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  1. Thelastemperor


    Jason's theme sounds throughout the arena and the roar of Jason's motorcycle sounds. Jason rides down to the ring and grabs a microphone as his music dies down Ladies and gentlemen, I have news regarding my match with Storm. I just got the news via email that Storm and I will not be having our match at SummerSlam but at the Global Series. Instead, I have been added to the NXT title match. So now we have the champion Buddy Ace, the former champion Marker Jason takes off his sunglasses and the man who should have that gold by now, Jason Ryan. So that's all. Y'all enjoy the show Jason goes to leave the ring but stops before getting back in Know what, I was told to just make the announcement and leave but fuck that. I have something to get off my chest. You see when I first got here and put out my first few promos, everyone acted impressed. Everyone would stop me backstage and go " hey kid, you keep going and you'll have gold before you know it." And I believed them. But time and time again I have been cast aside so guys like Buddy Ace, guys like Storm, even guys like my own brother Marker can step into the spotlight. What do these guys all have in common? SImple. I made their goddamn careers! I helped put each of them on the map! Jason starts to pace in the ring clearly pissed off Let me tell you people something real quick. Let's start with Storm. When I got here he was nothing. He had never won a match and couldn't talk to save his life. And despite our past, I decided to be the bigger man and at management's request, I worked with him. Next thing I know he's United States champion and never once did the words thank you ever leave that stupid son of a bitch's mouth. For the longest time, I was the only one who gave him a chance, I'm the reason people are looking at him in a new light. And what did I get for it? Nothing. No gratitude no nothing! Now let's talk about our current NXT champion, Buddy Ace. The man who is seemingly destined for great things. Jason glares at the camera What I want to know is who do you think you are?! I made your goddamn career Buddy! If it weren't for me, people would have just written you off as some sex offender looking jobber! But no, I did what was seemingly the right thing and worked with you. And even though you do not deserve that title I allowed you to win it. I am the reason you are the bright shining star you are and never once did the words thank you ever leave your lips. Instead, you have taken everything I provided for you for granted and you have ruined the NXT title! The thing I care about more than life itself and you keep on making it mean less and less. And it pisses me off! Jason looks at the fans Am I not the only one that is pissed off about this?! Our forefathers here have got to be turning in their graves when they see that bastard with the gold who doesn't deserve it, who hasn't put in the work needed. He only has it because the powers that be want to make him their new golden boy. So I'm going to say this loud and clear. This is just for you Buddy Ace. You have stated that you will stop at nothing to prevent me from winning gold here. And you have done everything possible to do just that. You thought you ended my career at King of the Ring but I'm still here! And at SummerSlam, there's no one to protect you. Cause I'm done trying to help you. You better show up and fight cause one way or another you're losing that title. I will kill my very creation. Jason lights a cigarette and leans in the corner And now for Marker. When I met him, he had no direction, no drive, no ambition. However, when we started teaming up, all of a sudden people started to notice you. And they started talking to you and the next thing I know, you're NXT Champion and on your way to EVOLVE for bigger and better things. And you left me to fend for myself. You used me for everything I was worth. I carried that load while you went off to be a big star. You would never have been a champion if it weren't for me! And you never once told me thank you for raising your stock! You left me for dead amongst the predators at Carnage. And at SummerSlam. I am your wrestling father and you have spit in my face. I brought you and Buddy into this world and boys, just as I brought you into this world, I'll take you out. Jason is clearly getting more and more agitated No one has done more for this division than I have. Not Storm, Not Julius, nobody has put in the time and effort to make this division the best it can be and all I get for it is told that I just don't have it. I'm just not destined to be a big star, that they already have their people. And I Know why that is. Because all those other guys are Yes Man jackoffs who will do whatever it takes to win. They swing from the boss's nuts and they have gone right to the top! Then there are guys like me who don't play that game and have to fight and scratch just to get a morsel of what they have been given. Those guys are the lions, I'm the hyena, I have to fight for my share. I am the most underappreciated guy in this company even though I am one of the hardest working men in the building! Jason takes a deep breath, trembling in anger as he unleashes all of his pent-up frustrations While at SummerSlam this facade ends. I will claim what has always been mine and I will make the NXT division the workhorse division which is what I am! I am the workhorse around here and it is time I take what is mine! I don't care who I have to go through! Buddy, Marker, whoever else you want to add it doesn't matter! I'm going to beat them and I'm going to take MY NXT championship, I'm going to hold it up high and I'm going to say; Do you know who I am?! I am the NXT champion, The Gunslinger Jason Ryan! Jason gets on his motorcycle and rides away as his music plays
  2. Thelastemperor

