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  1. The fans cheer a small cheer as a man who is seemingly in the process of changing his life, Jason Ryan makes his entrance, microphone in hand, soaking in the cheers. He mockingly claps for Buddy Ace as the music dies down Man... you sure like to piss and moan don't you? Honestly all you did was throw a little temper tantrum, piss and moan and to be frank waste everyone's time. But then again Buddy, that is literally all you have done since you got here, waste everyone's time. And you're the man who the front office want to push. Pathetic. You want to get real buddy? Let's get real. You are a bigger flop than even Storm. You, with all the talent you have have always been complacent and lazy, content to ride the coattails of others. You leeched off of the success that I generated for The Flock. You took a back seat as I worked hard to make The Flock what it was. Necce was the one who won those tag titles for us, you were just a backup dancer. Let's go ahead and pull back the curtain here. Braving the Frontier was my idea. The Yacht we bought, that's in my name, our private jet? Its in my name. The timeshare? That's in my name. What I'm getting at here is that... to be frank, The Frontier was a one man stable. Jason Ryan was, is and will forever be The Frontier. What the hell did you and Marker even do? Nothing but ride my coattails. I was the man, I was the lifeline of The Frontier. And you dare stand in the ring and complain? You make me sick. You are a parasite, shit I have stepped in. Jason lights a cigarette and takes a drag. As he exhales the smoke he chuckles and continues to speak Buddy Ace. As long as you have been here, so many people have pegged you to be the next big star. People want you to be a star so bad, but the thing is, you are too damn lazy even with all the brain dead morons in the back talking you up to do anything. Let's look at your career, of you can even call it that. You came in here and won the NXT title almost as soon as you came in... and people have forgotten about that. No one cares, people don't even remember. No one wanted to work with you so I stepped up and volunteered to work with you. We had a great Hell in a Cell match, a match I had to carry in a feud that not even I cared about because you are just that boring. And then Marker wanted to bring you in The Frontier. I tried telling that idiot that you are nothing but cancer. You ruin everything you touch. But he didn't listen and added you. What can I say, vermin run in packs. And as The Frontier, we ran the world, rather I ran the world, you and Marker were just the people that were only good for carrying my bags and you two couldn't do that right for the most part. Now look at you. You're nothing. Jason's smirk slowly fades and replaced by a look of steely rage And you have only yourself to blame. Why? Because you have never lived up to your hype. And yet you dare blame all your problems on other people because you don't have the balls to hold your hands up and admit you're the only reason you have even won a match is because because management needs someone that can sell merchandise and go do stupid photo shoots or whatever it is you hacks do. Listen carefully my friend. You love to point out my sins and say I shouldn't be employed here at this company and know what, a lot of people may agree with you. I'm a heartless prick, I can admit to that. But the difference between you and I is, I own up to everything. The good, the bad and everything in between whereas all you do is piss and moan and feel sorry for yourself. You run around back saying " oh look at me everyone! Look how awesome and talented I am! Give me a push!" And whenever something goes wrong it's never your fault, ah no! Jason mockingly kneels before Buddy Ace I mean you are the oh so beloved Buddy Ace. You might as well be God himself right. Jason Ryan stands up and shakes his head Buddy, you destroyed my creation. And for that, you will pay with your very blood. I swear eternal war on you. I am going to make your life a living hell. I'm not going to stop until you leave this company. You know me Buddy. You know how sick and demented I am. You know I am the furthest thing from an honorable man. I would run over my own grandmother in my pickup if she was in my way. And then I'd run over your grandmother just because there'd be nothing you can do about it. Nah man, you'd be too scared of bumping into a certain someone from Dateline. Jason's grin grows wide and he winks at Buddy who is fuming Hey, you're the one who decided to look like the bad guy from a internet safety video man, you brought it on yourself. Ah, you are too easy. A child in a grown ma-... teenage girl's body who throws a fit every time someone says mean words about you. Don't worry, I heard the boss is thinking about setting up a safe space in the back so you will have a place to run. And now Buddy, I think it's time the cut the crap. You see, as long as you and I are apart of the same show, as long as you and I are apart of the same company, as long as you and I breath the same air, you will never have peace of mind again. And you know, I'm not going to wait until I can talk the boss into giving me a match with you, we both know you'd weasel out and go hide in your mom's basement, I mean apartment. Sorry man I know you get really defensive when someone gets that mixed up. Nah, I'm not gonna let you do that, I'm going