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  1. This was one of the worst RAW after WrestleManias I've ever seen. The only ups really were Charlotte returning and delivering a great promo, aswell as Viking Raiders returning. We had T-Bar and Mace attack Drew post-match, and yeah these are terrible replacements for Cedric and Shelton. Maryse being back and paired with Miz and Morrison is good because Miz was saved by her return back in 2016, when he started doing some of his best work. Drew/Lashley #3 is something I am not looking forward to, but due to Lashley winning cheaply it makes since. This feels like it was written lazily or at the l
  2. This is disappointing. Once Vince gives up on a talent, it is obvious with their newfound booking. Cedric and Shelton were great for the Hurt Business and it helped them get their careers back on track. And if what RAW showed was correct, they've gotten the worst replacements possible in the form of T-Bar and Mace. Even legends such as Batista shamed the breakup of the stable, and I think WWE doesn't really know how to use stables or teams besides them breaking up weeks or months later. Disappointing and Vince really didn't realize he had gold with that stable.
  3. This was good and saved Night 2 really. It was fun, but nothing special as they’ve had much better matches in the past. It was still really fun and Sami has honestly grown on me as a character. This is some of his best work in a long time, props to him. This was what it needed to be, a bounce back win for Kevin Owens. Logan Paul sold the stunner really nice and I think that’s the last we will see of him in WWE.
  4. I think Rhea is a good competitor, but I don’t see her as the best. Her entrance to the match was kinda disappointing but I hear they didn’t get to rehearse due to the rain. This was an above average match and I think they can have a solid match, but not much that will blow your mind. I think Rhea/Charlotte/Asuka is the next feud, but if she still is champion I have no clue who is after, given now dry the division is. Solid Match, Right Winner. 3.25/5
  5. New Japan Cup USA 2021: Day Two Matchcard: Semi-Final: Brody King (ROH) vs Lio Rush (Free Agent) Semi-Final: Hikuleo (Bullet Club) vs Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy) Bonus Point: Hontai (Misterioso, Adrian Quest, Barrett Brown, & Jordan Clearwater) vs Karl Fredericks, Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, & The DKC
  6. This was a really fun match. Apollo winning was nice as I believe this heel turn was the best decision they could've chosen. I was kinda disappointed they didn't literally use the drums, but the Stairs and Kendo Sticks were cool by me. I think that Babatunde returning with Apollo as Commander Azeez is cool, as he was arguably the standout guy from the failed RAW Underground last year. It's great they gave him something to do and it feels similar to the Styles & Omos dynamic, but I think this will obviously have more of a backstory. I'd like Apollo to get a lengthy reign, but I feel as if h
  7. This was a great match. I think it was the better of the two Midcard Title Matches, and I didn't expect Sheamus to pull off the win. These two have great chemistry and it was hard-hittting. That finish was epic with the Mid-Air Brogue Kick, that legit busted Riddle up. Sheamus definitely deserves the title win as he's been doing some of the best work of since his return in 2020. I think that they'll probably have a rematch and if Sheamus doesn't drop it back to Matt Riddle, then Damian Priest dethrones him. Great Match, 3.75/5
  8. 3.4, forgot about 3.3. Thanks everyone.
  9. I thought this was good. It felt like half of the crowd was dead tired at this point, but I enjoyed it still. The Suicide Dive Catch into a Gorilla Press was insane and Bianca is so fucking strong. However, Sasha put her over like crazy, selling everything pretty well and eventually getting decimated by a hair whip. That was brutal and it resulted in Sasha having a bleeding cut over her stomach. Bianca wins and this was easily the right decision. It feels like a new era for the WWE Womens Divison post-Mania, as now the 4HW or Asuka aren’t the primary focus as they usually were before. 4/5, pro

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