    The Global Series

    Jason makes his presence known and looks around, looking at everyone with contempt First thing's first. Ross, good to be here on Evolve. Finally, I'm working for someone who knows what they are fucking doing. Now Slim, how many hints do you need before your dumbass gets what everyone is trying to tell you? Here maybe this should clear things up. He flips Slim off From myself, everyone here and everyone backstage, we all fucking hate you. And I know what you're going to say. You're going to go off on some shit on all you've accomplished like anyone here is supposed to give a fuck; which spoiler alert, we don't. No one does. Then because you love wasting everyone's time you'll talk about your stupid house and your cars and your fancy watches and whatever else you dickless wonders are into these days. And I know what you're going to say. You're going to try and turn this around on me. Just save it. I honestly couldn't care less what someone who I don't and will never respect thinks. In fact, I'd wipe my ass with what you think and your career if I could. Now let me guess what you're going to do in this series. You're going to backdoor around, suck off anyone you need to, just like your first opponent will, do anything you need to to make it the finals. But be warned, if you and I face in the finals, I'm going to do what I should have done last time and that is wipe you off the face of the Earth and do everyone here at BPZ a goddamn favor by doing so! Because if there is one thing that everyone here, including Ross can agree on, none of us want to see you hold a title ever again because no one here can stand you and that's coming from me. Let that sink in. Jason flips Slim off again and spits towards him before locking eyes with Joshsnow Ladies and gentlemen, The Gentlemen. First of all, that is the stupidest nickname I've ever heard. Second of all, we all know who is not going to this thing. Seriously man, there's a reason no one takes you seriously in this ring. They just need to turn up the intensity and you fall behind because you don't have the balls to do what it takes to win. You are everyone's fucking punching bag and it's honestly funny watching you flail around the ring. The fact you think you are going to even win one match in this series, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd be more than to sell you. So why don't you just go to the back and hang out with all the other curtain jerkers while the adults talk? Jason looks at Buddy Ace and smirks Still going for the pedophile look huh Buddy? We get it you aren't allowed within a certain amount of yards within a school, which we just so happen to be so why don't you get the dumbass blank stare out of your eyes and take your I love Justin Bieber / One Direction haircut and your child grabbing ass out of here? And I know what you're going to say. You're going to bring up the fact you beat me at King of the Ring and supposedly set me packing. Well kiddo, allow me to burst your bubble. I didn't leave cause of you, I'm not a little kid I don't need to be scared of you. No, I left to take care of business. When you own a ranch that's worth more than you can possibly imagine which I do. It's worth more than all your houses and your bitches... and you bitches. When you own a ranch that successful, you tend to need to take care of certain things. But when you and I fight, I am going to do everyone a favor and beat you so bad that I end your career. That NXT title on your shoulder honestly makes me want to jump off the nearest cliff. But it's fine because before long, provided my man Marker doesn't first, I'm taking it from your ass. And before you say anything, let me clarify. I know I said I'd leave the division but, I lied. You should've made me sign a contract dumbass. When you and I face off, I am going to take my sweet time with you. I am going to make you regret you ever came here. Heck, unless Ross makes that match no DQ I'm going to go to jail for what I do. Look forward to it Buddy. I sure know I am. Jason walks over to Ark, rips the guitar out of his hands and throws it out of the ring Will you stop playing already?! You are literally the worst guitar player I have ever heard. I don't have much to say to you except that you are the biggest joke in the company. I'll give it to everyone else in this series, they deserve to be in it so that begs the question. How in the fuck did you get in here? This series is for people who are believable championship contenders. One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong. Can you tell me which one isn't like the others? Before I finish my song... it's you Ark. You don't belong in the same ring with me, you're a goddamn disgrace and I'm insulted that I am expected to face off against you. The fact you're in my block is enough to piss me off even more than I already am. So after I kick Storm's ass twice in a row, after I break every bone in Buddy's body I am going to do my best to end your career. So get your affairs in order because when we fight, I am going to put you six feet under. Jason looks at the other competitors in the Global Series I'm just going to say it. Come this Global Series, all y'all picked the right day to get fucked up!
  3. Thelastemperor

