usual dick sucking entrance, but this one wasn't as over the top as usual, it was just his usual "I'm the king lol suck muh dick" and Bryan came out to an entire stadium full of people chanting 'yes' it was absolutely electric. 
    We all expected Bryan to win and that’s what happened, but they sure made it close. That’s what I loved about it. There was so much drama in this match. It could have headlined a WrestleMania yet here it was in the opening match. What a way to start WrestleMania. They had a really long match, which is why Hunter was able to work on him at a slow pace and then it really picked up towards the end. Hunter’s offense was perfect. Bryan’s tremendous at selling. That’s why there was chemistry between them even though they hadn’t wrestled before. They know what they’re doing out there. My initial reaction was that Hunter would kick out of that running knee before getting pinned by another one, but I have no problem with it as the finish. It was an outstanding wrestling match that will be remembered as one of the best openers in WWE PPV history. Not at the level of Owen vs. Bret at WM10, but it was still awesome.
    Bryan went on to participate in the main event of Wrestlemania 30, which did its best impression of the main event of Wrestlemania 20. Bryan won the match and finally got his moment to celebrate on top of the mountain, he was finally WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What happened after this match was the drizzling shits, but it's this moment that matters above all else. Seriously I hate that rivalry they put him in with Kane, atrocious. 
    :Number 9:
    The Shield vs Team Hell No & Ryback - TLC 2012
    Oh look boys and girls, another match involving Daniel Bryan, this is the last one I promise, pinky swear.
    This was The Shield's first ever match on WWE tv, debuting only one month prior, and oh boy, what a debut match to have. I have had many people tell me that this match should have been a 5 star match and was easily one of the best matches in 2012, and I'm not entire certain there wrong here. Nobody thought this match was going to be anything special, but everyone was proven wrong once this match became the match of the night, even with the green Ryback, the aging Kane, this match was chaotic and unhinged in all the best possible ways, bottling the essence of what made the TLC match so great 12 years prior. 
    The match has it all, high-risk stunts, liberal use of chairs, ladders being flung around the ring (and at people), and a few tables being broken here and there. To the surprise of many, The Shield dominated the match, but they never dominated it to a point of boredom. The babyfaces of Bryan, Kane and Ryback all had their moment to shine. Ryback, early on in the bout, displayed his brute strength by throwing Ambrose and Rollins around the ring. Double suplexing the two onto a ladder was his career highlight at that point. Kane had a similar display of power, taking out all members of The Shield at one point. Bryan had his five minute frenzy, kicking the life out of Ambrose and Rollins and flying around the ring, but Bryan probably suffered the most at the hands of The Shield.
    Right from the bell ring, the match is utter chaos. The action and excitement only increase, never falling, until the final bell. All of the wrestlers involved deserved a standing ovation during and after the match. Ryback and Kane were able to hide their weaknesses among the weapons. Roman Reigns was simply a powerhouse. Rollins, Ambrose and Bryan gave the match a frenetic pacing. It’s clear that all the members of The Shield wanted to make a massive in-ring debut. That they did. Bryan, Kane and Ryback were the best opposition for The Shield to face at that moment in time, equally determined to steal the show. It reminded me of the great TLC matches of the early 2000s involving the Dudleyz, the Hardyz, and Edge and Christian.
    After this match, The Shield went on to become one of the best factions in years in WWE, but when you watch this match, it's honestly no surprise at all. These guys were fantastic from the moment they stepped onto WWE TV and are now currently the entire main event scene in WWE with all 3 holding the WWE Championship a combined total of 5 times. 
    :Number 8:
    The Undertaker vs CM Punk - Wrestlemania 29
    So remember that thing I said about Taker's 6 year Wrestlemania MOTN streak he had? This is where it officially ends, as this is the last objectively good match he's had at Wrestlemania. 
    WWE has blown the main event of Wrestlemania several times. Wrestlemania 18 where Chris Jericho and Triple H went on last instead of The Rock and Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania 25 where Triple H and Randy Orton went on last instead of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, and most recently, Wrestlemania 29, where twice in a lifetime went on last instead of The Undertaker vs CM Punk, the true main event of Wrestlemania 29. 
