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  1. Jason shows up wearing his priest garb and holding a disfigured doll., accompanied by people wearing hospital gowns and Purge masks He sits down on a chair and strokes the doll's hair humming along with the song. Oh Sabrina my precious darling, I know you've been wanting to hear what I have to say. You and all the folks at home. You see Sabrina, I've been getting emails, phone calls, people coming up on the street asking me what happened. " What happened Jason? What made you change? DId the loss to Echo affect you that match? Were you and Vala having problems? How can we help? Don't be this guy, be the guy we all loved, the guy we all admired. We want the old Jason back!" Jason gives the camera a sinister look Well I am sorry to disappoint you but the old Jason is dead. You see, the old Jason was weak. He was infected with The Sickness, the same sickness that has infected each and every one of you. However, he was administered a rather potent Cure, my Cure. And now, I am healthy once again. I am no longer one of you people, I have returned to my true self, free from all petty attachments. And I have to say it feels pretty good. The Cure saved my life, just like it has done to my compatriots. We all were sick. We were dying but The Cure saved us. And now we are going to administer the Cure to the rest of the world. Jason closes his eyes and lifts his face upward Cured or be Purged. There is no in between. And that is a fate Kenji and Arius will be asked when we faceoff. I must admit, I am giddy with excitement. To think I get to experiment on two of BPZ's precious golden boys. We truly have a battle of opposites coming up. Two prospects BPZ has a hardon for in Afrius and Kenii and me and Icon who BPZ never did like and never wanted to succeed. Because we don't fit the bill Kenii and Arius fit. We have always been seen as bastards to this company. Kenji and Arius think they have overcome trials but they have not. And that shall be their downfall when we face off. Those two are infected with The Sickness. I shall try my best to save them but I fear they are simply too infected. I fear they might have to be Purged. It's always an ugly business that but it has to be done. I must admit, I cannot wait to Purge them.I know it seems I have fallen past the point of no return my dear viewers and maybe your right. But remember, there can no light without darkness, no hope without despair. No gods without devils. And BPZ may exalt Arius and Kenji like gods but they shall soon fall to the devils! Arius and Kenji are nothing but weasels and well... I believe the song says it all. Jason holds the doll to his ear What's that Sabrina? What's that Sabrina?! With a look on his face that can only be described as maniacal he points at the camera Destroy Arius and Kenji! Oh, we plan on it! The people wearing gowns and masks begin to sing in unison as the camera fades to black The Cures's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the little bitty baby in their hands The Cure's got the little bitty baby in their hands The Cure's got the little bitty baby in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got you and me, brother, in their hands The Cure's got you and me, sister, in their hands The Cure's got you and me, brother, in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got everybody here in their hands The Cure's got everybody here in their hands The Cure's got everybody here in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the whole wide world in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands The Cure's got the whole world in their hands
  2. We see Jason limping to his car in the parking lot, bag in hand. He throws in his bag and leans against his car, sighting into the night sky. A interviewer hesitantly walks up to him Mister Ryan? What do you want? The interviewer is taken aback at Jason's non-confrontational, weary tone Can I get your thoughts on failing to capture the United States championship? Jason just sighs Know what, sure. My thoughts, my thoughts. My thoughts are... why do I even try anymore? Seriously I come back, and what have I done? Huh? Nothing. I lost at Badd Blood, I lost at Halloween Havoc, I lost at Survivor Series, the only thing I've done even worth talk about is beating Arrow. If that's the best I'm capable of then just erase that match from the books, pretend it didn't happen. On second thought, reverse the call, name him the winner on some technicality. Know what, I'm reversing it. Arrow is the real winner of that match. Can I do that? Oh who gives a shit, I'm doing it anyway. Congratulations. If that's the best I can do anymore than to hell with it. Jason sits on the hood of the his car, seemingly forgotten the interviewer is there Ya know... now that I think about it, I've been going about my return all wrong. Here I am trying to be relevant again like last year. We all remember last year right? I thought that was just a product with how good me and my