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  1. Thelastemperor

    The Game

    New Jack copycat? And how many people have you tried and failed to emulate in your career?
  2. Thelastemperor

    The Game

    Yeah sorry, I don't share your fetish for quacks
  3. Thelastemperor

    The Game

    Doesn't bang other talent? You're can't even sure those kids are yours or not. And speaking of Storm; you want in? ... I'm okay with that. I mean I owned your ass all throughout high school when you sat on the bench with your finger up your nose while I was the star of the team, what's one more time?
  4. Thelastemperor

    The Game

    You want me at Survivor Series? I accept. But do me a favor. Don't whine, don't bitch, don't send your wife after me when I kick your ass
  5. Thelastemperor

    The Game

    While I would love nothing more to drag you around our ring personally, we have bigger fish to fry at the moment with Kingdom. But hey, don't get too discouraged. If you really want us then how about this. You get a team together and meet us at the Rumble? And no, we're not running from you, it's just we're really busy at the moment. Heck, we're on the Frontier Force One headed for Hollywood to shoot some movie deal as we speak. But at the Rumble, you can have our undivided attention
  6. Thelastemperor

    Most Improved Member?

    Storm: I’d say he’s improved the most this year The Frontier: We keep getting better Josh: he’s in the GS finals for a reason Julius: Guy is having a great run with the world title
  7. Thelastemperor

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Winning gold having rivalry of the year at least once making it to the HOF
  8. Thelastemperor

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    5 Josh 4 Angelo 3 Storm 2 Flock 1 Kingdom
  9. Thelastemperor

    JoshsNow vs Flynn | Global Series Final Round

    Wait a second! That's the Flock's music and here comes Jason Ryan! He stands on the stage for a moment, eyeing Josh before heading down to the ring, expression unreadable. It seems as though he's here to say something to his Global Series Finals Opponent. He gets on the apron and proceeds to clap for Josh for a moment before getting in the ring. He is handed a microphone and waits for his music to fade out before talking Who would have thought huh? Jason Ryan vs Joshsnow for the Global Championship. Both of us have defied the odds in this tournament. We both had everyone tell us we can't do it, that we don't even belong. And yet here, we are, both of us being able to tell those critics on which one of our fingers they can sit and swivel on. Congratulations are in order for you Josh. But I have to admit, I am disappointed. See I was hoping to be facing someone that will be able to provide me a challenge. Instead I got a glorified jobber who was able to luck his way to victory. That's all this is for you Josh, luck. You caught Slim, Flynn and Marker on bad days. Because if you didn't, you 'd be 0-6 right now, let's be honest. The crowd begins to boo as Jason stares a hole into Josh The thing that baffles me is that you actually think you stand a chance at beating me. Someone whose whole fucking legacy here is disappointing these fans, everyone in the back and your family. That is the only thing you have accomplished your entire career Josh. You have et everyone downtime and time again and when we face off, it will be no different. I am going to beat you until you can no longer move and claim the Global Championship and for once an actual man will have the belt. Not a "gentlemen" but an actual man. Jason smirks at Josh You call yourself a gentlemen but it seems as though you didn't get the memo. These days, gentleman is a nice way of dressing up the word queer. Which explains why you call this jackoff in the ring in you "daddy" Jason winks at this causing the crowd to boo loudly as Josh is getting visibly upset Oh what's wrong, did I upset you? Well let me tell you what you're going to do about it Josh. Absolutely nothing, just as you've always done. And you're gonna like it. You are not going to beat me Josh. I mean you put up a shitty parody podcast that was meant to make fun of Braving the Frontier but all you did was show everyone your nonexistent star power, your boring ass personality, and your attraction to Gary Green who hasn't done shit in this company, regardless of what he tells himself after you two get done conducting "business". I mean if he's such a great manager, why aren't you even relevant? Why aren't you a star? I'll let you answer that one yourself. But for now, it' time to show you that your kind just doesn't belong here. Marker and Buddy get in the ring and grab Josh and his dad. They handcuff Josh to the ropes and force him to watch as Jason puts his father in a Kirmura Lock, winks at the camera then snaps his arm. Josh freaks out, trying to get to his father who is yelling in agony rolling around. The crowd is booing loudly as Jason grabs his steel rod and drags Josh's fathe rout of the ring and places his head on the steel ropes. He raises the steel rod, waits for a few seconds before smashing it on top of his head. Josh is looking on horrofied as he ooks at his motionless father. Jason gets back in the ring and walks to Josh. He rests his steel rod on Josh's head before ramming it into his skull. Josh crumbles as Jason, Marker and Buddy admire their handiwork I'll see you later Joshisabitch! The Frontier leaves the ring as EMT's arrive to assist Josh and his dad. The first shot has been fired in what should be an intense buildup to the Global Series Finals
  10. Thelastemperor

