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  1. Nebakos7


    Sandman: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Carnage, we are getting closer to the main event of tonight’s show that will see Nebakos and FDS square off in a number one contender’s match for the Universal Championship but first, something that I can’t describe with words happened earlier today. A few hours prior to tonight’s episode of Carnage a shocking video would air on bpz.com. Let’s see it together. The scene opens with the sky coloured in orange, as the sun is slowly coming up, signalling a new day. The camera follows a path of dirt and rocks that resembles a road t
  2. On the third day He rose again

  3. Nesus doesn’t waste any time, as he comes out immediately after FDS is done speaking. A bit of confusion occurs when a new theme song begins playing but as his face appears on the titantron followed by Nesus himself walking out of the backstage area it’s clear that this is another change adopted by Nesus to match his new attitude. Nesus is wearing an all white attire, he walks steadily and slowly towards the ring spotting an ever-lasting grin, as he enters the ring he opens up his arms -disregarding FDS’s presence in the ring- his smile only grows bigger as the camera zooms
  4. If gravity counts as a weapon then Taker throwing Folley off the HIAC roof
  5. The show is cut off by a video that begins playing on the titantron. The blur of a flickering light from a candle that’s burning opens up the scene, as the camera zooms out, we are set inside a church. There’s this eerie feeling in the air, as the church with the exception of a single person that’s in it, is completelly empty. The said person with his back turned on the camera is whispering something but it’s not loud enough to be interpreted by the audience. As the camera approaches him, the whisper is revealed to actually be a prayer. … abide with me; as the night falls
  6. Bailey and Flynn putting in the work last year
  7. I really dig McIntyre as champ and I'm loving the idea of these two in the ring, can't wait to watch it as Im sure they're going to tear the house down
  8. I see what you did there I like the angle, don't get what's wrong with it, you have people beating the leaving shit out of each other on your network and that's ok but then tossing urine is the problem lol
  9. That's cause I'll beat you so bad you won't be able to wrestle ever again
  10. Haven't been active lately cause I've been inactive

    1. Flynn


      Well can you step it up please. 

    2. Sameer



  11. Nebakos7

    Soft Style

    We are here, yet again for another press conference before a big BPZ event, this one being the first Carnage exclusive PPV since the brand split, Last Resort. A few really big matches are going to take place in the show, bouts with huge stakes on the line, like Carnage’s PTC Semi-Finals side of the bracket and of course a match for the Universal championship. A match on the under-card that has people’s attention is Alex Costa vs Nebakos as two of the finest European talents in the world face each other for the first time ever. One of the two men in that match, Nebakos, is s
  12. Hey man, we never had a one on one chat but ever since I returned to the forums I've formed a very positive impression of you seeing you on chat and the forums in general. I really hope you can find the source that's causing your loss of joy and speaking from experience life is what you make it be, I know it's a cliche but look on the bright side of everything, no matter how hard and tough life might be sometimes you need to find things in it that make you happy, me for example, although for the past couple of weeks I've been working 2 jobs, up to 14 hours per day, I'm really happy cause altho
  13. The live Carnage feed cuts as a pre-recorder video, spotting an ‘earlier today’ message on the bottom right, begins playing on the titantron and TV screens across the nation. The camera follows a man in the streets, as he walks care-free, enjoying the sunny day. At the end of the block he makes a left turn, with the cameraman tailing his every move, as we are now standing outside of a place with a big blue and white neon sign that reads ‘Tony’s Eatery’. A greek flag on each side of the sign reveals the likely country of origin of the owner, while the man who we’ve been foll
  14. Poster I made for Judgement Day
  15. I love that Gekyume Sins is a Nebakos mark

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