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  1. Thus Saith The Sinner

    We are live at Carnage when the Titantron shows Jason standing in a clearing with a massive fire. A song is playing on the radio that sounds like The Plagues of Egypt except the lyrics are different (Thus saith The Sinner, thus saith The Sinner) (Thus saith The Sinner, thus saith The Sinner) (Thus saith The Sinner, thus saith The Sinner) (Thus saith The Sinner, thus saith The Sinner) You shall fall to the sword You shall fall to the sword All through the land of BPZ I have become a pestilence and plague that shall infest your house, into your bed Into your streams, into your streets Into your drink, into your bread Upon your cattle, on your sheep Upon your oxen in your field Into your dreams, into your sleep Until you break, until you yield For I am the swarm, I am the horde Thus saith the Sinner [CHOIR] I shall send the thunder from the sky I shall send the fire raining down I shall send a hail of burning ice On ev'ry field, on ev'ry town I shall send the locusts on the wind Such as the world has never seen On ev'ry leaf, on ev'ry stalk Until there's nothing left of green here at BPZ I send my scourge, I send my sword Thus saith the Sinner Lord I send my scourge, I send my sword Thus saith The Sinner Jason looks at the night sky, beer in hand and lights a cigarette You ever hear the story of Pandora's Box Scarface? In Ancient Greek Mythology, a woman named Pandora was gifted a box by the gods and was told not to open it. However, Pandora opened the box and a lot of nasty things flew out. When you attacked me, you opened Pandora's Box and now all of BPZ shall pay the price. You have angered The Sinner and that means that you shall be crucified for your sins. I shall see to it myself. Everyone must be held accountable for their actions. Did you know that? I will deal with you at Mayhem Scarface. But know this. There is nothing special about you, no one cares about you. You want to make sure I never wrestle again? I am going to destroy you. I am going ensure you never achieve success here. Your career ended the second you crossed my path. You have committed the unforgivable sin and you shall be executed as a result. Jason throws some wood on the fire and pokes the ashes. On each log are a picture of Scarface, Storm and his first round opponent for the upcoming tournament, Prince Prince... Bailey's Chosen One. The Future of Carnage. The biggest disappointment I have ever seen. Prince, you haven't done anything to warrant your title as the future. All you are is someone for everyone to feel disdain and disgust for. Every time you come out here, you let Bailey down. You failed at Mania, you failed at World at War, and you will fail against me. When we face off, you will not walk out of that ring. You're going to realize that you calling yourself the future is nothing more than a short-term lived fantasy that is unachievable for someone such as yourself. And after I have made an example of you, as you're staring at the lights, you will soon realize that you are nothing more than a stepping stone. And you have no one but yourself to blame, so Saith The Sinner Jason listens to the song on the radio and turns it all the way up Quite the prophecy wouldn't you agree gentlemen? Jason sits on a log and throws some chew in his mouth Storm... BPZ's jobber. It seems you have decided to provoke me, to try and start a fight with me. Well if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get. You have been complaining about all the things I've called you but Storm what you fail to realize is that you prove me right each and every time you get in the ring. And you know this. But if you want to get serious, very well. You see people, I know why Storm is the way he is. Allow me to tell you a story about Storm. It takes place back when he was training t to be a wrestler. He was dating a lovely woman. They were high school sweethearts. They had a seemingly perfect relationship. Storm was the happiest he has ever been. They did everything together and both of their families thought they would eventually tie it down and get hitched. Oh yes, Storm thought he had found the one. Three years into their relationship on Chirstmas Eve, Storm got a phone call from her, saying it was over. But Storm couldn't accept that, no he couldn't. He drove to her house and he said " but... I got you a ring!" He held it before her. " I wanted to propose to you!" And she kicked his Hellraising ass to the curb. Jason laughs as he tells the story and pokes his fire some more Believe every word I am saying. And that's why Storm is the way he is. Why he has no life in him, why he bitches and moans all the time, why he appears dead inside cause he is. Storm I can see the pain in your eyes. I can hear it in your voice. Hell son I can feel it. And I have no pity for you. Because you reap what you sow! And at Mayhem you will fail, Scarface will fail because I am the only man worthy of becoming NXT Champion. NXT shall become the Empire of The Sinner Jason Ryan! Jason stands up and looks directly into the camera Scarface, Storm. May you be a half-hour in Heaven before the devil knows you're dead! This is your last rites! Someone walks to the fire and pours gasoline on it, causing it to shoot sky high behind Jason who plants his flag into the ground