    CM Punk wasn't going to be in the main event of what would be his final Wrestlemania, so he was going to put the main event to shame by putting on one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches, and the last great streak match, of all time. 
    Punk had thrown everything he could into this angle to make himself the most hatable person in the world. I've loved CM Punk for years by this point, and even I wanted to see him get his ass kicked by The Undertaker. WWE are no stranger to using death as a means of continuing a storyline, so by having Punk constantly pouring salt into the fresh wounds that was the death of Paul Bearer was what really set him over the edge as the dickiest dick to ever dick. One of the first things that happened in the days after Paul Bearer's death was having The Undertaker pay tributes to his fallen friend live on Raw, only for Punk to interrupt and say "I'm sorry for your loss.....at Wrestlemania." 
    Punk then went on to steal the Urn, juggle it around, drop it/throw it on the ground, and dump the ashes onto the body of The Undertaker after he attacked him. This match was truly going to be something special. 
    Undertaker and Punk have chemistry by the pound, these two can have a near flawless match without ever speaking a word. Punk and Undertaker rarely spoke at all during their bout, so everything flowed very well, with very few moments of hesitation and breaks in the action.  It truly felt as though everything were really happening, as if each Superstar were legitimately trying to win the match.
    There were points in the match where I actually thought that Punk was going to end the streak, bringing it to 20-1, but, like 21 Wrestlemanias before, The Undertaker asserted his dominance and proved why he is the legend of Wrestlemania and WWE as a whole. 
    CM Punk versus The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 is one of those matches that reinforces for me why I love the business so much.  This is Ric Flair versus Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes versus Tully Blanchard, Triple H versus Shawn Michaels.  So much drama.  So much talent.  And so many reasons why it deserved to be the final match of the night. 
    :Number 7: 
    CM Punk vs John Cena - Raw: February 25, 2013
    John Cena and CM Punk is one of the greatest rivalries of all time. A simple yet complex story about two equals, yet total opposites, coming together and delivering magic. These two had a very strange addiction of having great matches with eachother and have had encounters that will be remembered long after both men and gone. This rivalry started with number 12 on the list, and now it ends at number 7. 
    Punk had his great WWE Championship reign ended by The Rock to further the unnecessary rematch between The Rock and John Cena, so you can imagine that he would be a little pissed off. While his match with Rocky was great (Punk sure did that a lot) WWE passed up a chance to really end this rivalry in style, rather than furthering one that had been heavily promoted to only happen once. 
    Cena had won the Rumble that year, which could've led to a great story. Punk could've talked about how Cena was getting opportunity after opportunity handed to him, only to fail again, and he could've mentioned how he was able to beat the man that Cena couldn't. This match could've finally given Punk the main event spot he had always dreamed of, and maybe he would've stayed with the company. But alas, this is all focusing on what ifs, let's focus on what we have now, and that's a fantastic match. 
    John Cena and CM Punk faced off on Monday Night Raw for John Cena's spot in the main event of Wrestlemania, and I'll say this without even an ounce of exaggeration, this is the greatest match to ever take place on Monday Night Raw. These two men had a Wrestlemania main event caliber match in the main event of Raw. I think the only other man to be able to say that is Cena himself against Shawn Michaels in 2007. This match is better from an in-ring standard than their iconic match at Money In The Bank 2011 and any other match these two had before it. There was so much drama, so much excitement, a Piledriver, a Cenacanrana, all in one match!
    Cena was always at his best when working with an indie star. Punk was always best when working with anybody who could match his style and pace. These two were always best when working with eachother. 
    :Number 6:
    Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk - SummerSlam 2013
    At Wrestlemania 30, Brock Lesnar ended The Streak, this was seen as not only one of the most shocking moments of all time, but also as the inception of that would go on to be Brock Lesnar's 2 years of dominance. 4 months later, he would go on to decimate John Cena in the main event of SummerSlam, his carnage would not be stopped until 2 years later, where he lost to The Undertaker in the main event of SummerSlam 2015, losing for the first time in 2 years. 
