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  1. Jason is sitting on the hood of his truck in a parking lot, with a picture of him and Buddy Ace. He looks somber, upset. He sighs and drinks from a flask. A few empty whisky bottles are on the ground. Jason shakes his head as he looks at the photo. How did it come to this Buddy? How did we let it get this bad? This is the part where both guys say horrible things about each other but honestly, I'm not here to do that. It won't accomplish anything. Buddy, this war between us has gone on for too long. We both know what we have to do. We both know what it is going to take. But neither of us w
  2. Jason Ryan makes his first entrance since failing to claim the tag titles at Survival of the Fittest. The fans boo and jeer the man who just stares back at them emotionlessly. Jason heads to the ring, grabs a steel chair and throws it inside before rolling in after it. He sets it up and grabs a microphone. Jason motions for his music to be shut off and sits down. If you people wouldn't mind giving me a few moments of your time, I have a few things to say. Jason waits for a few minutes before talking again I'm not out here to belittle Creed or to whine, piss or moan li
  3. New Figurehead: Bully Ray New Theme:
  4. Drake Solace 6ft 4 235 pounds 23 years old USC Jersey Number: 28 Halfback Mixed
  5. Baszler Balor Lee Sheamus Sane Lashley Usos Sanity Joe Storm Reigns Cole
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O0bvBiWjAbc&list=LL&index=4&t=0s
  7. If it’s not too late, I’m your huckleberry. ( I’m in)
  8. Jason stands there looking shocked at Buddy who stares back at him Wha...what did you just say? I know you never expected me to say those words so I'll say them again. I am truly sorry. I lay awake thinking about what I did every night. Which is why, I'm done playing games And then, Nuddy extends his fist towards Jason, just like he used to back in the days of The Frontier The fans are going crazy, chanting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! Jason stares at the fist then looks back at Buddy You have got to be kidding me! After what you pulled the night w
  9. Jason Ryan comes out to address the Carnage fans who are unsure of how to react to him. Some boo, some cheer the man who lately seems on the verge of returning to the Jason Ryan they know and love, yet he also seems hellbent on destroying himself and taking Buddy Ace with him. Jason gets into the ring with a microphone. Well, just when I think this place can't get more interesting, my match at Survival of the Fittest gets a slight change. As it turns out ladies and gentlemen, Bart is no longer a factor and went home. And in his place is the teacher's pet Sameer. Jason over dramatical
  10. We force you? What, do we pull weapons on you and make you respond? Oh wait, it’s not your fault is it? It’s never your fault.
  11. You’re the one who refuses to learn and keeps acting the way you do. Maybe if you didn’t insist on touching the hot burner you wouldn’t get burned
  12. Jason stops suddenly after a few moments of silence and looks at the stars What the hell have we become man? How did we let it get this bad? You and I were seen as the undisputed future of wrestling, not just the company, but of wrestling. Yet all we've done is screw up, sometimes I feel like that's all I've done my entire life. Ruin shit and break things. If you had told me my career and life would be this far in the shitter a year and a half ago I would stepped in front of an oncoming semi and gotten it over with. The two start walking aimlessly again, not saying anything for a fe
  13. I'm pretty sure he'll be back before long. But it's nice to see Heyman with a new client and I can't believe I'm about to say this but I'd like to see Heel Reigns with Heyman versus Lesnar in one last match.
  14. Easily Randy Orton. He would be the perfect villain in a game, a guy who always gets one up on you and messes with your life. He’s the type of character that makes the final battle that much better. For the hero, Gargano, Bryan guys like that would be perfect. This under dogs that shouldn’t have a chance against the villain, just can’t get a break but they have a never say die mentality. Thats actually a standard formula I use for my own stories because it works well. No one would of cared about Harry Potter if Voldemort wasn’t spoken of the ultimate badass
  15. Far Cry 5 is so much fun. I was worried they would take a big ol shit on my state but in a lot of ways it’s a love letter to Montana, I love it

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