  2. Wake Up Call

    Jason Ryan walks to the ring, taped up. He went through Hell at Backlash, it's a wonder how he is even walking considering the punishment he went through. He climbs in the ring and grabs a microphone Backlash was not the night it should have been. Instead of walking away with the NXT Championship and having proven myself to be what everyone says I am... I failed The crowd mocks Jason who in the past was cocky and acted like his victory was a sure thing I underestimated Storm. He may be a pain in the ass but I'll give it to that boy, he's got heart. I underestimated Julius, one of the toughest sons of bitches I've ever met and keep in mind, I fought overseas. Jason paused as the crowd wonders where this is going However... one thing was revealed at Backlash and that is I am the most brutal man to ever exist here in BPZ. And I am the most ruthless son of a bitch to ever step foot in the squared circle. Now on to why I am out here. Julius has vacated the NXT Championship, leaving it prime for the taking. And well, I want it. And I don't care who I have to destroy in order to get that gold around my waist. It's all meaningless as long as I take my rightful place as the ruler of the NXT realm. But I am not here to deliver any more false prophecies, I learned something at Backlash Jason reveals his dog tags and looks at the crowd, a look that would kill the fans if looks could kill I learned not to take anyone lightly here. I am done running my mouth, I am done taking everyone lightly. As far as I'm concerned this is war. Backlash was a much-needed wake-up call for Jason Ryan. The Anarchist, The Gunslinger has been laid to rest. No more gimmicks, no more bullshit. What you see before you is a evil man. A sinner, the kind of man fathers warn their daughters about, the kind of man women fear when they walk home after dark Jason lights a cigarette and takes a drag The NXT division is in need of a new king and believe me when I say I am the only true heir to the throne. I am next in line and I will claim the crown that I should have claimed at Backlash. So everyone in the back, be on guard. Cause it is time for me to ascend. Much like a phoenix at the end of their life cycle, at Backlash I went down in flames. I am a real man, I can admit when I have failed. However, like a phoenix I shall be reborn, I shall find redemption and I shall achieve everlasting glory! I will become the NXT champion, that is a goddamn promise! So consider this my official challenge to whoever the fuck I have to face to get the gold around my waist! Get that match set up! Find me an opponent so I can annihilate them. I don't care who I have to face so let's get a match set up. I don't care if it's with Storm, Sheridan, Toro, Alyx, FDS, Johnny, Necce, Slim, Smith, hell put me in the ring with every son of a bitch in this company! I WILL NOT BE OUTSHINED AND I WILL GRAB WHAT IS MINE! Jason is yelling now and sinks to his knees Julius, you told everyone not to let you down. Well, you look me in my eyes son. I put you through pure hell and you know it. Never before has a man took you to your limit like what I did. You may have walked out the victor but we both know you will never be the same. And I want you to remember something son. Anytime you're backstage by yourself, everytime you think you're safe, remember I'm always there. You and I are not down my friend. Not by a long shot. So be warned. Cause I'll be finishing what I started soon. So go ahead and leave. you were a fine champion and you will achieve bigger and better things. but just be warned. This realm you built will soon become my land. And it won't be the land of The Anarchist or the land of the Gunslinger Jason drinks from a flask and throws it to the side. He stands back up with a look of pure fury on his face NXT is about to become the Empire of The Sinner Jason Ryan. And to my future rivals that dare defy me all I have to say is... Jason looks hard at the camera, eyes blazing with ambition May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your dead! This is your last rites!
