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    Sandman: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Carnage, we are getting closer to the main event of tonight’s show that will see Nebakos and FDS square off in a number one contender’s match for the Universal Championship but first, something that I can’t describe with words happened earlier today. A few hours prior to tonight’s episode of Carnage a shocking video would air on bpz.com. Let’s see it together. The scene opens with the sky coloured in orange, as the sun is slowly coming up, signalling a new day. The camera follows a path of dirt and rocks that resembles a road towards the top of a hill, the location of which remains undisclosed. As the camera reaches the hill top a shocking image appears on all screens, a huge cross has been planted with a man being nailed on it, a picture only seen in religious movies that are played on loop each year on Easter. Drops of blood constantly reach the ground, a pool of blood has been formed letting the viewers know that the man has been there for a few days. The camera gets closer to the cross as the identity of the man is revealed to be Nesus who’s murmuring something. .. on the third day He rose.. on the third day He rose.. Nesus eventually notices the camera and turns his attention towards it. You betrayed me FDS. My Father sent me to save you from your demons and from the greed that has conquered you. I was supposed to set you free and I came with open arms, ready to welcome you back to the garden of life, into the society of light, and you spat right into my face. Just like Judas did with the king’s guards, you came and you gave me the kiss of betrayal, you turned your back on me and let your mercenaries capture me and you crossed me. I’ve been up here for 3 days, feeling bad about myself, trying to understand what I did wrong, how could I manage to throw you into the abyss even further instead of pulling you out of it. But now, now I get it, in order to set you free I must render you useless, I have to beat every drop of life you have out of your body, your will to live is going to turn into a desperate cry for help and then… Nesus pauses as he begins laughing hysterically, he’s possibly been triggered by he was about to say and laughs like a mad man. After a few good seconds of laughter Nesus’s mood swings as he is dead on serious out of nowhere. He looks straight into the camera before he smiles and then he pushes his right hand, as the nail that’s keeping it on the cross comes out of the other side of his hand. He then does the same to his left arm and finishes by pushing his feet as he falls to the ground. FDS, approximately, 2000 years ago, my Brother was crossed in a place very similar to where I’m standing right now. He was killed to set all of humanity free from it’s sins. Tonight, history repeats itself, but this time, you have to pay for your own sins. You can keep on blaming me, the company, the people for your inability to be successful, but the truth is that my Father gave you and all of the mortals free will when He created you, so the fact of the matter is that all of your failures and all of your friends’ failures fall on no one else but you and your inability to be anything more than mediocre in this sport. That truth, you’ll witness is after I put the final nail in your… cross. Scene fades to black.
  2. On the third day He rose again

  3. Nebakos7

    Moving Forward.

