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  1. New Figurehead: Bald Kane New Kayfabe name: Aluhin New Theme:
  2. The Titantron shows a night sky adjourned with stars. A creeping melody plays in the background. Then cold robotic laughter can be heard, softley at first then increases in volume till it drowns out the melody. Slowly a face appears on the screen. So you thought you had gotten what you wanted. You thought you had gotten rid of him. You told him he represented the past. You told him he was no longer welcome in BPZ. You told him he wasn't good enough to be given a serious look. You purposefully put him in situations where he was to fail in favor of those you wa
  3. The Scourge is found in a old warehouse, sitting on top of a crate. He looks at a massive mural of himself, wearing a crown on the wall. A tone is playing in the background. Arrow, I have indulged you for long enough. It is time you and I have our day boy but before I eradicate you, I urge to listen to what I have to say. The Scourge looks at the camera with his cold, demonic gaze You are nothing! You have done nothing in this company! You are a walking talking mental disorder that is on TV just for laughs! No one takes you seriously, the only reason people work
  4. The lights cut out. A lone female voice begins to sing Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now, I'm found. Was blind but now I see. A spotlight shines on the ring where a figure wearing a black suit and holding an umbrella above him. The figure sets it down to reveal The Scourge. He sits in the ring cross legged with a microphone. Hello dearest Arrow, how are you this evening? I do hope you are well. I hear you and I are to tag in a most irrelevant match with nothing of importance on the line. I utterly hate tag t
  5. 1,2 The Scourge is coming for you 3,4 better lock your door 5,6 grab your crucifix 7,8 can you stay awake 9,10 never sleep again The Scourge shows up on the Titantron, his location being a train station. Mr. Dummie pants is with him, being held by one of The Scourge's followers. The Scourge lets out his demented laugh and looks at the camera I... respectfully decline your offer. You see, there is nothing wrong with me Arrow, I am just the madness that exists inside all of us. Have you ever heard of The Russian Sleep Experiment? While that story is total fallacy, t
  6. The King and his men stole the Queen from her bed and bound her in her bones the seas be ours and by the powers where we will we'll roam Yo ho, all hands Hoist the colors high Heave ho, thieves and beggars Never shall we die The screen shows an old graveyard. The moon is full, illuminating the ground. A soft female voice sings a song as a man slowly walks to an old run down church. Now some have died and some are alive and others sail on sea with the keys to the cage and the Devil to pay we lay to Fiddler's Green. Yo ho, haul toget
  7. Who the hell is this?! The Carnage fans clearly don't know who this is. Wait, there's a figure emerging, oh my God! Is that... Jason? Is this The Scourge we have been hearing about? Has Jason Ryan truly gone away? The person stands at the entrance ramp staring at Arrow as if he were a hungry snake eyeing down a house. Jason throws his head back and laughs then grins at the camera. Does the little inbred have something to say? Adorable. I shall indulge him, this should be most amusing. Arrow is quite the jester after all. Jason slowly heads to the ring. His kids, Mary and
  8. They say when one hits rock bottom that it's the best foundation to rebuild on. Obviously whoever said that has never had anything horrible happen to them, it's easy to give cheesy advice when the worst thing to happen to you is losing your car keys. It's one thing to keep your chin up if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's a whole other thing when not only is there no light but it's so fucking dark you don't even want to move because you don't even know if your foot will touch solid ground. The camera pans over the forest that surrounds Jason Ryan's ranch, a ranch
  9. The music for " The West's Favorite Son" plays. Ever since beating Buddy Ace, Jason seems different, he hasn't had any out of the ring incidents, he's more level headed. Jason tips his hat to the fans and heads down to the ring. He grabs a microphone and enters the ring, waiting for his music to die down before he speaks. Well Josh certainly had a lot to say didn't he? It sounded like a pissed off Oompa Loompa telling us all the reasons he hates Willy Wonka. He started off by bitching about Slim, he mentioned Flynn and Julius, Alyx Wilde and then me, pissing and moaning that i
  10. What in God's name is that music?! Is this a new theme? Cause if it is, someone needs to change it. Wait, someone is walking on the stage. A man wearing a Sonic Hoodie, Elmo Pajama pants and fuzzy slippers comes on stage. Accompanying him is the biggest group of misfits ever to grace god's green earth. Among this Among this odd group is an old man who is bent over like a question mark with a cane and a microphone and a African American college professor wearing a wool suit, black wire rim glasses, carrying a boombox on his shoulder wearing the most smug expression.
  11. And now it is time for the most personal match of the night, a rivalry that has gone on for years will be settled tonight. This match was made after Jason and Buddy failed to capture the BPZ Tag Titles and brawled as a result. This bar fight will continue until the referee determines one cannot continue. Any and everything is legal. After everything these two men have done to each other, it all will be settled tonight. Buddy is seen leaning against the wall of the empty beer, checking his watch. He looks up as someone enters the bar and grins Well! I didn't think you were going to s
  12. At first I wasn't too sure about this feud. Mainly because the Usos have always been tag guys so seeing them go for singles titles is strange enough as it is but to see one of them go for the Universal title is even stranger. But I have to admit I am actually enjoying this. This Hell in a Cell match should be good, at least I hope it is. Roman is doing good work, I don't think he's had one bad moment since returning. He and Heyman form a shockingly good team. I didn't know I wanted it but now I can't get enough.
  13. On a hot, sunny day in Montana, the camera shows a sign that reads " Welcome to the Ryan Ranch." Sitting on the porch of his farmhouse in a rocking chair, shotgun in his lap smoking a cigar is Jason Ryan. He rocks back and forth slowly So you're a cowboy are you? Jason shuckles as he keeps rocking back and forth Buddy, you don't know the meaning of the word and I am a little sick and tired of you making a mockery of my lifestyle and my heritage because that is exactly what you do every time you come on screen. Just because you ride a horse and wear leather chaps doesn't make yo
  14. Jason is sitting on the hood of his truck in a parking lot, with a picture of him and Buddy Ace. He looks somber, upset. He sighs and drinks from a flask. A few empty whisky bottles are on the ground. Jason shakes his head as he looks at the photo. How did it come to this Buddy? How did we let it get this bad? This is the part where both guys say horrible things about each other but honestly, I'm not here to do that. It won't accomplish anything. Buddy, this war between us has gone on for too long. We both know what we have to do. We both know what it is going to take. But neither of us w

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