  3. The Final Touch

    Jason angrily tears down the alter his farmhands have dedicated to Ruin and glares at them How dare you ungrateful sheep. After I've shown you the way, this is how you betray e and worse yet. This is how you show gratitude The Dark Mistress?! The Dark Figure lets out a series of words in a foreign language that sounds like a snake hissing causing Jason's farmhands to cower. Jason nods his head in agreement I agree. Yes. I'll see to it. Jason looks at his farmhands You are disobedient sheep who have betrayed your shepherd. Therefore, I have no choice but to sentence you the Slaughterhouse! His farmhands shriek in genuine terror as Jason attaches iron shackles to their hands and feet with cowbells dangling off them. Jason leads his blasphemous farmhands outside where two other farmhands await. Jason looks at those that betrayed him May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead! This is your Last Rites! The farmhands are led away yelling and screaming for help. Jason lets out a series of whistles in the cold night air, his breath visible. Many other whistles sounded out as the sounds of clanking cowbells drift farther and farther away ( An hour later) There is a roaring bonfire with Jason and Marker sitting beside it. The typical sounds of Montana's resident wildlife echoes in the night sky I was wounded. Beeding out on foreign land. I called out for a savior. Someone to bring me back from the brink. All seemed lost. Until she came. My advisor. The Dark Mistress. She has set me free of the petty attachments that come with being human. And I have to say it feels pretty damn good. She has also set Marker free as well. Jason hands Marker a beer and looks at the camera FDS. Johnny Boy. We have more in common than you realize. Much more. But enough about that, let's get down to business. FDS, you've been bitching and moaning about having to defend your titles to teams you don't think are worth your time. And that is all you have done is bitch. Seriously. I know no one has ever explained this to you so I'll try. When you're a champion, you have to do this thing called Defend. The. Titles. Okay, I made sure to talk slowly cause I know how the littlest of words trip you up. Now as for you Johhny boy, I might be able to take you seriously if I could understand a damn word you were saying. It's all mumble jumbo that no one can force themselves to give a damn about. As for you Storm and TPR, go back to jobbing for the women, where you belong. Now I think I've said enough. Marker. It's time Marker and Jason head to an Amphitheater located on Jason's ranch. Several of Jason's farmhands are waving cowbells as Jason and Marker make their way to the center where two thrones are set up. Jason and Marker set in them and crowns are placed on their heads as his farmhands address them as the new kings of the Tag Divison. Jason grabs a torch and lights up a pile of wood. The Farmhands approach the fire in single fire, each either holding Ruin or Hellraiser merchandise. They pledge their devotion to Marker and Jason before setting the merchandise of their rivals ablaze. Jason smiles Lord Marker. Anything to add?
  4. Revenge

    Julius has just decimated his opponent, the match being so brutal that the referee had to put a stop to it, Julius celebrates in the ring when Jason shows up on the Titantron. Hey failure! Nice match, yeah good job. Totally didn't just use my piss break during it. Now, where am I you may be asking? Oh, I'm outside your house The camera pans over to Julius's house than back to Jason who is wearing a shit eating grin Oh but I'm not here along. The camera pans to see Storm's car Let's go for a ride, shall we? Jason gets in Storm's car and drives on Julius's lawn and plays his theme on the radio. He places the camera on the dash with the camera facing the house. He starts it up, backs up and drives forward, crashing into Julius's house. Julius goes crazy kicking the ropes and yelling at the top of his lungs as Jason continues to drive through his house. Jason turns the camera towards his face and holds up both thumbs while smiling I'm having a great time! Jason drives throughout the house until it is totally destroyed. he gets out of Storm's car, grabs the camera and looks at the wreckage Oh geez oh man! We can't leave it like this. Here Julius I'll fix it don't worry Jason grabs some gasoline and douses the wreckage before lighting a match and throwing it down, causing the house to erupt into flames. Jason stands on Julius's front lawn drinking a beer watching the fire Wow. Julius, your house sucks. I don't think houses are supposed to magically catch on fire Jason walks to his driveway where Julius's new car is parked. He stops and turns the camera to his face Oh yeah. Storm, I left your car in the fire. Now how am I going to get home? Oh I know! Jason opens the car door, causing Julius to get even angrier. Julius, I know you're probably getting upset so I'll sing you a song to calm you down. Look at BPZ's only rising star. Now watch as he steals your car Jason gets in the new car, gets the spare key from the visor and drives off. The camera blackens for a couple minutes before showing Julius's new car upside down on fire with Jason sitting in a lawn chair, drinking beer and roasting marshmallows I'll be honest... I don't know how this happened. All I know is that backlash Julius, just like your house and your car, your title reign is going up in smoke and you will be destroyed. And as for you Storm, you've been here what, five months? And you only have one win. You're pathetic, and you will always be a jobber. I'll make sure of it. I'll take it upon myself to see that you never accomplish a damn thing in this company. And Julius, I am going to end your career at Backlash. I will crush your spine and make your new goal in life is to one day walk again. Because I am the Gunslinger, Because I am the Anarchist, Because I am The Law! To put it quite simply Julius and Storm, this Sunday, you picked the right day to get fucked up!