    If you want the true start of the Reign of Terror of Brock Lesnar, look no further than his match with CM Punk at SummerSlam 2013. It was the first time that we'd seen Brock since beating Triple H in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules 2013, and Punk had not only lost his title, but he lost his manager, Brock Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman. 
    Heyman turned on Punk in 2013's WWE Championship Money In The Bank ladder match, costing him his chance at regaining his title. Soon after, Heyman brought back his beast, and the match was booked, The Beast vs The Best. 
    The beast that we saw in this match was almost identical to the one we would come to see in following years. Dominant in spite of what Punk threw at him. He destroyed Punk until the Chicago Made Chick Magnet could no longer fight back. No matter how dominant Brock was, both men looked great in this match. Punk gave one of his best performances in this match, and unfortunately, it was the last masterpiece of a career filled with them. Punk would be gone from the company only 5 months later, while Brock would go on one of the best runs of his career. 
    It's a bittersweet classic, while still a classic, it's the last time that we would see one of the best performers perhaps in all of wrestling at his absolute best. Standing amongst the likes of Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog and the original TLC match, this match deserves to be a defining watershed moment for not only the two performers involved, but also the PPV it took place on. 
    :Number 5:
    John Cena vs Kevin Owens - Elimination Chamber 2015
    So remember what I said about how big it was for AJ and Bryan to pin Cena clean? While certainly no clean win over Cena is something to be overlooked, what if they did it in their first match on WWE TV?! 
    Kevin Owens made a huge impact in WWE by beating up his sons idol over a year before AJ Styles made it cool. After asserting his dominance in NXT, winning the belt within a few months of debuting, he wasted no time with doing the same thing on the main roster, and if you're going to make a name for yourself, who's a better target than the biggest fish in the pond? 
    As many Cena rivalries go, Cena talks about how he doesn't care how popular the new guy is because he's John Cena, and the new guy (Owens in this scenario) talks about how they knew they were going to beat John Cena and make a name for themselves. This rivalry was no different. 
    When these two met for the first time, it was only the first out of the trilogy of match of the year contenders they had. The match these two had was absolutely insane. Kevin Owens winning his first match against John Cena clean set the wrestling world on fire. This match gave him momentum to go on to further success that he still holds even today.
    One day, when we're talking about the newest WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin Owens, we may talk about his ROH stuff, or his PWG stuff, but I can guarantee that everyone will talk about his first match in WWE, where he best John Cena clean as a diamond. 
    :Number 4:
    The Revival vs DIY - NXT TakeOver: Toronto
    I had to include at least one NXT match in this list, I just have to. So, if I'm going to just included one, why not make it the only NXT match to win WWE's match of the year? 
    These two teams had a lot to live up to, after putting on one of the years best tag team matches at the previous event, TakeOver: Brooklyn II, the bar was set immensely high. NXT, being the traditional program it is, gave this match one of the most prestigious stipulations in all of wrestling, 2 out of 3 falls. We all knew this match was going to be good, great even, but we had no idea how amazing this match was going to turn out. 
    Like I said earlier with CM Punk and The Undertaker, these two teams have amazing chemistry, and at TakeOver, it was on full display. Both The Revival and DIY worked together to make not only my favorite match of the year, but one of my favorite Tag Team matches of all time. This is a match that I have seen dozens of times and still wonder what's going to happen, and I still feel that sudden rush of happiness and excitement when The Revival submit to DIY. 
    Not only was the action great, the storytelling was amazing. The Revival continued to work the leg of Johnny Gargano, and even locked him in the same submission move that cost DIY the match in Brooklyn. Johnny fought out of it and eventually, DIY finally buried their demons when they beat 'The Top Guys' The Revival. Setting themselves atop the mountain of NXTs Tag Team Division. 
