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  1. Brilliant, read all the parts today and it was an awesome read, congrats Hollow! I legit cracked at pt4 when I pictured a mad man saying ducks are vultures of chaos while someone else explains what they really are haha
  2. Lol gotta love wrestling "yeah Brock thanks for signing back with us, so yeah about your resigning bonus... no its not a trip to Hawaii, you're defending your title verse someone you already beat clean "
  3. 1 freaking year of making Roman look strong just to once again say "fuck you" to his family lmao

    1. Flynn


      They let him beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania his family can fuck off. Just be happy with the fourth Wrestlemania Main Event in a row. 

    2. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      They Had Brock Beat Undertaker and gave him the WWE Championship They cant even have the curtesy to do the same for Roman

  4. Good promo Josh, one interesting interview, not dragged and as short as it needed to be to keep us wanting for more, props!
  5. When you need a PS Plus subscription but you are broke cause you just came back from vacation #sad

    1. Bashka


      Don’t beg me for money pls

  6. Carnage returns from a commercial break as we are set backstage, outside of what appears to be The Neb’s locker room as evident by the sign with his name hanging on the door. Approaching there is a new face, spotting a polo Tshirt and a pair of funny looking glasses, holding a microphone with the BPZ logo on it. ???: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m John Coxx here backstage to conduct my first ever interview in Brendenplayz. What a better way to kick-off my career other than talk to The Neb!? As John is done introducing himself he knocks on the door and waits for someone to respond. A few seconds pass and the door opens enough for none other than The Neb to squeeze his head out. He looks John from top to bottom before stepping out of his locker room. The Neb is not scheduled to have any kind of match tonight so he’s dressed up pretty casually spotting a pair of sunglasses, a shinny shirt and a pair of grey trousers. The Neb: Who are you and what are you looking for? John: Hello Neb, I’m Jo- The Neb: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO YOU ARE! John: Can’t say I didn’t see that coming.. The Neb: Ok Jo, quit being a smartass, The Neb sees you holding a microphone so ask me some questions or I’ll take it off your hands, go to my locker room, shine it up reaaaally good, turn it sideways and STICK IT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS! John: Uhm, it’s John, John Coxx. Anyways, I’m here to ask you about your opinion on the superstars that will fight for the BPZ Universal Championship at Power Trip: World at War. The Neb: That’s a good question John, it’s actually so good that The Neb will skip the part where he makes fun of your surname and do it some other time. So, Power Trip, World at War, what a main event Bailey has set for the people. On one hand, we have history in the making, for the first time ever, a woman stepping in a BPZ ring, a rookie might I add. Having proven nothing to anyone but Bailey, Sheridan gets thrown into the ocean and she’s not forced to sink or swim, she’s forced to fight for survival or get eaten alive by two sharks, two of the biggest fish in the business. But you see John, The Neb is wondering how did she get such a big shot if she hasn’t proven anything yet? The Neb was scratching his head but moments before you knocked on my door I came up to a shocking conclusion. Given the fact that negotiations for Sheridans contract were done behind closed doors, and if you also consider the FACT that Bailey likes giving it as much as he likes taking it, I have a theory that Sheridan is not really 100% female, but dare I say that she’s a hermaphrodite! The crowd reacts with shock to what The Neb just said. Nevertheless, The Neb is not judgemental, we live in a society where you can be what you want so I’ll just leave my theory there and move on to Brad. So on the other hand we have Brad, what a guy Brad is! He never gives up, I got to give that to him. Despite of all his failures, time and time and time and time again, he goes every once in a while to his half Mexican, half North Korean barber, gets a 3 dollar haircut, goes on to Walmart and buys a new T-shirt with his grandmas 50% off coupons and comes out here giving the same speech “me Brad, me stronger this time, me going to win” aaaand then he loses, but props to him for growing his fanbase to the staggering amount of 3 people in comparison to the 2 he had last time I was here. He even has a girlfriend or a wife now, I don’t know for sure, but it’s a shame he steals all the spotlight from her by being a bigger bitch. And last, but certainly not least, we have the champion himself, Necce. Undoubtedly the favorite heading into the match, Necce loves to tell a sob story. The story always revolves around his daddy and how he beat him day after day. Hell, he could right an entire book filled with stories like that and I am damn sure it would be a best seller. That’s why as a gift for you Necce, if you walk out of that match still the champion, The Neb is preparing to lay the smackdown on you with such force but love and care at the same time that it will leave a PTSD deeper than the one you have right now. With that you will be able to tell more sob stories and even write a sequel to the book I just proposed, named “NECCE: THE STORY OF HOW MY ROODY POO CANDYASS GOT BEAT WORSE THAN MY DADDY AT THE HANDS OF NEBBY”! John: Wow! Than- The Neb: Shhhh John, know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH when the people are chanting The Neb’s name.. The Neb turns his head sideways as a sign of wanting to hear clearer as the focus turns towards the live audience screaming louder with each second passing “Nebby! Nebby! Nebby!". The camera starts to slowly fade.