  5. Personal

    Jason's eyes have a different look about him as he looks at the camera That was my father's truck Jason looks back at the man the local competitor and hits him with a flipping spear. Jason clobbers the other wrestler, having snapped now. He throws him out of the ring and grabs his steel rod. He starts to unleash a downright disgusting assault on the local competitor, bloodying him up. The brawl continues to the parking lot with Jason continuing his savage attack. He bashes the other man's opponent through a window and tosses him aside. He looks at the camera that's been following him Julius, you just signed your own death warrant. There's no two ways about it. I'm not going to scream and yell. I want you to listen to what I have to say. Twice now I have outsmarted you and made it look easy because it was. You are all brawn and no brain. I have made you my bitch this entire time and I have exposed all the many, many glaring weaknesses you have. And you decided to destroy the truck that belonged to my father. Fine. I knew you were stupid but I didn't know you were suicidal. And look into my eyes when I say this Jason gets within inches of the camera Backlash is going to be your last fucking day on this planet. Cause I'm coming for one reason. To destroy. I am going to take you apart piece by piece. No one will be able to save you. All the ROA is going to be able to do is watch in despair as you drown in your own blood as I take what is rightfully mine, the NXT championship. I will not rest until I have banished you from MY division. From my land, my kingdom, my world that is the NXT division. And Storm, you just stay in the back and do whatever it is you bitches do. Bake cookies, watch chick flicks, make sure your boyfriend's happy, whatever. You're not even needed at Backlash. No one is going to be cheering for you Storm. No one wants you to win, no one cares about what you have to say. Now Julius, you know you can't beat me, you know you can't keep me down. You speared me through a wall and I just came back. And when I got in the ring, I saw something in your eyes. Disbelief. Disbelief and fear. " What does it take to get rid of this guy" was the unasked question. At Backlash, you'll find out the answer. That I am the most dangerous and devastating thing to ever happen to BPZ. But, expect a bill in the mail. You think you have me in a corner? As usual, I am one step ahead of you. Expect a letter in the mail and if you don't pay it, I will sue your ass. Jason wears an evil smirk Besides, I've got a plan for you coming up. And Julius, what I do to you next is going to be quite symbolic of you at Backlash
  6. Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    Me vs Prince. I'm going to show Bailey that he chose the future of Carnage prematurely.
  7. BiCs Titantrons(Taking Request)

    can you make a marking the empire one with this for the theme please?
  8. Warning

    Jason stands on top of the stage to everyone's shock. How is the hell is he even standing right now?! A man wearing an expensive suit is standing beside him. They walk down the ring and get in the ring. Jason snatches the microphone from Julius and flips him off with a smirk on his face Ya know, everyone in the back told me you were a massive bitch who loves to moan and complain about every little thing but seriously son, this is just embarrassing. Honestly, you sound like Charlie Brown's mom, which explains why you have no balls whatsoever. What, you think a spear through a wall was going to keep me down? How stupid are you boy? Know what, don't answer that, I know how much thinking hurts you, that's why you're with ROA, they think for you while you stand there and do what you're told like a good pet. Boy, I fought overseas against guys that'd make you piss and shit yourself. Although from what I hear, you do that every match you're in. Now before I get any further, let's bring out the third man in the match. He is the biggest waste of space ever born, he has a man-crush on Justin Bieber and One Direction and not even his parents give a fuck about him, ladies and gentlemen I give you, the dollar store version of Randy Orton or Storm. Whichever you prefer Storm makes his entrance and glares at them both. Jason just laughs Easy tough guy, get the glare out of your stare. We all know you don't have the balls to do anything, just look at your win-loss record. Now I am glad both of us are here. See, the man standing next to me is my lawyer and like I said before, we all have to sign some stupid clause that says we won't put our hands on each other until Backlash. If we do, then me and Stormy here are out of the title match and Julius will be forced to give up the title. So let's get to signing. The lawyer hands Julius the clause first who skims it before signing his name. Storm is next who does the same. Jason takes the clause and looks through it before whispering at his lawyer handing him the clause. Both Storm and Julius yell at him to hurry up which Jason tells them to shut their mouths. The lawyer hands him the contract and it Jason appears to sign it. The lawyer takes the clause as Jason reached behind him, pulls out his steel form the back of his pants and smack Julius between the eyes with it! He swings it into Storm's gut and into his back. Jason reaches into his pockets and pulls out two pairs of handcuffs. He handcuffs Storm and Julius to the ropes and begins to brutalize them both with his steel rod, only stop when they are bloody messes. Jason picks up the microphone after he's done attacking them For those of you wondering why I intentionally threw my title shot out the window, you better think differently! Jason grabs the clause and shows the camera the final page where Julius and Storm signed Because I never signed! Jason signs his name and throws the contract down as the crowd boos him for being a snake And guess what Storm? Guess what Julius? You should have read the fine print! If you had, you'd know that as of right now, I've got a restraining order on both your asses! Which means if either one of you even come 50 feet of me, I will have you arrested and you can spend Backlash behind bars! Jason picks up the NXT Championship and holds it up high before smacking both men in the head with it and dropping it in front of Julius See you boys at Backlash.