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    The women do not need their own PPV
  11. Thelastemperor

    SmackDown 1000 Discussion

    Early 2000’s all over again
  12. Thelastemperor

    Braving the Frontier

    (WARNING: We here at The Flock are in very bad moods and are not going to be in our usual characters at all these week. If you find that you are offended in any way, then what you're going to want to do is go down to your local drug store, ask for something called Viagra and it'll help you go fuck yourselves! Then you can go ahead and cry yourselves to sleep tonight after realizing that you will never be able to Follow That. Węłçømę Tø Thę Ågę Øf Thę Fłøçk.) The regular theme song begins to play before it slowly distorts and turns into Coma Black Instead of Jason showing up on screen to open the show as he normally does, It's Marker Good evening ladies and gentlemen. For those who are unaware of me, I am Marker, the current NXT champion. And here with me is the Awesome One himself. Go ahead, say hello Buddy Ace clears his throat Normally this is the part where we insult you people and talk ourselves up but there's been a situation and we're not in the mood for bullshit. You may be asking yourselves, where are Necce, Vala and Jason? Well, today is actually Nece's anniversary so Necce is home at the moment, spending the evening with his wife. So congrats to him and his wife, we sent you guys gifts in the mail, hopefully, they get to you guys soon. And as for Vala, she is in the hospital at the moment due to the actions of Echo Wilson and Jason is in a hotel in Boston where he's been for a couple days now. But he will be apart of the show, just from a different location. Speaking of which, Jason, anything you want to say? Jason shows up on a webcam looking horrible. He has circles under his bloodshot eyes, his hair and beard are a mess and his clothes are crumbled up Buddy, Marker, always good to see you. Thanks to everyone watching. I apologize for my shitty appearance, it's been a hectic 48 hours for me, I hope y'all can understand. It's fine brother. How is she? She should be out of the hospital in the morning so that's a relief. And the baby's fine too. I'm not a religious man at all but once I get home, after sleeping for a week, I'm going straight to church and thanking God for having mercy on me this one time. Well at least she and the baby are doing fine. Meanwhile, Jason we've heard rumors that you've had to talk to the cops and to lawyers. There's actually a rumor going around on the internet that Echo is pressing charges against you following that assault on Carnage and you'll be missing Halloween Havoc. Any truth to that? Jason lets out a groan as he rubs his face with his palm I am too exhausted for this shit. Let me address this right now. It's true I have had to talk to the police and to Echo's lawyers as well BPZ Mangement for two days now. At first, Echo was going to press charges until I told the police what he did. They would have arrested him but an agreement was made. Vala'll drop the charges on him if he'll drop the charges on me. So as far as legalities are concerned I'm in the clear. I do have to pay a fine for bringing my gun to the arena and for destroying the Premium championship. What Echo did is disgusting. I mean for God sakes the woman is pregnant and she isn't even a fucking threat to Kingdom! She isn't even a member of the roster! Is BPZ management going to do anything to him? Make him pay a fine, punish him in any way?! No because he's the fucking golden boy! They have the balls to punish Jason who was defending his family and they get pissed because he destroyed one of their precious titles?! That shit pisses me off! Have they even asked about Vala Jason? Nope. As a matter of fact they told me next time I let my personal feelings get in the way like that I am getting suspended Of course they did. Anything to protect their little investment