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  1. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of BPZ Behind Closed Doors. I am the JRE exclusive interviewer and commentator, Mark the Page and I have with me, my boss, the Jason Ryan Entertainment CEO, The man with the Master Plan, Jason Ryan Thank you for agreeing to this interview Mark. I'll double your pay this coming pay period. Maybe add in a hooker for a bonus, I don't know. I'll do something for you. It's no problem and thank you for that. First thing's first, Mister Ryan it has been revealed that your tag team partner, the man who recently revealed himself as Gunner Flynn is the brother of BPZ General Manager and Undisputed Champion, Jeremiah Flynn. What are your thoughts? You forget, Gunner and I went to High School together. We played on the same Baseball team, we went to summer camps together, we double dated together, we got arrested together I dunno how many freaking times. I know everything about this man and he knows everything about me. Out of respect for him and our friendship I cherish so deeply, I never touched on this certain topic. But I will say this. Jeremiah is NOT Gunner's brother, he's given up the right to call himself that. I won't get into the nitty gritty out of respect for my friend but I will say that as far as brothers go, I am the one who has filled that role and he has done the same for me. It's no secret that my family is all dead and for each funeral, Gunner has been there. BPZ is in for a very ugly saga, a war between blood is always an ugly affair What about the reprecussions that are to no doubt come as a result? I welcome them. I'll be right by Gunner's side. What's he going to do, fire us? The JRE is owned by me, we have our own contracts. He can fine us sure but due to my brilliant lawyers, the JRE is, no pun intended, Bullet Proof. So you're saying we have nothing to fear? Exactly. All we have to do is help Gunner destroy everything Jeremiah has worked his whole career to build and strip him of everything, piece by painful piece. I personally look forward to seeing the look of anguish as Gunner ruins his career and life. True true. Anyway, you have been scarce recently Mister Ryan. Do you care to explain your absence? Jason grits his teeth and closes his eyes I believe we had an understanding about this I'm sorry sir, i didn't mean to- Get out of my sight! Mark hurries out of sight and Jason looks at the camera SInce the question has been asked, I might as well answer it. I have been in a dark frame of mind recently. Because I went ahead and challenged Echo against the wishes of my wife, she has decided it best if she leaves me alone for a few weeks, not realizing it is her I draw my strength from. And without her, I can feel my old tendencies rising, my thirst to hurt people just for fun is trying to overtake me once more. So I have given myself a mini vacation in order to stay in control and so I can get in the right frame of mind. Echo, I saw your conditions for the match and I must say, I am looking forward to this. Echo, I accept your terms. Lemons, salt and mustard. You say those will be your murder weapons. Echo, you of all people should know that pain is my greatest motivator, when I see my own blood, it does something to me I cannot explain. I eagerly await Halloween Havoc. I know you are going to put me through totally agony, just remember, I'm the one who wanted this. I relish at the idea of torturing you with your own items of choice before pinning you once more. What you don't realize is everytime you pour salt in my open wounds, every time you slowly drip lemon juice on my bloody and broken body, every time you douse me in mustard, know I will draw strength from it. It will serve as my greatest motivator to be that much more brutal, that much more sadistic, that much more evil than you can ever hope to be. Because this man is not the man you will be facing. You will not be looking at the Embodiment of Entertainment because I can't beat you as I am now. So I have no choice. For one last time, I will revert back to my old ways. For one night only, The Gunslinger will come back. For one night only, The Last Outlaw will return and for one night only BPZ's God of Destruction will visit his old domain! Jason holds up a pocket knife and slowly and purposefully without breaking eye contact with the camera cuts his arm. Taking a deep breath he holds up a salt shaker as the blood begins to flow. Gritting his teeth and with noticeable discomfort he pours salt on his arm. Next he holds up a mustard packet and rubs it in, cursing under his breath, trying his best to hide his pain but begining to fail. Finally he squeezes lemon juice on his wound and gasps in pain. He cringes and forces himself to remain calm. When he speaks again, it's through gritted teeth and a pained expression At Halloween Havoc, for one last time, The Anarchist will ride again. Cause in order to forever rid myself of one demon, I must use it to dispose of another. Echo, the Apocalypse is amongst us my friend. And win, lose or draw, neither one of us are walking out the same. The camera fades to black as Jason slowly licks his wound staring at the camera.
  2. Thelastemperor