to do the world a favor and your career, right now Jason reaches into the back of his shirt and pulls out and old friend, one Buddy knows well. His infamous steel rod. He holds it up in the air, drops his mic and hurries for the ring. Buddy thinks about standing his ground but decides against it. He tries to escape through the crowd but Jason grabs him from behind and whips him in the steel steps. Jason wastes no time as he grabs Buddy by the neck and punches him in the face over and over again until Buddy's nose and mouth starts to bleed. Jason steps back and kicks Buddy in the crotch. As buddy grimaces and rolls on the ground, writing in pain Jason smirks There's nothing down there boy, stop pretending Jason waits for Buddy to begin to stand up before ramming his steel rod right between his eyes. He drags Buddy to the steel steps and plants his boot on the back of Buddy's neck so he can't escape. Jason raises the steel rod above his head and bring it on the skull of Buddy Ace (Executed). Jason hauls buddy to announce table and smashes his head on it over and over again. Buddy's face is know a crimson mask. Jason drags him back over to the steel steps and sets him up for the Awesome Knockout By this time referees and other personal are trying to separate the two. Breathing hard Jason backs up and tells Buddy what he can do with his body language Jason gives a comical bow to the camera before getting back in the ring where two beers are thrown to him. he catches them, opens them and pours the in his mouth as the crowd cheers for him. Jason grabs the microphone Ladies and Gentlemen, that was Buddy Ace! And he's.... a joooooobbbbbeeerrrrrr!
  2. Thelastemperor

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    We are live at Carnage when an unfamiliar theme begins to play Jason walks on the stage, a duffel bag in one hand and a cooler in another one. Jason marches to the ring as the fans give the man sympathetic cheers while others still boo him, not ready to forget all the things he has done. Jason gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. First thing's first. I recently went after a certain someone in a verbal tirade and looking back on it, I may have let my anger cloud my vision. This person recently sat me down backstage and had a serious discussion with me. So Necce, disregard whatever I said about you man We're cool. Now on to other matters. Lately I The Rumble is coming up and while everyone else is pointing at the Mania sign, I'm pointing at the back. See there are two people backstage that are dead men walking. Buddy Ace and Marker. The fans boo at the mention of their names Buddy and Marker. Two guys I thought I could always rely on, two guys who I thought would always stand at my side as we took over the world together. And we did. The Flock was Untouchable. We took BPZ by storm, we accomplished everything. We won the NXT title, we won the Premium title, we won the Tag Team titles, we even won the Global title. We are the reason Kingdom died, we did something no one else in this company managed to do and that is knock Kingdom off their throne in back to back matchups. But... little did I know, the men I called brothers, the men I trusted with my very life were nothing but Judas in disguise. Buddy Ace. Everyone in this building knows someone like you. A slimy, sneaky, little rat who carries a various amount of diseases. You're the kind of guy who'd sleep with his brother's wife, you're the kind of guy to date the ex of your best friend, you, my brother are scum! You committed the most unforgivable sin. You better sleep with one eye open Buddy because when I get my hands on you, I'm going to get arrested for it. I'm going to go to jail for a long long time. There's going to be nothing left of you, they are gonna have to identify you with dental records! Buddy, you can claim to be awesome all you want but the only thing awesome about you is how much of a flop you've become! You squander opportunity after opportunity and yet can't figure out why I was the one who carried The Frontier! Buddy, if I were you, I'd get your affairs in order and tell your loved ones goodbye because you, my friend are leaving on borrowed time. Jason is angrily pacing in the ring getting worked up Marker, my brother! Oooh you done messed up son! You and I have been partners in crime ever since I debuted, we were best friends. I have always stood by your side, even when everyone called you the weak link of The Flock I said no, he's as strong as the rest of us. Every time you screwed up I was there to bail you out, I was always there when you needed someone and I never asked for anything in return! Marker, what you did when you turned on me, after I spoke for you, was disgusting. You.... you're damn lucky I didn't have access to a weapon after you did it. Marker, you made a grave mistake when you turned on me. You left me breathing. Worst thing you could have done. There's a reason no one who has ever done me dirty is around anymore Marker. You know what kind of man I am. You know you're going to get what's coming to you. I'll tell you this right now, as long as I'm standing here, as long as you and I breathe the same air, you will NEVER achieve success in this company again. Every day you come to work, I'm gonna be here and beat the piss out of you. You best believe I'll make sure you lose your match with Julius. Because you and Buddy have just made my hit list, and trust me son, whenever