who can't win a match without Bart holding his dick and Julius holding his hand! Honestly Jason you should have pulled the trigger when you had the chance. Only reason I didn't is because I can't go to prison at the moment. I'm getting married in a couple months, I've got a kid on the way, which the doctor says might be twins and I've got my little nephew Jacob Ryan I'm raising after my sister died. Who by the way I just got off the phone with after I had to listen to him cry for half an hour after he found out what happened. And I can't be there to comfort him, the kid might as well be my son considering I've been looking after him since his sister died in a car crash when he was only 6 months old. I've got Vala's parents blowing my phone up, demanding to know what happened as well. Yeah, to say I have lived through 48 hours of hell is an understatement. Well if it makes you feel any better the fans in our live stream here are supportive of you for once. Personally, the only reason Buddy and I aren't kicking Kingdom's teeth down their throats is because those little bitches fearing what we might due to them got themselves private security to follow them everywhere. Yet another example of Kingdom being able to dish it out but not having the balls to take it. If it weren't for that, we'd be paying them a little visit finishing what you started Jason. The point is that Echo crossed the line. I mean, all three of us have done terrible things since coming here, we're no saints. I'm not gonna lie, we're terrible people. The three of us are anyway, Necce is actually awesome. But we have never done anything like that. There's a line in this business that you don't cross. Don't get me wrong, I've toed that line more than once with Apex and Storm. The difference is that I never resorted to kidnapping. I never took things that far, I knew when to back off and just wait till the match. Echo has broken the one sacred rule in professional wrestling. Family's not off limits, I know that, people fuck with other's families all the time in this business but what is off limits is how you fuck with them. You don't kidnap them. That's just something you just don't do. All this just to get into your head. What a total classless act and this is the person everyone wants as their champion. This is who BPZ wants as the face of the company. No wonder Smith walked out of the company. The people in charge here are a bunch of cunts. And you know that the three of us are going to be called into the office once again and are gonna have some suit who is more than likely a pedophile lean in at us and go Buddy tries his best to make his voice sound feminine Now fellas, we appreciate your dedication to this gimmick but we're gonna have to ask you to be more family friendly. Watch your swearing on YOUR podcast and quit trying to offend people. Look guys, here's the thing. I've fought overseas. And if that taught me anything, it's that there are certain rules of engagement. They're rules people don't talk about but are there and everyone knows you don't break them. When in war, you do not go after innocents. You focus on the enemy and the enemy only. That's something Kingdom clearly don't know. They are the ones who wanted this war even. They are the ones who decided BPZ isn't big enough for the two of us. And when we accepted and proved that we are not just some jobbers, what did they do? They got scared and shown their true colors as chicken shit! Kingdom is gonna learn real quick how badly they fucked up. Before we were just going to have a fun little war and at the end of the day we were all going to walk away made men with full wallets. But now... now this is something different altogether. Kingdom, this is no longer a war. This is The Purge. We are going to purge you from existence. You drove us to this point and we will make sure you regret you ever took us on. Real quick gentlemen, I want to explain the rules of a Circus