  9. WWE Dream matches

    Randy Orton vs The Rock Randy Orton vs Stone Cold John Cena vs Stone Cold And all the ones mentioned by everyone else
  10. TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    This is really good stuff Ross
  11. Backstage Brawl

    { We are live at Carnage with Jason Ryan in a backstage interview} Interviewer: Jason Ryan you have officially challenged Julius for the NXT Championship at Backlash but after your 3 Stages of Hell match at World at War you can't be a hundred percent. Are you really going to be cleared by Backlash? Jason: What kind of stupid ass question is that?! What, you some kind of smartass? I'm cleared to compete right now. Because unlike all these pussies here in BPZ I'm actually able to take a hit. And I'll admit, Apex took it to me, he brought the fight to me but at the end of the day, it was him being carried to the hospital while I got my arm raised in victory. I destroyed these idiot fans hero right in front of them. I destroyed him emotionally and mentally. Our match was merely the final nail in the coffin. I fought the shell of what Apex once was. So yes, I'm going to be able to fight Julius at Backlash and just like I did to Apex, I'm going to do to him. Interviewer: Now after World at War you attacked Julius from behind in a savage assault. Most people would say that you didn't want to get in the ring with a prepared Julius. What is your response to that? Jason: What, am I supposed to care what these idiot fans think? It's called strategy you dumbass. Why would I confront an enemy that's prepared for me when I can gain the upper hand and assert my dominance over him? Julius, yeah he's been a half decent NXT champion but look at what kind of competition he's had. Storm? The man has won one match in his entire career here. One. Yeah Julius may have beat Marker but we all know he got lucky there. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. But Julius has a problem. At Backlash he's going to be facing a man that is superior to him in every way. Who'd he beat at World at War, Hollow? A man who fails at everything he attempts? Ya know, Hollow and Storm should form a team, they' have a lot in common seeing how they both drag the content of our product down. At Backlash, Julius is going to get in the ring with someone who is not a jobber, someone who knows how to win and someone that will do whatever it takes to walk out of Backlash the NXT champion. Interviewer: One last thing. Rumor has it that Sheridan might get involved in the match. What are your thoughts about that? Jason starts laughing, slapping his knee: Didn't that dumb bitch learn her lesson from when she tried to take the Universal title? She's not champion material. She has proven herself not a threat. So if she wants to get involved, I say go ahead. The more the merrier. But Sheridan, heed my warning. Be careful about sticking your stuck up nose where it doesn't belong. I'm a bad man who doesn't care if you're a man, woman or a fucking zebra. If you get in my way, I will take it upon myself to ruin your life. Look what I did to Apex, if I was willing to do all that for my shits and giggles, imagine what I'll do to you if you stand in my way of what I want. So I say try me lunger, I'll make you famous. You aren't the first five-cent hooker that's forgotten her place on the street corner and tried to get in my way and you won't be the last. Just remember, if you decide to get in my business, you won't be just putting yourself at risk, you'll be putting your entire family at risk because there's no line I won't cross. First and final warning bitch. Don't make me do something only you will regret. Cause it makes no difference to me who I go through to get what I want The Interviewer starts to say something but Jason punches him in the mouth, bashes his head off a wall and hits him with the Colt .45. ( For Julius to resond to only)
  12. The 3 Stages of Hell match between Apex and myself is up. Take a look if you haven't Had a lot of fun writing it


  13. World at War: Apex vs Jason Ryan 3 Stages of Hell

