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  1. | HCW Warzone | Saturday, January 23, 2021 | HCW Bloodlust '21 | Location: Hammerstein Ballroom | New York City, New York (Credit to @Hans for Format, Poster and Logo, Thanks GOAT! ) Match #1: Dragon Lee vs Kyle O'Reilly In Our First Match of Bloodlust, two free agents would do battle, those being Dragon Lee and Kyle O'Reilly. They both are rumoured to have signed with HCW and be future contenders for the Pure or Televi
  2. OFFICIAL ELIMINATION CHAMBER CARD: MAIN EVENT - Balanced Machinery vs Retribution (MACE, Mustafa Ali and OBNOXION) - Elimination Chamber 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match Bobby Lashley vs Mojo Rawley - WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match Lana vs Mandy Rose vs Asuka - WWE Women's Championship Elimination Chamber Match Cesaro vs Humberto Carrillo vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Riddle - WWE World Championship Elimination Chamber Match Mickie James vs Naomi - Elimination Chamber Match Dave Mastiff vs Tyler Rust vs Cezar Benoni vs Tony Nese - NXT World Championship El
  3. Carnage Scramble Qualifier: Ark Universe vs Addy Carnage Scramble Qualifier: Ena Fujimoto vs AJF BPZ Atlas Championship Number One Contender Match: Jo Nathan vs Valentine vs James Knight vs Nardie Carnage Scramble Qualifier: Ogre vs Abdul Kabu Carnage Scramble Qualifier: Peter Wilchester vs Epic
  4. Ehh I can’t choose between the pair so I’ll name them both, @Arius and @Tamer. These two have taught me a lot about kayfabe and promos, and Arius helped me from the beginning and Tamer has helped since my NXT Days. Also they’ve helped me better my contribution, so I’d like to thank Arius and Tamer for everything.
  5. Eastern Conference Semifinals (1) Philadelphia 76ers vs. (5) Charlotte Hornets -ln 5 (2) Chicago Bulls vs. (6) Indiana Pacers
  6. Royal Rumble Predictions: 30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Roman Reigns 30 Women Royal Rumble Match: Bayley WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (C) vs The Rock Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Batista Casket Match The Undertaker vs Daniel Bryan RAW Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs Sasha Banks Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (C) vs Kairi Sane RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn (C) vs RatedRKO Bonus: Final 4 For each Royal Rumble match: Mens: Roman Reigns, Adam Cole, Keith Lee, Shinsuke Nakamura Womens: Ember Moon, Bayley,
  7. Following Brandon Hendrix's Rant, Austin Omega would look on in shock, not expecting him to say those words, but before chuckling, he'd ask Hendrix for a bottle of water, Brandon complying and Austin would take a swig before beginning to talk. Austin Omega: Well, I didn't expect you to say that. What I was going to say is we should fight smart. You work against Raven since both of you are the muscle on the team. Me However, I will target FDS. A 2-Time Universal Champion, one of the best on Carnage some believe, but what I think we need to realize is that we are facing a guy who’s
  8. Valor Card- January 15th, 2021: Main Event: Julius & Ropati © vs Bad Influence (Austin Omega & Brandon Hendrix) Sheridan vs Mikey- Sheridan Wins, she gets rematch next week. If she loses, she loses the rematch clause. Jeremiah Flynn vs Nesus Sameer vs Necce Hans vs Echo Wilson Wednesday Night Carnage: January 13th, 2021 - North American #1 Contender’s Match Tournament Match: Joh vs. Jason Ryan - North American #1 Contender’s Tournament Match: Joshua Scott w/ Jack Bishop vs. Gunner - Epic Obama vs. Austin Mirage - MAIN EVENT
  9. I saw this match and enjoyed it. Anderson and Sabin were great and the right men to start. Moose was very good as a replacement for Alex Shelley and stepped up as Meko said. As one who doesn't watch Impact that often, I was shocked when Moose delivered that Standing Moonsault. The encounters between Omega and Swann were awesome and I can tell these two have insane chemistry, which should lead to a fun singles clash soon. Omega's heel tactics were great and I see he cut his beard off to the max and looks as he did around 2015/2016, but with terrible gear. Wish he'd wear the New Japan tights he
  10. Suplex Style Pro v Catch Style Kings “Warden” Alex Costa v “Braveheart” Epic McDonald Mafia v Mile High Squad “Triple X” Paris v “The Pride of the Posh” Ty Heller “Auckland’s All-Star” James Ropati v “Jersey Devil” Bailey Justin (Steel Cage)
  11. Drew for the win. As Bailey and Sameer have both said, WWE has put all of their faith in Drew throughout the pandemic, and despite Goldberg winning might help with the record-low ratings, I think drew gets the win. Wouldn’t be wise to cancel out on your next big thing just for a retired part-timer in Goldberg. Miz cashing in is a possibility, but Miz is positioned like a joke so if he did, I think he’d lose anyway. Drew for the retain here and gets put over by the legend.

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