    :Number 3: 
    Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins - Wrestlemania 31
    This is one of the greatest Wrestlemania main event matches ever. I think many people will disagree based primarily on the fact that THA BIG DAWG OOOOOOOUUUUUUUAAAAAA is in the match, but this match is genuinely great. From Roman getting thrown around like a rag doll, to Brock bleeding, to 'Suplex city bitch', to the heist of the century. Everyone went into this match expecting Brock to lay down for Roman, but I guarantee that nobody expected the near masterpiece we got in Levi Stadium.
    We all expected the match to be Brock handing the keys to Roman in a highly competitive, even after Brock's year of chaos and destructiveness, but what we got was 100% the opposite of what we expected. This match was closer to the SummerSlam 2014 main event than a usual Wrestlemania main event. 
    The build up to this match was an interesting to say the least. At the 2015 Royal Rumble event, Brock retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in one of the greatest PPV matches of 2015, and Roman won the Royal Rumble in the most beloved edition of the storied match ever. 
    Lesnar didn’t wrestle much as the WWE Champion. A lot of fans hated that, but he was on a part time schedule, so he only defended the title twice on television before WrestleMania. Lesnar had a fantastic match at the 2015 Royal Rumble when he beat John Cena and Seth Rollins. Reigns went on to win the 2015 Royal Rumble, which was an obvious outcome, while getting booed by the crowd in Philadelphia that wasn’t thrilled about the monster push he was receiving.
    Like most people, I thought Roman was going to win the match after a hard fought victory, and finally claim his first WWE Championship. Oh, but WWE gave me a nice delicious slice of "Shut the fuck up, nerd" cake. There was no hard fought victory, there was no back and forth, there were suplexes, and suplexes, and suplexes, in face there were so many suplexes that a certain term was coined and became part of Brock Lesnar's branding. Young boy Brock Lesnar became the mayor of one "Suplex city bitch" on this fateful evening. 
    Lesnar did his best to make this feel like this was a legit fight, taking off his gloves to slap the piss out of Roman, F5ing him, and generally dominating Roman. Roman did get some offense in however, famously, he reversed an attempt by Lesnar to drive Reigns into a ring post, causing Lesnar to go into the post and bleed hardway. There were also a few Superman Punches and a Spear and everything looked like it was going to end as predicted, but then came the third and final piece of the puzzle came in and took effect. 
    Now WWE want you to think that Roman had speared Brock before they were both down, but that's now how it happened. Lesnar had hit another F5 and they were both down from that, then, out of nowhere, Seth Rollins' music hit, and out he came like a bolt of lightning, holding that Money In The Bank briefcase. For the first time ever, not only had somebody cashed in the Money In The Bank contract at Wrestlemania, but also cashed in during a match that was already taking place, making it a Triple Threat. 
    Seth wasted little time, immediately kicking Reigns out of the ring and hitting a Curb Stomp on Lesnar. Rollins went for another after that, but Lesnar caught him and went for an F5, but Reigns shot back in, hitting Brock with a Spear, Rollins hit a Curb Stomp on Reigns and got the pin, leaving Wrestlemania 31 as a history maker, an ultimate opportunist, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 
    :Number 2: 
    The Shield vs The Wyatt Family - Elimination Chamber 2014
    Two great factions going at it. One of the greatest factions in recent memory vs one of the biggest missed opportunities creative has ever had. What makes this match the second best of the entire decade? Well, first of all, let's look at both teams. 
    The Shield, one of the most dominant factions ever, both together and separate, all three members have found a way to not only stay relevant, but also successful almost 3 years since their departure with 11 championships between them (not counting Seth's NXT championship reign.) 
    The Wyatt Family, almost the exact opposite of The Shield. The Shield were intense and dominant, The Wyatt Family were calculated and subdued. The Shield would blind side their opponents, triple team them, and brag about it afterwards. The Wyatt Family didn't need to dominate their opponents physically, because they could do it mentally. As shown in his rivalry with John Cena after this one, Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family could get into the minds of the opponents and break them down, I mean they'd still lose because creative knew fuck all what to do with these guys, but it was a different approach to a faction of big men that we hadn't seen in a while. 
