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  1. After being soaked in beer, Tastic takes his shirt off, throwing it at GRV’s wife and kids, he then looks the crowd and looks at them in disgust, he turns around and looks at GRV, and says this. Welp, there you go again, you have finally done it, you have lost your damn mind once and for all. Ty, may I ask this question?, who in the hell do you think you are?, not only have you RUINED! my $12,000 suit, you have tried to make a mockery out of me, by assuming that I’m the one who hates hearing the truth, and you have the damn audacity to mention my parents. May I remind you that the man you just sent your beloved fans to come throw beers at me is also the man that almost snapped your cousin’s neck off his head, but you just skip through because you have no idea what the word consequences mean, and mark my words you will pay for doing that to my suit, you will pay for having my parents name in your beer breathe smelling mouth, you will pay for questioning my business decisions, you will pay for hitting a back fall on my mentor, you will pay assuming that I have no backbone because I decided to help a friend out, and last but most certainly not least, you will pay for still being employed. The crowds Boo’s Tastic heavily, while throwing beers at him again, with Tastic wisely moving away. They say everybody deserves second chances, but you have had too many to count just to waste them like the true spoiled bitch that you are, despite only winning your first match in 5 years you have always gotten opportunity over opportunity despite you not even doing anything Instead of drinking, snorting, and wasting, I don’t care what anybody else sees in you now, because I know who you really are, Brenden knows who you really are, hell, even the crowd knows who you really are but they try so hard not to see it, and I’m glad you’re wife and kids are here to witness this, because I’m about to tell the truth, as a matter of fact I already told the truth to you, Ty, so I think I’ll approach your family personally, just to explain to your kids why their dad is more spoiled than them. Tastic then approaches GRV’s family, with GRV trying to warn him not to, Which causes the ref to block Ty from attacking Tastic. I have been wanting to tell all of you this, for a long time, you’re Father is a sexual harassing, beer drinking, coke snorting, chances abusing, sensitive asss son of a bitch…… Tastic then notices 2 beers sitting at the side of GRV’s Wife’s chair, he then snatched it away from her and walks backs to the ring and says, you’ve been hitting the bottle, huh? you’ve been lying to the fans, answer me damn it!, GRV then denies the accusations but Tastic doesn’t want it hear it, you know what, this here bottle looks awfully familiar, is this Hennessy?, you know what don’t answer that question, I’ll find out by myself. Tastic then takes a sip of the Hennessy, then a expression on his face shows that he doesn’t like it, he then spits it on GRV and says out of laughter Eeeeeeeuckkkk!, you used to drink this stuff, I mean honestly, how miserable were you to the point that you resorted to drinking this?, man you are a failure, and the funny part about it his that you had the nerve, the audacity to mention my parents, and you, yes you!, wanted to give me 2 options to go my, be like my father, or my mother, I’m choosing to be me, and speaking of family, I heard Tobias got out the hospital a few minutes ago. GRV then face palms as he looks at Tastic with a serious expression on his face and says TheGRV : Antonio, all jokes aside, I’m not playing this game anymore, if you even laid a finger on my cousin, I will DESTROY the existence of you! Tastic : Oh, trust and believe, Ty, it wasn’t anything I did, if I wanted to hurt our cousin again, I wouldn’t be here. But let’s just say I know someone who has all the time in the world, hehehehehe! Tastic then points to the titantron as we see Tobias Kelly on the floor by the front of the hospital, only to see a boot near Tobias Kelly’s face. The camera then slowly reveals the attacker as AARON NORTH, he smiles at GRV and says “if you wanna find me, I’m currently in Birmingham, Alabama, Grandview Medical Facility, you want me, come and get me at your own risk”. Tastic then tries to block GRV from exiting the ring, which leads to GRV pushing him aside to come get a piece of Aaron North, as he walks up the ramp, The Combined Fjéll Bros, now known as Lord Yautja stops him in his tracks, they brawl back into the ring, with GRV kicking Lord Yautja in his toes, causing him to drop in one knee, GRV then chuckles at Lord Yautja, then proceeds to turn around, only to meet a running knee in courtesy of Tony Tastic. Lord Yautja and Tastic looks at downed GRV, and then looks at eachother, Tastic then points at the 2 beers at the corner of the ring and signals Lord Yautja to give it to him, he does exactly this, and then he stands near GRV’s unconscious body and pours the 2 bottles of beers on GRV’s Body, he then picks him up and shattered both of the beer bottles on the skull on GRV, we then approach a short commercial break as paramedics are here to take GRV to the local medical facility, as Tastic poses while the whole crowd throws beer at him.
