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  1. Thelastemperor

    A Coward's Game

    Jason walks out to the ring wearing different attire. He now wears MMA trunks, MMA gloves elbow pads, knee pads, and a black trench coat. He has changed his black half Phantom of the Opera mask for a white one. He is wearing a large smirk and mockingly claps before beginning to speak in a slow methodical pace. Mr. Ace, once again your blatant ignorance of your place shows. Just about every claim you have made about yourself is vastly incorrect. You think you're going to stand out? Oh no. Oh no, if that's the case then we might as well prepare the funeral service for your career. And Mr. Ace, I will be more than happy to oblige. Jason begins to slowly walk to the ring, his eyes with a sinister glint in them You seem unable to understand that I am the one who runs the division, anything I wish to happen, happens. Which is why I am not NXT champion, I have zero interest in a mediocre title that I'd rather wipe my ass with than wear. The crowd boos so loudly Jason has to wait until they quiet down before he can continue due to the fact they would drown him out. I planned for Marker to win the title because as a god, I have no need for earthly pleasures. You mortals and your need for earthly treasures. You horde money. You horde cars. You horde gemstones. All in a vain need to be validated because you can't stand the face that stares back at you when you stare in the mirror. You are desperate to seem important in your own lives, refusing to acknowledge the fact it is all pointless. And Mr. Ace that applies to you more than it does most. And I happen to know why. Jason climbs in the ring You are the very disease that makes me hate mortals. You are everything wrong with mankind, a failure in every sense of the word. A fact you are very aware of. I know you Mr. Ace. I know you grew up an outcast at school for being a wrestling fan. Something that is not uncommon. I can tell that your nothing but a facade. You are nothing but a scared little child. And I know just how to beat you, how to break you. I warned you that I shall be ruining your life. Consider this phase one. Jason makes a single with his hand and fans hop the barricade. Buddy Ace looks puzzled as he recognizes them as members of his family. Each person reaches into their back pocket and pulls out a mask identical to Jason's and slowly puts it on. Buddy's face twists in horror as he realizes what this means. Jason rams his steel rod in the back of his head, dropping Buddy. Jason takes off his mask and puts in on Buddy's face. Buddy. May you be a half-hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead. This is your Last Rites! Buddy's family bows before their new god as Jason poses in the ring a little simliar to another cult leader.
  2. Thelastemperor

    The End of Buddy Ace

    ( Something's up whenever I try to post the link to my theme so I had to get rid of it) Jason comes to the ring microphone in hand and looks at the crowd with a look of sheer disgust I have never seen more detestable people in my life. All of you should be embarrassed. The sooner I am out of this stupid fucking city the better. Fuck this place The crowd boos Jason who just rolls his eyes and gives the crowd both middle fingers and does the same to the camera Buddy Ace, when I first met you I did not take you for an unintelligent man. Then, of course, you opened your mouth and proved just how much of an idiot you are. You decided to mouth off about the most dangerous man in the NXT division, You mouthed off about the Embodiment of Evil, The Sinner, Wrestling's Supremacy. At first, I merely ignored you after I beat you within an inch of your life in our first encounter, like the irrelevant little cockroach you are but then people started saying that I was afraid to face you. Jason laughs slightly then he glares at the camera Do not get it mixed up Buddy. I was not afraid of you, there is nothing to fear. I left you alone at first because you were not worth my time. You're still not. But you constantly run your mouth about me, trying to provoke me. Well if it's a fight you want it's a fight you get. Buddy, you have done the stupidest thing you could have done. You have caught my attention. So now you have forced me to go back on my word. I said I would not get involved in the NXT title picture as long as Marker is the champion. But since you decided to get in my way, I have no choice but to strike you down. You know the song God's going to cut you down? That's exactly what is going to happen. Now initially this was going to be a Handicap match but sadly management has since informed me that they will not approve of that. Which is fine, I already have a substitution. See when you're as brilliant as I am, you are never caught off guard. I thought Management would ax that so I had a backup plan just in case. More on that later. Buddy you are just the monthly tribute to Marking the Empire, you are a dead man walking. You know the song God's gonna cut you down? That's exactly what's going to happen. When we get in the ring, I will make sure you do not walk out. This isn't about the title for me, this is me putting your bitch ass in place, underneath my boot. You see Mr. Ace, when a mortal challenges a god, it never ends well. Jason takes a drink from his flask And so you can't weasel your way to the NXT championship, I'm still going to be in the match. Technically it is now a Triple threat but the goal remains the same. Marker retaining and me ending your career. By the way our Triple Threat match is hereby an Elimination Handicap match. Because if you want the NXT title you're going to have to beat both members of Marking the Empire. It's only fair after all. We are co-champions Buddy, you are delivering yourself to the ass whopping of a lifetime. You are going to be destroyed, eradicated. If you thought what I've done before is bad, just wait until later. I've got something else planned for you Buddy. I promise you, you won't want to miss what I have to say next. Now before I go, Marker. I know you are watching. I need you to start returning my phone calls and my texts. I get you're a busy man, being the champion and all but still. You're going to love the plan I have lined up but you're gonna need to return my calls. Hope to hear from you soon. As for you Buddy Ace. May you be a half-hour in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead! This is your last rites!
  3. If anyone wants a character in my upcoming book, just message me the following details and I'll add it. Name, Billing info, Special Moves, Theme, Face/Heel, Years in business

