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  1. Addy


    A Phoenix Among Crows "Dancing on a razor wire, unsure when we'll fall! Melancholy crescendo of joy, oh the sorrowful summer nights... Trouble in paradise, a clouded mind...We don't know if the crooked man is kind. In the end, when the rain falls Know that it is not my heart that calls But the spirit of hope, down the dusty slope... Evermore as the man the crow perceives." Such a delicate, winding voice which lingers on, echoing in their gusto. As gospel is spoken events are flashed for only a few moments each through the darkness. First, old news reports with English origin, clearly dated from the 2000's detailing a string of armed robberies. Eventually another flash, a young Addison Child's mugshot shown on national television, distressed voices condemning the man who at the time was the most wanted man in the United Kingdom. More and more flashes. Addison's first appearance on BPZ television, his BPZ debut almost one year ago already at BPZMania V in the Nebakos Royale. Voices in the darkness speaking out, the likes of Mikey, Slim, Sheridan, Prince all speaking the same name. More and more voices join the fray as more flashes appear, recapping several match ending moments in which the likes of Death Row, the infamous sleeper hold executed by Addison Child was locked in tightly, notably the mask Prince once wore in Addison's debut singles match flying through the air as Riot Control hit its mark, the high angle big boot putting Prince out of commission in impressive fashion. The noise speaking out the name grew deafening almost, building to a crescendo, sirens blaring and chaos unfolding until it was finally broken by the scream of a man. Nothing but darkness once more, no sound and no light. A drum beats and Addison Child is revealed up close in real time. The day is the 22nd of February, 2021. Begin. "The truth is, my long absent children, never to come full turn as prodigal son to the shepherd robbed of his flock...The truth is...Tedious. View me the mortal man, twisted and jagged, bones cracked and brow scarred...Does my appearance hold the truth to who the man is within? Why? Why? Why? Why and Where? Why does he act the way he does, Where has truth gone in today's modern society? Dare to perceive...And truth shall twist and turn all the way more crooked. I stand here mortal man like any, yet my appearance of a battered miscreant and a child's nightmare leads you to self proclaimed truth? Truth as to who I am..What I am capable of. You judge the outcast, with little self awareness and all the naivety necessary to hold the world when asked yet you yourself watching with weary eyes of judgement tell me...I do not fit in? You know nothing. Truth is the fickle manifestation of your judgement, your judgement formed by the frail, brainwashing morals you were conditioned with at a feeble, youthful age. You dare turn your backs on me when I stand here prophet from the gods, yet humble harbinger and fellow mortal because you clutch your bible tightly and trust the morals you judge to be righteous? You fear truth, you fear what you cannot control, you fear the harbinger whom knocks on the ivory door of the control you have been made accustom to, fearful of change, fearful of what freedom will do to those so used to being tethered to slavery. You have lost faith, my children...Unbound from hope that one day we may live in peace. Unbound from god; long misguided by the wolf in sheep's clothing." "You look at me...You see my actions. You look to your rule book and most noticeably you look around at the others you hold close, yet so distant...And you are so swift to replicate their reaction, so swift to fear what is not stated in the book. I know of the truth...I have saw the lights in the high heavens and I carry message from Judge, Jury and Executioner and they speak of the rolling hills and unity I am to bring...Like the messiah before me, the humble teacher to the masses finds himself crucified for fear of him speaking absolute truth. Hear my words not once, but many times across many moons. Hear them, speak them, cherish them...For the gateway to better place is fleeting, dancing on the razor wire. Rapture is close." The heated scene ends. We are then met with the image of a dismal, small room, the same from the previous scene, this time camera panned out and revealing where exactly Addison was sat. Wardrobes attached to walls and without hanging pole, door swaying open and closed without sharp edges on the lock and catch and window smothered by metal grade prohibiting escape. This hostel for the damned had evidently long been abandoned, or so it seemed. Veneer peeling, damp long since built into metropolis in the upper right corner of the room and window never once cleaned. You could almost smell the stench of the habitat as you watched on. "Humble Harbinger, stripped of food, sleep and water; self afflicted as the fearful crow watches from mechanical eye. They do not dare speak their beloved truths on me and my being, for they know that in turn the fear of what would happen subsequently overrules their desperation for confrontation, desperation to brainwash the same way they themselves were brainwashed years ago. They call it rehabilitation, when in absolute truth it is mere reconditioning as a mindless slave. Another working man...Not me. In the days after the transpiring of the events on Carnage, I sit here once more shackled, this time in more victimizing fashion, a scowl replaced with a smile, yet the blade and method remains