    Nesus doesn’t waste any time, as he comes out immediately after FDS is done speaking. A bit of confusion occurs when a new theme song begins playing but as his face appears on the titantron followed by Nesus himself walking out of the backstage area it’s clear that this is another change adopted by Nesus to match his new attitude. Nesus is wearing an all white attire, he walks steadily and slowly towards the ring spotting an ever-lasting grin, as he enters the ring he opens up his arms -disregarding FDS’s presence in the ring- his smile only grows bigger as the camera zooms out. He is handed a microphone and now turns his attention towards his soon to be opponent as he begins addressing him. FDS, my brother, my long lost child, I heard every single word you had to say and it’s quite clear to me how lost you are from our Father’s way. I don’t know how or why but somewhere down the line you stopped following the light and you are now stranded in the land of lies and deception. First and foremost, you are lying to yourself if you think you have what it takes to beat me in our match next week, you were never capable of such a feat in the past and you certainly can’t do that now that I have been blessed with my Father’s touch, because now I’m acting in His will and grace, I have seen the light FDS and I need you to let me show it to you. Next week, we don’t have to battle, you don’t need to suffer a beating in my hands, this is a new age. Just like in the past everything started from 0 when my Brother arrived, history will repeat itself and the clocks will be reversed once again, what’s happened in the past doesn’t matter any more, all your sins and all your failures, I’m here to cleanse them, I’m here to erase them from history. Nesus’s smile has now turned into a serious look. All this nonsense you spew about the company pushing me and forcing me down people’s throats is nothing but lies that you view as the reality, a result of the darkness you have fallen into, a darkness that’s blurring your judgement. But even if that was true it doesn’t matter any longer, because now it’s not about anyone’s but God’s will, the will that I’ll force upon you if you don’t obey me. It doesn’t have to be like that though FDS, all you need to do is embrace me and you will feel a freedom, like one you’ve never felt before. Nesus drops the mic, he stares FDS and breaks a huge smile before he opens his arms, closes his eyes and waits for FDS to embrace him.
  4. If gravity counts as a weapon then Taker throwing Folley off the HIAC roof
  5. The show is cut off by a video that begins playing on the titantron. The blur of a flickering light from a candle that’s burning opens up the scene, as the camera zooms out, we are set inside a church. There’s this eerie feeling in the air, as the church with the exception of a single person that’s in it, is completelly empty. The said person with his back turned on the camera is whispering something but it’s not loud enough to be interpreted by the audience. As the camera approaches him, the whisper is revealed to actually be a prayer. … abide with me; as the night falls the darkness deepens but Our light shines. Oh Father, help of the helpless, while others fail you and flee your comfort, I stay here, by your side bringing Your justice to those you deem in need of it. The camera slowly gets in front of the person who’s praying, as he is revealed to be Nebakos. It’s been almost a month since his last appearance, as he has not been seen since his victory over Alex Costa. One month can certainly do a lot to a man, Nebakos seems a changed man, having let his beard and hair grow, something quite unusual for him. After a brief pause he stares straight at the camera and begins talking again. I walked through the valley of shadows for quite some time, I feared no evil and kneeled before no foe, but something always felt like it wasn’t clicking. Ever since I was born I had this feeling inside of me that I was destined for something far greater on this earth than any human being, I knew I was special, I new I had the gift but I didn’t know what that was until I was summoned right inside this very church, earlier this month. That’s when I saw the light, that’s when I saw His light. Judging by the tone of his voice, Nebakos seems really excited about what he is referring to. As I crossed the door to Your house Father, I felt fulfilled for the first time in my life. And then you revealed Your gracious plan and that’s when everything finally made sense, all the questions I ever had, the triumphs, the failures, they all led me, the lost sheep back to The Shepherd, and now with Your and my Brother’s guidance, I can carry on his work, I can complete what he set out to do almost 2000 years ago. This time it will be different Father, I will show them what my Brother couldn’t, I will make them believe in me, they will not crucify me, they will worship me. Nebakos pulls his hair whilst laughing in a very discomforting way. One by one, I’ll bring them to the light, one by one they will all join The Society of Light. It all starts next week with FDS. I know that we had our differences in the past Father, but I won’t hold a grudge against him, I’ll nourish his soul with calmness and patience and then I’ll guide him back to You and together we will feast and dwell in Your house forever. I just hope he wants it to happen the easy way Father, because every time he’s made me angry in the past I beat him up pretty bad, but I promise I’ll contain myself even if he decides to do it the hard way. Nebakos now crosses his fingers and places his forehead on them, closing his eyes as he finishes his speech. Thank you for your time Father, this is your son, the one who was known as Nebakos speaking. I’ll take care of the rest of Your children, love ‘The Messiah of Carnage’, Nesus.
  6. Bailey and Flynn putting in the work last year
  7. I really dig McIntyre as champ and I'm loving the idea of these two in the ring, can't wait to watch it as Im sure they're going to tear the house down
  8. I see what you did there I like the angle, don't get what's wrong with it, you have people beating the leaving shit out of each other on your network and that's ok but then tossing urine is the problem lol
  9. That's cause I'll beat you so bad you won't be able to wrestle ever again
  10. Haven't been active lately cause I've been inactive

    1. Flynn


      Well can you step it up please. 