    Both teams were heels, no doubt about it. They would use heel tactics to win matches and either mentally or physically dominate their opponents. They wanted to tear down the heroes of WWE like John Cena and Daniel Bryan, and they didn't care what they had to do to do it. 
    With these similarities and differences, these two factions facing off was something of a dream match. Even thought these two teams were heels, everyone wanted to know what it would be like for the two biggest factions at the time (except for The Authority) to finally lock horns. This match was so anticipated that even the two teams staring eachother down garnered "This is awesome" chants from the crowd. So what did we get after years of waiting? An unhinged chaotic brawl that only these two teams could've concocted. 
    The pace of this match rarely dips below the fast tempo that was set early in this match. All 6 men fight like super-workers, even the relatively green big men in Harper and Rowan were working like they were refusing to let everyone else do all the work. Harper, the best worker of The Wyatt Family at the time, was busting out dropkicks and suicide dives better than guys 1/3 his height and weight could even dream of accomplishing. 
    It’s almost like a classic wrestling brawl; the action never stops. Weapons don’t come into play, but the announcer’s table does come into play. Reigns plays the ‘big dog,’ able to match the Wyatts for strength and brawling ability. Ambrose is almost crazier than Bray. Rollins has the speed advantage. The Wyatts are just powerhouses. The two teams take each other to the limits in a match that is as chaotic as it is entrancing. The Shield would go on to have other great bouts against Evolution, but this remains their zenith, as well as the Wyatt’s zenith. When the crowd chants this is awesome before the match even begins, you hope something special will happens after the chants die down. In this match, something special did happen.
    And finally...
    :Number 1: 
    Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker - Wrestlemania 26
    How do you top having one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history? By having THE best match in Wrestlemania history of course! 
    The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are two of my favorite wrestlers of all time and when these two stepped in the ring together, they usually always made magic. Hell In A Cell at Badd Blood 1997, their classic at Wrestlemania 25, but the one I feel like towers above any match these two ever had together or with anybody else, was their final battle at Wrestlemania 26, Streak vs Career. 
    The absolute best Streak match, the absolute best Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match, the absolute best Wrestlemania match period, and I'm even willing to say that this match has the absolute best video package that WWE has ever created. 
    Now I'll usually be the first to say that the WWE Championship should always be the main event of Wrestlemania, the companies biggest prize should be fought for at the very end of the companies biggest show, but I'll fully admit that when it calls for it, a match that doesn't not involve the title should main event mania, and this match more than deserved to main event Wrestlemania 26. 
    This match had things more on the line, it was The Undertaker's 17-0 winning streak against Shawn Michaels' 25+ year career. As good as the first Wrestlemania encounter between these two was, there was nothing on the line for Shawn Michaels. If he won then he can say he ended the streak, but what if he lost? What would he have to give up? In this match, that question was answered. 
    If Shawn Michaels couldn't beat The Undertaker and end The Streak, then HBK would have to retire, this point was emphasized by Shawn Michaels saying "If I can't beat you at Wrestlemania, then I have no career." 
    Now usually I love myself a long match, and you'd think that this match being 6 whole minutes shorter than their previous battle would damper it on me, but actually, the opposite is true. This match was shorter than their first one, meaning that this one was tightly wrestled and able to fit more action into a shorter time than their previous. Plus, all the things that didn't quite click or went wrong in their first encounter was set right by the second. There was very little room for error, and thankfully there was almost absolutely none.
    Shawn Michaels stated in the build up to this match that he wrestled a near perfect match the year before, but made one mistake. Well one year later, he wrestled that perfect match again, and it ended up being the final match he'd ever wrestle. If anyone could lose their final match, while also making it a masterpiece on the way out, it would be Shawn Michaels, and that's why I think it's the absolute greatest WWE match of the 2010s. 
    Well, that's our list, what did you think of it? Did I leave anything out? Be sure to comment what your favorite WWE matches from this decade are and be sure to rep if you want more. I'm Necce, and I'll see you next time, on The Brass Ring. 

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