    Our History

    Hello everyone and welcome to this exclusive interview on the BPZ Neccework. I'm Brian Christopher and joining me at this time is Jason Ryan Now Jason, at Summerslam you will face Storm in your first match since your hiatus. A match that seemingly has more behind it than just a normal match. There is seemingly bad blood between the two of you. So my first question is, what are your thoughts about this match? Jason leans forward with an intense glare My thoughts? My thoughts are that it's about damn time. I have been asking for this match since I got here. And each and every time I have been told no, that Storm has other things to do, that I have other things to do. But now, we finally get to square off. I have been waiting on this day and waiting on this day since I joined BPZ. You're right, there is so much more to this match. if this was just a standard match, I wouldn't take this seriously whatsoever. But this match is as personal as personal can get. Brian clears his throat and shuffles some papers, clearly feeling a little uncomfortable You speak of your history with Storm. Can you elaborate? You want our history? The full uncut, uncensored version? You're going to get it. Storm and I go back. As far back as high school. Storm and I played sports together. We partied together. We were good friends, best even. The entire time Storm always rode my coattails. Whenever we went to the State Championship playing baseball, I was on the mound while he was in the dugout. He was always in my shadow. I suppose that's why he did what he did. After everything, he and I have been through outside the ring together. All the sports we played together, all the parties we crashed together, all the times we ran from the cops as drunken teens, he goes and bangs my wife when a knife in the back would have sufficed. But the thing that pisses me off most is that he looked me in the eye and promised me, he swore to God and my parents' grave that nothing was going on between him and my wife and he lied! Jason stares a hole in Brian, pure unadulterated rage in his eyes I'm not going to pretend as though I'm a saint. I have done a lot of bad things since I got here. But there has always been a method to my madness and that method is making Storm see just what I'm capable of. Everything I have done thus far has been a message to Storm. Brian shifts in his chair as he looks to avoid the hateful glare of Jason Moving on. What's next for you after Summerslam? I'm not concerned with that right now. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that matters is SummerSlam. The way I see it, my entire career culminates at SummerSlam. Brian opens his mouth to speak but thinks better of it following the stare Jason gives him You want me to get honest here? You want me to answer that question? Fine. After summerSlam, when I end Storm's career, I am going to go through each and every member of the BPZ roster. Because I am sick. I am sick to death of the whole fucking landscape of BPZ. I'm sick of not getting the chances everyone else gets and have to fight and scratch my way just to get a damn scrap around here! Know what else I'm sick of? I'm sick of being told to take a backseat to guys like Storm, like Buddy Ace. I am sick of not getting what I deserve. The fact that Storm has been a champion before and I haven’t pisses me off more than I have ever been pissed off before. Which is why I am not going to stop until Storm can no longer walk again. And I hope my ex sits in the front row with her little bastard. I want to see the tears run from her eyes as I brutalize her little cuckboy in front of her. I want that little brat to never forget SummerSlam as the day his daddy died. And when I'm done spilling Storm's blood in the middle of the ring, I am going to send that little bastard and that five cent whore to the afterlife. My inner demon will not be making an appearance. Because no matter how sinister, how sadistic my inner demon is, I am even worse. I'm coming for a fight Storm. See you at SummerSlam Jason rips the mic from his shirt, throws it to the ground and stomps on it. He gives Brian one more hateful stare and leaves
  4. Thelastemperor

    Start Anew

    Jason chuckles Did Storm seriously just get in my ring, accept my challenge and run with his tail between his legs? He hasn't changed a bit. He's still the gutless coward who is scared to death of me, not that I blame him considering everything I've done to him. Jason smirks and shakes his head no Storm, I'll give you credit. It's important to face your fears and I know you fear me. You fear just what I'll do to you. Because you and I both know this has nothing to do with who is better. You and I both know what this is really about, don't we boy? Jason looks right at the camera For the ignorant douchebags watching, wondering just why me and Storm do not like each other, allow me to explain. As everyone knows, I was once a married man, which was easily the worst mistake I ever made. For all the single dudes out there, never get married. No whore is worth it. Anyway, while I was overseas, keeping this country safe, my slut of a wife was seeing someone behind my back. That person got my wife pregnant and the whore decided to try and pass that child off as my own. That person was Storm. The fans express their shock as they didn't think their favorite underdog would do such a thing That's what this match at Summerslam is about. Which is why at Summerslam I am going to beat Storm within an inch of his miserable life. I am going to spill every ounce of blood you have. Summerslam will be the last match you ever have Storm. You my friend, have made the biggest mistake of your life Jason gets back on his motorcycle, driving backstage, flipping off the camera as he drives by
  5. Thelastemperor