  4. Thelastemperor

    Four People You Believe Will Become Champion

    NXT: I Can't Odd, Me US: Julius, Storm Prem: Angelo, Echo, Storm, Me, Johnny IC: FD, Ross, Angelo, Alyx World: Smith, Slim, FD, Angelo, Johnny Uni: Flynn, Necce, Echo, Julius Global: Marker, Alyx, Angelo
  5. When I said it was crowded I said it through the perspective of someone who may be newer, if that makes any sense whatsoever
  6. Well again its just an idea. I'm open to suggestions. The YouTube title could serve some other purpose, such as elevate the upper midcard's stock or something
  7. This is what I'm thinking. The YouTube championship would serve as another championship newer guys can go for. As it stands there's only NXT and Tag or Prem if they buy it. And the NXT and Tag scene can get kind of crowded. This would serve as another option for someone who may not want to enter the fray that can be the other championship scene
  8. So I have been thinking and I think that it'd be kind of cool to add a YouTube championship to Kayfabe. I mean, I'm going to go ahead and guess that most of if not all of us are here due to Brendan's YouTube channel.
  9. For those of you that don’t know I am a published author. And lately I have been considering writing a professional wrestling book with this site’s kayfabe as inspiration. Now let me be very clear. When I say that I am in no way saying I wouldn’t  be taking/stealing anything from anyone.  All I’d be doing is getting inspiration from a storyline, and using that to form my own storylines with elements in the original in it. Just so we’re clear and yes I do decide to do this it would be free once completed

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    2. Julius01


      Sounds cool bro 

    3. ICON


      Sounds cool as fuck, what's your books name?