    2. Sameer



  11. Nebakos7

    Soft Style

    We are here, yet again for another press conference before a big BPZ event, this one being the first Carnage exclusive PPV since the brand split, Last Resort. A few really big matches are going to take place in the show, bouts with huge stakes on the line, like Carnage’s PTC Semi-Finals side of the bracket and of course a match for the Universal championship. A match on the under-card that has people’s attention is Alex Costa vs Nebakos as two of the finest European talents in the world face each other for the first time ever. One of the two men in that match, Nebakos, is sitting on a chair waiting for journalists to address him. Last time we saw Nebakos in a press conference he didn’t take any questions as he spoke a few words that were on his mind, but this time he looks patient and open to talk to the press. Reporter: Neb, over here! Jack Ing from ESPN. Neb looks for a bit in the crowd and spots Jack. Jack: Neb, you are usually part of a big match in PPVs, this time you are settling for the undercard in a match vs Alex Costa, care to speak on that? Neb: Can’t always main event them Jack. I am neither the champion nor in the PTC tournament any more so I don’t deserve a main event match in this PPV. With that being said, I don’t plan on holding anything back, I’m going out for the first time ever in Hawaii and I am putting it all on the line for the fans to enjoy a great match up and to prove that I’m still the standard bearer. I know Alex has a lot to prove and wants this win just as much so he’s definitely not holding back either, I promise this match will be the talk of the night after the show ends. Neb takes a sip from the bottle of water as another journalist steps up to ask him a question. ?: Good evening Neb, Mike Oksiuge from Fox Sports here. It’s been my impression and many of my colleagues that you have been very soft ever since you returned. In the 3 matches you’ve been, you were carried in a tag match, you barely edged out Echo Wilson and then you lost to Nate. With an opponent like Alex Costa, who’s a high-flyer how are you going to keep up wrestling as soft as you’ve been? I don- Neb: Hold on, hold on! You made your point, now it’s time I make mine. I’ve been were Alex Costa and all of the Alex Costa’s in the world are, being reckless, not calculating my next move, throwing myself off 20 foot ladders and all that stuff that you and your circle call ‘hard-core’ and ‘the essence of wrestling’ and where did that get me? I’ll tell you Mike, it got me home, sitting on my ass for nearly 2 years, because I was so fucked up physically and mentally that I- COULDN’T-SLEEP! The reason I wrestle the way I do ever since I returned is because I’m more mature now, I am capable of knowing that if I work like this I’ll be able to do this day in and day out, without losing any sleep, without being miserable, without being unable to pick up my own future children in order to play with them. Nebakos looks pissed now, as he grabs the microphone and stands up. The fact of the matter is I am The Goddamn Franchise and that’s not a simple catchphrase that you put on T-shirts, it’s the reality and it’s time that people like you and everyone else get reminded of it, first step is at Last Resort, and unfortunately for him, Alex Costa has to face me, so he can do all his impressive flips and all his jumps, but I SWEAR TO ALL OF YOU, I PROMISE YOU I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS OF BECOMING THE NEXT BIG THING IN BPZ! I’m taking these soft punches and my protective wrestling style and I’ll use it on his ass and I’m still taking Alex boy to wrestling school. Thank you-very-much! A pissed off Nebakos throws the microphone and heads to the locker room, clearly having his feeling hurt from the comments made by Mike Oksiuge.
  12. Hey man, we never had a one on one chat but ever since I returned to the forums I've formed a very positive impression of you seeing you on chat and the forums in general. I really hope you can find the source that's causing your loss of joy and speaking from experience life is what you make it be, I know it's a cliche but look on the bright side of everything, no matter how hard and tough life might be sometimes you need to find things in it that make you happy, me for example, although for the past couple of weeks I've been working 2 jobs, up to 14 hours per day, I'm really happy cause although it's things I don't like doing and I'm super tired all the time I know I'm growing as a person and it will help with my goal. Anyway, if you need to talk to someone, I'd love to have a convo with you so hit me up on discord.
