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The Neb

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Status Updates posted by The Neb

  1. 1 freaking year of making Roman look strong just to once again say "fuck you" to his family lmao

    1. Flynn


      They let him beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania his family can fuck off. Just be happy with the fourth Wrestlemania Main Event in a row. 

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      They Had Brock Beat Undertaker and gave him the WWE Championship They cant even have the curtesy to do the same for Roman

  2. When you need a PS Plus subscription but you are broke cause you just came back from vacation #sad

    1. Bashka


      Don’t beg me for money pls

  3. Best video on YouTube lmao

  4. Who would've thought that out of all three shield members, Ambrose would be the only one without a public scandal lol

    1. Ross


      Speaking too soon mate aha 

    2. Poiudust


      What Scandal has Rollins had?

    3. Bart


      @Poidust a picture of his little architect got leaked

  5. AJ Styles is the greatest in ring performer of all time

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Poiudust


      I think he’s the greatest in ring performer of the 21st century. But of all time, I’d say he’s in the top 10

    3. BrendenPlayz


      shawn michaels had classics in multiple generations all the way through to his final match

    4. The Neb

      The Neb

      @BrendenPlayz Haven't seen as many HBK matches as AJ so I can't make a comparison, but the few HBK matches I've seen were awesome so I can't dispute that there's an argument between the two.

  6. Gotta love the way Flynn loses and gains 100 pounds within the span of a week. And let's not forget the time he went from white to black. :cena2 

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    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      Ya right? Freaking scrub. 

    3. Sameer


      Better to be a nerd 🤓 Than to have a 💩 job.

    4. The Akki

      The Akki

      Yeah, he got abducted by aliens!

  7. Can someone explain what's up with KSI and the Sidemen and why is everyone dropping diss tracks on each other lol

    1. Kieron
    2. Bart


      It's a fake beef for money and views. It started with KSI leaving the sidemen ( which is probably real) and then Behzinga made a Disstrack KSI and since there have been disstracks flying around by a lot of people.

    3. Prince


      Bit late lol, it's dying down now 

  8. You are not a true wrestling fan if you didn't get chills from Ambrose and Rollins sticking their fists together.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ross


      Guess I ain't a true wrestling fan

    3. Flynn


      I got them but I've followed the Shield since their debut, something the boys hating above have not. 

    4. Bashka


      I've been watching them since their debut as well lol, I just didn't get chills. 

  9. NBA 2K11 >>>>>>> Bucket full of shit >>>>>> NBA Live 18

    1. Monda


      why in the name of FUCK would you even fathom playing NBA Live 18

    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      I didn't, I saw vids of it on yt and man I would rather bleach my eyes lol

  10. Recently bought UFC 2 on PS4, any good modes besides career mode?

    1. TastefulChain4


      Knockout Mode is really fun when you play local multiplayer.

  11. Guess who's got a PS4 boysss.

    Add me at: Nebakos_7

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      NBA 2k17 for now, might get GTA soon.

    3. Ross


      Typical Greek. Just getting NBA...

      Jokes will add you later mate.

    4. Slim


      please get gta

  12. 90% sure I'm buying PS4 and NBA 2k17 in the next couple of days. (fingers crossed)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      Smith, I just need something to play for the next two months until FIFA 18 and NBA 2k18 get released and I prefer basketball rn, that's why I'm getting it if I get the PS4.

      Looking forward to play with all of you if I indeed get it.

    3. bailey14


      Should just get Friday the 13th instead tbh since all the new games are coming out in like  2-3 months lol

  13. If I was a pro wrestler who's never been in WWE I'd give up knowing that Lavar Ball made it to RAW before me lol

  14. Exams are over, long working hours not over tho lol.

    Slowly working my way on figuring out what has been going on the forums during my hiatus.

    1. Slim


      it'd be unfortunate if someone showed up to your home with a knife and a sledgehammer

    2. Slim


      and possibly, accidently shoved the knife into your chest before knocking you in the face full force with the sledgehammer

      but this is just a what if

    3. The Neb

      The Neb

      Why not use the sledgehammer to shove the knife deeper into my chest?

  15. Have been working 12 hour shifts for the past month or so, that along with needing to study for my finals has really left me with no personal time at all as my routine has been going for home to work and vise versa.

    Hopefully everything has been good and all of you are well. Congrats to Flynn and Slim for becoming co-GMs, sorry if I let anyone down with my inactivity this past month.

    Fun fact: I had something like 100 notifications and the only one I clicked on was a status update from Brenden, that was the one saying that Flynn and Slim are the new GMs lol

    1. Slim


      Hang in there buddy! It'll end up good... wishing you come back soon! (And also hoping u don't since u got that briefcase ;) )

  16. If live crowds weren't trying to be smart asses, the product would feel 10 times better.

    1. BrendenPlayz


      Unfortunately this is better than half of the crowds WWE get where you can hear a pin drop.

  17. Apologies for being super inactive lately, after all I wasn't hired at the job I had a trial but I have to focus on my finals for the following month. After that I'll be back and more active than ever, let's not forget I have a certain briefcase I can use at anytime, but maybe I won't even need that to get the big one ;) 

    1. Slim


      You will.

    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      Hey I got a case too! Yay!! Case Buddies!!

  18. Started at a new job a couple of days ago (as a trial for now) and all I've done these days is go from home to work and vice versa. Might not be that active.

    1. Ross


      I start my new job monday :) 

    2. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Congrats Ross and Neb! Where at?

  19. Was at the dentist all day, then had a few documents that  Ihad to take care off and now I'm on mobile so if a mod could do the RAW topic for me, that would be great.


  20. Totally forgot that yesterday was my 3 year anniversary, damn how time flies..

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