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  1. Becky Lynch(C) Vs Asuka- Raw Women’s Championship Bayley(C) vs Lacey Evans- SD Womens Championship Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakumuara (C)- IC Championship Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar(C)- WWE Championship Mens Royal Rumble Match-??? Ziggler The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- WWE Championship Bonus: One Match got a rating of 82, what match was it? Who had the best segment? Who performed the best?
  2. You guys remember when Simon Grimm once told Chad Gable he would be in the Hall of Fame one day? We were full of hope back then. Now look. Just fucking look
  3. The house is dark, the only light is the glow from the TV in the living room. Sitting on the couch is a man who calls himself the Scourge of Professional Wrestling. On the TV it shows Jason turning on Gunner, the brutal assault that many saw as unprovoked. The TV flickers and next it shows Gunner asking Jason why. The TV flickers again and it shows the last time Jason addressed the fans. Jason leans forward smiling as the TV flickers once more, showing the interview of Guner. Jason’s face turns to one of rags and hate than to contempt. Jason curls his lip and turns the TV off. He slowly sets down the remote. “ Selfish… selfish… you think I’m selfish Gunner?! YOU THINK I’M SELFISH?! Jason begins to pace back and forth You dare call me selfish, you have some nerve! I’m selfish, me?! Jason stops pacing and looks at the camera WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! You call me selfish. Me, the man who let you stay over at my place whenever your father was drunk and looking to beat you with whatever he has in his hands. Me, who befriended you in Geometry! Me, the man who has done fucking everything for you! I have bent over backwards for you! I have serious spinal damage from all the times I’ve had to carry your ass! Jason sounds around and smashes the TV screen with his steel rod. Jason sits down on a recliner breathing furiously Gunner Flynn, after all I have done for you, you dare claim I am selfish? You know damn well I am the most selfless son of a bitch in BPZ! Let’s go ahead and throw back the curtain here Gunner. Remember when you challenged Jeremiah for the Undisputed title? You were all for going for the belt and never once did you think about me. Had you win that title, you wouldn’t have given me a shot for the title and you know it! You would have just rode off into the sunset leaving me to fend for myself! Jason has noticeably relaxed by now. He leans forward, his face inches in front of the camera. You never saw me as a brother. You only saw me as an insurance policy. You never saw me as an equal but as a servant. Every time you talked to me, you spoke as if talking to a damn dog! The Cure wasn’t about us, it was just your way of protecting yourself and you know it. You’re selfishness is why The Cure failed, like everything else, it is your fault. You killed my love and motivation for this company and for the fans that pay their hard earned money to watch us. You Gunner, you weren’t going to be happy until you stole everything I had to give. Jason leans back in the recliner, tears in his eyes It was your constant need for attention, for validation that caused me to turn on you. It wasn’t enough you were Premium champion. It wasn’t enough you were trying to leave me behind. You tried to make everyone forget about Jason Ryan! And you succeeded. No one gives a fuck about me anymore. So congrats. It if you think I’m going to be okay with this, you’re as stupid as you look. Jason stands up again and speaks in a hollow tone You brought up the Global Series. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about how I was the only reason anyone knew who you were. I told everyone the truth about our past and everyone felt sorry for you when I was the damn victim! You have always been jealous of me, you never could accept Vala was mine so what do you do? Like a snake you wait till I go a way then you slither you way in. You have no idea how devastated I was. While you two were off living your lives, I was on the phone with a non-caring counselor who was trying to convince me my life still had meaning! I tried to forgive you Gunner. I did. Jason gets on his knees I got on my knees just like this before God himself answered claimed I forgave you but deep down I always hated you. Even when we started teaming, I tried my best to be your friend. But every time I saw you, all I saw was red. You used me Gunner. You used me to make a name for yourself. And once you did that, you tried to erase me from existence. Well unfortunately for you, I’m not going out without a fight. You want me fine? You’re gonna have to kill me. And it looks like you’ll get your chance. Jason’s voice drops to just above a whisper. He’s trembling now, his face a mixture of pain, anger and hate You want me at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre? You want an end to this saga of betrayal and pain? You got it, it’s on! On two conditions. Number one. We sign a contract, make it official so you can’t bitch out like you always do. And number two. I pick the match and I know what kind of match I want. I want a Street Fight! I don’t just want to beat you. I don’t want to just pin you or make you submit. Jason gets inches before the camera, his voice coming out in short, trembling breathes Gunner Flynn. I want to kill you. With that the camera fades to black