identical. From prison to asylum, the arrest remains. To silence my works, to protect the public from finding who sits in the true shackles...And to protect the weak from the civil service I provide. Jenny Lopes, you take role of hero, yet you yourself know that you overstepped the line far beyond you should have that night in having the federation put on a tribute show for the man who wrestled but once; in failure at that...You also know you overstepped the line further when you spoke my name with such malice. You are as naive as the crows which cackle on, their sickening morbid interest in seeing the mourning girl be put in her place. You fear, as we all fear...You run amok with the courageous fighting smile of a hero, indebting yourself further with yet more words of self sacrifice and destruction yet...You know deep down that you may see your Father again very imminently. I am admire your spirit, child. I do not disrespect you with belittling insults on your gender, your height nor whom you are, for I know like no other that appearance does not warrant the truth behind the eyes. I understand the mortal shell of a body you possess and why it would never limit you, despite being a female in this male dominated, male advantaged industry. I see your potential Jennifer...Yet in your youth you betray your foolish nature, your own undoing...I do not disrespect you indeed, yet you are far from earning my respect. Unlike your father, you are charismatic and have the distinct glow in star power when you enter the room every talent scout looks for in a tryout...But I am in firm belief that just like your Father before you, your potential will not reach very far at all. Your destiny has intertwined with my own and in turn when there shall only be one victor standing in the ring, only one of us shall go on with the same stride they entered with. If only you kept your mouth closed and knew decency when your forked tongue spoke, perhaps your downfall would not have came so premature at all..." "How passe society favors an underdog, who smiles and waves, takes their vitamins and brushes their teeth and faces the evil head on with audacity...You trust what you know as the true hero, yet just like Jenny, your mind wonders on in the back of your mind as to who the hero truly is. Morbid interest indeed, the cat with nine lives finally meets its end when they come across curiosity. The coming match of Addison Child vs Jennifer Lopes shall be an ode to absolute truth and tribute not to Jim, but to the fall of shackles, mighty clash of iron hitting the foundations of the concrete jungle imprisonments: the first sign of revolution breaking out. I toast you all to the new found faith you shall find when Jennifer Lopes meets judgement not from myself, nor the crows, but the lord himself. In time the crusade rises from its ashes and those who do not recognize the arrival of the Harbinger once more, this time forever more righteous and successful in his strides joining him in his most righteous and holy crusade for prosperity and revolution...They too shall meet Jim Lopes and the countless damned souls who dared to cross me for they will soon stand where Jenny and those previous stood and marked their grave. Embrace the absolute truth, hail the Harbinger."
  2. Addy

    Tribute To Jim

    Tribute To Jim! What a beautiful display of sympathy and celebration. The crowd lapping up the tribute with long and lengthy applause in honor of the man they knew as Jim Lopes. Jenny Lopes front and center; tears, smiles and waves... THWACK A deafening crash of metal coming from the ring; the seat of a chair flies through the air...Jenny Lopes folds over crumbling to the floor lifeless...Addy prevails stood above, large smile upon his face and broken steel chair in hand. The arena erupts into pure chaos. Fans swipe over the barricades trying to somehow reach the man in the ring, mothers hold their hands over their mouths in utter disbelief while others shield their children covering their eyes, ears and mouth. The exit doors are soon becoming crowded. Addy circles the ring around what was once Jenny Lopes laughing aloud. He'd drop the chair, breaking into the same applause reminiscent to the crowd previously. He'd stand on the apron looking out to the sea of people, security guards rushing in to combat and hold back the on rushing mob around the barricades. After much deliberation and resistance, Addy manages to wrestle a microphone from the time keeper's area and makes back for the ring where he finds comfort in placing a boot atop Jenny's head. "Ladies and Gentlemen lets give it up for Jenny Lopes and her dead father! Fantastic! A truly moving tribute, almost brought a tear to my eye...Who knew such a feeble man, inept at his own self proclaimed profession and without a single televised win in his career would draw such...Sympathy! And now a young woman of all people stand in his place, promising to achieve the goals her father set out and achi- I think I'm going to be sick..." Addy gimmicks throwing up in the corner of the ring staggering off before laughing once again maniacally skipping his way back to where Jenny Lopes lay. He'd pick up the chair once again and would extend it, its metal frame twisting and turning in sickening fashion, noise and all as he set it up. He'd almost go to sit down on the chair before realizing the seat had long since burst through Jenny's head and has landed elsewhere...Perhaps somewhere in the Pacific Ocean? Addy looks at the chair, then the crowd, then Jenny; Chair, Crowd, Jenny back and forth. With a large grin