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  1. I am not new, but it's been about 3 or 4 years since I've been active on this forum. I'm reintroducing myself because either most of you weren't on yet when I was last active or you simply don't remember me. So yeah Undertaker is the GOAT and I'm a huge Chicago sports fan. If I see D Rose slander I will most likely cry. That's really all there is to know about me, glad to be back.
  2. The Great Khali. The dude could barely move, yet he got wins over guys like taker, Batista, and I believe even John cena at one point.
  3. PRE SHOW: Womens Battle Royal: Sahsa Banks Wins, I feel like she needs to go over and look strong after losing to Ronda, I'd have her turn heel by dumping out a distracted Bayley to win or something Andre The Giant Battle Royal: Alister Black wins by eliminating Braun Strowman Womens Tag Titles: Iconics (c)vs Trish Stratus and Lita: I think the Iconics are the best candidates to hold these belts right now, and I think a win over Trish and Lita would put not only them over but the belts too Smackdown vs Raw: Rooble vs The Usos: The two tag champions on each brand, didn't really know what to do with them to be honest, this match gives both teams something to do, and also saves some room so you dont have to put two tag title matches. Rooble kind of needs a big win so they can go over here, and after the match AOP attacks them setting up a Raw Tag title fued MAIN SHOW: Cruiserweight Title Ladder Match: Buddy Murphy(c) vs Hideo Itami vs Akira Tasowa vs Kalisto vs Cedrick Alexander vs ???: The sixth man would be someone like Lince Dorado at first, but on the go home 205 he gets attacked and hurt by Itami, then the sixth man walks out at mania and is Ricochet. Big Pop to open the show and a good way to introduce Ricochet to casuals. I dont know who goes over here, it can be anyone you want SD Womens: Auska(c) vs Charlotte: The rematch from last year, this ones just for me since I'm an Auska mark. Auska kicks the crap out of Charlotte to retain. I'm not saying it should be a squash, but dominant showing by Auska Ic: Finn Balor (c)vs Lars Sullivan: After Finns loss at the rumble build him up as this giant slayer. Wwe has already begun a program between him and Lashley, so Finn takes the Belt off of him and his next challenge is Lars Sullivan. Now I hope Lars is alright and ready to debut by the time mania happens, and if he is, let him be in this match and let him win the Title. Aj Styles and Rusev vs Shane McMahon and Eric Rowan: So a little bit of backstory, at elimination chamber, Shane turns his back on the miz and joins his old friend Daniel Bryan. Now Daniel starts to form his own evil vegan stable, the most menacing of stables, He has the big body Guard, his wife, and now authority. Aj has been fueding with Bryan and I really want Rusev to do something at mania so yeah. Aj and Rusev win and get beaten down after the match Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs Kurt Angle: Why not, Dean takes a lot of the bumps but he wins in the end. Triple H vs Batista: They've already started building towards it, Batista wins Us: Samoa Joe (c)vs Mustafa Ali vs Shinskue Nakamura: Mustafa beats Shinskue for the title, then a few weeks later Joe beats Ali for the title, Nakamura and Mustafa Ali draw by something like a double countout in a number one contenders match, and it's a triple threat match at wrestlemania. I think Joe should go over and hold the belt for a while John Cena vs Drew McIntyre: DREW NEEDS TO GO OVER HERE WWE: Daniel Bryan vs The Miz: Face Miz vs Heel Daniel Bryan. I think that would be cool. Eric Rowan is about to cost the miz the match and theres no one the help him when Luke Harper runs in, takes out Harper, But low blow from Bryan and Bryan Retains. Not every match has to have a feel good ending Universal: Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins: Rollins wins. Why wouldn't Rollins win here Raw Womens: Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch: This has to be the main event. Theres too much story and These two are too over for it not to be. Becky finally beats Ronda after a long match and the show ends on a huge feel good ending.
  4. My favorite wrestler in current wwe is easily Aj styles. I think he is one of the best on the mic, especially as a heel, and he is the best in the ring. My favorite superstar in the past 5 years is cm punk for the same reasons of aj styles. I know this may be shocking, but my favorite of all time is the undertaker. I know it's shocking because of my name. I can't really explain why, I don't think he's the best in the ring, that would be kurt angle, and I can't say he's the best on the mic that would be cm punk. I don't know what it is he's just always been my favorite. He's always been there, and he probably has the best character work ever.

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