boys were but now I see that run I had was just a fluke. It was nothing special, oh I won a few titles, big f*cking deal. Nobody cares anymore, I don't even care. Know what, erase my accolades. Just get rid of them, who gives a f*ck. Jason lights a cigarette and inhales deeply Honestly, I'm not even mad I lost. I am honestly at the point where I just don't care. I just threw my hat in the ring cause it looked fun. Well, it wasn't. And I'll say this, I won't be going for it again. I just don't have it anymore, oh who the f*ck am I kidding? I never had it. Only reason The Flock worked is cause Necce was in it. Certainly wasn't anything myself or the others did, that was all Necce. I am done fooling myself, I ain't ever coming close to that again. And no this isn't me retiring or anything. First of all, no one would care. Second, I don't feel like leaving. Here's all I'm saying. Don't even bothering asking what number I'm going to be in the Rumble, spoiler alert, I won't be in it. I'm going to be working the concessions stand. Don't ask who I'm facing at Mania, I'm either going to be home or I'm just going to cater the event. Don't ask if I'm going to be at King of the Ring, cause no, I'm good. Just don't expect anything else from me, it's not going to happen. You've seen my best already. Merry f*cking Christmas. Jason sighs and runs his hands through his hair Only thing I'm still doing is this tag tournament and that's because I am a man of my word and I promised my brother I would. But after that, whenever we lose, I'm just going to say to hell with it and demote myself to manager of The Cure. My compatriots can go after all the titles they want, go ahead, have fun. They can go try and become megastars or what have you. I'll do my best to help them but as for me, go ahead and wipe me from all championship records if you want, I couldn't give a shit. If everything I've worked for is gonna be ruined, I'm going to be the one that ruins it. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I'm a lot of things, but that isn't one of them. I'm not stupid, I know when things aren't working out and I know when to leave the casino. So yeah, best of luck or whatever to everyone going forward into... whatever event we have next. I'm just gonna work dark matches from now on, manage my stable, fade into obscurity, and maybe I can start being f*cking happy again. Jason gets in his car and waits for the interviewer to back up before driving away
  3. In a large auditorium Jason is standing on a stage in front of a podium, wearing a priest's robe, looking at a mass of people wearing Purge masks and hospitals gowns. Behind him are his Cure compatriots. Jason clears his throat and begins to speak The end of an age is coming. The age of the system telling us who to like, what to wear, what to buy, who to cheer for, how to act. The system of BPZ that favors certain guys and leaves everyone else behind. The system where guys who ceased to be interesting a long ass while ago are at the top whereas the true talents are shafted and screwed by vain and insecure little boys in grown men's bodies. "Champions" who got to their position cause the right people backstage like them while the only work they put in is on the street corner for the highest bidder! The age where sucking one's ass is rewarded. That age has not only infested BPZ and made it unbearable but has infested our world, making it worthless. You see it in the media who lie straight to your faces so they can try and set us apart. You see it online where the brain dead masses argue about topics they are too stupid to understand like the foot soldiers they are. You see it in our men, a bunch of wanna be alpha males who have to prove how manly they are despite still being breastfed! You see it in our women love to talk about how strong they are yet they constantly need to show pathetic self help posts on social media hyping themselves up just to feel validated. We have entered an age of weakness, fear and it is time for that to end. Jason smiles and closes his eyes. He starts muttering as if praying for a moment before opening his eyes again This age has been infested with a plague that has ruined the human race. And it is easy to see in BPZ. We have idiots like Arrow and Steph, two bumbling morons who can't even speak coherently and have a combined intelligence of dirt. Then we have Prince, the guy who, once he realized wasn't going to being handed everything decided to stop trying. He is the embodiment of everything I despise. Then there is Bailey, someone who can't see we all want him gone! He doesn't seem to realize that the reason the locker room collectively leaves when he enters is because we don't like him! But he sticks around cause he can't do anything else as no one on the outside likes him either. BPZ is decaying from the inside out and it disgusts me. Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a state of decay! Decay! Decay! Decay! Decay! Decay! The masses shout in unison. Jason nods Yes my children. And unless we act, everything we know and love will be lost forever. Do we want that? No! No indeed. Which is why we must do what? Purge! Yes. If we want to rescue those we love than we have no choice but to purge. To Cure the sickness that has infested our homeland. We are the last line of defense against this horrible disease but there is hope for we...WE are The Cure! We have been cured of our own sickness and now we will spread it across the world. There may be resistance. There may be bloodshed but it is inevitable, The weak must die for the strong and we will see to it the weak die and never come back! Jason's voice drops to just above a whisper as a song starts to play Soon, everything shall be destroyed. The populace will be subjugated, the weak will be weeded out and eradicated. Those who survive the purge will be Cured forever. For we are the world's one and only hope. Jason raises his fist in the air Behold The Cure! Behold The Cure! Behold The Cure! Behold The Cure! Behold The Cure! The masses begin to chant as Vala walks on stage with her two infant children. She stands in front of Jason smirking. Jason hands her a Purge masks which she puts on then puts two little Purge masks on their children. Everyone turns and looks at the camera as it fades to black
  4. Drew McIntyre Ricochet Lynch Undisputed Era Cena Alexander Styles Joe
  5. 5 Pokémon 4 Total Drama 3 Drake and Josh 2 George Lopez 1 Avatar the last Airbender
  6. Motörhead, Lynyrd Skynyrd are a couple
  7. We see both Alex Costa and Aaron North in a dimly lit room in restraints, heads bowed. A disembodied voice begins to speak, its owner not visible You both have come here because you are weak. You are feeble. You are lost. You both have tried many things to no avail. You have been floundering, accomplishing nothing but wasting everybody's time. You both are insane, trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results. You both are sick but you try so hard to deny it. You refuse to let the monster inside of you emerge and take over because you are scared of what it will do. But there is no reason to fear it. It is a part of you and all it longs is to be free. You keep the monster trapped in shackles inside of you, you imprison it when you have no right to. And it is because of this confliction that you both have failed. The monster can help you, it can even save you but you must embrace it. It cannot tread upon your life unless you allow it to. Look into its eyes and let go. Let go of your families, your friends, your jobs, everything. Die to yourself, take up your crosses and follow its voice. Only then will you truly be free. The camera pans away and shows Jason looking on wearing blue scrubs and a lab coat. He smirks and motions for the cameraman to come closer It is not the healthy that needs a doctor but the sick. We are The Cure, that is all. We are God Jason puts on his Purge mask as the camera fades to black then shows an asylum with the words "Only we can cure the sickness that resides in all of you" End of Transmission
  8. It’s possible, I think Puno would want one more run, or At he very least, he and AJ Styles can have a march at mania 36
  9. Well it all started when they tried to get us to believe that Corbin was a credible threat to Rollins. That’s where it went downhill for him. He hasn’t helped either
  10. I mean if they don’t want the only reaction they get to be boos than they better
  11. Once again one of my books have become published. What can I say, I am just the best there is, the best there was, the best- oh wait that's taken... anyway here it is. Go read it


    1. Sameer


      Definitely will man! I think it’s so amazing that your books are being published, congrats bro! 

    2. Thelastemperor
  12. Jason Ryan, the tag team partner of Gunner is now on stage. He says nothing as he examines the ring. He sits down cross legged as six JRE members wearing Purge masks and light green hospital scrubs stand behind him, holding a gunnery, straitjacket and a purge mask. Jason stands up, taking off his own mask to reveal fresh bloody scratch marks on his face. Jason leads the way to the ring and gets in. He looks at Gunner who hands him a microphone The Purge starts here. Jason picks Aaron up, drags a thumb across his throat before hitting the Epilogue Jason stands up as the masked JRE members stand on the ring apron. They move in at the same time and drag Aaron out of the ring and on the gunnery. They put the straitjacket and the Purge mask on him and strap him to the gunnery. They wheel him up the ramp as Jason and Gunner put on their Purge masks and look at the camera, slowly waving goodbye
  13. Name: Vincent Moore Nickname: Kaiser Age: 27 Height: 6ft Weight:200 lbs Hometown: LA Backstory: Vincent always struggled to make ends meet and could never turn to his family as they were either dead or in prison. He started selling drugs as a means to get by before getting caught Crime Committed:Selling drugs

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