  13. The live Carnage feed cuts as a pre-recorder video, spotting an ‘earlier today’ message on the bottom right, begins playing on the titantron and TV screens across the nation. The camera follows a man in the streets, as he walks care-free, enjoying the sunny day. At the end of the block he makes a left turn, with the cameraman tailing his every move, as we are now standing outside of a place with a big blue and white neon sign that reads ‘Tony’s Eatery’. A greek flag on each side of the sign reveals the likely country of origin of the owner, while the man who we’ve been following so far briefly pauses for a moment right before making his way into the place, ‘This is my favourite place to eat when I’m in New York, it feels like home’, says the man, who now turns around and breaks a smile as it’s revealed to be Nebakos. Nebakos enters the eatery, with very few spots to sit being available. As soon as the people inside see him though, they give him a hero’s welcome, “where are you malaka?” says a stranger as everyone starts laughing. “Please, join me”, says the same stranger as Nebakos hugs him and then proceeds to sit next to him. “This is my cousin, Niko”, says Nebakos before turning his attention towards him. “I’m filming some scenes for a documentary about me that we are shooting, I hope you don’t mind” “Not at all brother, I’m used to the spotlight when I’m around you, haha”, Nikos pads Neb on the shoulder as the both chuckle. Nikos: “So what brings you here?” Neb: “I’ve been in New York for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working out with a friend of mine, getting ready for my upcoming match with Alex Costa. He’s been pushing me to the limit, but it’s all worth it cause I don’t plan on losing again, but I’ve been burning a ton of calories so I need some fuel, and there’s no better place than Tony’s, I’d say the food here is almost as good as yiayia’s, but she’ll watch this and she’ll scold us both if I make that claim.” Nikos: “That’s true hahaha. So Alex Costa huh? I don’t know much about him, but knowing you I’m sure you’ll kick his ass” Neb: “He’s a fellow European guy, he’s from Portugal. He is up and coming in BPZ, I’d actually say he’s one huge victory away from becoming a big deal but I don’t plan on becoming a stepping stone for him...” The conversation between Neb and Nikos is interrupted by the waitress who wants to know what would Nebakos like to have, “hey Maria, the regular will be fine”, says ‘The Franchise’ as he picks up from where he left off. “..Alex is hungry and being in the position that he’s in, having to prove to the world that he is as good as he claims to be, gives him all the motivation he needs to work his ass off, but seeing him address our match on the last Carnage, I don’t think he’s even convinced himself that he has what it takes. All I saw last week is a scared kid who knows that he’s in a match with a guy way out of his league. You see on paper, Alex Costa may have more reasons to win against me, but once those very reason of why he has to beat me settles in, it’s going to put all the pressure on him, it’s already started to settle in actually and he is slowly crumbling under it. You know me cus, the only streak I like is a winning streak so I can’t afford to lose. I’m certain that the pressure Alex has won’t be enough to beat him hence all the work I’ve been putting in the gym ever since I lost at Mayhem.” Nebakos pauses as he suddenly comes to the realisation that almost everyone in the eatery is now surrounding him, listening to his conversation with Nikos. He stands up and addresses everyone. “Guys, at Last Resort, I’ll walk in that ring a 110% focused and it will be a repeat of the Euro 2004 final, the Greeks will be the ones celebrating while Alex Costa will be sitting inside the ring, doing his best imitation of Cristiano Ronaldo from that glorious night” The whole place erupts in cheers as the picture fades to black.
  14. Poster I made for Judgement Day
  15. I love that Gekyume Sins is a Nebakos mark
  16. If its a combo with the kpop gifs I'll sign any document given to me, if not, I still will
  17. Nebakos7