    4. Thelastemperor


      My book's called Second Chance Icon

  10. Thelastemperor

    You're A Loser

    Marking the Empire's music hits but instead of Marker Jason Ryan comes to the ring. He has heard the things Buddy has said about him and has had enough. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring, pointing his steel rod at Buddy Listen here you inbred mother fucker. For weeks now I have heard you run your mouth about me and Marker, me specifically. I get all you really want to do is get on your knees and offer me your nightly services but I'm going have to decline. Jason takes off his Phantom of the Opera Mask and glares at Buddy I remember when you and I met I told you to keep my name out of your mouth, to not invoke the name of The Sinner again and what have you done? You did what I told you not to do. Now, you have been trying to provoke me, you have been trying to get my attention, well congratulations dear boy. I'm here and if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get. And last time we fought, you know what happened. I left you on the brink of death. I only stopped cause I felt sorry for you Buddy. I showed pity on a mortal, something I have never done and will never do again. After all, despite your claims, you haven't done a damn thing worth bragging about in your life have you? Here's a little secret, between you and me Jason smirks No one in the NXT Division thinks you belong here. I exposed you for being the pussy you truly are. You keep saying how you want revenge for what I did to you but you can't seem to find enough hair on your ass to make the jump now can you. I can see it in your eyes. You're scared of me, I can see it now. The tears in your eyes, your knees are shaking, I saw the yellow stripe down your back as I came down here and if I'm not mistaken, that's fresh piss I smell coming from you. You claim you want to fight Marker but we both know you don't have the balls to fight him straight up and we both know you're never going to actually challenge me to a match. So this is what I'm proposing, provided Marker is okay with it. Your opinion is irrelevant in the matter. But here's my idea. I think I will join this match but, it won't be a triple threat. Oh no no no. I'm thinking Buddy Ace takes on both members of Marking the Empire in a Two on One Handicap Match with the NXT title on the line. Whoever pins whoever becomes champion. Now, why am I doing this when I swore not to get involved? Jason levels his rod at Buddy's chest Well, first off, I'm only doing this to make sure Marker walks out champion. I just want to get my hands on you, make you squeal like the pig you are. Because I am sick of you running your mouth about me. Ever since you've debuted, all you have done is mention my name but yet never not once have you dared called me out for a match. I ignored you at first but you just keep running your mouth. Maybe it's escaped your attention boy but I'm the guy that runs this division. Marker may be the champion but no one can deny that since I debuted, NXT hasn't been the same. I have terrorized the lives of several people. Look what I did to Apex, I destroyed his heart and soul in my first match. I ran Storm out of my division, make no mistake about it. I put Prince on the shelf. Julius hasn't been the same since our last encounter, he's losing his edge. As for Slim, yes he may have defeated me but let's be honest, not even I cared about that match. No one did. I have become the embodiment of evil. No one dares approach me backstage. Jason looks into Buddy's eyes ANd now, you have incurred the wrath of The Sinner and for that, you must pay. You see, everyone must be held accountable for their actions. Did you know that? I enjoy destroying lives. It's my favorite method of entertainment and Mr. Ace I'm fixing to destroy your life. But that's for later my friend. For now, let's say Marker come out here and he can deliver his verdict on my idea. Unless of course, you want to back out. Not too late for you to tuck tail and run like the bitch you are Jason stands back as he awaits his tag team partner's entrance
  11. Thelastemperor