  7. Or she could just cash in on whoever is the raw women's champion
  8. If you got a nice shiny title for yourself and became relevant again maybe I would
  9. I believe that given the right time this could end up being the match of the night. If I had to bet money, I'd say Balor wins just because that's my instinct
  10. Love the way you guys made this tag team.a thing, looking forward to more stuff from you!
  11. Alyx, everyone is welcome back on the forums, especially guys like you who never cause any trouble and are just a joy to have around. I know it's a cliche but if you ever want to talk about anythinh I'm here, even if I (or anyone you decide to speak to) might not be able to understand the way you feel, just getting thoughts and stuff out of your chest will make you feel better, so if you want to feel free to pm me anytime!
  12. I partly agree with what you said pn that topic, yes they've booked the feud really well, but I feel like they didn't manage to get the guys involved something to do in between, like shorter (interesting) storylines that would eventually tie up to the big picture, something that would make you actually care about them. Now (imo) people are only tuning in to the match to see DBs return.
  13. I prefer none, everything is stale and boring, character build-up is non existent, it's just people that fight for money or titles and some of them cheat. Storylines are either repetitive or are not giventhe proper care and aren't built in depth. All that leads to half empty arenas which leads to a dull atmosphere making the show even more boring
  14. The Carnage post-BPZMania, a show full of excitement as we are used to being treated with one of the best shows of the year after the show of shows. The Minesota audience has already welcomed the newly crowned Universal champion Necce, who gave an emotional speech as per usual and he was later followed by the man who he beat for the title Flynn, who despite his loss was one of the biggest winners of BPZMania III as he captured the money in the bank briefcase, which virtually guarantees him another world title reign within the next 6 months. But so far there have been no surprise returns, so far... Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as we welcome back to BPZ, a pioneer of the business, a BPZ original, a hall of famer, but most importantly, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.. The lights from the signs, the titantron and the entire arena slowly and one by one are being turned off, the levels of excitement within the crowd raise with each second passing, could it be the long awaited return of Zombie or Cobheadjake? The sound of electricity echoes through the PA system and beams of light show up on the titantron every few seconds. Then, everything goes peach black.. It’s... It’s Nebakos! The former 3x BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, one of the most decorated superstars in history makes his long awaited return as the crowd is going nuts at the sight of him. As he walks out of the backstage area he stops on the entrance ramp and looks around at the sold out crowd in Target Center. For the first time in nearly a year, he walks towards the ring and as he walks around one side, he uses the steel steps to make his way up and he climbs the turnbuckle. There he just stands as he seems to be inhaling the energy that’s oozing out of the live audience’s screams. FINALLY.. THE NEB HAS COME BACK TO MINNESOTA! Which means that after nearly a year long absence that FINALLY.. THE NEB HAS COME BACK TO BPZ! Which means that FINALLY.. THE NEB HAS COME BACK- ... HOME! The crowd goes wild as The Neb pauses his speech. This was the longest period of time I have stayed out of action, part of it was due to injuries I suffered due to a brutal beat down by the hands of people I thought I could trust, but more importantly I was emotionally unstable.For the first time in his life, The Neb had hit rock bottom as he was unsure of his future, so he took time off to heal his physical and mental wounds. But that’s not it, the reality is that I thought I could fill the void by taking part in a few movies, you know nothing special, just me being the lead actor in Fast and Furious 8 and co-starring in the new Avengers movie. The Neb laughs at himself making it seem like a small deal appearing in those blockbuster movies while the crowd continues to applaud him. But still, something didn’t feel right, something didn’t click, there was something inside me all this time itching me and I couldn’t realise