    Third Fall: Ambulance Match It is now time for the third and final fall. Whoever wins this wins the match. Apex is still duct taped to the steel post as Jason grabs his steel rod and smirks. He raises it up above his head and brings it down upon Apex over and over and over again. Apex can do nothing to escape from this brutal beatdown. Eventually, Jason tosses it aside and cuts the tape off of Apex. Jason picks The Underdog up and begins to walk to the Ambulance. However, Apex manages to wiggle free and hits an Inverted DDT on the ramp. Apex slowly gets to his feet, both men hurting. Apex stumbles to the ring and grabs a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He walks back to Jason who is just now starting to get up and smack him in the face with it. Apex drives the barbed wire in Jason's face as The Gunslinger yells in agony. " This is for my father, you son of a bitch!" Apex yells at his rival throwing the bat aside. Jason Ryan is busted open, blood pouring from his face. Apex hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Jason and starts to drag his lifeless body towards the ambulance. Once they get there, Jason bounces Apex's head off the ambulance and Chokeslams him on the concrete. Jason stumbles off towards the ring, face and hair soaked in blood. Jason grabs a tire iron and hides it with his body from view. Apex soon reaches him and grabs his arm, turning him around. Jason smacks Apex in the temple with the tire iron. Jason looks at the now lifeless body of Apex and looks at the camera " I ain't done" he says before grabbing a ladder. He bridges it between the ropes and outside the ring, picks Apex up and sets him on the ladder. Jason climbs on top of the steel post and jumps, sending both men straight through the ladder! " Holy Shit Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!" The crowd erupts. Both men stay down for a small amount of time as the fans show their admiration. " This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!" Jason is the first one to get up. He's in so much pain that he has to use the apron to haul himself to his feet. He picks Apex up and starts dragging him to the ambulance, having to stop every few seconds due to his back. He finally opens the back door and throws Apex in. He tries closing the door but Apex stops him, using all his remaining strength to stop Jason from closing the door. Jason peers inside and a glass bottle is broken over his head! Jason just stands in place for a few seconds before falling face first. Apex climbs out of the ambulance, staring down at Jason. " No, not yet. Not yet" he says going to the ring and grabbing a table and walks back to where Jason is. He sets the table up, sets Jason on top of it and climbs on top of the ambulance. He takes a few seconds before jumping off the ambulance and hitting a Swanton on Jason, sending him through the table. The crowd erupts and starts to furiously cheer on Apex who seems to be closing in on victory. Apex opens the ambulance doors and stuffs Jason inside. He tries to close the doors but Jason stops him, forcing the doors open and punching Apex in the temple with a fist wrapped in his steel chain. As Apex collapses Jason climbs out of the ambulance and grabs the speed limit sign. He's very clearly in pain as he drags his broken body back towards Apex. He readies the sign and waits for Apex to stir. Once he does Jason swings the sign as hard as he can in the face of Apex, nearly folding the sign in half, the thud clearly audible. " I told you once boy, obey the law" Jason says with a sick smile. Jason goes back to the ring and grabs another small brown bag. He slowly walks back to Apex and spills its contents on the speed limit sign to reveal even more thumbtacks. He goes to powerbomb Apex onto the sign but Apex reverses it into an X-Factor onto the sign. Apex looks at the camera to reveal he too has been busted open. He picks up Jason and tries to throw him in the ambulance but the dead weight is too much Apex grabs a bottle of water and spills it on Jason's face, waking him up. Jason is clearly out of it as Apex tries to force him into the ambulance. However, Jason hits Apex with a low blow. Jason drags himself away from Apex and heads to the ring. " He's going to make me do it" the horribly bloodied Jason Ryan mutters as he heads over by the timekeeper's area and grabs two cinder blocks. He heads back to Apex and smashes The Underdog in the head with one. He sets his head on the cinder blocks and climbs on the stage looking down. Jason gives the camera an evil smirk before jumping off the stage, curb stomping Apex's head through the cinder blocks! Jason laughs as he observes what he's done and just to add insult to injury hits Apex with the Colt .45. He throws Apex in the ambulance and shuts both doors ending the match. The Ambulance speeds off towards the hospital as Jason gleefully enjoys his victory amidst very loud and angry boos. " Here is your winner, Jason Ryan!" Jason heads to the ring and grabs a microphone I told you! I told each and every single one of you that The Anarchist will destroy anyone who dares defy him! Look what I did to your hero just now! I will not stop until I have conquered BPZ. And to all you stupid sumbatches in the back who think you can stop me, you think you saw anarchy just now? You have no idea what I am truly capable of. Just remember, The Gunslinger comes at High Noon! Jason throws the microphone down and heads to the back as his music plays. Thank you for tuning in for the 3 Stages of Hell match and we wish Apex a speedy recovery