    I don’t have a Rock cutout you dumb shit! I have a rock named Dwayne
  3. I don't get what your problem is with me man. Is it because everyone actually knows who I am? or, is it because I don't need my parents permission to see a rated R movie and you do?I feel your pain buddy, my twins feel the same way
  4. Jason sees Arrow lying on the ground and he smirks. He takes out his phone and starts to play a song. To the left Take it back now y'all One hop this time Right foot let's stomp Left foot let's stomp Cha cha real smooth Turn it out To the left Take it back now y'all One hop this time Right foot let's stomp Left foot let's stomp Jason stomps Arrow with his left foot, backs up and jumps on Arrow. He stomps Arrow with his right foot than his left before cha chaing and jumping on Arrow and stomping on him with both feet. Freeze! Everybody clap your hands Jason claps his hands then kicks Arrow in the dick, bows and leaves
  5. well my buddy is going to trial, they have enough to charge him. 

  6. The Titantron shows Jason Ryan standing in his backyard in the early morning wearing a black JRE tank-top, blue jeans, and sunglasses. Beside him is a stool with an ordinary rock on it. He beams at the camera as he lights a cigarette and takes a drag Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a JRE exclusive. I am of course, your founder, your chairman and your CEO, skip a few lines about my awesomeness that at this point might as well be divine energy. Actually know what, it is divine energy because you people are in the presence of GOD-t! The man with the master plan, Jason Ryan. And I'm not here alone, I am joined by my good friend Dwayne! Jason holds up the rock and holds it to his ear So Dwayne, when is your next movie coming out? .... uh-huh. Uh-huh, that's great! Jason sits the rock back down on the stool carefully and looks back at the camera Arrrrooowww! You son of a bitch! You have challenged the JRE Vice President and the JRE Premium champion, Icon to a match for the JRE Premium championship! Are you stupid, are you dumb, do you have too many X chromosomes, are you a window licker, do you have a 6th-grade education, do you know how to read, are you a masochist, have you even reached puberty yet? You paint chip eating, window licking, sharpie sniffing, tide pod eating, stupid motherf*cker. I mean, I don't even know what your gimmick is, other than you seem like the type to hit on teenage girls over at TikTok, Music.ly, whatever you feminine looking dumbasses use these days. Now Arrow I applaud you for exercising your Constitutional right to be a dumbass but you're stepping to the wrong person son. I mean Icon is a future main eventer, and you are, well let's face it Arrow. The only reason we keep you around is because you are a real-life fail compilation. You fail at talking, you fail at wrestling, you fail at tying your shoes, I've known three-year-olds with bigger vocabularies than yours. Every time you come on out with a microphone in your hand, the fans get up for their piss break. You're basically the Peter Griffin of BPZ, people like you for your horrendous stupidity. That's why you still have a job here. So Arrow before Haloween Havoc and your resulting execution, feel free to pray to your GOD-t but spoiler warning, I won't be listening. Jason takes off his sunglasses. cigarette forgotten Echo Wilson responded to my challenge at Halloween Havoc. And He accepted my challenge. During our little get-together, we both said we desire our freedom. Echo, I know you're watching. I am going to do whatever it takes to put you down for good Echo. But there will be no malice behind my actions. But this has to happen Echo. Our eternal dance has to come to an end. I don't want to hurt you but we're running out of alternatives. Which is why at Halloween Havoc I will put you down, I will give you the end you desire, I will finish it! And who better to end it than GOD-t. And you only spell God JRE! So at Halloween Havoc, you picked the right day to get f*cked up! Boom biotch! The camera fades to black with the JRE theme song playing in the background
  7. im sorry i haven't been as active. Been hella busy since I took on a second job and I got news last night that a good friend of mine got arrested under suspicion of a homicide that happened in my area recently. Since this guy is someone I've been rather close to since I graduated, I'm a little distraught. So if I seem off in the discord, I apologize. 

  8. Honestly I’d say not having Taker vs Cena at Wrestlemania when both guys were still around on a weekly basis, like 2008 for an example
  9. Edge vs Taker, it was An amazing match to an amazing rivalry
  10. Losing to Necce in Night of Legends and him beating me for my title. I was going through some crap in real life at the time due to me being generally unhappy over some professional stuff at my job and that certainly didn’t help.
  11. Winning the Global championship and doing something that no one thought I would do, something that just about everyone said I was in the global series to fill up space. I just hope that one day I can get to where I was last year
  12. For those who didn’t get the memo, haven’t been paying attention or just lacking in certain areas, Icon has signed ion with the JRE, making the BPZ Premium championship no more and ushering in the JRE Premium championship. Welcome to Jason Ryan entertainment
  13. Buddy Ace Smith Sameer Bashka Arius

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