  2. Backstory Of How I came up with this idea: I was just talking about babyfaces and heels with Toxik and then out Of nowhere, I got this idea. Personally For Me I’d Say Heel Dolph Ziggler, if you seen some of my promos, you would see the traits my character shares with Dolph, so now that I got mines done with, let’s see what WWE Superstar resembles your character the best.
  3. Men’s Superstar Of The Year: Drew McIntyre Women’s Superstar Of The Year: Between Asuka And Sasha Banks Men’s Match Of The Year: Edge Vs Orton (Backlash) Women’s Match Of The Year: Io Vs Banks Men’s Rising Star: Otis Women’s Rising Star: Sonya Deville Best PPV: Royal Rumble Most Memorable Moment: Edge Returning Best Feud: Rollins Vs Rey Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton Turning Heel Most Extreme Moment: Rey And Black’s Bump At MITB Best Promo: In General, MVP. Best Actual Promo: Seth Rollins/ Rey Confrontation Biggest Surprise: Lynch’s Pregnancy
  4. NBA Playoffs 2019-2020 Second Round Hello, everybody!, we are back with the second round of the NBA Playoffs, now Tuesday’s addition of the Miami Heat Series we saw teams like the Pacers scoring upset series victories, but today’s question is, will it continue?, And all I’m gonna say is this, this is the right place to find out, now let’s go over the injuries (and recoveries) of the 8 teams that’s competing in the second round. Bucks Injuries And Recoveries Giannis Antetokounmpo - Left Foot Stress Fracture - Injured During Second Round - Expected To Return - 2-4 Weeks Khris Middleton - Broken Right Thigh - Reg Season Injury - Day to Day Injury Lakers Injuries And Recoveries Dwight Howard - Strained Groin - Recovered Just In Time For Second Round Javale McGee - High Right Ankle Sprain - Recovered Just In Time For Second Round Clippers Injuries And Recoveries Patrick Beverly - Won’t Be Competing In Playoffs Ivica Zubac - Broken Nose - Playable Injury - Expected To Recover - 1-2 Weeks Nuggets Injuries And Recoveries Michael Porter - First Round Injury- Inactive For The Rest Of The Playoffs Celtics Injuries And Recoveries Kemba Walker- Torn Right Hamstring - Unable To Play In Second Round - Injured During First Round Mavericks Injuries And Recoveries Dwight Powell - Unable To Play In Playoffs Jalen Brunson - Bruised Right Hip - Injured During First Round - Expected To Return - 2-4 Weeks Delon Wright - Right Knee Tendinitis- Reg Season Injury- Expected To Return - 1-2 weeks Heat Injuries And Recoveries Derrick Jones Jr. - Returned During Second Round Kendrick Nunn - Injured And Returned During Second Round Pacers Injuries And Recoveries Malcolm Brogden - Won’t Play In Playoffs Now That Everyone Knows Who Was Injured And Who Returned, it’s time to show the brackets and who each second round team had to Beat to get here Western Conference First Round Results (1) Lakers Def. (4) Grizzlies 4-1 (4) Nuggets Def. (5) Rockets 4-1 (6) Mavericks Def. (3) Jazz 4-2 (2) Clippers Def. (7) Thunder 4-2 Eastern Conference First Round Results (1) Bucks Def. (8) Nets 4-3 (4) Heat Def. (5) 76ers 4-0 (6) Pacers Def. (3) Raptors 4-3 (2) Celtics Def. (7) Magic 4-1 Western Conference Second Round Brackets (1) Lakers Vs. (4) Nuggets (2) Clippers Vs. (6) Mavericks Eastern Conference Second Round Brackets (1) Bucks Vs. (4) Heat (2) Celtics Vs. (6) Pacers Just A Quick Recap Before We Get Into This Second Round Of This season’s NBA Playoffs, And If you’re looking forward to it, you won’t be disappointed, now let’s get to these 4 Series, and the Western Conference. Now I’m sure if you heard that The Lakers And The Nuggets we’re battling In the playoffs in real life and if you had to pick, you would pick the Lakers, right?, Well you’ll be shocked when I say in not so much of a battle, The Nuggets Destroyed The Lakers in 5 games, well get ready to be shocked because that’s exactly what happened, although game 5 was close, and although Dwight And Javale Came Back, it didn’t seem to phase Jamal Murray Or Nikola Jokic, as in game 5, one of these 2 won the game by 3 points, so you know who the Second Round Team MVP’s are going to, Murray And Jokic, as the Lakers choker of the series goes to Kyle Kuzma, because in 24 minutes of playing time, he was almost never a factor. At least I can say one of the Los Angeles Teams met the conference finals, for any of you who didn’t know who that team is, it’s the Clippers as they beat The Mavericks in 6 games, as Leonard cooked up for 33 Points, 7 Rebounds, 8 Assists, 5 Steals, and a block in game 6, with the team MVP for this round going to Leonard, and for Dallas, at least you tried. Western Conference Finals (2) Clippers Vs. (4) Nuggets In a Hard Fought Second Round Between The Bucks And Heat, 1 team came away with the victory in game 7, and as much as it hurts me to say this, it wasn’t the Heat, yessir, The Bucks Gets the victory