what that was until I switched my TV to the BPZ Network last night, at first it was just something I used in the background while going through my social media feeds, but then I noticed a bodyslam and damn did it give The Neb butterflies in his stomach, then the sight of the ref counting to 3, the bell being rang, all the simple things that happened onside this ring last night, so simple, yet so satisfying. For a brief moment every wound and every scar was like it never existed, the idea of me being inside this ring, between these ropes, it was like getting a kiss from your first crush, so I knew that all I had to do is make one phone call. And one phone call I made, and now here we are, 24 hours later. You see, until last night, three things were certain in life, death, taxes and Flynn prevailing in a Universal championship match. Notice how key word is ‘until last night’, due to a man that goes by the name Necce. The Neb has to give props were props are due and Necce, you deserve every congrats you hear these days because you didn’t just roll up Flynn for a quick victory, no no no, you didn’t just cheat your way to victory, no no no, you beat, actually let The Neb correct himself, you DOMINATED Flynn physically and mentally and you pinned him right in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3. Now Necce, allow The Neb to make one thing clear, The Neb didn’t make the biggest and most anticipated return in sports entertainment history to pander you and your accomplishment. The Neb is back to prove to himself that he still has what it takes and he is back to become the people’s champ. You have something that The Neb would love to get his hands on, something that The Neb needs to claim his in order to rightfully name himself ‘The People’s Champiom’ and that something is the BPZ Universal Championship! The idea of a match between Necce and The Neb seems something that the crowd would love to see as their reaction to what The Neb just said is a burst of Yes! Chants. But since Bailey had already made up his mind on the championship match for Carnage Power Trip: World at War and considering the history between the two of us I certainly couldn’t get him to do me and the people a favour and change it to you vs me. What I could secure though is the opportunity to make sure that the match is correctly officiated and everyone involved is treated fairly as I was named the special guest referee for it. Whether it’s Necce, or Brad, or that rookie Chyna wannabe that walks out the champion in a few days, guess what? IT DOESN’T MATTER who the champ is, BECAUSE THE NEB WILL MAKE SURE TO CHECK IN YOUR ROODY POO CANDYASSES INTO THE SMACKDOWN HOTEL AND BOOK THE FINEST SUITE IT HAS TO OFFER, WHERE YOU GET THE BEST VIEW TO THE NEB LAYING THE SMACKDOWN ON YOU JABRONNIES!! IF YOU SMEEEEELLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE NEB, IS, COOKING! The Neb drops the microphone after his announcement as the crowd is still on their feet applauding him. The Neb has made his return with style and made his intentions clear from the get-go by naming himself the number one contender for the Universal Championship after Power Trip: World at War. But before that he will be in control of the title match at the event itself, will he call the match fairly for everyone involved or is he going to help whoever he feels like being the easiest target for him?
  15. No one in the current roster or in the past few years comes close to John Cena overall (wrestling skills, mic skills, looks) and that's why he's been in the top of the food chain for the past 10 years. Yes there are better wrestlers, yes there are a few who are better on the mic and yes there are guys who have better physique than him, but when you put it all together no one is even close.
  16. Best video on YouTube lmao

  17. Who would've thought that out of all three shield members, Ambrose would be the only one without a public scandal lol

    1. Ross


      Speaking too soon mate aha 

    2. Poiudust


      What Scandal has Rollins had?

    3. Bart


      @Poidust a picture of his little architect got leaked

  18. AJ Styles is the greatest in ring performer of all time

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Poiudust


      I think he’s the greatest in ring performer of the 21st century. But of all time, I’d say he’s in the top 10

    3. BrendenPlayz


      shawn michaels had classics in multiple generations all the way through to his final match

    4. The Neb

      The Neb

      @BrendenPlayz Haven't seen as many HBK matches as AJ so I can't make a comparison, but the few HBK matches I've seen were awesome so I can't dispute that there's an argument between the two.

  19. Thanks to everyone for the wishes, sorry I couldn't come on chat but I spent half my day with my family and the other half at work.
  20. Gotta love the way Flynn loses and gains 100 pounds within the span of a week. And let's not forget the time he went from white to black. :cena2 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      Ya right? Freaking scrub. 

    3. Sameer


      Better to be a nerd 🤓 Than to have a 💩 job.

    4. The Akki

      The Akki

      Yeah, he got abducted by aliens!

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