  14. World at War: Apex vs Jason Ryan 3 Stages of Hell

    Second Fall: Last Man Standing Apex soaks up the cheers he got for winning the first fall as Jason crawls out of the ring. Apex rolls out of the ring and goes after Jason as the bell rings to signify the start of the second fall. Apex catches up with Jason who turns around and rams his steel rod between Apex's eyes! Jason is clearly angry about losing the first fall as he grabs the head of Apex and bounces it against the steel steps over and over again. He whips Apex into the barricade and spears him right through it! The referee starts to count as Jason spots a few certain people in the front row. Apex's mother, brother, and sister. Jason walks over to them and starts taunting them. Apex gets up at the count of five and rushes at Jason tackling him. The two roll around clobbering each other before Jason retreats to the announcer's table. Apex follows him but gets a low blow as a reward followed by a chokeslam through the announce table! The referee counts to 7 before Apex stands up. Jason grabs a ring bell and bashes it against Apex's skull, causing the referee to count again, this time getting to eight before Apex gets to his feet. Jason goes for another Chokeslam but Apex reverses it into a Hurricanarana. As Jason gets to his feet Apex begins to brutalize him with chair shots Chair shot after chair shot after chair shot. Jason cries out in agony as Apex bends the steel chair over his back. Apex picks him up and bounces his head off the steel post. Jason stumbles away from Apex and starts to head up the ramp. Apex runs after him and clobbers him from behind. He picks Jason up and hauls him up the ramp. However Jason hits him with a back suplex on the stage. Jason gets to his feet and punts Apex in the skull. Jason heads back to the ring as the referee starts to count. Once the referee gets to seven Apex gets up and runs after Jason who tries to hit him with his steel rod. Instead Apex ducks and hits him with a Pele Kick. Jason stumbles back as Apex rushes at him and gets caught with a Spinebuster on the steel steps! Jason grabs a speed limit sign from under the ring and waits for Apex to stand up. " Obey the law" he says cracking Apex upside the head with it so hard that there's a dent in the sign. Apex gets to his feet at the count of nine. Jason throws Apex into the ring, grabs a table and follows suit. He sets the table up in the corner but turns around into a dropkick. Jason hits the table but doesn't go through it. Apex grabs a trash can and sets it on the lap of Jason before climbing the top ropes and jumping, landing the Coast to Coast! The referee gets to the count on 9 before Jason rolls out of the ring, landing on his feet. Apex goes for a Suicide Dive and lands it on the dazed Jason. Both men are slow to get to their feet. Apex walks towards Jason who hits him with the Colt .45. He drags Apex towards the steel steps and lays his head on them. Jason grabs a steel rod and raises it over his head, bringing it downwards on The Underdog's head. The referee starts to count but Jason stops him. Jason throws the speed limit sign into the ring and grabs a small brown bag. Jason climbs in the ring, opens the bag and spills its contents to reveal thumbtacks. The fans groan with anticipation as Jason grabs Apex and throws him into the ring. Jason tries to Chokeslam him onto the thumbtacks but Apex is able to get out of it and powerbombs Jason onto the thumbtacks! Jason rolls around yelling in agony as thumbtacks stick out of his body.The crowd go wild " Holy Shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" Apex picks up the speed limit sign and begins to brutalize Jason with it. He picks Jason up and whips him into the corner. Apex follows this up with the Helluva Kick. However, once Apex sees Jason get up at nine he leaves the ring and grabs a table. he sets it up outside the ring and purs gasoline on it. He lights it on fire and climbs on the apron when Jason spears him off the apron and through the flaming table! The crowd loses their mind for the second fall of this match. " Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" Jason stiffly gets up and hauls Apex to his feet before the referee can count to 10. He drags Apex to the ring and places his body next to the steel post. Jason grabs some duct tape and duct tapes Apex to the steel post so he can't stand up. The referee starts to count as Jason taunts the furious Apex who is spitting mad trying to stand up. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 Jason Ryan wins the Last Man Standing match evening the score up Apex 1 Jason 1