deathmatch. Its when you stand upon a piece of scaffolding above the ring. Below you is a "safety net" of barbed wire. Once you or opponent is thrown on it, the barbed wire is cut loose and you proceed to beat the shit out of each other. But because that's not satisfying for me, I am going to be modifying the rules. The barbed wire will not be cut, it's staying there throughout the match. The only way the match will end is by ringing a cowbell placed on a turnbuckle, thus surrendering the match. Echo, I know you're watching. You did this to yourself. The Jason Ryan you thought you knew is no longer here. In his place stands a man who only craves for your retirement. And I won't stop until I get just that. This thing will never be over between us. I will never stop hurting you cutting you, maiming you until you leave the company and never return. And take your overrated cocksucking friends with you. I hope you beat him so bad that he never walks again Jason and I mean that. Seriously, Echo should rot in Hell for what he did. Echo, you took our brother from us. Trust me, I know. I know all about The Sinner, I know what he's capable of. He won't stop until he has accomplished what he's set out to do. You've signed your own death warrant Echo. I'm going to use a popular quote from Jason here Echo. Come Halloween Havoc, you picked the right day to get fucked up! Alright guys, I'm going to say one last bit before going to bed. I gotta be up early so I can pick Vala up in the morning. But Echo, let me say this. You were a guy I actually respected. You were one of the guys I wanted to have a match with. But now...all I want is to wring your scrawny neck, I want to take the steel steps and smash your head with them over and over and over again. I want to be the cheapest plastic surgeon in BPZ and work you for free. I want to destroy you. The fear I felt when I first watched that video of you tormenting the woman I love more than life itself has manifested to a loathing that not even I was aware existed. It has been a very long time since I have felt this way. And Julius, Bart, if you two even think about getting in my way, I will make sure you never walk again! I will snap your necks where your stand! Should you by some miracle survive, you won't be worrying about wrestling, your only worry in life will be to someday walk again! You will sip each and every one of your meals through a straw and the only thing you will have left, is the biggest regret of your lives. Crossing me when you had no business in doing so. Jason gets within inches of the camera with a very intense stare Echo Wilson, when you said challenging you was the biggest mistake of my life, you were right. The mistake that I made is... that I should have run you down like the mange-ridden mutt you are and put you out of your misery. Look into my fucking eyes! This is 48 hours of Hell you want no part of! And I know why you did it. You're afraid to lose to me because you know that if I were to win your title, I'd be a better champion than you ever were because I am better than you in every sense! You have driven me to a very dark place and when we face off at Halloween Havoc, I'm going to come at you from this dark place of torture and hate you have sent me to and I'm going to kick your ass! That concludes this episode of Braving the Frontier. We apologize for the nature of this episode and for the short length. As a result, DM us and we'll give you a free Frontier T-shirt. And don't forget to check out our reviewer Mike Hunt on BPZ Commentaries, the man does an amazing job. Until next week we are signing out. Both Marker and Buddy turn off their camera, leaving only Jason who looks at the camera Vala... I know I've made a lot of bad choices. I know I'm going to Hell when I die. And I am so sorry you had to go through that all alone. But I'm going to set things right. I promise Jason turns off his webcam, ending the episode
  13. Thelastemperor