as George hill put the team on his back with 24 points, 5 Rebounds, And 8 Assists, which means the co MVP’s goes to Bledsoe and George, well, at least it’s next season for us. In a ABSOLUTE UPSET The Pacers Managed to SWEEP The Celtics, with TJ Warren Winning the game by 1 point in Game 4, with 29 Points, 2 Rebounds, 1 Steal, And 1 Block. The team MVP’s has to go to everybody on the Pacers starting 5, HOW DO THEY PULL IT OFF! Eastern Conference Finals (1) Bucks Vs. (6) Pacers Wow, that was a great second round, especially for the Nuggets and Pacers, because if you would’ve told me that they would be in the conference finals when I started this, I would’ve looked at you like you were crazy, put your prediction so down below if you want to and as always, Nardie Out! ✌🏾 (DISCLAIMER: I MAKE THESE INTRYS AFTER I SIM THE PLAYOFF SERIES)
  5. Honestly for me I’d say Martin Lawrence, I like his comedic side of things like his sitcom “Martin” and I like The Bad Boys Series, the house party movie he did, and the stuff he did on Def comedy jam.
  6. Corbin isn’t even the equivalent of 5 enhancement talent, fuck Corbin, riddle’s the bro, end of discussion.
  7. Tastic walks down to the ramp looking like he means business as Tonight is the night that he meets GRV Face to face since the contract signing a month prior. He walks to the ring with a bunch of boos coming husband way as he says “Shut The Fuck Up, You Fat Ass Sloppy Bitch” to a slightly overweighted fan as he boo’s even louder, causing Tastic to throw his suit vest at the fan. He then picks the a nearby microphone as he starts the promo by saying Now, I’m sure you all know why I’m out here tonight, today is the day, today is the day when I finally get to crush Ty Kelly’s Journey, Beliefs, And His Reason Of Living, And all I can say is this...... it’s about damn time, I have been waiting for this day since Ty thought that he was gonna get away with hitting a Backfall on my mentor without any repercussions, and of course I know Ty is just waiting for the exact moment to get me back for what happened to his dear cousin, Tobias, but Ty, I’m gonna let you know this right now before you try and fail to pull a fast one on me, I know you quite well, and these past two months have taught me that you think of yourself as a Redemption Seeker, who tries so hard to eliminate his wrongdoings from his history at his previous runs in BPZ, Before BPZ, And After his Past Tenures, which is also when I happened to meet you at a indie show about 1-2 years ago, and let me say this again for somebody who happened to miss the show a few weeks ago, it is a big difference between The Master Of Mayhem, GRV..... And The Founder Of Faliure, Ty Kelly. The Crowd Begins to Boo louder and louder as they also begin to say “Fuck You Tastic!, Fuck You Tastic!, We Want Doofy!, We Want Doofy!” I don’t know if it’s just me or are you guys really are that delusional to want to see Doofy Cut A Promo Instead Of Me, This Is Exactly why I pity you foolish people here in Alabama, like I knew you people were already Rednecked, Degenerate, Dimwitted Assholes, but your lack of intelligence and common sense actually prefers not only the fakest man in the world, Ty Kelly, But Doofy!?!?, FUCKING DOOFY!, you people here just don’t like to hear the truth, you people hate to hear what’s right. The Alabama Crowds Heavily Boo’s Tastic Now, almost causing Tastic to get out the ring and personally confront the crowd, but he changes his mind and resorts to verbally assaulting them again. Ok, now I’m starting to get you people, I’m gonna try to use a language and sound you’re all accustomed to, just wait one second *Tastic Clears His Throat And Starts To Imitate The Accent Of Most Males In Alabama* So imagine this, Brother, imagine I’m one of dem boys down south that said you can’t sleep with your own damn relatives, partner, but y’all still do it anyways even though I’m telling to not to, I see the overshaped one ready to get his little sister in the bedroom, riiigght after this!, she looks like she doesn’t wanna do it though, you following Mr. Ty Kelly’s footsteps, you may not wanna do that though, you’ll end up like a drunk ass sober ass bitch just like him!. The Crowd is about ready to riot after Tastic made fun of their accents, and Ty Kelly’s past sexual allegations Enough fun for now, I started feeling like sex addicted weirdo like you people, but Ty, I haven’t exactly bounced all of my thoughts off my chest just yet, but I think I should let you bounce all yours off, so Ty, I know you’re here, you obviously know I’m here, so why don’t you come out and share all your wonderful experiences with me as a person, I don’t have all day, I have business to take care of, so just come out before you upset me. Tastic then stands in a corner waiting for GRV to arrive. (REPLY PLANNED!)