    Start Anew

    On the Evolve following the most recent draft, the fans are impatiently awaiting for the fallout Brand new music fills the arena. The fans initially think it's a brand new wrestler debuting but instead, hear a familiar motorcycle motor. They voice their surprise as Jason Ryan comes out on his motorcycle wearing his old attire. Black skull bandana, sunglasses, black leather cut, white t-shirt, gold chain, oil stained blue Wranglers and steel-toed boots. Jason rides down to the ring as the fans continue to voice their surprise, believing this man to have walked out. Jason walks in the ring after grabbing a microphone If I didn't know better, I'd say you guys are happy to see me. Last y'all saw me, It wasn't good. It would appear you met my other half, The Sinner. The crowd boo as they recalled the deplorable acts Jason committed as The Sinner Ah yes, I should have guessed you people would feel that way. Well what I have to say next isn't going to make you very happy but, The Sinner is still very much apart of me and very close to my heart. And don't worry, I'm not copying all these other jackoffs that claim to have other personalities or whatever they're calling their desperate attempts at getting over with you parasites. No, just like every coin has two sides, as do I. One side is the Gunslinger, The Outlaw, the kind of guy who will leave you bleeding to death in an alleyway and the other half is The Sinner, The Son of Satan. Where my inner demon resides. And before I continue, allow me to issue a warning to my fellow wrestlers. Jason takes off his sunglasses and looks into the camera No matter how hard you prepare, no matter how hard you study me, it doesn't matter. Because you never know which side of me you'll get. All you need to worry about is, how in the fuck are you going to walk out of this ring alive. Now on to business. Why did I leave and why did I come back so soon? Jason smirks and lights a cigarette I left for personal reasons, reasons that I don't have to tell you worthless pissants. In case you people have forgotten, I. Fucking. Hate. You! You people are the worst part of coming out here, holding up your stupid signs you spend five seconds making, commenting about me on social media, typing in your native language of dumbass and worst of all, you morons actually believe you matter. Jason chuckles before taking a drink from his flask and throwing it at a random fan in the crowd before flipping the fan off So no, I don't have to tell you people shit. As a matter of fact, I don't owe you a damn thing. You pay to see me to escape your empty fucking lives. Not the other way around. Remember that and shut your STD infested mouths. Know your place. Jason finishes his cigarette and throws it to the side So why am I back so soon? Simple. To cause utter fucking chaos. To steal kill and destroy. As a matter of fact, I have quite the future for Evolve in mind. oh yes, dark days indeed. Now if anyone thinks of trying their luck, of challenging the Devil himself, come on out here. But before you do, call your loved ones and tell them you love them. Your last words should be filled with kindness after all so they remember you fondly. Jason turns to face the Titantron, his steel rod in hand as he waits to see if anyone will come out (For one person and one person only. You know who you are)
  6. Thelastemperor

    Five Members You Would Run A Forum With

    Well of course I’m going with the crew I’ve been running with since I joined @The Marker @Storm @I Can't Odd @Julius01 And because ima need a grizzled veteran @Necce
  7. Thelastemperor

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: July 30th 2018

    I feel sorry for Heyman. Dude couldn't catch a break
  8. I+just+want+to+say+I+tried+to+stay+away+but+as+you+can+see+that+didn't+work.+Allow+me+to+explain+myself.+When+I+said+I+was+done,+I+wasn't+pissed+or+anything.+Call+it+self+preservation.+My+thought+process+was+"+Well+only+a+matter+of+time+some+bullshit+happens+to+me,+better+split+before+it+does"

    Funny+how+life+works.+Literally+the+day+after+I+posted+what+was+going+to+be+my+farewell+message,+I+received+a+ton+of+backstage+bullshit+in+a+different+community+I+was+apart+of.+Keyword+was.+Literally+the+whole+discord+for+that+site+turned+on+me+cause+I+said+"+___+is+kinda+negative+tho".+Name+of+course+being+redacted.+It+was+backstage+politic+gang+rape.+That's+what+happens+when+the+community+you're+part+of+is+full+of SJWS