    You've crossed the line

    As Carnage concludes, Echo is seen heading towards his car. As he walks by the BPZ staff they give him a wide berth as his issues with Jason Ryan seems to have taken him to a whole other place. Echo reaches the parking garage and heads for his car, only to find it utterly destroyed. As Echo looks on in shock, a black Ford Tundra is seen driving towards Echo who doesn't see it on account of his back being to it. As the Tundra drives up to Echo, the driver reaches out and smashes a glass bottle over Echo's head. As Echo falls to the ground grimacing and holding his head, the truck screeches to a stop and Jason Ryan steps out. He hauls Echo to his feet and starts hammering away and the Premium champion wearing brass knuckles. Jason looks like a man possessed as he continues to hammer away at Echo, his knuckles now bloody due to the fact he has busted Echo open. Blood covers the face of the Premium champion as Jason grabs him by the head and shashes it through a car window. Security tries to intervene and separate the two but Jason takes each one of them down and continues his assault on Echo. Jason goes to his trunk and grabs a massive meat hook. He looks at Echo with a burning hatred and walks towards him but Kingdom brethern Bart and Julius get between them ordering Jason to leave or else. Jason drops the meat hook on the ground and reaches into his holster grabbing a pistol and aiming it at them who look shocked. Hey put it down! Come on man, don't do anything stupid. Just grab your woman and go, you've done enough. You have made your point. Put it down. It doesn't have to be like this. Jason cocks the hammer back, his face stoic. Shut. The. Fuck. Up Julius takes a step forward, hands up Come on, it doesn't have to be like this. I get it, you're pissed. I would be too but you're going overboard. Just get in your truck, grab your fiance and go back to Evolve and we'll forget this ever happened. There's no need to do this. Jason shoots a warning shot between Julius's feet Move. With no choice, Julius does, frustrated he can't do anything. By now the whole Carnage locker room including the GM are out in the parking garage but no one makes a move to stop the crazed Jason Ryan. Jason puts his gun back in his holster and picks up the meat hook. He walks to Echo who is breathing hard, leaning on a car hood, gushing blood. Jason looks at Echo for a moment, no hint of pity nor remorse in his eyes. He claws at Echo's blood face with his meat hook as the Premium champion howls in pain and begs for him to stop his assault. I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! Damn right you won't you fucking coward. You should have kept this between you and me. But since you didn't, I'm going to kill you Jason speaks in a monotone voice laced with venom and malice. He reaches into his holster again and aims the pistol at Echo. He stares at the bloody champion for a moment before putting it away You're not worth it Jason grabs Echo's Premium championship, looks at it and spits on it before throwing it aside. He goes to his trunk and grabs a sledgehammer. He walks over to the Premium title, looks at Echo and smashes the championship over and over again, locking eyes with Echo. He looks at the ruined championship then rams the sledgehammer into the head of Echo. He goes back to his trunk and grabs some lighter fluid. He walks back to the Premium championship, douses it and pulls out a match. He lights the match and sets the championship ablaze. As Echo crawls towards his beloved Premium title, Jason grabs him by the back of the neck and forces him to look into his eyes. You want my attention Echo?! You want my attention?! Well you got it son though I doubt this is what you were hoping for. Jason gets within inches of Echo's face and his voice drops to a whisper You want to bring Vala into this? You want to bring my unborn child into this? Look I'm not a good person, I know that. I never said I was and I never claimed to be one. What I am, is the most dangerous son of a bitch you have ever met. I am not going to scream and yell, I want you to listen to every word I'm saying and look into my eyes because there isn't a speck of fear in them. What you see is pure unadulterated rage and hate. Halloween Havoc, you best damn bet I'm showing up and I am going to end your fucking career. I am going to put you in more pain than anyone has ever put you through before. At Halloween Havoc, one of us ain't walking out alive. This is no longer about your retarded championship that has no meaning to me anymore. I don't care if I win it or not, all I want to do is fucking murder you. Which is why come Halloween Havoc, you will not be seeing this man. You will not be seeing The Anarchist. You will be seeing someone I have locked away. Someone who craves destruction. You will be standing across from The Sinner. And as The Sinner, I do what I want and I get what I want and what I want Echo, is to end you. And you think this Diablo intimidates me? Show me intimidation Echo, I dare you! At Halloween Havoc, I don't want a normal match, we're past that. I want a match that guarantees that I get to have my full revenge on you. Me, you Circus Deathmatch. And as you look up at the lights in more pain than you thought imaginable, you will know that you crossed the line you can't come back from and it's gonna be the line that ends you. Jason throws Echo to the side and gets in his truck as the Carnage roster give him plenty of room, having never seen this side of Jason before. Jason starts his truck and looks at Echo one last time I'll see you at Halloween Havoc Jason guns his engine and races off to rescue his abducted fiance, leaving behind a bloody Premium champion.
  14. Thelastemperor