he gestures to the crowd above the boos and chaos "E-excuse me? Has anyone seen a seat around? I think I've lost mine you see and my legs have grown rather tiresome. Addison needs his rest after a hard day's work people!" Addy crouches down, crowing above Jenny's body. He'd look longingly into the camera as it slowly panned in for a close up of his scarred yet joyous face. He'd slowly lower his head looking at Jenny, whose eyes long ago began to rest. "The absolute audacity of you ey? THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING AUDACITY! This little girl comes into my ring where I have put my body on the line not once, not twice but on over 15 occasions already in my young career and just like all you naysayers at home and all you profligates in the crowd she dares speak my name in poor taste and harsh tone. She of all people..Slanders me! Who does she think she is ey? This is supposed to be the grand tribute for your father Jenny! The grand send off for your beloved father and a celebration of his life! Yet! Yet you dare speak the devil's name without expecting him to appear? No, no Jenny you didn't realise then but you realise now and you will sure realise when you watch this back later on from your Hospital bed but upon speaking my name you made a grave mistake. The devil has got your number and come rain or snow, hell or heaven...You will pay the price for it." "Your Father was a nobody. Truth is no one knew his name until he died, Jenny and you see very soon his name will be forgotten. His tribute overshadowed by the Harbinger and his name muddied all because you couldn't keep your mouth shut and turn your head. In this company Jenny there are some very, very dangerous people; your father sure wasn't one of those people and as we see from this petty display of impotence and speech out of line it so clearly runs in the family I mean...Rookie mistake, lady. Your Father was never relevant, never in the spotlight nor in the mouth of god, yet upon his death you think it adequate to ask for a tribute show and a 10 bell salute? No, no, no Jenny a 10 bell salute is for actual legends! People who have made their mark in this industry and have made this place oh so much better just like I have. Your Father never was relevant...But for this moment in time, thanks to me Jenny, he is...Thank me." "Just like your father and the previous sinners and slanderers who made the mistake of speaking my name and standing in my way, you too shall fall. You are yet another victim, a stepping stone and a proud display of just another most righteous crusade set about by yours truly...All because you couldn't help but mention my name at the funeral of your father! You had to make it about yourself didn't you Jenny. You're nothing. Nothing and nobody Jennifer. You lay down for the 2 time NXT champion! The Powertrip cup competitor, The King Of The Ring competitor! The Claspiracy competitor! The man who stands before you finished the calendar year with an astounding positive record of 7 wins and 6 mistakes, Jennifer...I understand you are new and beyond ignorant but just like your father when he dared speak my name in disrespect...Its the last mistake you will ever make..." Seething in his built up rage, Addy grasps the Microphone with two hands, trembling, his teeth grit tightly. No more smiles, no more laughter; not for the Harbinger. Addy circles the perimeter of the mat observing closely the outside of the ring, eyes narrowed before...He strikes again. Addy leaps upon the already motionless, unconscious body of Jenny Lopes. He picks up the defenseless head of Jenny by her hair and he'd set in place his pythons around her neck. The devastating sleeper hold of Addy's "Death Row" was locked in as deep as he liked. Jenny's body would begin to twitch... He'd grasp the microphone once more, arm still wrapped around her tiny neck "While Jim answers to god, you will answer to me..."
  3. 1. Charlotte Flair the rest aren’t as important.
  4. Dante’s Inferno of “ye who enter here abandon all hope” (quoted on the door of the Firefly Funhouse) and the 9 circles of hell is pretty cool but...personally I prefer the bigotry of Tamer and Jon when they bless us with their correct opinions and superiority complex. Really hits home. Love those guys.
  5. The plot deepens. One man in BPZ recently embarked on a religious pilgrimage...who was that man? ARROW But how is this relevant, you say? Well...Toxik was hacked from Saudi Arabia, Mecca to be specific...YOU KNOW WHATS IN MECCA?! THIS THING... The destination of millions of religious pilgrimages throughout History...And Arrow was there for his all while Toxik was hacked. Who else but Arrow, right? I REST MY CASE.
  6. Good evening lady and gentlemen. It’s me Addy. tongiht I will present my case before you all as to why ARROW is the one responsible for all this. Arrow messaged Toxik in chat after hearing of the hacking...of course Arrow already knew long before Toxik was hacked, it was a ploy all along... Arrow tells Toxik that he will help him get his account back if he pays! Now this is a familiar tactic used by hackers, the classic extortion trick, you see... The hacker (ARROW) hacks the account and takes the account details, just so happens to contact the victim (Toxik ) and offers to “help them out” in return for money...Little does Toxik know it was ARROW all along! Personally I won’t stand for this...Toxik has been a victim for far too long and countless times it has been ARROW at the forefront of this disgusting abuse! The truth is right there. It was Arrow all along...