  8. The NBA Playoffs 2019-2020 Season First Round Welp, we finally made it to the postseason, 8 teams, 2 Conferences, and only one thing to target, the right to be called the 2019-2020 NBA Champions, But before we go to the matchups for the first round, lets go to the playoffs injuries for all playoff qualifying teams. 76ers Injuries Alec Burks - Left Foot Stress Fracture - Reg Season Injury Ben Simmons - Pulled Right Bicep - Injured During First Round Bucks Injuries Khris Middleton - Broken Right Thigh - Reg Season Injury George Hill - Left Shin Splits - Injured During First Round Celtics Injuries Kemba Walker - Torn Right Hamstring - Reg Season Injury Clippers Injuries Patrick Beverly- Lower Left Leg Stress Fracture - Reg Season Injury/ Out Of The Entire Playoffs Grizzlies Injuries None Heat Injuries Derrick Jones Jr. - Strained Right Elbow Ligament - Injured During First Round Jazz Injuries Jordan Clarkson - Left Shin Splits - Injured During First Round Lakers Injuries Javale McGee- High Right Ankle Sprain - Injured During First Round Dwight Howard - Strained Groin🤣 - Injured During First Round Magic Injuries D.J. Augustin - Broken Nose - Injured During First Round Mavericks injuries Dwight Powell - Torn Left Achilles - Reg Season Injury/ Out Of Playoffs Delon Wright - Right Knee Tendinitis - Reg Season Injury Nets Injuries Caris Levert - Sore Right Knee - Injured During First Round Nuggets Injuries Michael Porter Jr. - Broken Vertebrae - Injured During First Round/ Out For Playoffs Pacers Injuries Malcolm Brogdon - Broken Right Ankle - Reg Season Injury/ Out For Playoffs Raptors injuries Serge Ibaka - Left Hand Fracture - Injured During First Round OG Anunoby - Severe Left Ankle Sprain - Reg Season Injury Rondae Hollis Jefferson - Injured During First Round Rockets Injuries None Thunder Injuries Danilo Gallinari - Pulled Right Bicep That's all the injuries for now, so this would probably explain why it is so many surprising victors in the first round for both conferences, now let’s see the brackets Western Conference Brackets (1) Lakers vs (8) Grizzlies (4) Nuggets vs (5) Rockets (3) Jazz vs (6) Mavericks (2) Clippers vs (7) OKC Eastern Conference Brackets (1) Bucks vs (8) Nets (4) Heat vs (5) 76ers (3) Raptors vs (6) Pacers (2) Celtics vs (7) Magic Now like I said before you should be aware of some upsets, because when I say these outcomes are gonna shock you I’m not kidding, now I’ll start with the western conference victories. Pretty sure that’s nobody thought the grizzlies was gonna beat the Lakers, let alone get at least one win, but 1/2 ONG those things actually happened, After Memphis was down 2-0 against the first seed Lakers, Morant comes out and drops 29 points, 5 Rebounds, 3 assist, and 5 steals to get a 23 point victory over the lakers with the score being 121-102, but that didn’t carry on with the last 2 games, as the lakers won to advance to the second round Lakers First Round Co MVP’s - Anthony Davis, And Lebron James. The Nuggets also gets a 4-1 First Round victory over the Rockets, As The Nuggets first round MVP is Nikola Jokic. Dallas Gets The First Round Victory Over Utah in 6 games, with Kristaps Porzingis getting the first round MVP for his team, averaging almost 30 PPG, and 12 RPG. The Clippers Also Beats OKC In 6 games, as Leonard gets the game 6 victory by 1 point after coming back after the 16 points the whole team scored in the second quarter, First Round Team MVP, Kawhi Leonard Western Conference Second Round Brackets (1) Lakers vs (4) Nuggets (2) Clippers vs (6) Mavericks That was a good first round for the western conference side of things as we approach the long anticipated Eastern Conference First Round Playoffs, did the heat beat the tough 76ers? Now is the time to find out. In a Highly Competitive First Round Against the Bucks and the Nets, the series was decided on the win or go home game as The Milwaukee Bucks Gets the Blowout victory over the nets, with the nets only scoring 74 points, obviously that wasn’t no match for Giannis as he COOKED the nets with 46 points, 15 rebounds, 5 Assists, and 4 steals. You already