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  1. For my promos, I think my best quality I produce may be either storytelling or conspicuous way I tell my story.
  2. Just changed mines like yesterday or some shit like that, gotten bored so I’ve made a new topic, who was your first BPZ Figurehead? Mine was of course Corey Graves.
  3. Similar to the Overrated or Underrated series, I will be listing five current or former WWE Superstars, however I will be using a different concept this time, I want you all to give the 5 superstars I list your best comparison, whether it’s based of the impact they gave to the company, the impact they gave to the fans, character work, etc. So without further ado, let’s go. 1. John Cena 2. Bray Wyatt 3. Drew McIntyre 4. Dolph Ziggler 5. Karrion Kross
  4. Nardie


    The scene starts on the surface of a abandoned home on a dark and gloomy night, with nothing around the premises of it, no one dared to drive on a torn up road to go to the deserted homestead, and the only two things you could here at that moment was the precipitation of rain dripping down slowly on the stop sign, and the wind blowing leaves off the trees, but other than that, it was complete silence, so silent that in that particular moment you could’ve heard a pin drop, but the complete silence wouldn’t last a lifetime, because out of absolutely nowhere, a minivan blazes full speed on the ro
  5. If Ricochet was planning on leaving WWE, I think WWE would have tried their hardest to push Ricochet so that they could maybe convince him to stay, similar to how they gave FTR and Moxley title runs in their last months of being in WWE, but it’s pretty obvious that the built frustration of these two was far too broken for a brief title reign to fix it, if Ricochet wanted to leave, he would’ve asked for by now.
  6. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and wrestlinginc.com
  7. For nearly 2 years now, we’ve seen people like Jon Moxley, and FTR jump ship from WWE to AEW and managed to do better than they did in their past tenure companies, but the focus on this question is not on success, our focus is on people who haven’t had much success since leaving the company that made them a name in the professional wrestling business. Which AEW Superstar do you think would be better off just staying at their old companies?

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