  7. Name: Jeff Age:15 Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior:Sophomore Backstory: Jeff used to be a good kid...But after one too many games of fortnite and many V bucks later he turned into a rabid animal type clout beast; obsessed with the various dances from the video game and began dabbing throughout his school career getting himself in BIG trouble! Jock, Nerd, Bad kid: Bad Kid
  8. Addy

    New Chapter

    New Chapter No straight lines, the vertical city of corroded metal beams up through the atmosphere, evermore into the clouds. The humid buzz of the sizzling heat and the disheveled look of those crowing from above, hungry at the sight of wealth, luxury...Or anything but this. The eternal day casts spiteful god rays through the cracks and gaps of the festering civilization, mosquitoes rife in the air and a constant tension so apparent through the hustling noise of an endless crowd. So noisy, so chattering...The vagrants look high above at the slums, looking to heaven for an answer. Occasionally, a thunderous tumble, occasionally a silencing wave of crashing sound...Those who live on the edge live not in fear of falling, but acceptance of what may be; the lord controls their fate. To tumble and fall, the mighty towers of corrugated iron called home to too many tempt fate each and every day. Eggs in a wire basket, the echos of a fallen empire long last. To fall to earth, and ascend to the heavens, or live another day, king to the rats; emperor of the slums. A rotund man makes his way through the metal jungle death trap, drawing desperate eyes from all around. His clothes, his body and the healthy look of a man experienced with age and knowledge, not so common place in this metropolis...He'd narrow his eyes, ever vigilant of his surroundings and he pressed on deep into the never ending slum. A maze, the rotund fellow twists and turns through suffocated "streets" constantly turning his head; ever vigilant...He walks around, long strides of a merry man, yet face so concrete solemn; deeply woven sneer and lowered head of a ruffian. Eventually...Reaction. Shifting shadows, grimaced grins; wry amusement? Figures drop into frame behind Rotund Man. He'd turn and as he does, two more figures covering the flank. He'd tilt his head to the right, mirroring the rusted skyscrapers above, studying the men and women seemingly now surrounding him in close proximity. His eyes would gently flicker up and down at the figures. Since his first footstep into this metallic jungle, he had been looking for something, unsure of what, but evermore wandering. Ever since his first footstep, he was being watched. Now...Two interests have found each other. A wire like smirk would appear on the wrinkled man's face, a sudden nod, seemingly impressed with the formality, organisation and efficiency of the threatening felons. Finally...Words. In a broken, foul, croon voice, the rotund man speaks... "Take me to him..." The titantron powers out. The arena becoming cast in darkness now as flood light after flood light and LED after LED repels from the arena. A spotlight shines above the stage near the entrance ramp. The rotund man appears in the spotlight, head down, visage hidden by bucket hat. Slowly he looks up, huge smile on his face, sickening to the sight. The crowd rumble, fearful confusion as they gaze cautiously at the man whom they do not know. The rotund man raises his arm out level with his shoulder 90 degrees, his fist clenched, but something clearly in his hand...He'd release revealing a necklace of sorts...Is that...A knife? A knife dangles with imminent danger by a thin necklace, forever threatening to cause damage. The rotund man laughs, bellowing out as if playing god. Almost as if he was decided when and how to drop the crooked towers back in the slums...Playing god...With a switchblade. The knife drops, creating a loud clanging and as it sounds the spotlight turns off, once again the entire arena masked in darkness. Eventually... ... The familiar drum beating, the grueling guitar riff...The titantron slowly reveals the name no one wish see on the night. The harbinger arrives on carnage... "ADDY IS HERE ON CARNAGEEEE" The crowd aren't as eager to see the hand which provides. As one of England's most notorious ex-convicts makes his way down slowly to the ring, basking in the heat of the moment, yet sorrowed and jaded, the crowd roar. Not cheers, not encouragement, merely general disgust. Sighs, "Ugh!" and boos raining around the arena the loudest in a while. Unlike the heated moment of one of BPZ's top villains arriving, the slander heard by Addy is much different; he knows that all too well... He makes his way into the ring, the rotund man following behind and lowering the ropes for Addy's grand return to the squared circle. Retrieving a microphone, the crowd grow even more tireless roaring out in an attempt to silence the harbinger. Ever the imposing figure, commanding respect and authority, Addy soon moves into checkmate beginning to speak, silencing the naysayers. "By all means I will make this short as I have long over ran my liberties in standing in this ring with false promise and a smile on my face...I'd like to introduce you all to my right hand. My advisor and advocate, a fellow legend of HM Whitemoor and the