know who was the first round team MVP for the Bucks, so it’s no use saying it. However in a NOT SO COMPETITIVE first round against the Heat And 76ers, The Heat managed to SWEEP The 76ers, as the underperforming Embiid And Simmons couldn’t seem to find an answer to Kendrick Nunn And Bam Adebayo, as both Embiid and Simmons scored under their regular season performances, Co Team MVP’s Kendrick Nunn, And Bam Adebayo. We are back to the competitive side of things as Defending NBA Champions Toronto Raptors faces off against The Indiana Pacers, however in a complete game 7 upset, TJ Warren stepped his game up and scored 28 points in a 3 point victory against the raptors, as Lowry, And Siakam couldn’t match the Indiana Energy , Team MVP’s, Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis, TJ Warren. But In The Celtics vs Magic Series, not having Kemba didn’t seem to phase the Celtics, as Tatum was able to carry the team on his back, beating the Magic 4-1, Team MVP, Jayson Tatum. Eastern Conference Second Round Matchups (1) Bucks vs (4) Heat (2) Celtics vs (6) Pacers Well, everyone that was a pretty fun first round for the playoffs, as I hope the second round delivers better, as always, Nardie Out ✌🏾. PS: PREDICTIONS ARE ALLOWED
  9. It was this one what promo in the American Badass Days, he was basically cutting a promo with the whole crowd chanting “What” everytime he made a stop, they do this to the point were Badass Taker Stops And Says This ”I’ll tell ya what, say what if you like to sleep with your own sister” Not one of the most legendary but it is one of the more funnier taker moments Here is the promo
  10. Tastic Is Seen Watching GRV’s Latest Response, And he doesn’t look pleased. You can see the anger on Tastic’s Face As The Newly Appointed Assistant For The M.A.N Consortium Doofy says Doofy: Yeah I don’t know about all that winning this… M-M-Matchhh At August, Tons, He seems like a tough guy, why are you even provoking him in the first place, duuuudeeee? Tastic: Doofy, I’ll tell you why I’m provoking that washed up son of a bitch, just come here real quick, closer, NO CLOSER!. Doofy: Waittttttt!, are you gonna slap me a-again, that reallllyyyyy hurted last time, you know broooo!. Tastic: Just Come Here…… You’ll see what I do *Smirks at Camera* Doofy: Alright man, I trus…… OW OW OWEY! Tastic: *Pulling The Ear Of Doofy While He Lifts him up doing so* YOU!...... NEVER…… CREDIT…… MY!........ ENEMIES……. AGAINNN *Somewhat Devilish Voice* Doofy *Starts To Sob* OK, OK, OK!, NOW PLEASE LET ME GO, I NEED TO FINISH ADDING TO MY BOOGER COLLECTION Tastic: What, Ew, Get Outta Here!. Tastic Then Drops Doofy To The Ground, Causing Doofy To Grunt For A Little, Leading For Doofy To Run In Fear, Tastic Then Starts to heavybreathe, And Starts his promo. Ty, do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you honestly think that you can just get by that easily against someone like me, all I know is, the answer better be no, because you’re facing a man who’s capable of breaking people’s necks, lifting people up by the ears, and is more agile, smart, and just overall better than you, and trust me when I say that you never possessed those traits that I’ve acquired since I’ve been in the womb, half of the roster wouldn’t disagree with me. You can say that you don’t perceive this as a joke all you like Ty, because come August it doesn’t come what you say that matters, think matters, or what matters at all, because when you step into his ring with Mr God Complex himself, the only thing that gonna matter to you when you end up staring at the lights are these exact words, “What is my wife gonna think of this?”, “what his my lovely children gonna think of me after they see big daddy ty gets his ass kicked on live pay per view?” Long story short they’re gonna think that you’re a pussy, that they can’t rely on you to protect them from a big bad bully at school, BECAUSE HE WAS TO MUCH OF A BITCH TO STAND UP TO A CHILD AFTER I SAW HIM GETTING ASSAULTED IN A BLOODBATH, ON WORLDWIDE PAY PER VIEW TELEVISION!. Tastic then continues to take deep breathes to cool down as he