  15. We are live at World at War, in the Capital One Arena located at our Nation's Capital Washington D.C. And now it is time for the 3 Stages of hell match between the returning Apex, three-time BPZ Intercontinental champion, and the newcomer Jason Ryan who really crossed the line leading up to the match. Let's take a look. A video package is played, showing the return of Apex and of him expressing his desire to take Jason under his wing when Jason comes out, mocks Apex and brings up Apex's reason for having been gone. It then shows snippets of Jason talking about Apex's dead father and that Jason was the one that crashed into Apex's car that night. The video package ends with both men staring each other down in the ring Jason Ryan makes his entrance first to a loud collection of boos. The Anarchist looks at the fans with a look of disdain and disgust as he marches down the ramp to the ring as the fans call out " Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!" This is Jason's first ever match here at BPZ and he is clearly looking to make an impact. He gets in the ring and paces waiting for Apex to show himself. The Underdog of BPZ Apex walks to the stage, eyes drilling a hole in Jason Ryan. The fans come unglued as they cheer for their hero to put Jason in his place, to win the match not for himself but for his father as well who is no doubt looking down at his son with pride in his eyes. Apex looks at the camera and says " this is for you dad" before making a beeline to the ring! Apex gets in the ring and tackles Jason furiously attacking him The referee has to drag Apex off of Jason so he can start the first fall. The bell rings and the match begins 1st Fall: Singles Match Apex is back on the attack striking Jason furiously. He lets the Anarchist stand up before clotheslining the bigger man. Jason tumbles outside the ring and Apex lands a Suicide Dive! Apex throws Jason back in the ring and gets on the top rope. He jumps but gets caught in a powerbomb by Jason! 1,2 Apex kicks out. Jason stands up and starts to help Apex up but is greeted with a Pele kick followed by a springboard cutter. Jason falls on his back as Apex climbs to the top rope again and hits a 450 splash 1,2 Jason kicks out. Apex retreats to the corner and waits for Jason to slowly get up. He rushes at The Anarchist only to get a big boot to the face. Jason is clearly surprised at the fight The Underdog is giving him. The Gunslinger's face turns into an evil scowl. He picks Apex up and hits a series of powerbombs on him before landing the Three Amigos. 1,2 Apex kicks out. Jason keeps on the offense as he whips Apex into the corner and gets him with a running big boot. He picks up Apex for Three Amigos again but Apex counters it into an Inverted Neckbreaker. Apex gets to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb 1,2 Jason kicks out. Apex looks at the referee, looking a little frustrated that Jason keeps kicking out. He looks to haul Jason to his feet but The Anarchist surprises him with a chokeslam and leans against the ropes to catch his breath. He looks at the stirring Apex with hatred in his eyes ad he lines The Underdog up. Once Apex is on his knees Jason punts him in the skull. Jason covers him. 1,2 Apex kicks out. Jason gets Apex to his feet and goes for a discus clothesline, Apex ducks and runs against the ropes looking to clothesline Jason who runs at Apex and hits him with a Flipping Spear 1,2 Apex kicks out. Jason picks Apex up and goes for Snake Eyes. Instead, Apex slips behind him and dropkicks him into the turnbuckle and rolls him up. 1,2,2.5 no Jason kicks out. Jason catches an Enziguri to the head from Apex and heads to the apron waiting for Jason to get up. Once the Anarchist gets to his feet stumbling Apex hits him with a Hurricanrana Driver. 1,2 kick out. Apex pounds the mat angrily as his foe kicks out. Apex goes for an Ax kick as Jason gets up but it's countered into the Silencer! 1,2 kickout by Apex. Jason sats in the ring fuming before standing up and measuring Apex. He goes for a Punt Kick by Apex counters it into the Blue Thunder Bomb. Cover. 1,2,3 Apex has won the first fall of the 3 Stages of Hell Match. Apex 1 Jason 0

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