collector of lost souls. Ladies and Gentlemen this man is the man who made me the the being I am today. You may look upon him and believe...Small and frail? Old and weak? Believe me, in times of darkness mother mary comes in the form of this man. Speaking words of wisdom the man of top echelon speaks many lessons in which I have taught my own children. This man is the reason I stand here today, not only living, but as a BPZ contracted wrestler. I do not wish to be here...No. However as stated by my advocated and legal fellow here I have a contractual obligation to fulfill and my oh my the figures I saw on this new contract an intellectual such as myself cannot turn his back from." "I first met this man in 2005. I didn't speak to him much until condemned to the land of the forgotten, but many a job this man fixed me with. Not only a middleman, but a proven warrior against the authority and establishment so deeply rotten whose reputation surpasses my own! The shepherd watches his flock, grand puppeteer of fate and belief, controller of their feeble lives...The closest advisor of the emperor and forever more the sharper tongue, mind and body than myself, I introduce you all to the notorious Katashi Kaneko!" The crowd erupts with noise, mere association is enough to warrant jeers from tonight's crowd. Addy steps forward past Katashi furrowing his brow "Call me coward, call me prodigal son, I call myself an opportunist...Such ripe land, ready for picking...A new host of talent in which I may appropriate into my hit list. Previously I spoke of my distaste in standing before you, I said I was in it for the money and to fulfill the shackles I have been thrown in...But most of all I stand before you in continued lust for violence. I am a violent, yet merciful god by nature. In this life the weak fade out and are surpassed by those superior and in this industry there is a great many beings in which I deem to be insufferable. So insufferable that I now make my way to Carnage, exchanging gold for red...A symbolic transformation. My time on Valor hada great many victories. Breaking the record for most matches wrestled at different events in a month, four! Four matches in which I won with righteous honor and boundless glory...But it all fell apart. I cried wolf, called for the bell...Deemed my work to be done in the eleventh hour when it mattered most. A string of three detrimental losses in such quick succession left me...Unbound to what is known as the common man's sanity. Many grand victories and many grand losses not to be talked about again...My new chapter begins now." "My body is not broken, my mind ages yet remains the same, forever set on my vision of the new world order and here I stand, still craving violence, still headstrong in my beliefs that myself and my children may one day sit upon a hill and eat and dance in absolute unity, happiness and acceptance of one another. If we wish to call names, and I assure you I am called plenty; as seen on the Twitter via mobile device! Call me...Martyr. Tyrant, aware of the sacrifices which must be made to achieve absolute unparalleled prosperity. Everything I do, I do for you sat at home...You jeering me in the stands...And you looking for the the pariah you never knew you needed." "God emperor of the voiceless, great liberator of the shackled, the authority falls, the establishment is exposed and the new era is ushered in with thunderous applause. Bow your head carnage, you are in the presence of something bigger than you could ever realize. With the roster's head turned and on notice, it won't be long til I begin my second righteous crusade, more unforgiving than ever before, more prosperous than seen previously! Submit...Or my hand will be forced. We can build a new tomorrow, today. You only need take my hand and join me on the journey to the summit of that hill...Freedom awaits." Addy steps back, wondering the ring as the noise carries around the arena. He'd raise his hand which hosted the microphone, passing the torch on to Katashi. The rotund man begins speaking and very soon its realized he is not speaking English, but Japanese. With great fire in his lungs he blasphemes at the top of his voice, passion so apparent. After a couple of minutes he pauses...And behold, English! Its very clear and well spoken, yet his Osaka accent so apparent. "The common man may never speak the same tongue as their god, for fear of truth...The hand provides in time." Katashi tosses the mic over his shoulder to the mat, an almighty crash sounding as it breaks. Addy gives a firm look to Katashi, nodding, then going to leave. As Katashi lowers the middle rope and Addy goes to leave he is interrupted by a huge surprise. (Reply Planned!)
  9. Putting myself as number one when I win ong 💯
  10. @Mikey stands head and shoulders above many very comfortably. Always a good brother to me and has always offered his unconditional support through thick and thin. Used to think he was being nice to me just because he was stuck in a stable with me but as time has passed he’s proven himself to be a real one. Special mention to @Toxik420and @Mr. Slim as well, my 2 other former stable mates who have remained a positive and friendly influence throughout my time here 👍

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