I make a hitlist, I make damn sure that I'm able to cross every name off! And I'm going to do it right here, right now. Jason opens the duffel bag and pulls out a steel chair and his steel rod. He sets up the chair and sits down. He opens the cooler and pulls out a beer. He pops it open and lights a cigarette Marker, Buddy I know you''re here. If these past few months meant anything to you, get your asses out here! Come on, be men for once in your lives and get out and get what's coming to you! Don't hide, come on. Both of you go buy a set of nuts at the concession stand and get down here so I can kick your asses! I'm not leaving until you two come on out. I'll hold the entire show up, I got plenty of beer and nothing but time. Don't make me come back there and find you two myself. And if anyone else thinks about getting involved, I'll make sure your career ends here and now. Unless your name Is Buddy Ace or Marker, the stupidest thing you can do in life right now is to get between these ropes right now. Marker, Buddy, I'm going to say this one more time, and then, I'm going looking for you. Get your asses out here! Jason stands up and kicks the chair away, readying his steel rod. He's clearly itching for a fight. Question is, will he get one?
  3. Jason Ryan 6ft 5 245 lbs USC #10 Skills Hardhitter, Smart Utility Player: Running Back, Cornerback, Wide Out, Linebacker, Defensive Line
  4. Jinder Mahal shouldn’t have been champion
  5. I came across it when Lesnar was with the Authority in his UM
  6. Jason writhes in pain as medical professionals take a look at him, concerned about the beating Marker gave him. refusing to be helped to the back, Jason shoves the medical professionals away and picks up a microphone, blood trickling from his mouth. For the first time, Jason seems... sad. He wipes away tears from his eyes and from the trembling in his voice, it's clear he is trying to keep his composure I...I... I'll be honest... I can't help but feel as though... as though I have been betrayed. Lately, my professional life has been horrible, that I can admit. I lost my Premium and Tag titles and my mentor, the man I considered a brother, told the world how he felt as though I'm just don't have what it takes.. and took my dream away from me at Night of Legends... and now... my main man, the man I have always been with just turned on me, and to be honest, I feel as though this is all my fault At this point, the tears are freely falling from Jason's eyes who is trying his best to control them I'm sorry... I try not to let my emotions get the best of me... but I have to face facts, lately, I have not been at my best. You see, I have been trying to become a better man because I have children on the way and it's been hard for me to suppress my instincts to hurt people, and maybe because of that The Flock has suffered. Maybe I let my brothers down, maybe I just don't deserve to be one of them anymore. Maybe that's way my professional life has fallen apart. Everything I have worked so hard for has been taken from me. What you need to understand is that everything I did, I did to ensure a better life for the woman I love, the woman I would die for without a second thought and for our unborn children. You may not understand but when you're like me who grew up with nothing, you'll do anything to prevent those you love to experience the same pain, the same anguish you experienced. But I cannot blame anyone but myself for my recent string of failure, everything that has happened lately is my fault. I admit it. I. Have. Failed. Jason wipes his eyes and takes a deep breath and for the first time the fans begin to sympathize with The Last Outlaw This is a rough business. I learned that my first day. And I lived with the mentality that you can either make friends or you can make money. Growing up, money was scarce, often times I worried where my next meal was going to come from so I chose money. But as the years went by... I thought I was lucky. Cause I was making money but I thought I found friends who would always be there for me. Guys like Buddy Ace. Guys like Necce. Guys like Marker. Guys who I thought I would always have ya know? When the lights turned off and everyone in the back said their goodbyes and parted ways. those three and I stuck together. We traveled together, we partied together, we did everything. I thought The Flock was forever...and when I least expected it, they all took turns in planting a knife in my back. And I know this is going to sound like a massive cliche but... all three of those guys just broke my heart. I guess this is my penance for all my evil, this is me suffering for my sins huh? At this point, Jason isn't even bothering hiding the fact he is weeping Now, there may be those who have grown with my recent actions that they may have lost faith in me. I respect their decision to do so. So before I leave here tonight... I am going to do something I have never done before in my life and apologize. I'm sorry to Vala, I'm sorry to my unborn children, I'm sorry to my young nephew Jacob, I'm sorry to everyone here tonight, I'm sorry to everyone watching at home, I'm sorry to Storn, Josh, Apex, Julius, Echo, Ross, Bailey, Slim, Necce, Buddy, Marker, Brendan, Sameer, Angelo, and whoever I have pissed off. I just wanted to do whatever it took to provide for my loved ones at home who are watching. Lately, all I have done is let them down but you wanna know what happens when the people