  9. These recent underhanded tactics have sent a certain message ( to me anyway) that people can screw each other over and at most get a slap on the wrist for it. Now look, I'm not going to judge anyone but what I will say is that if this is how the forums are going to be, then it'd be pointless to continue to be here for me personally. So, what im saying is, im done. This is TLE signing off for good. Good luck to all you, I hope you make it in life

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    2. KING


      Vintage Jason

    3. Julius01


      One of the genuine good blokes here on the forums. I wish you all the best in your career as an author and all we can do is hope to change whats going on around here 

    4. Flynn


      I don’t see how Internet polls can ruin you enjoying discussions of wrestling lmao what the fuck. 

  10. RIP Sox. When you get to doggy heaven say hi to Fly for me

  11. Thelastemperor

    Time's Up

    When Carnage returns from commercial break, Jason comes to the ring looking more ragged and disheveled than last time he appeared. His hair which had always been kept short has grown long and unkempt and he now has a scraggly unkempt beard. He walks to the ring slowly in a sinister fashion. The crowd which at a time loved to boo this man stays silent, not sure what to think about The Sinner anymore. Jason gets in the ring and grabs a microphone Well well well. Another week has gone by and the NXT Champion hasn't made a peep. Good. That tells me he has accepted the inevitable.Not onl;y does it further prove my point that I am the only shining star here on Carnage, the one that will lead carnage into the next era but it would also seem as though Buddy has become petrified on me, of what awaits him at King of the Ring. If I were him, I'd be scared too. But Buddy, fear is nothing to be ashamed of, all mortal creatures feel it, it's natural. An evolutionary trait that has ensured your kind has survived this long. And don't get me wrong, I commend Mister Ace for trying to overcome his fear, that is most admirable. You see, I do not hate Buddy Ace. I do not even dislike him. As a god, I am above petty human emotions. But you see, what I cannot and will not permit is someone who dares blaspheme my name. Blasphemy is punishable by death. The fans clearly do not know how to respond, this is not the Jason Ryan they know You see, Buddy has forced my hand. He is the one that decided to start this holy war, a war he cannot win. He has brought his destruction upon himself, he has only himself to blame. But... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to enjoy this. You see Buddy, I have been trying to be a benevolent god, one that can be merciful when needed. I have tried to curb my animalistic and destructive nature. but Buddy insists upon angering me, and committing blasphemy and that is a sin I shall not allow to stand. Buddy, I encourage you to read some history and see what happens when a mortal pushes a god too far. There is a reason Sodom is no longer around. There is a reason Salmonea is no longer around. Mortals have been angering the gods for eternity and no matter how they are punished, they continue to ignorantly raise their fist and defy their Higher Powers. Jason fixes the camera with an angry piercing stare And at King of the Ring, you will share their fate Buddy. You will be vanquished inside the personal Hell YOU have created. Don't you dare blame me for this! YOU brought this divine retribution upon yourself! And no amount of atonement will save you. I have already decided your eternal fate and your fate is to be sent to the place of darkness with pain and gnashing of teeth. So I advise you to get your affairs in order Mister Ace. Because at King of the RIng there will be nothing left of you. I will rob you of your soul. And I can tell your heart aches for your family and I am aware you truly want to make up for how you betrayed them. You're willing to go straight to Hell and face the devil himself. How noble. If you feel that badly about it, perhaps death will be your penance. Simply put Buddy, the time on your clock is ticking and soon your time shall expire at King of the Ring People wearing hooded robes come to ringside and bow their heads to Jason Buddy Ace. You may be a half-hour in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead! This is your Last Rites! Hallejuiah and Amen! The hooded figures begin to sing an in unison, the melody sounding almost haunting Our God is an awesome God he reings From Heaven above With wisdom, power, and love Our God is an awesome God
  12. Thelastemperor

    What are you listening to right now?

  13. Thelastemperor

    NXT 4th July 2018

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Cena on NXt considering he is always on WWE programing on Independence Day. I'm not gonna claim credit for that, Angeleo suggested that, I'm just agreeing. However, I do think he should have a match with, Aleister Black if he does show up
  14. personnaly i wish it was an hour long and no DQ
  15. If this is true I doubt they will agree. I mean, maybe Cody but I personally don't think he would. As for Omega and The Young Bucks, I just don't see them signing

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