    Is that the best you can do? Jason shows on up the titantron, sitting in a graveyard, leaning against a gravestone laughing. Cut you down by Jonny Cash is playing in the background Slim Slim Slim... How you disappoint me. I was expecting more from the self-proclaimed King of BPZ. But you let everyone down, but what else is new? When I said you were a shell of your former self, I was not referring to your age. I was referring to the fact that you have become stale, boring. I mean how else do you explain from being in the main event of Mania to having to face an NXT guy? That sounds like a demotion to me. It seems as though you're not as important as you have deluded yourself to be. But by all means, continue to call yourself the King, whatever helps you sleep at night. Now as regards to your story, you are a fool. Why would I be jealous of a Pre-Madona like you? You're like a rich girl with daddy issues. You certainly bitch like one. You brought up your riches as if I give a shit, as if it matters. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths mortals will go to validate their existence. You think just because you drive a nice car that you matter? Congratulations, you spend your money on stupid shit. Meanwhile, there are people that worship me. Jason smirks as he lights a cigarette Isn't that what you believe all these fans and everyone in the back should do? It's laughable to me that I have the one thing you will never have. It sounds as though you are the jealous one. I am the one worshiped as a god, the god you will never be no matter how many times you steal the show. You will never have the adoration I capture with my subjects. And it eats away at you. Or is it you sense your mortality? Again, this has nothing to do with age but let's be realistic here. How much time do you honestly have left before the fans start to grow tired of you, get sick of seeing your stupid face and start to demand you be replaced? Face it Slim, you are no longer needed here in BPZ. Your services are no longer required. But as long as we're telling stories, let me tell one about you. And this story... is one I doubt you want getting out to the public. Jason lights a lantern and smirks So the story starts in Slim's hometown when he was sixteen. He was dating a girl that he was smitten with, infatuated even. They did everything together, they were the so-called perfect couple. The kind of relationship that would make any other mortal envious. But all good things must come to an end. It was on a rainy night and Slim and his girlfriend were at a party where they had been drinking as most teenagers do. And Slim, being the fool he is, decided to drive himself and his girlfriend home. Jason pauses for a moment to look around Slim, how could you? How could you have done something so selfish, so irresponsible? That was someone's daughter Slim. They trusted you with her and you .just played with her life like it was a new toy. Such an unforgivable act. Anyway back to the story. Slim was driving drunk in the pouring rain. He lost control of the car and was the victim of a horrific accident. Such a tragic event. Jason holds up a picture of the gruesome wreck Slim was badly hurt but his girlfriend wasn't so lucky. She didn't make it. Jason looks at the camera a sick look of satisfaction on his face Slim. It's just you and I now. I speak directly to you. Your pride killed the very person you claimed to love, You can say whatever you wish. But you can't fool me. I can see the pain in your eyes, I can hear the pain in your voice, hell I can feel it. And I feel no pity. Cause you reap what you sow. And now look at you Slim. Oh sure decorated champion indeed, plenty of accolades. World Championship reigns, Mania main events. Oh yes, well done Mr. Slim Jason mockingly claps his hands Bravo, oh yes bravo. Bravo indeed. But now look at you Slim. Where are you going now? What have you got left in the tank? You say you have yet to hit your prime but let's be honest here Slim. We both know that your days as the top guy are numbered. The locker room is already in the process of replacing you. If it weren't for me you wouldn't even be on the upcoming card son. When considering who you should face, they didn't put you up against Flynn or Nesse. They put you against a rookie. I think that speaks for itself on how unneeded you are. Slim, it's over. Your mediocre reign as King is coming to an end soon and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I am going to destroy everything you've worked so hard to build. Your legacy, your career, your hopes and dreams, all of it will be shattered by me. How the mighty have fallen. You're like a dog that has contracted a deadly disease and the only option is to put it to sleep. What do the people see in you, I'll never know. At the upcoming event, you will fail your friends, you will fail your company. Just like you failed the one person you loved on that fateful night. Jason laughs as he takes his mask off Fear leads to anger which Slim is no doubt feeling right now. And anger leads to hate. And the hate he may have for me will eventually lead to his suffering and downfall. I will not stop until I have eradicated him. Slim, remember the face that did this to you. Now and forever you will remember The Sinner Jason Ryan. May you be a half-hour in heaven before the devil knows your dead! This is your Last Rites! Jason moves from the tombstone to reveal it is the tombstone of Slim's former girlfriend. The camera than cuts to black
  12. Thelastemperor

    Improve The User Above

    1. Add more emotion to your face promos 2. Don't always be so pushy, I don't mind it so much but just dial it back some bud 3. Keep applying the feedback you've been getting to your work
  13. Thelastemperor

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling | Trish Stratus

    The Beautiful People beat Courtney Rush and Silvie Silver Angel Williams beats Alexia Nicole Ayako, Candice, &Trish Beat Cat Power, And the Canadian NINJAS
  14. I am trying out a new diary called Best in the Yard. Basically, the super bowl of professional wrestling. Anyone who is anyone will be featured in this show. So if you want your kayfabe character to be featured or have an idea for a match up you'd like to see, just comment down below


