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  1. Addy


    A Phoenix Among Crows "Dancing on a razor wire, unsure when we'll fall! Melancholy crescendo of joy, oh the sorrowful summer nights... Trouble in paradise, a clouded mind...We don't know if the crooked man is kind. In the end, when the rain falls Know that it is not my heart that calls But the spirit of hope, down the dusty slope... Evermore as the man the crow perceives." Such a delicate, winding voice which lingers on, echoing in their gusto. As gospel is spoken even
  2. Addy

    Tribute To Jim

    Tribute To Jim! What a beautiful display of sympathy and celebration. The crowd lapping up the tribute with long and lengthy applause in honor of the man they knew as Jim Lopes. Jenny Lopes front and center; tears, smiles and waves... THWACK A deafening crash of metal coming from the ring; the seat of a chair flies through the air...Jenny Lopes folds over crumbling to the floor lifeless...Addy prevails stood above, large smile upon his face and broken steel chair in hand. The arena erupts into pure chaos. Fans swipe over t
  3. 1. Charlotte Flair the rest aren’t as important.
  4. Dante’s Inferno of “ye who enter here abandon all hope” (quoted on the door of the Firefly Funhouse) and the 9 circles of hell is pretty cool but...personally I prefer the bigotry of Tamer and Jon when they bless us with their correct opinions and superiority complex. Really hits home. Love those guys.
  5. The plot deepens. One man in BPZ recently embarked on a religious pilgrimage...who was that man? ARROW But how is this relevant, you say? Well...Toxik was hacked from Saudi Arabia, Mecca to be specific...YOU KNOW WHATS IN MECCA?! THIS THING... The destination of millions of religious pilgrimages throughout History...And Arrow was there for his all while Toxik was hacked. Who else but Arrow, right? I REST MY CASE.
  6. Good evening lady and gentlemen. It’s me Addy. tongiht I will present my case before you all as to why ARROW is the one responsible for all this. Arrow messaged Toxik in chat after hearing of the hacking...of course Arrow already knew long before Toxik was hacked, it was a ploy all along... Arrow tells Toxik that he will help him get his account back if he pays! Now this is a familiar tactic used by hackers, the classic extortion trick, you see... The hacker (ARROW) hacks the account and takes the account details, just so happens to contact the victim (Toxik
  7. Name: Jeff Age:15 Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior:Sophomore Backstory: Jeff used to be a good kid...But after one too many games of fortnite and many V bucks later he turned into a rabid animal type clout beast; obsessed with the various dances from the video game and began dabbing throughout his school career getting himself in BIG trouble! Jock, Nerd, Bad kid: Bad Kid
  8. Addy

    New Chapter

    New Chapter No straight lines, the vertical city of corroded metal beams up through the atmosphere, evermore into the clouds. The humid buzz of the sizzling heat and the disheveled look of those crowing from above, hungry at the sight of wealth, luxury...Or anything but this. The eternal day casts spiteful god rays through the cracks and gaps of the festering civilization, mosquitoes rife in the air and a constant tension so apparent through the hustling noise of an endless crowd. So noisy, so chattering...The vagrants look high above at the slums, looking to heave
  9. Putting myself as number one when I win ong 💯
  10. @Mikey stands head and shoulders above many very comfortably. Always a good brother to me and has always offered his unconditional support through thick and thin. Used to think he was being nice to me just because he was stuck in a stable with me but as time has passed he’s proven himself to be a real one. Special mention to @Toxik420and @Mr. Slim as well, my 2 other former stable mates who have remained a positive and friendly influence throughout my time here 👍

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