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  1. Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson Circus Deathmatch
  2. Getting rid of Hawkins, Ryder, Andrade, Elias, Corbin, guys who aren’t worth their weight in shit
  3. Thelastemperor


    Bic Smith Marker Yelich Ropati Sameer Bonus Question: Raven
  4. Skyrim. I have over...10k hours on that game... yes I am a piece of shit
  5. Arrow, did you do your homework yet?
  6. It's time for Kofi to drop the wwe title
  7. 5. Joshsnow- We had a week to come up with something and we managed to pull people in. And I know people said it didn't work but again we had a week to come up with something so we decided to go balls to the wall and we made our Global title match have some much needed weight to it. It was a lot of fun 4. Buddy Ace- This is back when Odd first came aboard and won the NXT title and we had a fun little feud for KOTR. But the reason I like this is cause Kayfabe wise Jason and Buddy hated each other yet here they are hugging each other at Summerslam, forming The Frontier 3. Julius- My first big feud, honestly Julius is one of those guys who you can put him in a feud with anyone and he's gonna give you a quality match. Our Backlash feud was fun and we haven't faced off in over a year. Hopefully we can do it again now that we have both grown into our own. 2. Storm- Storm and I feuded pretty much all year last year and it was a lot of fun. What I really liked about this was our feud was always evolving. It was like an Edge/Matt Hardy thing. And my favorite feud of all time is... Echo. I don't know if I have enough good things to say about this feud. Everything about this feud was perfect. Honestly it shocked me as to how much chemistry me and Echo have. The feud was on a whole other level and in my opinion is what made made me. I really wish Echo would come back to kayfabe so we could do it again because in my opinion our feud was the most underrated feud of all last year. Edit: I actually I have two number ones. Angelo- this feud was fun. Angelo really stepped up for this one. I knew he wouldn't disappoint but I didn't expect that from him. Nanovirus was a great gimmick and honestly its a lot like my feud with Echo where we just clicked. I wish we could of had our January match between him, Josh and Storm vs The Frontier
  8. Jason mockingly waves goodbye as Arrow leaves That's right boy, go hide behind your mother's skirt. Leave this to the adults Jason takes a moment to regard Epic As for you, Epic. I'll admit, you have a little bit of potential but make no mistake. You looking at me, little boy looking at his father. You're gonna make me a loser you say? Boy, you best mind your tongue when you speak to one of the men who has gone on to redefine just what a rookie can do. I've done more than the rest of the NXT Division combined, my accolades speak for themselves. Don't delude yourself in thinking you are anywhere on my level boy. Hell you ain't on the level below me. Jason reaches for a flask. He opens it, winks at the camera Hey Arrow, thanks. Because of you, I now know why women shouldn't drink while pregnant. You're proof of what can happen. Jason takes a drink and puts it away before looking back at Epic Now back to you. You may think you're hot shit round these parts but you're as cold as a winter in Montana. And since I'm such a nice guy these days, I'll refrain from kicking your ass. But make no mistake about it. I have no problem with taking my belt off and bending you over my knee, you understand me boy? The crowd pops at that as Jason puts a hand on Epic's shoulder Don't piss me off kid. Or else. Jason backs up and waits to see what Epic is gonna do
  9. Win the NXT title ( I need to get that monkey off my back!) win the rumble win the undisputed and whc at least once become a longest reigning champion main event mania
  10. Good now, about to get mad fucking drunk
  11. who is Flynn again? Isn't he a member of the VHS Clue game?
  12. Jason Ryan comes on stage, laughing and shaking his head as the fans all rise in unison to show their support for The Last Outlaw. Jason heads to the ring and grabs the microphone from Arrow's hands. Boy. You're in a heap of trouble. Arrow, you don't seem to know where you're standing. You seem to think this is a BPZ ring but when I step in it, it becomes my yard. And you have just done the stupidest thing you could have done son, you decided to run your mouth about me. I'm a simple man, I've only got a few rules. 1, don't drink my beer. 2, don't smoke my smokes. 3, don't piss me off. Jason takes off his sunglasses and gets inches from Arrow's face And what you just did, pissed me off. Ya know in the past, I'd kick your ass till I got bored and leave you lying broken and bloody. But since you're just some unknown jobber who ain't worth his weight in piss, Ima let you live. For now. But let's get something straight whelp. I ain't no newcomer, I've accomplished things most people in this company can only dream of. I won the Global Series last year. I am a former Tag Team champion. I am a former Premium champion. And I am a former and 3rd longest reigning Global champion. How many titles have you won? How many accolades do you have? Jason smirks and lights a cigarette. He takes a deep drag and blows smoke in Arrow's face And you claim you ain't a joke. Well son I gotta disagree with you. You see, you may think you're a big deal but to me, you're nothing but a goddamn loony toon! The crowd pops at that and starts chanting Loony toon! Loony toon! Loony toon! Jason chuckles he back ups, taking another drag of his smoke And you say these people make money off my merch? Well considering I am one of the most successful wrestlers of my generation, second only to Julius, I have to say there ain't no wonder I'm worth so much. Cause unlike you, everyone actually knows who I am. Now look kid. I can respect someone who has balls. You ain't much for brains or wrestling skills or talent but you do have a set. It's just a shame that if you bo up to me again, I'm gonna rip them off as if you were a newborn calf. Jason pushes Arrow into the corner and cages him in This is your one and only warning boy. Never bo up to me again. Cause while I ain't the heartless SOB I used to be anymore and it's been a while since I was dressing like Satan, but don't get it twisted. I am still down with the devil and I will go Medieval on your bitch ass. Jason puts his cigarette out on Arrow's forehead, winks and backs up, waiting to see what Arrow will do
  13. Currently in the market for a new rival so if that interests you, call me maybe?

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