  4. We are live on Carnage when all of the sudden the lights turn off suddenly. Nothing but utter darkness. After a few moments a single spot light shines on the ring, revealing Jason Ryan holding a steel chair. Jason examines the crowd, the boos are deafening. Jason is clearly amused as he listens to the tirade of boos. “ So you want to know why do you? Why would I end a brotherhood? I could give you guys a reason, I could tell you the truth… or I could just lie straight to your f*cking faces. So really, take this worth a grain is salt. So without further ado, let’s begin.” Jason sits on a steel chair looking pleased with himself Gunner thinks he and I were brothers, that we were friends. And he was right to think that. But what if I told you that was a lie? What if I told you, I never once considered Gunner to be a brother? What if I told you I used him for no other reason than I felt like it? What if I told you, this whole time, from the moment I met him in third period geometry class at on a random Tuesday at Billings West High School, I met one Gunner Flynn and thought, I have my puppet? And everything, from that moment to right now has been carefully orchestrated and planned out by me? Would you say I’m lying or telling the truth? Here’s something to consider. You people know I’ve never lied to you before. So I ask you, am I lying now or am I telling the truth? Jason chuckles for a moment Or what about this? What if me breaking up with Gunner wasn’t a work but a shoot? What if that was due to something backstage you’re not allowed to know about? What if Gunner truly had no idea what was going to happen that night? And I’m not saying that what happened, I’m just saying it’s a possibility. Jason lights a cigarette and continues to talk Or… or maybe this whole time I’ve been a member of Bullet Proof and got the order to terminate this “ partnership.” What if from the jump this was nothing but me slowly stringing that idiot alone, thinking he actually had a friend in this company? And again I’m not saying that’s what it is, I’m just saying. Jason holds up a Cure T-shirt Maybe it’s because I was angry at the fact he destroyed my creation. Maybe I wanted revenge. Maybe it was Gunner's greed, his selfishness, his constant nagging, his bringing nothing to the table that caused this. Or maybe not. Jason rips the shirt in half Or, could it be I was jealous that I, the more talented one, the more successful one, was pushed to the side once again because unlike Gunner I don’t change for anyone. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not, someone who will do whatever management says just so people will like me! Or maybe that’s not the case at all. Who knows? Could it be I just hate the Flynns and want to drive them out of pro wrestling? Perhaps. Or perhaps not… Jason sits back casually and looks at the crowd, seemingly disinterested in the fans Could it be bad blood between us, with the Vala situation? Could it be I have never truly forgiven him? Or, was that story just a load of shit I told you people? What if this whole time her and I had been happily married and we decided to f*ck with you people? And I’m not saying that’s what happened. But what if. Or, again, what if that wasn’t planned, wasn’t scripted? What if everything I did to Gunner was real? I mean, the referee didn’t know what was happening. The cameraman didn’t know what was happening. The commentary team didn’t know what was happening. The boys in the back didn’t know, Sheridan didn’t know, upper management didn’t know, Brendan himself didn’t know. And maybe they approved this, maybe this is a storyline, but maybe this is real. Think about it. The fan’s are screaming at Jason, demanding he tell them why. Jason continues to speak impassively All the things I said, anyone of them could be the truth. Or they could all be lies, maybe the reason I did what I did is being hidden for now. Maybe I was acting under orders, maybe I didn’t want to do that but I was forced to by, Slim, Bailey, Jeremiah, Creed, Necce perhaps? What if he and I never went our own separate ways and this whole thing, from the Summerslam to where The Flock formed to right now has been one big work by Necce and I? What if me getting released due to a poor attitude last year was a work? What if the reason I was gone for so long was just me waiting, waiting for when it was time to return? What if my current run from when I came back to right now has been part of one big plan? Now if I were anybody else, you’d all point at me and say “ Bullshit!” But you people know me. You know everything I said, is a possibility when it comes to me. Cause ever since I debuted I’ve left all of you guessing. And I know that for a good portion of you, maybe even half, when you go home with your significant others, after you’ve tucked in your children into bed tonight, after you’ve crawled under the covers, you’re going to look at each other and ask each other “ Did he just f*cking tell us something we’re not supposed to know? Jason slowly stands, an evil smirk on his face Understand this. This whole thing could have been the truth or it could have just been me fucking with you guys. Or maybe the reason is so simple it’s right in front of your faces. Maybe I betrayed Gunner, for no other reason than I f*cking felt like it. Regardless of what you choose to believe, know this and heed it well. I am The Scourge of Professional Wrestling. I am the Father of Lies. I am the devil of BPZ. And Gunner, heed my warning my friend. Let it go. Don’t make the mistake of coming for your revenge. I let you go out of respect for our past friendship. On the sole condition that you never bother me again. Just walk away, Gunner. If you don’t, If you make this escalate, I will end the joke you call a career. I will go to your house and I snuff you out as if I were killing a fly. If you value your health, your career, your life, let it go. Jason look right at the camera, an evil smile on his face Gunner I know you are watching. Don't blame yourself for what happened. I am the Cain to your Able. I am the the Judas to your Jesus. I am the Darth Vader of the wrestling world and you don't have enough hair on your nuts to be Luke Skywalker Jason winks and dramatically drops the mic
