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  1. Best video on YouTube lmao

  2. I haven't spoken to my dancing partner in months, I miss you you beautiful greek bastard.

  3. Who would've thought that out of all three shield members, Ambrose would be the only one without a public scandal lol

    1. Ross


      Speaking too soon mate aha 

    2. Poiudust


      What Scandal has Rollins had?

    3. Bart


      @Poidust a picture of his little architect got leaked

  4. AJ Styles is the greatest in ring performer of all time

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Poiudust


      I think he’s the greatest in ring performer of the 21st century. But of all time, I’d say he’s in the top 10

    3. BrendenPlayz


      shawn michaels had classics in multiple generations all the way through to his final match

    4. Nebakos7


      @BrendenPlayz Haven't seen as many HBK matches as AJ so I can't make a comparison, but the few HBK matches I've seen were awesome so I can't dispute that there's an argument between the two.

  5. Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks to everyone for the wishes, sorry I couldn't come on chat but I spent half my day with my family and the other half at work.
  6. Gotta love the way Flynn loses and gains 100 pounds within the span of a week. And let's not forget the time he went from white to black. :cena2 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Brad


      Ya right? Freaking scrub. 

    3. Sameer


      Better to be a nerd 🤓 Than to have a 💩 job.

    4. HeelAkki


      Yeah, he got abducted by aliens!

  7. Inactivity

    So, I feel like this one was long over due. As some of you may have noticed, besides a few posts over here and there, I haven't been active at all for the past 3 months more or less. As I have stated in the past, I have started a job and working 12 hour shifts really takes a toll on me physically and mentally, despite wanting to come here and mostly chat with you guys and have fun a day only has 24 hours and when half your time is spent on your job there's not much time left to fit in sleep, my personal life and the forums. To be honest though, being on the forums mostly revolves around wrestling, whether it's talking about how we view it, doing kayfabe etc and I have lost my passion for it ever since this year's Wrestlemania, which is when I stopped watching WWE on a regular basis. So the fact that I don't care about wrestling anymore means that even when I have the time to come on here, there's not much for me to do. Now, when it comes to my duties as a moderator on the forums, being inactive means I have done absolutely jack shit over the past few months to deserve to keep my spot on the moderator team. That, along with the fact that I'm sure many of you would love to be given a chance to show what you could do as a mod, after all a mediocre but active moderator is always more useful than a good but inactive one. So with all that in mind I would like to announce my resignation from the moderator team, which has nothing to do with anyone or anything other than me not wanting to feel like I'm holding a spot that others deserve more than me at this period of time. I would also like to thank you all for being such a good company to me over the past few years, especially when I was on my senior year in high school with all the presure in the world on me when I was studying harder than ever so that I could make it into college, this place was the only escape I had at the time from going completelly nuts and all of you are what make these forums truly special. Hopefully all of you are doing great in your personal lifes, because at the end of the day that's what matters more than all the 'accomplishments' you can get on the forums. If anyone wants to talk to me about anything, feel free to pm me and I'll reply to you as soon as I see it. This is not a goodbye speech, but more of an explanation on why I haven't and won't be that active for an unknown period of time (which most likely will be until/ if I find back my passion for wrestling). Whenever I get the chance though I'll pop up on discord from time to time. Take care everyone and thanks for reading this, cheers!
  8. Possible Plans For Vacant NXT Women's Championship

    I agree, maybe the most fair move that would also give some prestige to the tournament would be that the winner becomes one of the contenders for the title and her opponent gets decided by a tournament or a rumble or something between the women already on the NXT roster.
  9. Brainwashed.

    You orchistrated the attack: http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16724-removing-the-problem/
  10. Brainwashed.

    OOC: Actually, I was gone because Flynn and Bailey attacked me so I was gone due to injury so this promo makes no kayfabe sense
  11. Bad Blood

    The sound of an unknown theme song starts playing on the PA system, everyone in the crowd seems confused and the announcers sitting ring side can't seem to know much about what's going on at the moment as well. As soon as the superstar that the theme song belongs to steps out of the backstage area all the confusion is cleared by cheers and roars as the unknown theme is met by a figure known so well amongst everyone watching live and at home. Spotting a grey jacket, the sleeves of which are missing, and with the hood on top of his head, now standing on top of the entrance ramp is none other than Nebakos, holding on his right hand his most valuable asset at the moment, the money in the bank briefcase. 'The Franchise' seems to be shook by the reaction he is being greeted with and simply stands there gazing at the crowd, letting the cheers rain all over the arena. Nebakos shakes off his shock and starts making his way to the ring as the cheers tone down a bit, as soon as mr. money in the bank rolls inside the ring he makes sure that the roars pick back up as he hoists up the money in the bank briefcase to the crowds pleasure. Now being handed a microphone, Nebakos puts down the briefcase, takes a deep breath and is about to address everyone watching but he is held back by the crowd's chants of 'welcome back'. Nebakos waits for the crowd to calm down and then proceeds. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for welcoming me back in such a beatiful manner. After being gone for 3 months I thought everyone might have forgotten about me, and maybe that's the case, but you people of Boston, Massachusetts are not everyone. I truly am greatful. I have some explaining to do, and trust me, I will, but for now all you need to know is this. Nebakos puts the microphone down as he grabs his Money in the Bank briefcase and opens it, taking out the documents that it contains. The camera zooms in on them, there written on capital, bold letters is the following: Slim (c) vs Nebakos @ Bad Blood 2017 BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The crowd goes balistic at the sight of the documents context, as Nebakos calmly puts them back in the briefcase before picking up the mic again. Slim, what you did a year ago at Bad Blood is now coming back to you. Life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through, and damn it Slim, life will make you go through hell. Nebakos throws his microphone in the air before taking a bow to the crowd and leaving the arena as the crowd is still buzzing at the announcement of Nebakos cashing in.
  12. Can someone explain what's up with KSI and the Sidemen and why is everyone dropping diss tracks on each other lol

    1. Kieron Black
    2. Bart


      It's a fake beef for money and views. It started with KSI leaving the sidemen ( which is probably real) and then Behzinga made a Disstrack KSI and since there have been disstracks flying around by a lot of people.

    3. Prince


      Bit late lol, it's dying down now 

  13. [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    The Celtics didn't get robbed lol They gave up Isiah who has 1 year left in his contract and will ask for a max contract next year which they were not willing to give to him in the first place, he also has a serious injury that may jeopardise the trade and is almost 30 years old, so why lose him for nothing? Crowder isn't a loss as they have Hayward, Tatum and Brown all capable of playing in his place (Hayward is way better than Crowder while the other two have more upside). The only thing they really lost is the Nets pick but in reality they got back someone who's proven that he can shine when the pressure is on and Irving is only 25, as a second option in his team averaged nearly as many points as Isiah Thomas who was the first option on his team and had a gameplan built around him, while the Cavs gameplan was built around Lebron. So I'd say it's a win/win for both teams The Cavs on the other hand now have assets (IT, the Nets pick and players like TT and Shump) that they can use to get a player like Cousins, not only to become stronger, but to also convince Lebron James that he has a team good enough to stick around even after his contact is up this summer.
  14. McGregor vs Mayweather Predictions

    Unless McGregor gets a surprise KO in the first 3 rounds then Mayweather will KO him cause we all know McGregor will gas out.
  15. You are not a true wrestling fan if you didn't get chills from Ambrose and Rollins sticking their fists together.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ross


      Guess I ain't a true wrestling fan

    3. Flynn


      I got them but I've followed the Shield since their debut, something the boys hating above have not. 

    4. Bashka


      I've been watching them since their debut as well lol, I just didn't get chills. 

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