    Humble Pie

    ‘My Time Is Now’ plays as the fans explode into cheers waitting for the imminent appearance of Nebakos. ‘The Franchise’, 24 hours past his loss in the grudge match with Nate for the opportunity to advance into the Power Trip Cup tournament hasn’t made any media appearances so this will be the first chance to hear from him after his defeat. Nebakos comes out in his usual ring attire, spotting a serious look on his face, the warm welcome from the crowd tho forces him into breaking a smile prior to saluting the live audience. He shows off his neon green towel, with his mantra on it, he then throws it somewhere into the crowd and runs down the entrance ramp, sliding into the ring. Inside the ring Nebakos finds a microphone waiting for him. He grabs it and doesn’t waste any time, immediately beginning his speech. Man, what a night Mayhem was. It truly lived up to it’s name, from a fan’s point of view you guys here in Iowa and every BPZ fan around the world received a treat last night, honestly that was one of the best shows in the history of this company. Crowd pops at the hearing of their hometown. Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to settle my beef with Nate, one on one in this very ring, it was time to put my money where my mouth was and I completely failed. Some people said I wasn’t quite a 100% last night, that I still have ring rust from the time off the ring and those people are dead wrong. At Mayhem I was there, that was a 110% me, no injuries nagging me, no ring rust whatsoever. In my eyes I was everything I’ve always been and I lost fair and square. Nate did nothing that I didn’t expect, I was prepared for all the taunting, all the mind games, his movement inside the ring and I enjoyed every second of it. But, one mistake here, a couple of wrong transitions there and I ended up with my back laying on the canvas, hearing the ref’s hand hit the mat, one-two-three. And there I was, laying on the mat, gazing the rooftop of the arena for what felt like an eternity until I managed to gather the strength required to get up in my own two feet but it was mere seconds. And in that eternity it seems as I got served with a truck full of humble pie, that’s what happens when you talk the talk but you end up not walking the walk. I made a few promises to myself and to the BPZ Universe and I couldn’t turn them into reality. I wanted to win this tournament so much, I really can’t describe what it meant to me. I viewed this as the perfect way to come back, it was an opportunity to show to anyone who hadn’t seen me compete that I’m as good as people say I am. Nebakos shakes his head in disbelief of his failure. For the past couple of months I claimed that Nate was a fraud and that he was an unworthy winner of a prize named after myself, but he showed me that he deserved that victory to the fullest, so I’d like to extend my apologies to him for ruining his BPZMania moment and I want to wish him the best of luck at the rest of this tournament. The crowd claps, showing their appreciation towards a humbled Nebakos. Now it’s time to move on. The first Carnage exclusive event post brand split is just two weeks away, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Earlier tonight, it was announced on bpz.com that at Last Resort I will be facing Alex Costa, in a match dubbed as ‘the third place match’. Honestly, if I’m not in the first place, I don’t care about any god damn consolation prize, because in my eyes that’s all this is being made to be, a petty match. What I’m interested about though is a good fight and seeing Alex Costa in the ring ever since I’ve returned I have to admit I have been quite impressed by him. This will be an opportunity for both of us to get back on track, and I’m not willing to let you do that in my expense Alex, I made a few mistakes in my match against Nate and that cost me, but when I face you, it’s going to be a whole different story. Show goes to ad break
  18. Good start Rop, there's definitely lots of ways to improve but if you want to because this was very simple but everyone has got to start somewhere and you did that, keep it going!
  19. Gimme all the documents I need to sign and make it quick
  20. Preeeeestningggg theeee MIAMI DOLPHINSSSS! (cause we'll suck as much as they do, and that's a lot) 'The Ugly Mofo' Gastrodon 'Mr Krabs' Crawdaunt 'Baby-face Assassin' Keldeo 'Birdy' Pelipper 'The Baddest Bitch' Primarina 'The Spiky One' Toxapek 'The Washer' Rotom 'Smelly Mouth' Gyarados
  21. Let's be honest Bash, you'd get fucked by 100 guys just for the feeling
  22. I'm in, mostly as a guarantee that everyone will get at least a victory