    Trapped like a Rat

    We are back from commercial break live at EVOLVE when an all too familiar theme begins to play following the usual announcement. " The following EVOLVE programming has been temporarily suspended. Welcome to The Flock Show featuring EVOLVE roster and friends. You're welcome" Jason Ryan comes out to the ring. Lately he has been on a roll winning Block A in the Global Series partially thanks to his comrades in The Flock and partially due to his new found aggression and viciousness. The crowd voices their utter hatred for the man as he just flips them off while grabbing a mic and getting in the ring. So it would seem I have upset Echo Wilson. I don't know if what I did, maybe it's just his time of the month and he's taking it out on me. Echo, if it makes you feel any better, I'm sorry that you have to deal with your manjina. Buying tampons at your local drug store must be awkward. Lucky for you, your stablemates/ lesbian lovers Julius and Bart have the same problem as you. So at least you don't suffer along. Jason takes a moment to laugh at his vulgar comments before lighting a cigarette But in all seriousness Echo, you said you despise me. Why I wonder? I mean, if anyone has a reason to actually hate me, it's Julius considering how while he's pinned me in all two of our matches, I have always outsmarted him. Not that it was hard, as Buddy put it, Julius is a retarded dinosaur who thinks he's Brock Lesnar despite not having a shred of Lesnar's strength or credibility. But it makes sense that he would hate me but Echo, I've never said two words to you before this. I try not to interact with those who I don't respect. Could it be, that you're scared? I'm not at all trying to imply that I scare you, why would I? No, I mean what I stand for scares you. I mean you are someone who needs BPZ because let's be honest, there is nothing interesting about you. There is nothing about you that stands out, you are no different from all these other indie wrestlers. See there's only one Jason Ryan, there's only one Buddy Ace, there's only one Mike Hunt, there's only one First Lady Vala and there is only one Necce. You, on the other hand, there are plenty of guys just like you wrestling in high school gyms. You need BPZ because you know if you went elsewhere you couldn't handle it. Because you have been handed everything. You have never worked a day in your life, you don't even know what work is. But for me, I could go anywhere I wanted. I am one of the best things going today in professional wrestling. You need BPZ, I don't. I have outgrown this shithole promotion that honestly needs to be shut down due to lack of talent. And that burns a hole in your ass. You need this place and you know that eventually The Flock will raze it to the ground. That's why you're scared. That and another reason. Jason looks at the camera and smirks You are scared because you know that I am the only legitimate threat to your precious Premium title. A title I plan on destroying as soon as I win it and your pussy ass can't stop me. You are the last defense for the Premium title and should you fall, you know the Premium Division will be no more, just like the NXT Division. Your little kingdom is dying Echo. For a while, you guys ruled over BPZ with an iron fist. You are the Roman Empire of this dumbass company. And your empire is under siege. You've already lost a great deal of it. EVOLVE belongs to us, not even Ross has the balls to get in our way. We've killed one Division and we've got two more on their deathbeds. Our plan to kill BPZ is working faster than even I imagined it would. That's why you claim to despise me. Because your kingdom is under siege and since you have no idea how to handle actual adversary you don't know what to do. You are the spoiled rotten bitch princess of a dying Kingdom. And you know that eventually, you will fall. And once you fall, you will have nothing. No crown, no empire, and your Kingdom will be put to the sword and devoured by ruthless Flock. This little game we're playing is as old as time itself and in the end, no matter how valiant a Kingdom fights, they always die off because they are too weak to survive. You have never been put in a situation like this. You're not just defending your title against me, you are defending everything you have ever done. You are fighting to save everything you hold dear. And the weight of that pressure will eventually overpower you and you will crumble under it, leaving you a broken shell of what you used to be. Echo, you no longer belong here. Scratch that, you never did. You can't beat me. You don't have the hate nor the desire Jason leans within inches of the camera And you know something? You never will. I on the other hand do. You have no idea just how evil I am. Let me give you the rundown and the path of destruction I have left in my wake since debuting. I ruined Apex, I hurt him so bad that he will never be the same again. He doesn't even bother showing up now. I ended the idea that was Prince. After I was done with him, everyone stopped believing in him. Even Bailey gave up on that cock sucker. I have tortured Julius and left him a bloody mess on multiple occasions. I stole the wife of a man I once called a friend, causing him to retreat in his own sorrows. I was one of the three that gave the NXTdivision its lethal injection. I destroyed Ark's very identity, and I am so very close to being crowned the new king of EVOLVe, thus further killing this worthless company. And at Halloween Havoc Echo you will witness my evil firsthand as I do whatever it takes not just to take your title but to end your career. At Halloween Havoc, you will be lucky if I leave you alive after the utter mauling I put you through. And my brethern will play their part in destroying what is left of your Kingdom. We will make ISIS seem like child's play. Jason leans back and lights another cigarette I'll see you soon Echo. Now I really must be going. but don't worry, you'll be hearing from me again withn a couple days. And the next time you hear from me, it will change life as you know it for good Jason winks and exits the ring after his ominous message. Giving his violent history, just what is that sick son of a bitch planning?
  15. Thelastemperor

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles (C) vs Daniel Bryan

    I’m gonna say it. Miz deserves it more than Bryan

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