you depend on to be your strength, your support system is no longer there?! Jason is screaming into the microphone, pouring his soul out into the microphone You keep falling and falling and falling until you hit rock bottom and that's what I've hit. I've become a desperate no good son of a bitch that no one likes. But I have a choice. I can either stay in my self-pity and bitch and moan and keep feeling sorry for myself or I can stand up like a man and deal with it! I promise each and everyone one of you who still care what I have to say, I will figure out my road to Mania! I am not done, I am not leaving and I will not quit! So Necce, Marker, Buddy and everyone else who wants me to go away can pucker up real nice and kiss me where my cheeks meet! Come hell or high water, one way or another, I will surpass everyone else in this company and stand as the world heavyweight champion and there's not a damn person who can do a damn thing about it! I don't care who I have to go through, from now on, Jason Ryan is a one-man show! Jason throws down the microphone and limps towards the ropes, refusing medical help as he exits the ring and limps up the ramp. Before he heads to the back, he stops, looks at the camera and mouths the words " Thank you"
  7. It is the beginning of the Carnage after Night of Legends and what a show it was. To kick the night off Jason shows up in the middle of the ring looking more furious than he’s ever been. Usually this is the part where I’d say something demeaning to you people then go on with what I need to talk about. But to be honest, I’m not really in the mood. Cause I don’t know if you have been paying attention but I’m still not alright from everything that’s been going on. See right before I showed up here, I went on Twitter and the first tweet I saw was someone asking me how I feel about The Flock’s condition. Someone asked me about how I feel about The Flock’s current condition. Let me say that one more time! Someone asked me how I feel about The Flock’s current condition! Jason glares at the camera, rage pouring from his eyes How the hell do you think I feel about The Flock’s condition?! I’m ticked off, I’m pissed! Look, for once I’m not mad at you people. I’m mad at two men, one man in particularly. When you are fighting with a group of brothers, people you trust, people you love like family and that group of brothers throw you under the bus... it does something to you. It’s no big secret who I’m pissed at. Necce and Buddy. Let me tell you people how Necce got involved with us. You people want to know how he got involved, I’ll tell you. Because of me. I spoke for him! I vouched for him, saying he was cool. I convinced Buddy and Marker to let him in! I supported him through thick and thin. And recently, the man drops a promo leading up to our match, and instead of showing me any form of appreciation, all the man does is run me down! Jason is getting more and more upset as he talks, blinking angry tears out of his eyes. He runs down the man who made The Flock what it was! I was the heart and soul of the damn group! I’m the reason he was even allowed in our group! Seriously what does a man have to do around here to get some damn respect?! What do I have to do to get a freaking nod around here?! I don’t care that I lost my belt, that is the least of my concerns right now. I care more about that verbal mugging that someone who I thought I could rely on to be professional and someone I considered a friend gave me. Honestly Necce, heads up of your plan to use me would have been nice, just saying. I thought we were friends man but judging from that promo you put out, clearly I was misinformed. Know what man, enjoy that title. Yeah go ahead. Hope it was worth it. Just know this. Only reason I’m not gonna press this further is because I really don’t want to cause your family any trouble. I’m gonna let this go, but this is a one time deal. Now on to Buddy Jason looks like he’s going to be sick. Sorry, I almost threw up in my mouth. Buddy, I might’ve trusted you, I might have teamed with you but in the back of my mind, I always knew you were full of crap. Are you telling me everything we went through means nothing to you now?! When I was in the military I was told no matter what, you don’t turn on your comrades. And I have done a lot of horrible things, but that is one thing I’ve never done and never will do. Necce... I mean Buddy... I’m so mixed up right now... you threw away everything we worked so hard to achieve. That is unforgivable. Buddy Ace, you better never come back here again. If I ever see you again, I’m going to end up going to jail for a long time for what I do. Trust me. You know me man, you know I’m not messing around. So I highly suggest you end up moving, cause I’m about to head to your house right now. You have until I get there to make yourself scarce. Cause let me tell you something son. There aren’t enough cops in this country that can protect you from me. This is your first and final warning. If you like being able to walk, you’ll heed it. Jason takes a few moments to breathe and try to get himself back under control. This is what I get for putting my trust in others, this is what I get. Well fine, you want to play that game, we’ll play that game. From now on, I go my own way. Jason takes off The Flock sweatshirt he’s wearing and looks at it. He sighs and with great care, almost reverently he folds up the sweatshirt as the camera fades to black.