  23. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see a match live. There are two I wish I would have tho. One is The Rock vs Hogan at mania, it's probably the most electryfying crowd I've ever witnessed in a wrestling match and I would've loved to be part of it. Two, John Cena vs CM Punk in a RAW episode in 2013 with the winner facing The Rock at Mania 29, that match is one of if not my favourite of all time, the lengths these two went at during a RAW episode, the stakes that were in place, the investment in both characters, it made for some pure magic and I wish I could see that live.
  24. I'd say the brand split as a whole, it really doesn't feel like there is one when you have the wild card rule and all that bullshit, plus whenever there's a draft so far from what I've seen it hasn't felt legit, back in the day it used to mean something with the lottery and everyone being announced in one big event (the announcement being made to feel big). In my opinion it would feel more legit if they had one world title and the champ must be on both brands, helps built the legacy of the belt and raises the prestige of the us and ic titles because now they have to be showcased more often being a title that realistically the majority of the roster can go after since the champ will be busy with 1 or 2 guys most of the times.
  25. WOAH! WOAH! A familiar voice echoes through the speakers of the arena, at first no one can be seen in order to match that voice to a face, but after a brief moment out of the back comes Nebakos, microphone in hand, huge smile on his face walking with a carefree attitude towards the ring. ‘The Franchise’ enters the ring while a confused Broken Nate, having been brought back to the real world from the nirvana he seemed to be in after his words, watches being hesitant to make any moves towards Nebakos. Neb takes off his hat for a second, running the palm of his hand from his forehead all the way to the back of his head in an attempt to fix his hair, before wearing the hat again. I wasn’t going to miss this for anything, this is soooo entertaining. I mean look at you, you actually refer to ME as fraud !? It’s perfect Nate, brilliant, genius might I add. Nate comes out here, does his weird thing were he goes all ‘I’lL dElEtE yOu’, topped of with your foolish, wannabe sinister laugh and you think you can intimidate me with that. News flash Jack, I’m not Prince. I see through you. You keep calling me a fraud but there’s only one fraud standing in this ring right now and that’s not me. Hell, the very reasons you use to explain your false claims are things that I have openly stated about myself. By no means have I ever acted in a humble way, I’m a loud mouth, I’m outspoken, I want to be the center of attention because I believe with every fiber of my being that I stand in that center for the right reasons. I stand here for hard work, dedication, respect and like I said during my latest press conference for everyone who could have very well been me, but for one reason or the other didn’t get to where I am. I place myself in that position to help people realize they can be and they can do better in their life. The BPZMania incident, it was mostly to create a special moment for everyone but it was also a statement. It was a statement about you not being the desirable winner, you may have won but you definitely do not stand for the values I mentioned, which is why I wanted you to do nothing with ‘carrying my namesake’. That very special moment for the millions of fans watching will be a memorable one, one to go done for the ages and one that for different reasons will be extremely memorable to you too. It’s the moment your career path alternates Nate, it’s a moment you could have let go, but being the fraud you accuse me of being you saw that moment as the perfect opportunity to grab the cash cow that is Nebakos. It’s clear that you crave this match with me because it will be the biggest payday of your career, that along with a chance to add a victory over me in your resume made you come after me when you could’ve just let go after the backstage altercation when you got your revenge. And through this tournament you get that match, but that win you desperately need to avenge your losses in the past few months is not happening. Nebakos stops moving around the ring and approaches Nate, basically getting right in his face as he resumes his speech. Mayhem, May 30th, when all the eyes of the BPZ Universe are on Nebakos vs Nate, while I look you dead in the eyes, you’ll probably do your little laugh and that dull hand gesture trying to intimidate me, I will still be looking into your eyes Nate, and just like now, I’ll see a man afraid, because you are going to be looking at a guy who according to you may be a fraud, but I guarantee you it won’t be a fraud when I beat the hell out of you at Mayhem and turn you back into a fan of mine. Nebakos breaks a big smile right into Nates face, he then backs off and goes outside of the ring. He turns back and looks at Nate one more time saying 'I'll see you again before Mayhem'. He lets go off his mic and goes into the backstage area.

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