  15. Thelastemperor

    Down with the King

    We are live at Carnage where on the Titantron it shows a TV in a dark room playing Mayhem where Slim lost his World Championship to Flynn. The TV is paused with Slim looking pretty pissed off How the mighty have fallen A man whirls around in a chair to reveal Jason Ryan wearing his usual black broken halfway through Phantom of the Opera Mask. There Ain't No Grave by Ben Moody is playing in the background Slim Slim Slim... look at you. Look at you. Lying there like a dog just waiting to be put out of his misery. It's laughable, truly. I thought you were the King, that no one could touch you. Jason gives a look of mockery at the TV screen I can't help but laugh at your weakness. Looking at you as you sit in defeat, quite the fall from grace Mr. Slim. And now you are in a state you're not used to being in. So weak. So vulnerable. Perfect condition for say a new king to take over, a usurper if you will. Jason leans forward, ambition and malice burning in his usual heartless gaze I know you most likely do not see me as a threat. I mean why would you Slim? You're the king around here, the top man, at least that's what the brass says to keep you happy. I've been watching you for a long time, studying, cause I knew that one day, I would have the chance to destroy you. And now I have that chance, while you are at your lowest point, I have the chance to strike, to finish you off. The hyena gets to feast on the corpse of the lion for once. Cause now, I have the chance to erase an icon. Jason takes off his mask, his smirk gone And I would be a fool if I didn't take you seriously. You have had several World championship reigns and other numerous accolades. Yes bravo. bravo indeed Jason mockingly claps for a moment and smirks But look at you now Slim. What do you have left in the tank? You are at the end of your rope. Jason holds up a framed picture of Slim in his prime, championship in hand The King of BPZ. The measuring stick of this company. That was true at one point in time but these days, you are longer that man that used to dominate the ring. You are a shell of what you used to be. I can see it in your eyes. You are weary. It's getting harder and harder for you to drag your broken body out of bed isn't it? I see it every time you get in the ring, you aren't the same King you once were. And a kingdom is only as strong as the king that runs it. Which means, your kingdom is ripe for plundering. Jason takes a shot of whiskey and chuckles Ever since I've been apart of this company, I have been warned to not incur the wrath of the King. But I wonder Mr. Slim. What is a king to a god? I am no mere mortal. I am a god of Chaos. Of Destruction. Of Misery. Look what I did to Apex. He hasn't been the same since. I did something to Julius no one has ever been able to do. I put the fear of God in him. I took Prince out, we haven't seen him since. I ran Storm out of the NXT Division, I damn near killed Buddy Ace, and I made sure Marker became NXT champion. All this in a few months. In only a few short months, I have established myself as the evilest son of a bitch in BPZ. Slim, understand this. I am heartless. I do what I want whenever I want to do it. I get in whatever spot I want to get in because I am Jason Ryan! Jason drops the picture shattering it Without that world title, you are nothing. Do you not realize this? Have you taken a good look at yourself lately? Are you aware of what you've become lately? There is nothing royal about you. No longer are you worthy of your throne. Do you understand that? Jason chuckles again The thing is, you once stood for something. But not anymore. You have gone from someone I used to respect and look up to to a part timing bitch who turned to free agency so you could take it easy. Your latest title reign was a disgrace. When we fight, I am going to dethrone you. There's a new king here at BPZ. Now, as for my future opponent. Echo Wilson. Consider this my invitation from me to you to become the special guest commentator. I want you to be there Echo so you can witness firsthand the fury of The Sinner. As Slim bleeds and cries in pain as I inflict pain beyond measure on him, I want you to watch. Watch as I destroy a legend. because that'll be you before long. Jason closes his eyes As a matter of fact, I think I'll pay for all of Slim's friends and family to come to the event. I want all to witness the Execution of The King. And once I defeat Slim, I shall sit on the BPZ throne and every knee shall bow, ever tongue proclaim Long live the new King, The Sinner, Jason Ryan! Jason opens his eyes and fixs the camera with the look of a spider Slim, may you be a half-hour in heaven before the Devil knows you're dead. This is your Last Rites! The camera cuts to black

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