doesn’t want to waste his anger on a promo. After the future victim of a bloodbath gets murdered on August he will be sitting right next to his dimwitted cousin in a hospital bed, with multiple stitches, wrapping tape, a cast, and the horrible thought of me in his dreams when he falls asleep after his miserable day in the hospital, pondering his miserable life, in complete pain. But Ty, wait until what I have to say next because after you hear this you will be eager to accept because all you like to do is continue to take people’s spotlight like Ogre, Mirage, And Others, Ty, since you came that you’re a real man, who does all right and absolutely no wrong whatsoever let me tell you what we’re gonna do on Valor. You and I will be seeing each other Face To Face, De Hombre A Hombre, in the ring and I’m certainly gonna be looking forward to it, not only because I get to crush you in front of your fans, I get to crush you in front of your family, and I’ll prove that what I claimed about you isn’t anything like a fantasy. Tastic then has his devilish smirk on his face again, with the camera fading to black.
  11. I’ll probably hit 200 rep this week, my main goal is to get 500 by the end of the year. Wish a dude some luck.
  12. Just to make it clear, for the fans of both my projects I’m currently doing.

    The Miami Heat Diary Will Have A New Addition To It Every Tuesday And Thursday

    And The Doofy Kayfabe Show will have new addition for the weekends 

    At Least expect one for each week I do both of these

    Tune In. if You Haven’t Already!, you know where to find them 

    1. Sameer
    2. Slim


      Blessed to hear💯

    3. Amai and Epic ChatMod Camp

      Amai and Epic ChatMod Camp

      Can't wait, saving my money so i could go to tour to see you one day

  13. As The Camera Cuts On For The First Official Show Of “A Duration With Doofy”, we see Doofy still checking the camera even though it’s was already on minutes ago, you can hear Doofy repeatedly say. Doofy : Hey, Is This Thing On, Hey, Is This Thing On, Hey, Is This Thi..... The Cameraman : *Whispers* YES YES YES, IT’S ON NOW GET OFF THE CAMERA AND START THE SHOW Doofy : Ohhhhhhhh....... It’s On, ok, I’ll start Helllooooo everybody, my name is Doofy, or is my name Doofy or not, Mr. Cameraman, Is My Na..... The Cameraman : Yes, your name is Doofy, *sighs* Doofy : Ohhhhhhhhh........ Thanks for reminding me, can we restart!. The Cameraman : We Can’t restart, we are LIVE!!!. Doofy: Ohhhhhhh.... Ok Whatever. As I just was reminded my Mr. Cameraman, my name is Doofy and i’d like to welcome you to the first addition... of A Duration Of Doofy, now let’s que the intro, and go to my setup!. As the intro is playing in the background, Doofy walks the wrong way to the setup of “A Duration With Doofy” which causes the cameraman to say The Cameraman : Doofy, what are you doing?, the setup is that way. Doofy : Ohhhhhhh..... my bad Mr. Cameraman. Doofy then proceeds to walk the right way as the intro stops when they arrive at the setup. I would like to say this before we start with the chit chat, I send all thoughts and prayers to the people who are suffering from this Corona Beer Epidemic, I ho... The Cameraman: ITS THE CORONAVIRUS... PANDEMICCCC!!!!, PANNN!!!!! Doofy : Ohhhhhhh... Yeahhhhh, Right. I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the people suffering from the Coronavirus Pandemic, I hope everyone who takes the Coronavirus Test Studied For it, and I ho... The Cameraman: You cannot study for a Coronavirus test, it’s not a standardized test, or a quiz. Doofy: I SAY IT HOW I WANNA SAY IT!!! The Cameraman: *Say Quietly* Ok.... Alright. As I was saying, I hope you all studied for the Coronavirus test, and and I hope you come out positive, I-I mean Negative, now let’s get to the news! As Doofy is about to share the news for the first ever addition of “A Duration Of Doofy!”, Tastic walks in and says Tastic : Have any of you saw my hairgreas......, who in the hell are you! Doofy: Who Me?, or Mr. Camerama.... Tastic: You!, who are you!. Doofy: Ohhhhhhh........ My name is........ Doofy?, Right Mr. Camerama....... Mr. Cameraman: Yes, your name is Doofy. Tastic: thank you for letting him remember what his name is, John, you can leave now. The Cameraman, John, Sprints Out the office in joy, happy that he doesn’t have to deal with Doofy’s lack of intelligence anymore. Tastic: Now, Doofy!!!, why are you here, and why did you make a talk show set up, IN MY! OFFICE?!?. Doofy: Well uhhhh... this guy name Aaron North Hired me to be an assistant to his..... Consortium??? I think, by the way what does assistant mean? Tastic: An Assistant Means That You Wor..... You Know What Nevermind, And I thought Aaron got fired and appointed the leadership duties to me, why is still hiring people, especially you? Doofy: Wait, your the leader?, i thought Mr. North said tha...... Tastic: you know what, I don’t wanna hear it, shut your mouth, just zip it, before I fire you. Doofy: *Starts To Cry* Please!!, *Sobs* Please Don’t Fire Me Mr. Owner *Sobs* No one else will Hi-Hi-Hire Meeee!!!!!! Tastic: Shut, Shut, Shut it up!!!, Ok I won’t fire you. Welcome to the M.A.N Consortium, Shake My Hand. Doofy then goes for the handshake, with snot all over his hand from his previous emotional message. Tastic then says. Tastic: You know what, forget about the handshake. Just come, no come closer, CLOSER!!! Doofy: Okkkkkk.... I’m close, why do you want me so clo....... Tastic: *Slaps him to the ground* Doofy: *Grunts In Pain* Tastic: Rule Number 1. don’t use my office as your setup no more, NOW GET UP AND TURN THIS CAMERA OFF. Doofy Then Slowly Gets up, which annoys Tastic as he drags Doofy over to the camera so he can turn it off.
  14. Tastic walks down to the ring, with the rest of the M.A.N Consortium, except for the leader, Marc Aaron Newton. Now, I’m sure all of you have watched BPZ Judgement Day yesterday, and I’m sure you all heard what Marc Aaron Newton had to say in the Northern Star Wrestling Venue, last week he said if he were to lose his intercontinental championship match a BPZ Judgement Day, he would resign as a member of BPZ Wrestling. The crowd cheers at the fact that they don’t have to see Marc Aaron Newton again, thinking that the M.A.N Consortium is gonna fall of without a leader. Wait hold up, hold your applause, hold your applause. Did you forget that there’s someone else, Marc may be gone but Mr, Tony Tastic is still healthy and well, brother!. I mean who else do you think that Marc will trust to take over this business he left behind for me, and me only. And on a side note I can’t believe that BPZ would be ignorant enough to fire a entrepreneur that would easily but this company out in a heartbeat, you people here are foolish, you people want to see the M.A.N Consortium to fail, buy guess what partner, we are gonna succeed no matter what, even if we have to eliminate people like that old ass lady at the evolve show, GRV, Tobias, and anybody else who doubts that Me, Jenna , And The Newly Combined Fjéll Bros can do this without any body secondguessing us, and if we have to take it out on Sameer and Arius for putting us in this predicament , then so be it. The crowd then boo’s Tastic because they have to see him run the consortium, and because he mocked a potential death of a old lady, and for sending out threats to Sameer, and Arius. Now Is there somebody else I know that could replace Marc when he gets his shit together, honestly, I don’t know, but does Marc know somebody that could replace him instead of him, I don’t know about that either, but the fact of the matter is he probably does, but until I see that certain someone face to face, I’m gonna take over, oh yeah, and the answer remains know, take it from me, Tony Tastic, The New Owner, Of The M.A.N …… Consortium. Tastic then points in the direction of the ramp so Jenna, Him, And The Combined Fjéll Bros can leave, as they walk back up the ramp, Tony turns back around, puts 2 middle fingers up at the crowd, then he makes his exit, then the camera fades to black.
  15. Im pretty sure this already happened, but Akki Vs Toxik, the most Toxic feud of The year.

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