  8. Just keep jobbers away from the title scene. No more guys like Jinder
  9. For them to get their heads out of their asses. You know Corwn Jewel? The opposite of that
  10. I’d like to see two midcard titles on each brand plus a main title
  11. I can't quite recall her name but I really liked the female knight in For Honor.
  12. The Forest is pretty fun
  13. The sun is just starting to rise over the graveyard. A singular man walks to a headstone, the Global champion Jason Ryan. Jason stops in front of a certain headstone that reads thusly Nathaniel Ryan Loving Husband Loving Father 1/11/71-4/21/2012 Jason reaches into his pocket and pulls out two cartons of cigarettes. He sets one down in front of the headstone, opens the other, pulls out a cigarette and lights up Hey dad, it's me. It's nearly time. I just hope that you watch from Heaven. This one's for you Jason turns around to look at the camera A snake that crawled on the Earth dreamt of soaring through the sky knowing full well it was impossible. Still hoping beyond hope, it kept its eye on a baby bird that it nurtured in its own nest. Never realizing that the snake is now the prey because that bird is a hawk ready to take to the sky. Necce, you are that snake you found me when I was just a fledgling with nowhere to turn. But then I soon became a hawk, didn't I? And now the guardian of the old guard now realizes the prodigy he brought in this world is coming for his throne. Necce, you are the only member of the roster I want to fight, you are the only one I have something to prove to. Everyone else I have already disposed of or they are the likes of Bailey, Ross, Julius, Bart amongst others. People I don't care about, people who don't interest me, people that bore me. You are the only man I wish to fight anymore. except I don't want your legacy, You can keep your spot in the locker room. I don't want it. I will forge my own path Jason gives a small smirk You had a lot to say in your one promo that you took the time to do, saying I still have a lot to show you. That I still lack something that is holding me back. I disagree. See the thing I lack is my greatest strength. My lack of concern for what anyone thinks. People are just my playthings that I can dispose of any time. Aside from my wife and The Flock, the world can go burn in hell for all I care, I'll even guide it there if need be. You have always needed validation and exaltation. It's what keeps you going isn't that right? A part of you needs everyone coming up to you and telling you just how good you are, how your promos are second to none, how your grasp on psychology is astounding and how you are the master of mind games. I must confess it baffles me. You already know how good you are but yet you demand everyone tell you. Jason takes a drag of his cigarette and eyes the morning dew Listen to me Necce, I'm not the same naive fool you took under your wing a few months ago. I'm aware you took The Frontier on as your students because we showed promise as a group. And we have delivered on every front. Marker is without a doubt the only decent NXT champion this sad excuse for a wrestling company has ever had. Buddy Ace has the most potential of the three of us by far. As for me, well my accolades speak for themselves. You may have given me all the tools to get to this point but it was I who achieved the desired results. But Necce, don't think you can lay claim to me. You may have chosen me to succeed you but I'm afraid you miscalculated the weight of my ambition and menace. I appreciate everything you've done for me don't get me wrong. There's a reason you were my best man at my recent wedding. But I warn you of this. I have only shown you what I want you to see. I am going to tell you a secret. The reason I have acted the way I have since coming here was for no other reason than to test the limits of my ability. Thus I played with the emotions and lives of people here so they would have added motivation to fight me. My entire tenure here has been nothing but a simple experiment. And now I believe it's time I enter my endgame, don't you? Necce, at Crossfire you will realize that I too can be heartless. Even to you. Jason finishes his cigarette and looks back at his father's grave, salutes it and walks out of the graveyard eyes shining with confidence and determination
  14. Win US Regain Premium Hold on to Global
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