  5. https://media1.tenor.com/images/e545c95d645d32bd99f90b382e7d7072/tenor.gif?itemid=13249192
  6. I would love to see Asuka win here but WWE have been big on Becky for a while and I don’t see that changing now
  7. Bart deserves this. Congrats buddy
  8. Thelastemperor


    We are live on Carnage in the middle of a tag team match with Gunner Flynn and Jason Ryan vs two local competitors. Jason has one of them lined up for the Colt .45 when the other sneaks in the ring holding Jason's steel rod. Wait! Gunner snatched it from his hands. Gunner and Jason always have each other's backs. Gunner throws him out of the ring as Jason hits the Colt .45! 1,2,3 Here are your winners. Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn, The Cure! Give Gunner the assist for sure! Jason had no idea what was coming, were it not for Gunner, that steel rod would have been planted in the back of Jason's head. Gunner hands Jason his steel rod and the two men embrace. These two men are closer than a lot of brothers. The two hold up each others hands high in the air. Gunner walks towards the camera as Jason stays back This man is my best friend and no one or nothing will change that! Gunner turns around and Jason hits him with the steel rod! WHAT?! Jason just attacked his best friend! What the hell was that about?! Jason is looking down at Gunner with a stoic expression. Gunner looks up at Jason in confusion. Jason kneels down before him and begins to punch him again and again in the face. The fans are booing loudly at this unwarranted assault. Jason punches Gunner again and again, almost as if he is possessed. Gunner is bleeding like a stuck pig now, stop it Jason! Jason gets in Gunner's face and screams Is this what you wanted?! Is this what you wanted?! Jason stands up and yells for Gunner to stand up, holding his steel rod, his face twisting into a crazed look. Guneer gets to his feet and Jason hits him again with his steel rod! Enough is enough! Jason hammers away at Gunner some more, blood covering his fist from Gunner's head. Jason leaves the ring and looks under the ring. What could he be looking for? Hold on, is that a goddamn screwdriver?! Jason don't do this! Don't do this! Jason gets back in the ring and oh my god! Jason is digging that screw driver into Gunner's flesh! Scream for me! Scream for me! Someone needs to stop this! Jason looks down at Gunner in disgust before picking Gunner up and carrying him to the back. Can we get q camera back there please? We apologize folks, it's going to be a minute before we can show you what is going on. Please stand by. ... We have located Jason and Gunner in the parking garage. Oh come on! Nobody has seperated these two?! Jason is still pounding away at Gunner like a madman! Jason gets in Gunner's face Did you not see this coming Gunner?! Huh?! You should have known better! You better than anyone Gunner, know the kind of man I am. Oh thank God! A security guard is coming to break these two up but Jason his the guard with the Colt .45! You want to stop me?! You want to stop me?! Nobody has the balls to stop me! Jason 's focus turns to the security guard. He puts the guard in a Kimura Lock and snaps his arm! Jason lets the guard go and looks down with a cold expression as the guard writhes in pain yelling. Jason stomps on the broken arm a few times before stomping down at the guard's windpipe! This man has gone deranged, or could it be Jason now remembers just who he is? Jason's attention turns back to Gunner who is trying to crawl away to his car. Jason walks towards him and picks him up by the hair. Without saying a word, Jason shoves Gunner's head through the window! Jason picks up the lifeless Gunner and stuffs him in the trunk. Now what is Jason doing? Jason has Gunner's keys and gets in the driver's seat. What is Jason doing? Oh my God no! He's backing up the car towards a wall! Gunner is in the trunk! No! What kind of heartless bastard would do that?! Jason gets out of the car and examines his handy work laughing. The rear end of the car is totaled. How could Jason could that to a man who thought of him like a brother? Still laughing Jason looks at the camera If you know what's good for you, you won't come back. What a heartless son of a bitch. Folks please excuse us as we go to commercial and get Gunner Flynn some medical attention.
  9. You know it's bad when a mobile game will be better than WWE 2k20
  10. God how I wish this could have happened. If only there was a way to make a created universe or something where this did happen... GM mode here I come
  11. Win some gold and get back to where I was. I need to get back in gear
  12. Men’s: Roman, Owens, Rollins, Lesnar Women’s: Sasha, Charlotte, Asuka, Kari Shane
  13. Men’s: 1 Woman’s: 17

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